Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 1: Not Thinking About Chasity

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The Viper Moon Pack, is known for two things: having venomous bites in their wolf forms and having tons of cold hard cash in their human forms. Hannah is one of the only scholarship students at Viper Moon Academy, an exclusive werewolf boarding school for the super rich. None of the elites at school know that she exists until she shifts on her eighteenth birthday at the beginning of senior year and finds her mates. Hannah is fated to the four richest, most popular and most arrogant boys in school, the Quadruplet Alphas: Jonah, Noah, Elijah and Isaiah. The Quads are beloved by all except Hannah whom they ignored completely until the mate-bond hit. Now the only girl they want is the one girl not interested in them! Will the Quads demolish everything in their path to get to Hannah including the walls she has built around her heart? Are the rumours of a curse on the Quad’s family true? Is Hannah risking her life by being with the so-called cursed Quads? Can the curse be broken? Who put the curse on their family and more importantly, why? It all remains to be seen in Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas by Joanna J.

I awoke in a cage, not a cell, a literal cage fashioned for some over-grown bird. The cage was in a dimly lit cellar. All around me were other girls in other cages. Most of them were sleeping or just unconscious, probably chloroformed just like I had been. I called to a red-haired, freckled girl near to me. She was one of the few who were awake.

“Hey! Do you know where we are?” I asked, trying not to dissolve into tears. “In the holding bay,” she said in a tone that was much more knowledgable than I had expected. “Do you know why we’re here?” I said, gripping the bars of my cage.

“For the auction,” the girl said matter-of-factly.

“I’m Orchid,” I said, hoping introducing myself would make her more willing to talk. She seemed to know a lot.

“Rose,” she said. “We’re both flowers,” I said softly, finding common ground.

She smiled sadly. “We’ve been plucked,” she joked, reaching for humour in the darkest of times. I instantly liked her.

I smiled. “Hopefully we don’t wilt,” I said. I took a deep breath. “Who would buy us?” I asked, afraid of the answer.

She looked at me strangely. She came closer. I noticed she had a thick silver collar or choker of some sort that seemed to be irritating the skin on her neck. Her eyes widened. She gasped. “You’re human,” she whispered, looking at my bare neck.

Orchid is overworked and burnt out. She’s a young doctor paying off student loans and her parents’ debt. When her abusive boyfriend and her thankless job both replace her, she feels totally lost. She has mere seconds to feel this way though because mere moments later, she is abducted for the auction and sold to the highest bidder, the billionaire alpha who ordered her in the first place.

Prince Hayden is the beloved heir of the Alpha King whereas Cory is a peasant girl with a dark secret. The pair become unlikely friends when a common goal unites them, a quest to rid the land of Stormbringers, vicious beasts who control the weather and leave wreckage in their wake. Will their friendship stand the test of time, will it endure during the quest, will it wither or will it give way to something more powerful…passion?

Hey everyone, I intend to write a sequel which should probably be posted as a separate book. The following is something I’ve wanted to do before the sequel: to retell the story through the eyes of the triplets because there is a lot in my mind that the triplets have done and felt for Chasity that the readers wouldn’t know yet. Hope you like the idea. Thanks for all the support! xoxo

Their Only Luna (Her Triplet Alphas from the POVs of Alex, Felix & Calix)

Chapter 1: Not Thinking About Chasity

Alex’s POV

Snow and frost covered every surface outside my bedroom window. I was used to it. Our pack lands were made up of the wintry, icy wilderness, sleepy towns and snowed-in cities. It never stopped snowing here but I was well-adapted to the cold. I was soon to be an Alpha after all. I was the eldest of three brothers. We were identical triplets and tomorrow, on our twenty-first birthday, we would ascend as Alphas of my father’s pack, the Winter Moon Pack. I looked in the mirror and sighed. The responsibility looming before me weighed heavily on my mind but I always refused to show it in the presence of my brothers or anyone else for that matter.

My younger brothers were called Felix and Calix. Felix was a classic middle child. He courted attention like nothing else and was forever filled with wise-cracks, jokes and comebacks. He was a lot sometimes but we were close. Calix was the youngest and I was naturally even more protective of him. Felix was so tough, I knew he could handle himself. It was Calix I worried about from time to time. He was sweet and sensitive, Mom’s favourite. Dad and Felix were always trying to “toughen him up” by encouraging him to be more aggressive. M

om loved the fact that he wasn’t aggressive, he was more of a charmer. I was Alex, the eldest and perhaps, the most serious. I intended to be a no-nonsense Alpha, neither too harsh nor too lenient. Our last name was Thorn and our Dad was Alpha Romeo Thorn. Our Mom was Luna Ronnie Thorn. We all resided in the Winter Moon Pack House, a colossal cabin which was really just a snow-topped mansion. We were quite wealthy like most Alphas of large packs were.

There was one other person who lived permanently in the Pack House with us. Chasity. She was the daughter of a junkie couple who had racked up huge gambling debts which had been paid off by my parents. The couple had still fled town, leaving Chasity behind when she was a little girl.

Our parents had decided to take her in with the understanding that she would do housework and chores for free as a way to pay off her parents debt. I always felt uncomfortable whenever I thought of Chasity. I didn’t really like the fact that she worked here. She was too young to have a job whether or not she was paying off a debt. It was not like my parents needed that money back.

Everyone called her Charity, a mocking nickname Felix concocted, thinking it was hilarious. I didn’t like that either. Making fun of her lack of finances was kind of low but the name had stuck because it was so close to her real name.

It was her birthday tomorrow too. She would turn eighteen and come of age. We were three years older than Chasity but we were all born on November eleventh, just different years. It had to suck, sharing a birthday with the famous Alpha Triplets while she was the live-in maid and a high school student just trying to get by. I knew she was in a rush to graduate and run off, probably to look for her no-good parents.

I tried to stop thinking about Chasity. Once I started obsessing over her, there was no stopping. I hated to admit it but I found her so beautiful. I pictured her big brown eyes, her smooth golden skin and her long, shiny dark blonde ringlets. She was about a foot shorter than me and slender but shapely. The

tip of her nose was always a bit pink from the cold and I forever had the maddening urge to nuzzle her so l could make sure she was warm enough. Sometimes, I thought about calling a truce with her and telling her my parents’ malice towards her didn’t extend to me.

I had been fantasising about her eighteenth birthday tomorrow, about telling her just how f**king beautiful I thought she was. She would blush and look down. I would grasp her chin and make her look at me. I hated how she never paid much attention to me. Then when our eyes locked, I would kiss her. Ugh. What the f**k was wrong with me? I pushed those

stupid thoughts away. I forced myself to shower quickly and think of anything but Chasity.

Felix’s POV

Chasity. I was staring at the painting I had done of her, the one she didn’t know about, the one on my bedroom wall, the one all my girlfriends fumed with jealousy over. I wouldn’t take it down though. I refused to. I liked it. It was a good painting. She had a face that should be drawn and painted. Tomorrow she would be eighteen on November 11th and my brothers and I would be twenty-one.

We were triplets and soon to be Alphas. We would take over my father’s pack officially tomorrow. We would be the Alpha Triplets of the Winter Moon Pack. I looked outside. It was like living in a snow globe here. Ugh. I got sick of it sometimes. I could use a tropical vacation or something.

I showered quickly and got dressed. I kept glancing at the painting of Chasity. She was a little maid my parents let live with us. She was working off the debt amassed by her gambling and drug addicted parents. It was a pretty raw deal but she had a sassy mouth so I didn’t always feel sorry for her. I smirked remembering one particularly savage comment she had made the other day. Ugh.

Snap out of it, Felix, I told myself.

I had f****d up yet again last night. My current girlfriend Tonya and I had been making out. Things had gotten heated. I was not gonna just wait for my fated mate forever. I was gonna have fun when I wanted to while I waited. Anyway, Tonya had been particularly enthusiastic. I had moaned and she had parted from me and looked at me totally horrified.

I had moaned Chasity’s name not Tonya’s. The problem was that wasn’t the first time I had done that. It was the first time I had done it with this particular girl. I wanted to be indifferent to Chasity but as we got older, Chasity just grew more and more beautiful. She also hated me more and more as the days passed by. I knew I wasn’t exactly nice to her but I could be if she would stop being such a little brat. Last night, after Tonya had stormed off, I had dreamt that I had snuck into Chasity’s room after the birthday celebrations to wish her happy eighteenth. I smirked to myself. I sighed. That would never happen. I should not have given her that stupid nickname, Charity. It was so close to her real name that it had stuck. Everyone called her by the wrong name constantly because of me which was kinda hilarious and kinda awful at the same time.

Calix’s POV

Waking up to a winter wonderland every morning was thrilling honestly. I was filled with energy. Tomorrow was my birthday! My brothers and I would turn twenty-one and take over the pack from our father. Finally, we would be Alphas, identical triplet Alphas. I showered quickly and looked in the mirror. My brothers and I had the same thick wavy black hair that fell just below our shoulders, the same blue eyes and the same olive skin and dimples. We were all six foot four and had muscular builds.

We resembled our Dad a lot. I was extremely close to Mom though. She was petite with pale skin and long brown hair. She was always dressed up, morning, noon or night. She did not cook, ever. We sometimes had cooks hired as well as maids but most of the housework if not all was usually done by Chasity. Chasity, or Charity as everyone called her, was three years younger than me though also born on November eleventh.

She had been dropped off here by her parents who had amassed a huge debt through gambling. They were also drug-addicts so they wouldn’t be winning parents-of-the-year anytime soon. Our parents had paid off her parents’ debts and took Chasity in. She did housework to earn her keep and repay her parents’ debts.

sighed. My brothers and I were just one day away from being Alphas and we didn’t have a Luna yet. We were identical which meant that we had been the same egg or ovum that split into three or something like that. Essentially, Alex, the eldest, said that made us like one Alpha in three bodies, naturally occurring clones. For that reason, we would likely have just one mate, our one and only Luna and we had yet to meet her. We wouldn’t be able to pick up the smell of our ‘mate if she wasn’t of age yet so Felix’s theory was that she was younger than us.

I fought the urge to slide down the bannister when I met my brothers on the staircase. I was one day away from being an Alpha. I had to be a little more dignified. My eyes went to Chasity immediately. Her long dark golden curls were up in a huge bun. Her brown eyes were focused on setting the table nicely. I hated when she wore her hair in a bun. It was really beautiful and I liked it down.

“Did you make all of this, Charity?” I asked as I reached for her hair tie to let down her hair. She dodged my hand to my chagrin. The sudden movement made her bump into Felix. Felix’s POV

Chasity had made another feast for breakfast as my brothers and I were celebrating our “birthday week.” She bumped into me trying to get away from Calix. He had been trying to undo her hair tie. She had

her long dark blonde curls up in a bun. I smirked at her and quickly slipped her hair tie off. Her hair tumbled down around her. She looked gorgeous even when she was tired. I felt a pang of guilt as I noticed the dark circles under her eyes. My parents were overworking her. I intended to hire a cook again and a regular maid when I ascended to Alpha. It was too much work for one person with a house of this massive size.

“Stop!” Chasity whined as soon as I took the hair tie.

She was petite like an entire foot shorter than me so I held the hair tie high up in the air where she couldn’t reach it. I wondered if she would like me more after I hired more help. She was the only girl who never laughed at my jokes. She just scowled.

I had yet to find my mate despite all the she-wolves in our pack (except Chasity) throwing themselves at me. My brothers and I, as identical triplets, would most likely be sharing a mate. Chasity would be eligible to find a mate tomorrow at the age of eighteen. My wolf snarled at the thought of Chasity with some loser guy, probably some low-ranking pack member who wouldn’t be right for her. My wolf had a major thing for Chasity.

Chasity lunged at me, reaching for the hair tie. I quickly threw it to Alex who caught it and kept it out of reach. She tried to jump for it but I grabbed her. I pushed her towards Alex who pushed her back towards me and so on. She did not like this game.

“I give up! I give up!” She said. My brothers and I chuckled. Calix’s POV

Felix and Alex were going out of their way to annoy Chasity. My inner wolf snarled, sensing she was upset. They were too pushy with her. I never used to say anything when I was younger but we were all adults now.

“All right. Cut it out. Let her go wash the wares. Mom wants the place kept as clean as possible so there’ll be less to do tomorrow.”

I watched as Chasity scurried into the kitchen. My wolf whimpered. I quieted him. She would be fine. I wished our parents used to let her eat meals with us though. My brothers were already wolfing down everything in sight. I grabbed a stack of pancakes and some bacon before it all disappeared.

“Honey, aren’t you excited about being Alpha tomorrow? My little Calix a big Alpha!” Squealed Mom.

I grinned. with his fork. I slid my plate away just in time and his fork slammed into the table, the tines bending slightly.

Alex burst into laughter. Felix scowled. “I’m excited, Mom. I can’t wait to make you proud!” I said. Mom glowed. “You already make me proud, Honey!” Felix pretended to vomit.

“You all do!” Said Mom, narrowing her eyes at Felix. “Even you, Felix!” She specified, pinching his cheek.

Felix smiled.

“Alex, you’ll still need to guide your brothers. Although you’re all Alphas, you’re still the eldest! Birth order is important in packs,” said Dad.

“I know, Dad,” said Alex, nodding seriously.

I felt sorry for Alex sometimes. He had the least fun among the three of us and it wasn’t always by choice.

Alex’s POV

I wasn’t too excited about even more responsibility but I had been preparing for this ascent since was a child so I was ready. The pack was very important to me along with each member as an individual. I glanced at the table. We were a family of five werewolves with four alphas present so basically everything was gone. There was still a pancake left and some bacon.

Felix reached for it but I snatched both plates up, ignoring the scowl on his face. He was the greediest and ate the fastest.

“What’s wrong, Bro?” I asked innocently.

Felix rolled his eyes at me. He got up and left the table along with the rest of the family. I put the pancake and bacon back in the centre of the table. These were for Chasity. I should have put aside more for her. She didn’t know it but I usually took extra food as though it was for me and then put it back on the platters because I knew she ate from what remained if she did not have time to cook twice, once for us and again for herself. I was sure she would be tired today.

She had looked a bit weary. I would also wait and watch sometimes, staring at her from anywhere she wouldn’t spot me while she sat and ate after us. I just liked looking at her. It was creepy though. I forced myself to go to my room, resisting the urge to stay and stalk Chasity.

Felix’s POV

Alex was such a stuck-up asshole sometimes. I loved both of my brothers to the moon and back but I’d never admit that, especially not to Alex. He was so bossy because he was the eldest triplet by five minutes. I spotted him leaving behind the pancake he had refused to let me have. What the f**k! I zoomed back to the table at werewolf speed once Alex was gone. Chasity was there and had been eyeing the pancake. I snatched it up.

“I haven’t eaten anything,” she said, her eyes wide.

My wolf whimpered, demanding that I hand over the pancake. My wolf was more annoying than Alex. Now, he was growling because he had decided one pancake wasn’t enough and I should go make pancakes for Chasity. Me? Make pancakes for the little housekeeper? What sense did that make? She could

just make more for herself.

“Good. You’re fat enough as it is,” I said.

I ate the pancake in two bites though the guilt was killing me. I couldn’t let my wolf rule me. He was a lot more dominant than my brothers’ wolves. He literally took over my body sometimes. I supposed I was I just more in touch with my animalistic side. Chasity was not fat. I just wanted to piss my wolf off. He was snarling at me like crazy for that. He was more upset about the insult than the pancake.

Chasity looked a bit crestfallen. I knew she thought of me as a shallow asshole. I pretended to go upstairs to my room as usual while she cleared the table and went off to school. I waited until I heard the door shut. I grabbed my coat and left the house quietly. Chasity didn’t have a car obviously because she was broke. She was here to pay a debt not to make money per say. It wasn’t safe for a young girl to go walking all over the place in this vast snowy wilderness. Our pack lands were tough to traverse even for Alphas. I knew she was just walking to the bus stop but it calmed my nerves to see her off. I walked yards behind her as surreptitiously as I could. She was wearing Alex’s old coat. My wolf was kinda jealous. She would smell like Alex instead of me.

At least the male scent would deter boys at school. I would rather it be my scent though. She reached the bus stop. She was early. I stood far away from her. It was a wonder how she never caught me on mornings when I followed her to the bus stop. She would be a fully-fledged she-wolf tomorrow with amazing eyesight and hearing. How would I hide from her then and still manage to secretly walk her to the bus stop? She would smell me even if she didn’t see me.f**k. The bus came and she got on it. I smiled. Ok, she was safely on her way to school. I could breathe now.

I walked back home slowly instead of running back at werewolf speed. I really needed to figure out this whole bus stop situation. When we were both in school, I would insist that Chasity ride with me in my car. I used to put her in the back and make fun of her nonstop. She would just roll her eyes. When we left high-school at eighteen, Chasity was fifteen. That was when I started secretly making sure she got to school safe. Now, I had to figure out how to get her there safely after she shifted tomorrow when she turned eighteen.

Sure, she’d be a she-wolf but there were crazy wolves all over the place. She would still need my protection. Ideally, I would like to get her a car and teach her how to drive. That was a lot safer than walking through the snow alone. I could not let Chasity herself or my parents or even my brothers know the car was from me. I could make up some s**t like a sweepstakes or something and convince Chasity to enter. It would be rigged or fake obviously. Chasity would “win” the car and then I would” begrudgingly” teach her how to drive. That was a great plan!

I was so into my kick-a*s idea with the sweepstakes I didn’t even notice five people on the porch at first.

“Careful! You’ll walk straight into the door, Bro!” Laughed a very familiar voice. I looked up. Calix. He was sitting on the porch with Alex and all three of our girlfriends. Tonya, Sandra and Avery. Tonya was my girlfriend and she was obviously still pissed at me. She sat on the steps, arms folded, refusing to look up at me. I didn’t wanna admit it but most of the girls I had dated lately interested me because there was something about them that reminded me of Chasity.

My most recent ex had been blond and cutesy like Chasity but pale instead of golden-skinned like Chasity. Tonya was golden-skinned with big brown eyes and a very sassy but sweet personality just like Chasity but she had dark, straight hair.

“You should curl your hair, beautiful,” I said, taking some strands of her long hair and flinging them in her face playfully.

She rolled her eyes at me but smiled slightly. “And dye it blonde!” Said Avery, Calix’s girlfriend, who was tiny and blonde. f**k yes! “NO!” Said Tonya, flipping her hair. I laughed like it didn’t matter.

Sandra was on Alex’s lap where he sat on one of the porch chairs. She had bright red hair, wavy and thick, and piercing green eyes. She fixed me with a glare.

I wondered if Tonya had told her what had happened the other day when I called Tonya “Chasity” at the most inopportune time.

“Where’s the maid?” Asked Sandra snidely, narrowing her eyes.

Yeah, Tonya had told her. “Yeah, where’s your housekeeper, Babe?” Said Tonya, glaring at me.

“You girls mean Chasity?” Asked Alex, truly clueless for once, and not liking it. Being clueless was Calix’s job.

“Felix thinks no one knows that he walks Chasity to the bus stop every morning!” Said Calix, chuckling.

What the f**k?! How did Calix know that? “No, I don’t, Calix,” I said as though the very thought of that was ridiculous.

“What?” Snarled Tonya.

“Oh hell no,” muttered Sandra. Avery looked dumbfounded. Alex seemed genuinely surprised. “Is that true, Felix?” Asked Alex. “Of course not!” I snapped. Is it? Asked Alex, over mind-link. Yes, I admitted privately.

Good! He said. I offered to keep driving her after we left school as she couldn’t catch a ride with us anymore and she said no politely but when/walked off and she thought I was out out of earshot, I heard her mutter, “f**k off, for goodness sakes.”

I snorted with laughter. Alex laughed too. Chasity had a mouth on her but she tried to hide it. I stroked my chin, thinking about what lie to tell Tonya for the time being.

“I was trying to get some pot cookies honestly. There’s a guy who sells them by the bus stop,” I said.“ So yeah I was going in the same direction but I wasn’t walking her to school, Calix, you idiot.”

“Whatever,” said Calix, laughing, clearly not buying it. I know you walk her to school every single morning! He said in my mind. Well, shut the f**k up about it, then, I snarled back. Be nicer to her then! Said Calix. What? I asked, surprised.

If you care about her so much that you have to stalk her to make sure she gets to the bus stop safely then be nice to her when you talk to her, he said.

Are you in love with her or something? I asked sarcastically. Are you? He asked seriously. “Who’s ready for a pre-birthday bar crawl?” I asked, trying to change the subject. “Did you get them?” Asked Tonya, eyeing me suspiciously. “Get what?” I asked. “The pot cookies,” said Tonya. “Oh, s**t, no. The guy wasn’t there,” I said. “You hardly ever have those things,” commented Sandra. It was true “It’s my birthday week,” I said. She snorted with laughter.

We went to a random bar. Come tomorrow, my brothers and I would not be this carefree so we might as well enjoy it. I didn’t have much time to organise the car and the fake sweepstakes. I called my Dad’s Beta, Keaton and stood away from the group. I couldn’t have Tonya hear this. She’d go ballistic.

“Hey, Keaton?” I asked. “Hey! Felix! My favourite new Alpha!” He said.

I used to date his daughter and he had been thrilled about potentially having an Alpha son-in-law and Alpha grandkids but we weren’t fated or anything. When she found her mate, I’d been cool about it and he respected me even more for that. I wished I could find my mate. I’d been searching for three years along with my brothers. I couldn’t wait to hold her and kiss her and make her moan under me. I pushed those X-rated thought away.

“I need a small favour,”i lied. It was a big favour. “Sure thing!” He said immediately.

I would be his Alpha tomorrow so it’s not like he would have said no even if he didn’t like me as much as he did.

“Can you organise a car for me, a new one, a good safe one?” I said. “Yeah,” he said slowly. “You want another car?” He asked, confused. “Don’t you wanna pick it yourself.”

“It has to be bought secretly. I will wire you the money. Please don’t tell anyone not even my brothers that I asked you to buy it. I swear it’s nothing sketchy but it has to be secret,” I said, feeling a tad idiotic.

“Present for a girl?” He asked knowingly. My wolf was happy we were getting Chasity a car and wanted to shout it to the world. “No,” I chuckled. “Come on! You found your mate, didn’t you?” He asked. I wish! “Nah. I wish though. It’s a prize sorta. It’ll go to a lucky winner,” I said vaguely. “Ok, sure,” said Keaton. “Top Secret!” I reminded him. “My lips are sealed,” he said. “How about a Range Rover?” “Sure!” I said. “An SUV.”

I wanted her in something I could put a grill on in the back and the front so she could ram into another car without any harm coming to her and her car. I expected Chasity to be a shitty driver. I couldn’t wait to see her face when she saw her car! Ugh, I would love it if I could admit to her that is was from

“Felix!” Snarled Tonya. “What’re you doing?” “I’m coming!”I said, annoyed.

Tonya was so clingy. She would show up to my house every single day. I needed a girl who had other interests and desires besides me.

“I missed you,” said Tonya sweetly when I came back to the booth everyone was at. A couple of our bros we used to play football with had joined us. I focused all my energy on enjoying my birthday week and on not thinking about Chasity.

Their Only Luna

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