Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 10: She-Wolf Chasity Alex

Chapter 10: She-Wolf Chasity Alex

I was apprehensive about running with Chasity in our wolf forms. Felix’s wolf tended to override his better judgment even in human form. It would be worse in wolf form. We walked outside into the fresh crunchy morning snow. The white blanket of snow glimmered in the pale light. There was a heat in my torso that was building at the thought of seeing Chasity undress. I quickly pushed that thought away.

Felix! I said over mind-link, including Calix in the conversation.

The game plan is to tell Calix or me if you’re getting overwhelmed by Chasity before anything crazy happens! Ok? I said, waiting for confirmation.

Felix just sighed and nodded without saying anything back.

There’s no shame in asking for help, Felix, especially when it’s for Chasity’s wellbeing, said Calix gently.

I know, said Felix.

We undressed in the snow and kicked our shoes off. I saw Chasity run behind a tree for some privacy. I smiled. My wolf was thrilled. Finally, he would run alongside his Luna. I focused on my Alpha Wolf’s form and I felt my bones cracking. I was so used to it, I didn’t even feel the pain anymore and the transformation happened so quickly. I knew Chasity’s shift would be painful and would take a while. It was only her second shift. I listened closely with my ears perked up in case I heard her whimpering or anything. All was quiet.


I was scared as f**k to be around Chasity’s Luna she-wolf in my Alpha Wolf form. My wolf was crazy! What if he accidentally harmed Chasity? My brothers would never forgive me. I would never forgive myself. My wolf on the other hand was elated. There was a small part of me that was excited too. I was sure my wolf would find her she-wolf beautiful. I took deep breaths to steady myself as I stripped in the snow. The cold nipped at my bare skin but I didn’t acknowledge it. Werewolves were tailor-made for difficult weather. I saw a flash of blond curls and golden skin as Chasity ducked behind a tree to undress in private. I couldn’t help but imagine her behind the tree in all her glory. I knew her shift would take a while. It was only her second time. She would be sore after too. I grinned to myself, hoping she would let me give her a massage later.

Iglanced back at the tree and saw a pair of big brown doe eyes peeking out at me as I stood there stark naked. I smirked when I realised her eyes were taking in all of me. Her gaze lingered on my member. My wolf growled inwardly. He began to surface. I held the reigns of control tightly as I shifted. I fell to the ground, my hands turned into paws and so did my feet. My brothers and i ail had massive wolves. It came with the territory of being an Alpha. Speaking of massive, I had something massive right here for my Baby Chasity whenever she was ready to be sore again from something other than shifting.

Finally she-wolf Chasity trotted out from being the tree. She was adorable. She was sandy coloured like most blondes in their wolf form and had the same brown eyes she had in her human form. A wolf with doe eyes. A predator with the innocence of the prey.


I barely felt the cold at all. I was so used to it on my naked skin as I undressed and shifted. My brothers and I were identical in wolf forms too. We were all huge dark wolves with bright blue eyes, an unusual combination. I knew my Goddess would take a while to shift. She was new to this. I hoped it was not too Chasity painful for her. She had a spring in her step when she came out from behind a tree to meet us. I admired her sandy wolf with the brown eyes I knew so well.

I pretended to charge towards her left so that she would dodge right but I was faking. I switched sides, leaping quickly, catching her off guard. I tackled her and we rolled around in the snow. I was careful to make sure she fell on me so my weight would not hurt her. I nipped her lightly and ran away before she could nip me back. She chased me.

Calix! Chastised Alex over mind-link. Be careful with her! He hissed.

She wasn’t made of porcelain. She was strong. She wouldn’t be our Luna if she wasn’t and I was being careful. I’d never seriously tackle her. I ignored him and ran more slowly, hoping Chasity would catch up with me quickly and return the tackle and nip. I needed to teach her all my wolf tricks. Wolf play like this would help if she ever actually had to fight. Thankfully she had three Alphas to protect her.


I had to protect Chasity. Felix was too unstable and Calix was too playful. They could both hurt her accidentally. I matched her pace, slowing down as much as necessary to run alongside her. I knew she was trying to tackle Calix but I planned to block the next tackle. It was only her second shift. There was no need for tackling. I grumbled inwardly at Calix for starting this game.

Chasity sped up and Calix slowed down, obviously wanting to be caught by her to prolong the game. I sped up and charged right in front of her so she stopped before me rather than go for the tackle.

Let’s practice tailing a scent, I said to her to distract her. Ok! She said eagerly.

She needed to learn defence before she could lear offence and knowing where everyone was in proximity to you by smell not just by sight was key.

Who can you smell? I asked. You, she said. Well, of course, who else? I asked. She sniffed the air then she sniffed the snow. The Luna! She declared, now, she was so cute.

Chasity you are the Luna, I told her, closing the distance between us and nuzzling her. Your Mom I meant, she said. Ok, see if you can follow the trail . She focused on the snow, using her nose to guide her. She scampered around to the back of the house. She stared up at a window on the second floor. Correct! I said. Mom was on the second floor by my nose too. Chasity ran a lap around me excitedly to celebrate. Felix

Calix f*g tackled Chasity within the first two seconds of her shifting. If i had done that, Alex would make us all shift back and go to our separate rooms to write “I must think before I act” like a thousand times. Not literally but he would freak out. Alex was showing Chasity how to sniff out where people were. Calix was playing with her too. I was the best at hunting but Chasity might find that too gruesome. bounded up to her. She sniffed me and my wolf snarled playfully before I could hold it in. I thought she would cower and I would ruin the day but in wolf form, she was so much less afraid. She dropped a few inches down into a pounce and snarled back as viciously as she could. I wanted to burst into laughter. She was like a kitten snarling at a lion but I encouraged her.

I snarled again and so did she, louder this time and more convincing.

Say something encouraging! Said Alex. Oh.

Good. You’re getting it, I said. I wasn’t good with compliments other than how sexy I found a girl. 1 would have to learn to say deep meaningful things wouldn’t I? f**k.

What are you thinking about? Asked Chasity, coming right up to be, getting so close to me.

It was strange to have a wolf other than my brothers stand so close. Wolves had strict hierarchies and gave the alpha a lot of space out of respect but this was my Luna so my wolf was utterly calm with her proximity. He inspected her curiously. We circled her.

Hey! I’m talking to you! She whined. Feisty.

I ran away from her without answering and it had the desired effect. She chased me. I slowed all the way down immediately and she rammed right into me, harder than I would have hoped. I panicked, worried she would get hurt. We rolled in the snow and I made sure she was on top when we stopped.

got you! She said triumphantly. She was fine. You got me, I said, surrendering. Now you have to tell me what you’re thinking about! She demanded. You, I said simply. Tell the truth, she growled her kitten growl again. Tam! When I’m quiet, it’s always cause I’m thinking about you, I admitted. She nuzzled me but then ran away. Alex

We continued running in the snow with Chasity until she tired of it. She whimpered, lying down in the snow, panting.

Shift! I commanded before realising I shouldn’t try to command my Luna. Lunas couldn’t be commanded anyway. She whined at me. Sorry! I mean let’s go inside and relax. We’re all tired, I said. She ran behind her tree to shift and dress.

My brothers and I shifted and dressed in the open. She shifted back much more quickly than she had taken to transform into a wolf.

“Great job, Luna,” complimented her. “Thank you,” she said sweetly.

Her nose was pink from the cold. I pulled her to me and nuzzled her nose to warm her. Calix nuzzled her next. He was obsessed with nuzzling her since she had revealed how little affection she had gotten growing up. I had had an inkling of it but it hadn’t quite hit me before she talked about it. Chasity was obsessed with nuzzling in general. Felix was edging closer. I had never seen him so apprehensive with a girl before. He was usually ravenous like he would devour his girlfriend if he could. I knew he wanted to be that way with Chasity but was fighting it which I appreciated.

You did great, Felix! I’m proud of you! I said to just him. You’re so cheesy! He complained but I saw the ghost of a pleased smile on his face. “Your wolf is cute,” said Felix to Chasity. “Just like you,” he added. “Yours is big,” said Charity with a little smile. “Just like you,” she giggled.

Felix smirked at her. I doubted Chasity was one for innuendos but I knew Felix was taking that compliment differently. He was convinced that Chasity had been sneaking peeks at his d**k from behind

her tree. He had told us over mind-link. I refused to dignify his claims with a response.


Chasity wanted me. Badly. The feeling was mutual. But…she was also afraid of me and that did not make for a stable healthy relationship. I had to fix that before we got physical. I needed her to know would sooner hurt myself than her.

“We need to talk,” she said suddenly.

f**k! She was gonna reject us. My heart plummeted. I felt unsteady on my feet. I glanced at my brothers. Alex had paled and Calix looked ready to argue with whatever the talk was. He would be good at convincing her not to leave.

“Get used to us having talks,” she said. Oh. Maybe she wasn’t leaving us. Lots of talks meant she was staying right? “Let’s go to my room!” I said quickly.

She needed to see my painting. It was solid proof that I cared about her before I realised she was my mate. I didn’t have proof of a lot of the other stuff I’d done for her and I didn’t do them to get a thank you

so I didn’t want to throw them in her face.

I ran up the stairs two at a time and glanced back to make sure they were following me. I was really nervous all of a sudden. What if she thought the paining was creepy? What if she thought I was a shitty artist?

She gasped when she entered my room. Alex and Calix smiled at the Chasity painting. She hadn’t spotted it yet.

“Who drew all of these?” She asked quietly.

I shut the door, locking it. It was wishful thinking. A guy was allowed to dream. Maybe art turned her on and we would be naked five minutes from now.

“I did,” I said, grinning, at the look of amazement she gave me.

She was shocked. She scanned the wall of drawings and paintings. She seemed to be looking for something. I wished I could read her mind. I was anxious for her to see it. She gasped. She saw it! She looked at it closely. She was reading the date I had put on it. All of my work was dated with the day I began and the day I finished the piece. This piece of Chasity was a year old.

She looked at me, clearly wanting an explanation. “I told you,” I said simply. “I think you’re gorgeous.” She blushed.

“You’re giving me anxiety, Chasity, let’s have this talk, come on,” whined Calix. I had almost forgotten about that. Calix

We all sat on the bed. I made sure to sit extremely close to Chasity. The closer she was to us the more numb her mind would be and I was a lover not a fighter. I fought when I needed to and won. I was an alpha but I’d much rather play nice. I especially did not want a precarious relationship with my Luna where we were always on edge. I sat so that the length of my thigh pressed against hers. Felix was doing the same on her other side. Alex sat behind her further up on the bed. There was a tense silence in which my pulse quickened.

Now is a good time for a massage, I said offhandedly to my brothers.

It was actually a joke but Alex was taking my girl advice so seriously he got up on his knees and began massaging her shoulders. I grabbed her arm and gently massaged her fingers, her palm, her wrist. I worked my way up. Felix was doing the same on the other side while Alex moved up to her neck and her scalp. I could smell her getting wet. That was more like it. She was lost in our caresses. As much as I loved

that, I needed to know what she wanted to talk about. It had me on edge.

Alex “Talk, Chasity,” I said softly in her ear as I massaged her shoulders. She was getting wetter and better between her thighs. “Right, um, so I have a question,” She said. We all waited with bated breath for the question. “Why did you hate me so much growing up?” She asked softly. Oh no. My stomach churned. I never hated you Luna.

“And please really think about it and give me a real answer not something dumb like we were boys… we were stupid…those aren’t good reasons. I’ve always wondered why we could never be friends,” she said with a sigh.

The silence was tense.

“Is it just cause I’m poor and burdensome in your parent’s eyes? What is it?” She asked, her voice cracking a little.

My heart broke for my little Luna. I massaged her trying to sort out my thoughts. “In my case…” said Felix. “You…frustrated me.” I was worried that Felix was going first.

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