Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 14: Chasity’s Milkshake


Where the f**k was everybody? I could not go and bother Chasity in her new room. I wanted her to get a break from us so she’d be more eager for date night. Calix and Alex were not in their rooms. Calix was probably with Mom. Ugh Momma’s Boy. Dad’s car wasn’t in the driveway.

Alex and Dad had probably gone for one of their family secret drives where Dad told Alex something and then told him not to tell Calix and me but he would tell us anyway if we promised not to tell Dad we knew. I had been nervous for dates with girls I liked before but this was something different. I knew I was in love with Chasity and I knew she hated me. I had never been at such a disadvantage.

I had no idea how I was gonna pull this off. I needed Chasity to love me back. I started getting ready too early and then sat around in my date clothes twiddling my thumbs. I almost jumped for joy when it was time to go get Chasity.


gave myself a pep talk. I didn’t think Chasity hated me but I knew she didn’t necessarily like me either. She seemed indifferent to me and that hurt. I would prefer passionate love-hate over this. I sighed. I wanted to take things slowly with her but it was maddening. My wolf wanted some reassurance that we wouldn’t wake up one day with her gone.

That would destroy us. I had to give her a reason to stay. The tides had certainly turned. Sandra seemed less crazy now. I wouldn’t mind trapping Chasity with a baby. I pushed that thought away. Chasity was in her senior year of high school. She was only eighteen. She was too young for a baby.

She was probably even too young for a marriage though I would marry her in a heartbeat if she insinuated she was ready. The talk with Dad had left me a little shaken. Chasity was my ex step cousin or something like that. We were not biologically related but it still changed everything. Chasity and my younger brothers had a right to know, but not tonight. I needed tonight to be carefree and romantic for my Luna.


I couldn’t stop thinking about what Mom had said. Why wouldn’t she give Chasity a chance? What was so wrong with me and my brothers wanting to be with our fated mate. Chasity was beautiful, sweet, smart, hardworking. What did Mom not like about her? I knew Chasity had been sullen at times but she had every right to be. Her childhood here had been miserable.

Who could expect a little girl to be happy cleaning a huge house and cooking three square meals for a family of five daily? It was too much work for one person. Mom was already organising two maids and two cooks.

Four paid employees to do the job Chasity was made to do for free. I usually didn’t have much of a temper but I felt enraged every time thought about it. I took a deep breath. It was time for our date with Chasity. I already knew Chasity liked me. All I had to do was amp that up several notches to love.

My wolf and I were over the moon. We were about to have our first real chance to woo our mate. We headed downstairs once we were ready.

“I’m nervous,” said Felix softly to Alex and me at the foot of the stairs. That was a first. “Really?” I asked, shocked. “Yes! Aren’t you?” Asked Felix. “I’m anxious,” said Alex. “I’m excited,” I said grinning. I could barely contain myself.

We heard a set of soft foot steps. We looked up to see Chasity walking towards us. She was radiant which is just what I had come to expect from my goddess.


Chasity’s mini skirt was tiny and her sweater was cropped. She was dressed all in baby blue which looked amazing on her. She had on her coat and boots thankfully but I wasn’t going to let her walk through the deep crunchy snow to the car so she wouldn’t actually need the boots tonight.

“You look gorgeous, Luna,” said Alex softly, bending down to kiss her cheek. “Thank you,” she said sweetly, giving him a peck on the cheek. I made sure to get my kiss even if it was just a cheek kiss. “The most scrumptious meal at the restaurant tonight won’t be the food,” I said grinning.

She rolled her eyes and then giggled. “You’re perfection,” said Calix, kissing her forehead. “Thank you! All of you!” She exclaimed. She headed towards the door but I swiftly stood in front of her. “Wait! The snow is too deep! Gotta carry you, Baby,” I told her. “I’m fine!” She whined.

I scooped her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I wanted to brace her against a wall and rip her tight little skirt off. I kept my dirty thoughts at bay a bit while I crunched through the snow, holding Chasity with my brothers flanking me. Chasity seemed quite comfortable She relaxed into my touch. Perhaps, my Baby did have feelings for me already.

I placed her carefully in the backseat and got in with her before someone else could call it. “Only one person should sit in the backseat with Chasity. We shouldn’t crowd her,” I said.

Calix rolled his eyes but sat in the front passenger seat and Alex drove. Calix kept glancing back at me and Chasity to make sure I was behaving “appropriately”. Whenever he wasn’t watching though, my hands did roam a little, caressing her gently. I massaged her neck, shoulders and back. I squeezed her waist.

Is this ok? I asked, worried I was crossing the line. She wasn’t saying anything. It is, she said, with a small smile. My heart leapt a little. I do have some pain in my lower back from so much bending over to clean the floors, she hinted.

I frowned. I felt so guilty. She should have never had to do that stuff. I focused on her lower back and hips. When Calix looked back, I quickly pulled my hands away. Chasity stifled a giggle. Her giggles were so cute. I kissed the top of her head lightly, continuing the massage.

Alex “Alex,” said Chasity. She said my name so rarely, I perked up instantly. I locked eyes with her in the rearview mirror. “Yeah, Luna?” I said. “Where are we going?” She asked curiously. I smiled.

“We are going to the Winter Moon Snack. It’s a restaurant our family has always loved,” I said, grinning.

“Oh, Winter Moon Snack like Winter Moon Pack,” she said with a smile. “That’s clever,” she said serenely looking out the window. She seemed so fascinated by the pack lands. I remembered she didn’t get out much. We were passing through a busier part of town where there was a night life: clubs, casinos, bars, lounges, concerts, a cinema.

“You like downtown, Luna?” I asked.

She nodded. “So many people are out on a Sunday night! I thought it would be a ghost town!” She exclaimed.

I grinned at her through the rearview mirror, “Happy you’re not stuck at home?” Asked Calix. “Yes!” She said enthusiastically.

“When’s the last time you’ve been out?” Asked Felix curiously. “Like to a restaurant or the cinema or… anything. A school dance?” He added.

“Um…before…with my parents, we went to a play a little while before they left. It was a comedy. There was this comedy troupe that took fairytales and made them funny and we saw their version Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” said Chasity, smiling at the memory, the light in her eyes dazzling me.

“We’ll take you to any play you want, ok?” I promised instantly. “Really?” She squealed excitedly.

“Yes!” Said my brothers and lin unison. I guessed we were all eager to please. We didn’t do that talking together thing often though we were very much in each other’s heads.


Chasity seemed to enjoy the car ride so much and absolutely nothing exciting had happened yet. We parked in our reserved spot. Many places tended to have special parking spots for pack leaders.

“Come here, my little Goldilocks,” I said, pulling her against my side to cross the street with her. The restaurant’s parking lot was opposite it. I held her close to me. It was cold out even for an Alpha.

“Carry her,” instructed Felix.

I went to lift her up but she protested. “No, no, it’s fine,” she said, wrapping her arms around my waist.

I grinned at how she was clinging to me. We went inside and they seated us immediately. Alphas never waited for tables. Chasity had a small request as they were leading us to our seats.

“I used to like sitting in booths with my Mom and Dad,” she whispered to me. I steered her towards a booth. “She wants a booth,” I said to the guy seating us. “Yes, Alpha,” he said.

I pulled Chasity into a booth with me, taking the corner seat while Felix took the end. Alex was not too pleased to be the only one not next to Chasity.

“You must be so hungry, Luna!” Said Alex. “You didn’t have lunch. I didn’t see you eat after that one meal Mom made.”

“Literally, the one meal Mom made in her lifetime,” joked Felix.

grinned and Chasity laughed. Calix did not laugh. He was very protective of Mom. I saw Chasity’s eyes darting all over the restaurant. I could feel her anxiety through our bond. She wasn’t used to so many eyes on her. The staff and other patrons were constantly glancing at us, curious about her especially.

Word has definitely spread that Chasity is our mate, I said to my brothers over mind-link.

Good, said Felix pointedly. I don’t want anyone claiming they didn’t know and acting disrespectful with her.

I wish we could re-introduce her to the pack but we can’t do it without her permission, said Calix.

I don’t even wanna ask her if she’d be willing to do that. When we asked her for a chance, she was pretty undecided, I said.

She wants us, said Felix, recovering some of his usual cocky bravado. I wouldn’t be so sure about that, I said. Sexually, I mean, explained Felix.

That’s not enough, I said. It’ll help, said Alex. “You guys are being quiet. Is something wrong?” Said Chasity softly. “No, Baby, everything is right, once you’re here with us,” Felix practically purred. “Nothing’s wrong, Chasity,” I insisted grasping her chin and making her look up into my eyes.


I reached my hand across the table and held one of Chasity’s hands. “You ok?” I said. She nodded. “Then we’re ok too,” I said with a wink. I heard Chasity’s stomach growl. “Let’s feed you, Luna, ASAP,” I said, waving the waitress over.

I smiled, recognising the waitress. It was Martha, a pale blond pack member in her forties. She was always helpful whenever we came here. I looked at Chasity leafing through her menu like it was the most interesting novel. I smiled to myself at that.


Chasity was doing what she did best, being cute. She was intensely studying her menu. I knew she didn’t get out much and the foods might be unfamiliar to her.

“Do you want me to order for you, Baby?” I purred in my ear, her sweet scent hitting me as I leant

“No!” She said, annoyed. I frowned. I always managed to upset her. “No, thank you…Baby,” she added. I grinned from ear to ear. She called me “Baby”!

I resumed where we had left off with her massage, squeezing her tense shoulders, trying to help her relax as she continued looking at the menu.

“This one is nice,” I said, pointing to a type of pasta she might enjoy. “It’s creamy and the shrimp in it doesn’t taste too fresh. They serve it with lime so you can squeeze it on the shrimp to cut down the fresh taste even more,” I explained, not sure if I was being helpful or not.

Chasity nodded. She was using her finger to trace along the Lobster Mac N’Cheese on the menu.

“You would love that Chasity! The Lobster Mac N’Cheese! It’s a really nice comfort food. They make it with four cheeses,” I continued.

I kept suggesting different items to her. I noticed Martha, the waitress, was looking at Chasity as though she were jealous. I was not surprised.

Many girls would covet Chasity’s life now that she was ours. Who wouldn’t want three hot boyfriends who are all cool with each other? Alex and Calix were oblivious to the disapproving looks Martha was giving Chasity.

“Hey boys,” said Martha cheerfully. “My new Alphas,” she said, emphasizing the word. “Hey, Martha,” I said, grinning. “Hey!” Said Calix. “Speaking of Alphas, meet your new Luna,” said Alex, nodding towards Chasity. Martha frowned, looking like she had just received terrible news.

She quickly recovered though. “Luna Charity! I’ve heard of you,” said Martha, smiling. Ugh. I wish I had never made everyone get used to calling Chasity the wrong name. “It’s Chasity and make sure everyone here knows that. That’s an order ok,” I said sternly.

Martha nodded eagerly. “What does Luna Chasity want to drink?” Said Martha. “A cookies n’ cream milkshake, please,” said Chasity. She was so cute. A milkshake in harsh winter? “In this cold weather?” Martha said. My brothers and I laughed. “How about a hot chocolate?” I suggested. “No!” Snapped Chasity.

We stopped laughing abruptly. We placed the rest of our order. As soon as Martha was gone, Chasity turned towards me.

“Stop bossing me around, Felix, how is now any different from before with you telling me what to do? ” She said.

Alex and Calix glared at me. I was mad at me too. I was not good at reading her at all. “Ok?” She said softly. “Ok, Baby,” I said.

Had I already messed up our date? Chasity leant towards me. Her smell intoxicated me. She kissed my cheek. Tingles spread through me where her lips touched my skin.

I grinned at her. She wasn’t all that upset with me then. I was shocked when she continued kissing me, planting kisses along my jaw and down my neck. It took all I had to hold my wolf back. A little growl escaped me. Calix had to go and interrupt, nudging Chasity.


Chasity was kissing Felix’s neck. I was the first to give her a hickey so I wanted mine first. I nudged her and she smiled at me, leaning in.

Her lips brushed against my neck. I could feel the tip of her nose on my skin. I knew she was looking for the right spot. She found it and sucked on my skin. I held back a moan. We were in the middle of a restaurant.

My d**k hardened as she finished making the hickey. It was gonna be a long night. I was hard before the appetisers. Alex and Felix stared, mouths agape, at my hickey. Chasity seemed pleased with it.

“You didn’t leave one on me!” Whined Felix, sounding like the baby he always accused me of being

“You should mark us…temporarily,” said Alex.

Chasity seemed to be considering it. I was pretty sure she had not initially intended to give us hickeys, she had just gotten carried away.

“I know you’re not ready to be named Luna but you wouldn’t want other girls thinking we’re single, would you?” Tried Alex, gauging her reaction.

I saw a flash of jealousy in her eyes and Alex saw it too. He smiled triumphantly. Felix was in his glee because he was next.


Chasity grabbed me and latched onto my neck. f**k. I got hard instantly. I was shocked at her enthusiasm, her aggression. We really were well-matched after all.

I groaned as she teased the skin of my neck with her teeth. I hoped she would elongate her canines and mark me but that was wishful thinking.

Sadly, she pulled away once she had made her hickey. I would have gotten up to let her out of the booth but she climbed right over my knees to get to Alex on the other side.

This was the Chasity I wanted to see more of. I watched her in awe. Alex was grinning from ear to ear as she neared him.

Alex Chasity got into my side of the booth. She grabbed me by the shoulders. I bared my neck for her, the

most vulnerable thing an Alpha could do. Martha came over with our drinks: three hot chocolates and Chasity’s milkshake. Ugh. Martha’s timing.f**k me.

“Food’s coming right up, boys,” Martha said, standing there, smiling.

I resisted the urge to shoo her away. That would be rude but she stood there a little too long. I knew we were usually really friendly with her but she needed to read the room.

Felix nodded pointedly pulling the tray of drinks to the centre. Martha got the hint and left. Thank you, Felix. I tugged on Chasity’s sleeve. She started peppering my neck with open-mouthed kisses, s#cking on certain areas.

I gripped the seat of the booth so hard, I knew my talons were tearing the fabric a little. I let go of the seat when I heard the sound of ripping fabric.

I slipped my hands under Chasity’s little skirt. I was painfully hard. I squeezed her thighs and she moaned against my neck. She pulled away, admiring her hickey on my neck.

“Yay, my milkshake!” She said innocently, pulling it towards her and sipping it like nothing had happened.

My usually disciplined wolf was going crazy. Chasity would be the death of me.

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