Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 15: Daddy

Alex kissed me with unbridled passion, m*aning against my mouth. He had settled himself between my legs while Calix and Felix were on either side of me, car*ssing me gently

“Lie on your tummy, little Luna,” said Alex.

I quickly did what he said. I felt him part my legs, rubbing my weeping flower with his palm. He squeezed my butt cheeks and parted them. I felt his tongue flick out against the tight entrance to my behind. I squealed. The triplets all laughed and I laughed with them. I felt something cold between my butt cheeks.

“Huh,” I said softly. “Alex.” “You‘re too cute, Baby,” said Felix, his voice husky. “It‘s lube, Luna. It‘ll make it easier to do what I wanna do,” Alex murmured in my ear.

I felt his c**k pressing at the entrance to my p***y while his finger prodded my as*-hole. He slid into my p***y. I m*aned. He started thrusting slowly and deeply into my tight p**y while he inserted a finger into my behind. I groaned. He pumped his finger in and out of my behind, causing pleasure to mix with pain. He quickened the pace of his thrusts into my p***y.

I could feel Felix‘s rough hands on my butt cheeks, parting them, keeping them open for Alex to finger my anus while he f***d my p***y from behind. Calix was kissing the nape of my neck and my shoulder blades to soothe me while his brothers pushed me to my limits.

Alex was pounding into me, his hands now gripping my hips while Felix took over fingering my an*s. My face was buried in a pillow so my screams were muffled. Alex grabbed my elbows and hoisted me up to lean my back against his chest while he continued to pound into me, making my p***y drip.

“ALEX!” I screamed. “Please, please,” I whimpered, unsure of what I was even asking for.

He cupped one of my bre*sts in his hand while the fingers of his other hand began to rub my cl!t Calix was able to lock l!ps with me now that I was sitting up and he did so eagerly. Felix was planting open-mouthed kisses all over my exposed tummy. I was whimpering as Alex worked me into a frenzy. I screamed as my orgasm ripped through me, my p***y contracting around Alex‘s smooth, hard, perfectly sculpted c**k. It felt so good. The spasms of my walls around his huge C**k triggered his own cl!max. Alex groaned in my ear as his semen spurted into me. My p***y clung to him, draining him of every last drop of his seed.

Alex let me gently down on the bed. I lay on my tummy, panting and gasping, totally breathless and spent, but I knew Felix would want his turn. My body was already anxious to have his c**k inside of me.

“Baby, you‘re doing so well,” murmured Felix. “Turn over onto your back.”

I eagerly flipped myself over onto back, immediately locking eyes with Felix. Felix leant towards me, pressing his l!ps to mine with a sense of urgency. I m*aned as he nipped my lower l!p, licking the skin he‘d just bitten. My m*an allowed his tongue into my mouth. He explored my mouth gently as his fingertips traced patterns on my sides.

“Do you want Daddy to f**k you, Baby?” Asked Felix “Yes!” I said quickly “Yes, who?” Asked Felix. “Um?” I began He slapped my breasts. I squealed. “Yes, Daddy.” “Good, Baby, you learn so fast. Daddy is so proud of his Baby,” said Felix.

Felix lay down on his back and his two brothers helped me to climb onto him, straddling him. Felix was a fan of girl–on–top which was surprising to me. His huge erection was at attention underneath my dripping p***y. My legs trembled.

“Lower yourself onto me,” Felix instructed.

I did as he asked and felt his c**k slide deep inside of me. I m*aned. Felix gripped my hips, moving me back and forth, showing me how to move, teaching me to ride him. I was enjoying the sensation. Suddenly, Felix sat up with me still straddling him. He brushed his nose against mine and leaned his forehead to mine. He was thrusting steadily upwards, making me bounce up and down on his d**k. Alex and Calix were watching my breasts jiggle. They licked their l!ps. Felix put his hands on my throat squeezing lightly as he pounded into me from below. I whimpered. I had my arms around his neck and was clinging to him for dear life as he quickened the pace and f****d me harder and harder, faster and faster.

“FELIX!” I cried as I came, gushing, my juices dripping down his lap and and onto his sheets. Felix grunted, releasing his massive load into me. Some of it was dripping out of my p***y and sliding down my inner th!ghs.

I went limp in his arms and he held me, wrapping his arms tightly around me. Felix lay back taking me with him. He put the covers over me. My skin felt so delicate all of a sudden so I was grateful. I was still lying on top of Felix, my legs draped over him. Alex and Calix were on either side of me, lying on their back, panting and grinning happily. Felix‘s eyes were on me.

“You did so well, Baby. Daddy is so proud of you!” Felix said.

“Thank you, Daddy.” I said softly, my eyes closing. I was drifting off to sleep when I heard Felix say, “We went easy on you tonight, Baby, but tomorrow you‘re gonna have to learn how take more than one of us at once. Ok?”

“Yes, Daddy,” was all I could say as I fell into the deepest sleep of my life so far.

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