Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 15: Felix Loves Chasity Alex

My Luna, Chasity, remained on my side of the booth. I could not stop smiling. She was feeling cold from drinking the milkshake which is exactly what everyone tried to tell her but I wasn’t going to make the mistake of getting too bossy with her. She had been bossed around enough.

I hugged her close to my side, warming her up with my own body heat. She had made a decent attempt with her chicken cordon bleu, half-finishing it. Now, we were trying to get her to order some dessert. She wasn’t used to eating this much

o have a healthy appetite. She ended up getting a warm Nutella brownie topped with vanilla ice cream.

“How is it, Baby?” Said Felix, gazing at Chasity like she was the dessert. “Good!” Exclaimed my Luna. “Thank you for dinner!” I kissed her forehead gently. “Don’t mention it, Luna,” I murmured against her skin. “Anytime, Goddess,” said Calix with a wink.

“You’re our responsibility, Baby. It’s our job to put ice cream and milkshakes on the table,” said Felix.

Chasity giggled. “Yeah, but when I finish school, I’ll get a job eventually and help out,” said Chasity. Felix frowned. “That’s not necessary,” he said curtly. “I know but…” began Chasity. “You have a job already,” said Calix, grinning.

“No, I’m not doing the housework these days remember? You guys changed that,” said Chasity. “He meant that being Luna is a job,” I said, instantly knowing what Calix meant. Calix nodded. “Oh!” Said Chasity. “Right,” she said, looking down. Calix reached across the table and held her hand.

“Look, Chasity, we know you’re not completely sure if you wanna be with us but trust us, we wanna give you the best and happiest life possible,” said Calix in earnest. “And when you’re Luna, you’ll have an entire pack to run alongside us. I know it doesn’t seem like work but it is!”

Chasity nodded. She rest her head against my shoulder. “Home time?” I asked her. “Yes,” she said smiling up at me. I wanted to kiss her so badly but I knew she wasn’t ready.

Her eyelids were drooping. “Aww, she’s so sleepy,” cooed Felix. “We should get the cheque and go,” said Calix. “Yeah, can one of you drive back at a reasonable speed please?” I asked. Felix rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, sure,” said Calix. We payed and got up to leave with me cradling a sleeping Chasity in my arms.

“Take care, Alphas!” Said Martha brightly, glancing at Chasity in my arms with a certain displeasure that did not match her cheerful tone.

“Thanks, bye Martha!” I replied. “Thanks, see ya,” said Calix. “Later,” said Felix with a nod. We crossed the street and went our car.

“It could be my imagination but was Martha sorta…cold towards Chasity?” I asked my younger brothers.

“Definitely,” said Felix, emphasising the word. “Really?” Said Calix. “Yes, really! She was giving my Baby the evil eye,” said Felix.

I got into the backseat with Chasity who remained asleep the whole drive back. She woke up when I was carrying her to her room.

“We’re home, Luna,” I said softly, kissing the top of her head. I lay her down on her bed. “Thanks, guys,” she mumbled sleepily, instantly falling asleep again.

We had already removed her coat and boots. I wondered if she wanted help putting on her night gown. I wasn’t ready for the date to be over but I could tell Chasity was exhausted. My first date with Chasity had been so different to every other first date I had had.

Girls usually threw themselves at me as the eldest Alpha. Felix and Calix experienced it a lot too but I got the lion’s share of the super ambitious ones, the ones who would do anything to be Luna. By the end of the first date, they always wanted to go back to my room. We all sat on the edge of Chasity’s bed, talking softly so as not to disturb her. It was only ten o’clock at night.


My first date with my Baby had not been a disaster and for that I was grateful. However, I hadn’t hit it out of the park like I was used to doing. My dates usually ended with a steamy embrace.

“Chasity didn’t really…you know…respond the way girls usually do with us,” I said cautiously and quietly.

“We’ve dated separately up to this point,” said Calix. “So the girl would just have one alpha to deal with if things got frisky.”

“Did you just say frisky?” I snickered. “Frisky!” Said Calix doing a little shimmy. Alex snorted with laughter. “You make a good point, Baby Bro,” said Alex. “Thank you, Big Bro,” said Calix with a little bow. “If she had initiated anything, she would have three lustful alphas all over her,” said Alex. “True that,” I said.

“She probably won’t want to do anything much in that department until she’s really sure of herself,” said Alex.

“I can wait,” I said.

It was Calix’s turn to laugh. “You rushed her on the very first day let alone the first date,” he said, chuckling

“I’ve atoned for that,” I said indignantly. “As far as I know, Chasity has never had a boyfriend so having three would be intimidating,” added

“She’s got to be at least a little bit horny,” I said, keeping my voice down to a whisper and checking to make sure my Baby was asleep.

“I smelled it…she definitely was at the restaurant,” said Alex. Calix nodded. “Should we…entice her a little?” I whispered. “I have school tomorrow, guys,” said Chasity suddenly, startling us. Calix

I had a feeling Chasity had been fake-sleeping. I really would not sleep well without my Goddess next to me. Even if I wasn’t one of the two directly next to her tonight, it would still help to be in the same bed as her. I could breathe in her scent and listen to her soft breathing.

“I really wanna sleep here,” I said, giving her my best puppy dog eyes.. “No, Calix, come on!” Said Alex sternly. Whose side was he on? “Good night, Chasity,” said Alex softly, going over to kiss her on the forehead and cheeks.

I kissed the tip of her nose and continued to look at her with sad eyes. “Good night,” I said begrudgingly, pouting at her.

Felix stroked her hair. “I’ll leave my door unlocked if you need me for anything,” he said.

I saw a flash of her wolf in her eyes. Her eyes had darkened momentarily. So she was a little horny?

Did you see that guys? Her wolf came out just now! I said excitedly over mind-link with my elder brothers.

Yeah! Exclaimed Felix with a wide grin. Her eyes turned black for a split second. She’s blushing too! Pointed out Alex. Let’s give her a little more to blush about, said Felix mischievously.

We grinned at each other. “You’re such a mean mate,” said Felix to Chasity, eliciting a flabbergasted expression on her face. “You won’t let me kiss your lips,” he explained.

She shook her head no. Felix chuckled and sighed. He kissed the corners of her mouth slowly and carefully, getting as close to her lips as possible without actually touching them.

“Don’t you wanna wear your pyjamas?” He said suddenly.

You devil you, Felix, I said slyly. Let’s put Chasity to bed, said Felix. “I can dress myself,” she insisted but Felix began pulled her stockings off for her.

I licked my lips at the sight of her perfect legs. Her thighs were calling to me. I wanted them wrapped around my waist or at either side of my face.

Chasity seemed somewhat conflicted but highly curious as we helped her undress. Felix unzipped the back of her dress revealing more of her smooth golden skin, Alex pulled her dress off and I unhooked her bra. She hugged herself, preserving her modesty.


I could not resist the opportunity to massage Chasity’s gorgeous legs. I gently squeezed and kneaded each muscle group. I could smell the wetness that was pooling between her thighs in her underwear.

Alex got up and rummaged through her drawer, producing a nightgown for Chasity to wear. Ugh. He could have taken longer than that. He was ruining the fun.

“Raise your arms so I can put it on you,” Alex said, keeping his tone innocent.

Perhaps, the fun had just begun. I grinned. I could scarcely wait to see her beautiful breasts. Chasity stood up, still hugging herself. She walked right up to Alex who seemed surprised. All Calix and I could see now was her back.

“Close your eyes,” she commanded. Alex obliged her, closing his eyes. She quickly slipped the nightgown over herself. Calix and I sighed in disappointment.

“You can open them now,” she said to Alex. He opened his eyes, trailing them over Chasity’s form. The night gown was a little sheer. Alex smirked.

“Good night!” She said pointedly. We all left.

I could barely sleep that night. I kept wishing Chasity would come. I had left my door unlocked for her. I hoped her wolf would lead her to me. My wolf told me she would. Her wolf would bring her to us. I continued to toss and turn. Eventually, sleep came to me and brought me sweet dreams of Chasity.

In my dream, Chasity was deeply in love with me already. “You’re my favourite, Felix,” she whispered to me as she climbed into bed with me, straddling me. “Mmm,”I groaned.

She was dressed in a totally sheer night gown. She slipped one strap off her shoulder and then the other. She was about to drop the night gown on the floor when her voice echoed through the room.

“Felix,” she whispered. My wolf interrupted the dream. Our mate is here. Wake up! He ordered.

I smelled her before I saw her. Delicious. I felt a tendril of her beautiful hair touch my cheek as she leant over me. I pulled her under the covers without warning.

She gave a cute little squeak of surprise. I locked her into my embrace, nuzzling into her neck. I began planting kisses on her neck as I held her.

I found the hickey I had made earlier and sucked on it, darkening it so the stupid boys at school would keep the f**k away from my beautiful Baby, Chasity. She moaned as I sucked on her neck. I could smell her arousal filling the air under the blanket.

“I knew you would come,” I murmured.

Technically, my wolf knew. I had been a little unsure. My Alpha wolf could feel his mate, her she-wolf. She was exuding so much joy. Chasity, on the other hand, looked worried.

“Felix, I don’t know what to do,” she said sadly, pouting. I k!ssed her cheeks. “What’s the matter, Baby? I’ll fix it,” I promised instantly.

Her problems were my problems. Her pain was my pain and her pleasure was my pleasure also. I waited patiently for her to tell me what was wrong.

“I’m hungry but you banned me from cooking and the new cook isn’t hired yet,” she said softly.

Aww, my poor Baby. I got up. I was a bit groggy. I yawned and stretched. I quickly snatched Chasity up and carried her down the stairs, cradling her to my chest. I put her on a chair near the kitchen counter and went to look in the fridge. I knew how to make a few things, unlike Mom.

“What do you want to eat, Baby? I can make you pancakes and then I’ll drive you to school,” I offered, rubbing my eyes

I hoped she would say yes. I was tired of following her to the bus stop from a distance. We were mates now. I wanted to drive her to school in my car. It was a perfect opportunity to bond with her a little and to make sure the kids (read boys) saw her with an Alpha.

“Pancakes are good,” she said softly.

I remembered that day I had taken the last pancake away from her and told her that she was fat. Ugh. She was beautiful. I had not even known until the morning after our birthday that she had ended up not eating at all that day. A pang of guilt hit me. I started on the pancakes.

“I wonder if I should wake up Calix and Alex?” I said more to myself while glancing at Chasity.

“They might be pissed at me, keeping you to myself. Hmm, but you came to me. You’re a big girl. You know what you want,” I said.

I had a huge grin plastered on my face. Chasity blushed. I grinned even wider. I made chocolate chip pancakes with bacon and scrambled eggs. We ate together.

“Good?” I asked. “Delicious!” She said, nodding enthusiastically. I flashed her another wide grin. “Next time, I’ll make you blueberry ones,” I said. “No!” she said quickly. “I don’t like those. Chocolate chip is my absolute favourite!” She revealed. I noted that.

“You want me to make you something to carry for lunch or do you wanna buy cafeteria food?” | asked.

“Um…I’m ok,” she mumbled. I frowned at her. “Ok,” she said, chuckling. “I’ll take the lunch money.” T handed her a couple hundred dollar bills. “Felix!” She squealed. “What?” I said, startled. “This is five hundred dollars!” She said in disbelief.

“Yeah,” I said slowly. “It’s always good to have cash on you in case of emergency!” I insisted, handing her five more hundred dollar bills which she tried to refuse. I put the money on the counter.

“Go get ready, Baby! I’ll wash up while you do,” I said kissing her forehead. “Thank you,” she said sweetly. “Felix?” She said. “Yeah,” I said.

She stood on her tip-toe and kissed the corners of my mouth like I had done to her last night. I grinned. I would have dipped her and kissed her with everything I had if I knew that would not alarm her. She scampered away. I heard the shower turn on.

I did the dishes quickly and ran upstairs, hopping in my own shower. Damn, I wished we could shower together. I resisted the urge to get carried away and stroke myself. I would relive myself at some point. This was going to be a long courtship. I threw on a black

T-shirt and pulled up my black jeans. My hair was still damp but I didn’t wanna make her late. I knew she was kinda nerdy about school, taking it super seriously. I headed downstairs only to find that sneaky little scamp trying to slip out the door without me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked.

She turned around swiftly, startled. She took a deep breath and then fixed me with a defiant glare.

“I usually walk to the bus stop,” I said.

I knew that, Baby. I’ve walked there everyday with you for years. She didn’t know I did that though. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. We were mates now. We needed to be on the same page.

“I said I was driving you after breakfast. Didn’t you hear me?” I said, grabbing my keys.

She opened her mouth to argue but I lifted her up and swung her over my shoulder. She squealed. I smirked to myself as I carried her through the snow and buckled her into the passenger seat.

I drove her to school in silence. She was so cute when she was mad. I could not wipe the smirk off my face.

We arrived at her school. Her peers immediately recognised me as one of the Triplet Alphas. I could see girls squealing as they spotted me.

Now why couldn’t Chasity react like that every time she saw me? She rolled her eyes at my fan girls. I refused to open the door. I had earned a thank you kiss. The gaggle of swooning girls and inquisitive guys continued to grow. I made sure to glare at the guys. Chasity was mine.

“Thank you,” she said feebly. I pointed to my cheek. “Where’s my kiss?” I asked.

She blushed. I turned the engine off and sat back, relaxing as I scrolled through my feed on my iPhone. I would wait patiently for my kiss.

More students showed up to stand there and gawk at us. I knew Chasity was shy. She would want to get rid of the on-lookers soon. She dove towards me and quickly kissed my cheek. It happened so fast.

“I barely felt that,” I complained.

She glared at me. Get used to kissing me, Gorgeous. It’s you and me forever, I said to myself.

She kissed my cheek softly and slowly this time, her lips lingering against my skin, making me shiver. I was usually the one to make a girl shiver. Here Chasity was with zero experience making me feel like a giddy school boy.

“I’m gonna miss you, Baby,” I murmured and I meant it. “What time to come get you?” I asked, trying to sound casual but it came out eager because it was.

“Four,” She said, giving me a sweet smile. Ugh, school days were so long.

I opened the door for her and watched her walk into the school. The small crowd of students were staring at her and me, swiveling their heads back and forth.

As she disappeared from view, I began to miss her already. I was in deep. She better not run off. I had not bothered to send someone to spy on her at school, figuring that she always came home before even when things at the pack house used to be shitty for her.

Why would she suddenly run away when my brothers and I were wrapped around her little finger? My wolf immediately began showing me after-school activities I should do with Chasity later.

My horny side fought my sensitive side. Yes, I had a sensitive side, believe it or not. I sighed, missing Chasity with every fibre of my being. I was like a raw nerve when it came to her.

Chasity, I love you so f*g much, I thought to myself as I forced myself to drive away.

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