Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 16: Counting down the minutes until reunited with Chasity


I tumbled out of bed and rushed downstairs.f**k! I overslept. I could hardly sleep last night without my Luna’s scent and heartbeat to comfort me.

I had finally fallen asleep around three or four in the morning. I should have set an alarm. It was after eight! Chasity was late for school. She wasn’t in the kitchen. Maybe she was still asleep. She probably overslept too.

I ran to her room and flung open the door hoping I wasn’t walking in on her changing. My wolf hoped that we were walking in on her changing. I was surprised to find Felix sitting on her bed, looking forlorn,

“Where’s Chasity?” I asked, my eyes wide. “At school,” he said simply with a shrug. I breathed a sigh of relief. “You took her to school,” I surmised. “Yeah,” said Felix sadly. I sat next to him. “I overslept. I thought I had made her late,” I admitted. “She has three mates, Lex,” said Felix.

“There’ll always be someone there for her! “Yeah,” I said, lying back on her bed. “What’re you doing moping around in here?” “I miss Chasity,” said Felix. “She’s at school! You’ll see her in a few hours,” I said with a laugh.

“Maybe she can be home-schooled!” Suggested Felix, his face lighting up. “No!” I said sternly. Felix frowned. “School is important,” I said. “I knew you would say that,” grumbled Felix. “She would not learn anything in home-school with you sniffing around,” I joked. Felix grinned.

“Also, don’t you want her to socialise? School will be different for her now that she’s with us. Better. Easier. She can be a normal teenager now for a while. She won’t have a ton of housework to rush home and do. She can take extra-curricular activities even,” I added.

“Oh, hell no!” Said Felix. “Then I’d have to be away from her even longer!” He complained. I chuckled to myself.

“Come on! We have our territory lines to go over! We’re expanding further eastwards and giving the rogues in the wilderness there a chance to be adopted into the pack,” I reminded him.

“And what if they say no?!” Asked Felix. “They can shape up or ship out,” I said. “I like that,” said Felix with a grin.

“We’ll give them the choice of joining the pack or leaving the area but there are too many rogues eastwards for my liking. It’s time to clean up that area. It could be a problem later on if left unchecked,” I explained.

The land to the East of ours ran the length of our territory’s East border. The other northern packs

agreed that we had the most claim to it so we were going to absorb it before they changed their minds and tried to take it themselves.

“We can’t let the other Northern packs have that strip! It would be too much of an advantage if they had our eastern border blocked off like that. I know we’re peaceful with them but peaceful does not have to mean stupid!” Agreed Felix.

“We should give the rogue families a monetary incentive to join the pack,” said Calix, coming into the room.

“Baby boy Calix!” Exclaimed Felix.

Calix rolled his eyes. “We should offer them work and a property they can pay off over time on our pack lands,” said Calix.

“I’m willing to give them housing free if they have useful skills or any warrior training,” I reasoned.

Felix nodded eagerly. “You never know. Some of the rogues might find their mates here on our lands. We should be sure to mention that,” said Felix.

“Yeah, we’ll lay out all the pros for them,” I said. “We’ll make it worth their while to join the pack. They can also leave peacefully. The last resort will be to use force but that land can’t stay wild.

It leads to the sea. There’s a lot of potential there for the whole pack. Let’s go over it my room,” I said, getting up.

Felix snatched one of Chasity’s pillows to carry with him so he could have her smell near him. Calix snatched another pillow for the same reason.

I wanted a pillow too and she still had several on the bed but I refused to act as childishly as my younger brothers.

“You know you want a pillow,” teased Calix as we walked up the stairs. He was dangling Chasity’s pillow in my face. It was covered in her delicious scent. “No,” I said curtly. “We have work to do.” “Yay! Work!” Said Felix sarcastically. Calix laughed. Felix

I could scarcely stay awake listening to Alex drone on and on about territory lines. The part of being an Alpha that I liked was the physical side to it.

“We should practice sparring,” I suggested.

“Beta Keaton’s squad have already secured the first quadrant of the new East territory,” stated Alex triumphantly.

“Quadrant?” I asked.

“We decided to split the East territory into four from north to south. It’s a large strip of land,” explained Alex.

“I wanted to be there for the actual taking over of the territory,” i fumed. What the f**k! The one part I liked and I missed it!

“It didn’t get violent, Felix. Beta Keaton successfully negotiated with the families of rogues there, on my command. There was no need for intimidation,” explained Alex.

Oh. Intimidation was my specialty. “Intimidation is Felix’s specialty,” said Calix, grinning. Was I that transparent?

Call me a caveman but the only thing I liked more than fighting also began with an F. That reminded me. I needed to pick up my mate.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s three o’clock,” said Alex, shuffling some papers.

“I need to go pick up Chasity,” I said, getting up. “Her school ends at four and it’s only like fifteen minutes away,” said Calix, laughing. “You want me to be late?” I said, rolling my eyes.

Chasity was sneaky. If she didn’t see me parked outside the moment she walked out of that school, she would try to take the bus or walk.

“I wanna come with,” said Calix. “Me too, actually,” admitted Alex. “Look at the two of you,” I said, shaking my head in mock dismay. “Whipped.”

“You’re the most whipped. You wanna wait outside Chasity’s school for practically an hour,” said Calix.

“I’ll drive slow,” I said impatiently, grabbing my car keys and bounding down the stairs. “You’re incapable of driving slow,” muttered Alex, following me.

Calix came running after us. I had to hide how gleeful I was as I practically ran to the car. Calix tried to get in the front seat but I locked that door from the inside. He pulled on it. He tapped on the window. I rolled it down.

“Both of you, get in the backseat. The front passenger seat is for my lady,” I informed them.

They rolled their eyes but got in the back. I pulled out of the driveway and did not acutely drive slowly. We were at the high school in ten minutes if so much. I parked right in front so I could spot my Baby as soon as she came out. There were a few parents and elder siblings in their cars waiting. I even spotted a few other werewolves waiting on their mates.

Many of the high school seniors were eighteen and might have found their mates already. I knew many of the pack members by name, not all because our pack was huge but I tried to commit most faces to memory at least. I could certainly spot an outsider.

It was important for pack leaders to be aware of outsiders passing through, in case they were here to cause trouble. It had been about fifteen minutes or more since I had gotten here. I asked Alex the time expecting it to be almost three-thirty.

“It’s 3:07,” he said. “f**k!”I growled. Calix burst into laughter. Alex looked at me disapprovingly. “How is that possible?!” I roared. “That’s impossible!” I insisted.

“It took me ten minutes or more to get here and I’ve been waiting like fifteen minutes and we left at three!” I reasoned.

Alex snorted with laughter.

“No, speed demon, it took you five minutes to get here and you’ve clearly been waiting two minutes with puts you at seven minutes past three,” chuckled Alex.

“f**k,” I reiterated. Calix was in a fit of laughter.

“Maybe I should go make sure Chasity is ok,” I suggested, looking at Alex in the rearview mirror. “Absolutely not!” He said sternly, just as I had expected. I sighed.

“Don’t you dare interrupt her last class of the day,” he said. “You’ll look nuts like some stalker boyfriend and that’ll reflect poorly on all three of us as Alphas.”

“He is nuts,” joked Calix. “I think Chasity is allergic to peanuts,” said Felix ofthandedly. “We get it, Felix, you miss Chasity. She’ll be out soon,” said Alex reassuringly.

There was a long pause. Calix and Alex were talking about some random thing. “What time is it?” I asked. “You’re acting like Calix when Mom and Dad would take us on road trips,” chuckled Alex. “That was a low brow,” I said dryly. “It’s 3:12,” said Alex.

Texhaled slowly. The next forty-eight minutes went by agonisingly slowly. When the bell rang and students started running outside, I almost jumped for joy. I scanned the crowd eagerly for Chasity.

“Where is she?” I grumbled.

Alex smirked. Calix was laughing at me again. They were both enjoying this a bit too much. I was usually the least anxious about everything by far but Chasity did crazy things to me with her presence and even crazier things with her absence. I got out of the car and leant against it. I was a cool guy, before Chasity came along and batted her eyelashes at me. I wanted to look cool and chill when she got here like it was no big deal.

“Oh! I forgot!” Exclaimed Calix. “What?” I asked quickly. “Chasity’s math club is meeting today after school. It usually runs quite late!” Said Calix. “WHAT?!” I yelped.

NO! Before I freaked out, I spotted her, walking outside with a man! My wolf snarled but as they got closer, I recognised Coach.

“It’s Coach!” I said excitedly to my brothers. “And not funny, Calix,” I added, frowning.

Calix was in hysterics. He calmed down by the time Chasity and Coach reached us. Our old football coach was one of Chasity’s teachers?

“Hey, squirt,” I said, smiling at Chasity and Coach as they reached the car. “Hey Coach,” my brothers and I said in unison. “Hey, my star players are my Alphas now!” Thundered Coach Johnson, beaming with pride.

My brothers and I grinned. He had been the best coach honestly. He was alpha material. He was even built like an alpha. He had been a sigma back in the day which was like a lone alpha.

Dad convinced him to join the pack when we were really little. He ended up coaching the football team and even the wrestling team. He also helped out with sparring for the pack warriors. He was a fitness junkie in general.

“Be very careful and gentle and patient with this girl” He said, fixing me with a stern stare. He fixed Alex and Calix with the same stare. We all nodded. Chasity was blushing.

She was so cute! I could not do this whole sleeping separately thing on top of the fact that school was eight hours for five days a week. I had to convince Chasity to share a bed with us again.f**k! I should have brought flowers! I was supposed to be wooing her.

I had been so eager to get here, I was forgetting the basics. I didn’t even know what her favourite flower was. I hoped it was roses. She smelled like them. I looked at how the sunlight was hitting her dark golden blonde curls. The wind tousled them back and forth. Yellow roses maybe.

“Don’t think I can’t still whip you into shape,” joked Coach Johnson.

I laughed. My brothers grinned. He waved goodbye. He had just been walking Chasity out. I remembered football practice being practically every afternoon during the season so he was probably heading to the locker room or the field. I did not miss training in the bitter cold. In human schools, they did not play non-winter sports like football in the snow, but we were werewolves.

We were expected to brave all types of weather and we always had a huge home advantage whenever we would play against werewolf schools from down south. They could handle the cold too but they were not as used to it as we were. They were also not used to playing in the snow. It was something one had to train for, werewolf or not.

We were undefeated back then, about three years ago. When we would go to sunny places to play, we would also win because it was so comparatively easy in good weather.

The team was still undefeated to this day according to Dad. He tended to take note of stats like that. It showed how we measured up to other packs in terms of strength. Beating them at friendly sports games left an impression. They knew not to mess with us otherwise.

“Bye Coach,” my brothers and I said in unison.

I held open Chasity’s door. My lady got in the passenger seat. I shut the door and hurried to my side. My Baby was back from school and I had a lot of home work for her. I smirked to myself.

Calix “I didn’t know Coach liked you,” I said, smiling at Chasity.

I was happy she had someone tough looking out for her at school. Coach would keep an eye on her for us. He was a stand-up guy and people did not mess with him because of his size. He was as big as an Alpha.

“Yeah, he’s also the math group’s coach too,” said Chasity as Felix sped home. Don’t drive so fast with Chasity in the car! Warned Alex, over our mind-link.

Our triplet mind-link was exceptionally clear compared to the fuzzier mind-links we had with other pack members.

We were technically naturally occurring clones so I always joked that our mind-link was crystal clear because it was like one dude talking to himself. Felix slowed down without complaint or hesitation. He was always willing to do what was best for Chasity.

The three of us snickered at the thought of Coach leading the math group. “What’s so funny?” asked Chasity. “I just can’t picture Coach like that,” I said, more to myself than the others.

Alex leant forwards, admiring Chasity’s curls. He stiffened suddenly, his eyes wide. What’s wrong? I asked him, worried. “That’s not the hair tie I gave back to you! It smells like another male!” said Alex angrily.

WHAT?! I was going to murder that guy. I kept my expression neutral so I would not lose my nicest triplet reputation with Chasity. I couldn’t have other males coveting my mate and gifting her things! Disrespectful.

All gifts from male pack members should pass through us and then we would decide if it was acceptable enough to present to our Luna. Wolf law was strict. Wolves mated for life and all pack members respected that.

You’ve got to be f*g kidding me! Roared Felix over mind-link. He stepped on the breaks and the car screeched to a halt.

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