Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 16: Goddess

I woke up still sprawled over Felix with Alex and Calix sleeping soundly at either side of us. Last night had been surreal. I could not believe my former bullies had spent all night making me c«m. I sighed. I was nervous about today. Felix told me I would have to learn to take more than one of them at once.

I traced my fingertips over the three marks on my neck. It had really happened. The triplets had marked and mated me. I wondered if I was with child already. I had known this vacation might have been their way of relaxing me into the mating and marking process.

I was officially their marked mate and Luna now whether I ran off after high school graduation or not. Once marked, the bond was permanent until death and even after that, because losing a mate was the worst thing that could happen to a werewolf, leaving them changed forever.

I slowly got up. My whole body ached and my p***y was sore. Felix got up, k!ssed my forehead and started making breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, sausages and eggs. He made me a sweet mocha Frappuccino. I sipped it, loving the taste.

“Baby, you have the sweetest and tightest p***y I’ve ever had,” said Felix matter-of-factly, looking at me with soft, loving eyes.

“Mmm, yes, definitely, and the prettiest too,” Alex added, walking into the dining area, fixing me with a dreamy gaze.

“Good morning, my Luna,” yawned Calix, coming over to k!ss my forehead. “You deserve a reward for being such a good girl.”

They were making me blush.

After breakfast, all four of us showered together and the triplets took me to the beach. I was wearing the baby blue bikini that they all liked so much. We were at a gorgeous private beach with the clearest waters and whitest sand. Felix carried me into the water.

My arms were wrapped around his neck and my legs were wrapped around his waist. He was holding the back of my th!ghs as he sat slowly in the water, me still in his arms. He k!ssed me sweetly at first and then got progressively more urgent.

He m0aned against my l!ps as his big erection rubbed against me through the thin fabric of my bikini bottoms. I broke the k!ss, needing air. I relished the feeling of the warm water lapping at my aching body

“Mmm, my brothers and I will take you back to the hotel after our little beach trip. We‘re gonna strip you n*ked and pour warm oil all over your body to massage those sore muscles,” murmured Felix.

“You‘d like that wouldn‘t you, huh, Beautiful,” said Alex.

I nodded, “Yes.”

“Yes who?” Asked Felix sharply.

“Yes, Daddies!” “Good girl,” said Calix softly.

The other two brothers were enjoying their time in the water, rubbing my shoulders and running their fingers through my hair while I made out with Felix

“I can‘t believe I‘m really all yours,” I said softly “Believe it Baby, you‘re ours,” said Felix.

“Yeah, and if you ever run off, pretty little Luna, we will find you and when we do, we‘re gonna have to punish you for making us worry,” said Alex.

“What‘s the punishment?” I asked. “Don‘t break the rules and you won‘t have to find out,” said Felix simply. “You won‘t hurt me, will you?” I asked softly. “Not at all, Baby, but we will make you scream,” said Felix. “We might have to tie you to the bed,” added Alex. “And blindfold you,” said Calix, winking.

“So you won’t know how you’re gonna get f****d next. We won’t take turns, Baby, you’ll have to handle us all at once. We’ll stretch you to the limit, Baby, if you test us,” said Felix.

I knew they definitely were not joking. If I tried to run away from them after I had already allowed them to finalise the bond, they‘d be furious. They could not truly bully me anymore because they were deeply in love and in lust with me but b**m was definitely in the cards

was a little worried I had accepted them as my mates too hastily. There was no going back. I wondered what their parents‘ reactions would be when they saw my marks. I felt smug thinking about it. I held onto Felix tightly as I could not swim. I had never had the opportunity to learn. The triplets were all excellent swimmers. I remembered them coming back to the pack house with wet hair on Saturdays when they were teenagers. They would compete in swim meets against other future Alphas of the packs. Felix carefully handed me to Alex who held me bridal style in the water.

We ate at a five star restaurant. The food was out of this world. This vacation was really a feast for the senses with the gorgeous scenery, spicy smells, ex0tic tastes, Caribbean music and caresses of the cool breeze, warm water and the triplets. I was so exhausted when we got back to the hotel suite. I was nervous. I excused myself, going to the bathroom, stalling. Their monster

C***s were so thick and long. How would I take them all?

I stepped out of the bathroom and my three mates were waiting for me rather impatiently. I had a request.

“I‘m really nervous,” I said.

“Shh, Baby, don‘t worry, just think of a safe word. Say your word if anything becomes too much for you and we will stop,” said Felix.

I thought of a word. “Goldilocks,” I said laughing. The triplets raised their eyebrows.

“You are our little Goldilocks, come to think of it,” said Alex, pulling on my curls and watching them spring back into place.

“And we‘re your three bears,” Felix added, pulling me into a bear hug. “You’re my three wolves, my triplet Alphas,” I said.

Calix jokingly began narrating a story, “Goldilocks was worried the triplet alphas‘ c**s would be too big and her p***y would be too small but the fit was just right.”

I giggled The triplets began undressing me I remembered my request

“Can I just take two of you down below?” I asked hesitantly, frightened of triple penetration I‘ll take the third c*k in my mouth,” I offered

“No problem, Baby.” said Felix

Soon I was lying on my tummy, completely n*ked. The triplets started pouring warm oil on me as they‘d promised. Felix massaged my back, arms, neck and shoulders while Calix massaged my legs and Alex massaged my b*tt cheeks and reached between my legs to massage my folds. I was trembling. They squeezed all of my muscles and flipped me over suddenly making me squeal. They laughed, grinning at my reaction as they poured more oil on me. Alex massaged my tummy and my p***y while Felix kneaded my br-easts and Calix massaged the front of my arms and legs.

Felix pulled me up making me kneel on the bed. The oil had made my p**sy and my behind really slippery, Felix pulled me onto his lap while I was still kneeling. He lay down and Alex and Calix helped me lower myself onto Felix‘s huge c**k. I shivered as the feeling of fullness made my core wet itself more. Felix gripped my h!ps, looking at me hungrily, as he rocked me back and forth. I whimpered. It felt amazing. Alex was behind me and he pushed me down onto Felix‘s chest.

He parted my b*tt cheeks. I started panting nervously as Calix smoothed my curls and k!ssed my l!ps gently, murmuring sweet nothings to me. Alex‘s gigantic hard c**k was poking my behind. He inserted a finger into my behind. I groaned as he pumped my an*s with his finger, inserting a second one and stretching me with more oil. Felix continued to f**k my p***y agonisingly slowly. When Alex was satisfied, his C**k slowly entered my an#s, stretching it. I groaned loudly as he filled me from behind to capacity. I felt so full! I had two huge c***s in

Calix locked eyes with me. He smiled showing his dimples. He was so handsome! He made my heart flutter. I opened my mouth eagerly and he guided his c**k towards me. I licked the tip and tasted his pre–c#m and then I took him in my mouth. He was large ran down my cheeks and I spluttered on his c**k a little but I began to s-uck on it. Calix used my ponytail to guide me as he thrusted into my mouth while Felix thrusted into my p***y and Alex thrusted slowly into my an*s. I was so overwhelmed. They were everywhere. I felt like I was losing my mind. I wanted to scream in ecstasy but Calix‘s C**k was almost to the back of my throat

“You‘re amazing, Baby,” whispered Felix, from below me as he massaged my sides and k!ssed my shoulders.

“You’re perfection, Luna,” said Alex from behind me as he gripped my waist and li!cked my ears and neck. I shivered.

“You‘re our goddess, Chasity,” murmured Calix, not one to ever be out done especially when it came to sweet talk.

I was not sure how much longer I could keep going. I was dripping. I had lost count of my org*sms but I could feel a big one coming as Felix, Alex and Calix all quickened the pace, switching the angles ever so slightly to hit just the right spots. I groaned as I felt it build inside of me. The pressure in my tummy felt so intense. I moaned against Calix‘s c**k as Alex and Felix pumped me a little harder and faster still trying to be careful because this was all new to me.

I could feel Felix‘s hot mouth encase one of my er-ect n**s while his fingers teased the other one. He kept up a steady rhythm with one hand on my waist helping me bounce up and down on his d**k. Alex had both hands on my h!ps as he thrusted slowly but deeply from behind.

He nipped at my shocker and planted k!sses on my neck, su-cking on my marks. Calix was gripping my curls in his hand like a pony tail and using that to guide me as pushed his c**k in and out of my mouth. I was whimpering on his c*k, tears streaming down my face, when Calix pulled out suddenly and grasped my chin with his hands, tilting my face upwards so our eyes met.

“You ok, Goddess?” He asked. “You need your safe word?”

Alex and Felix paused too which frustrated both my wolf and me. I shook my head fervently and Calix smirked, pushing back into my mouth while his brothers started thrusting rhythmically again, slowly quacking the pace. I was so we-t, I was dripping juices down into Felix‘s lap which he seemed thrilled about.

“The first person to come gets tied up the next time we have s*x,” Felix announced from above me.

Huh? Obviously that would be me. I protested but it was muffled by Calix‘s c**k. As if the alphas were enticed by the promise of bondage, they all sped up, thrusting faster and deeper. The build–up was delicious. I had never felt anything like it.

My whole body was trembling. I did not even know whose name to m0an. I just whimpered. Felix rocked me back and forth, pulling me down further to grind on him, so that his c**k was brushing against my c*rvix. He was huge.

He definitely was making good on his promise to tickle my b*llybutton from the inside whilst Alex‘s movements were calculated and controlled.

He reached down in front of me to find my clit with his fingers and stroke it gently. I groaned spluttering on Calix‘s big sweet smooth perfect c**k. ! loved my mates so much, every single one of them.

That was all I could think about as they pushed me to the brink and I screamed against Calix‘s c**k. I squirted all over Felix below me. He groaned spurting into me, filling me up, just as Alex grunted and filled my behind with his load.

My legs were trembling but Felix and Alex were holding me up effortlessly like I was a rag d0ll. Calix moaned as his c*m spurted into my mouth. I swallowed everything and opened my mouth to show him. He grinned and winked at me, rubbing his thumb against my lower l!p.

I let my legs give out underneath me, exhausted, but my mates caught me and put me gently to lie down. Six hands started massaging all my aching parts and three pairs of l!ps planted soothing k!sses all over me as I drifted off to sleep

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