Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 17: Chasity actually likes purple

(It’s the triplets who like baby blue on Chasity)


I slammed my foot on the breaks and the car screeched to a sudden halt, causing my Baby Chasity to become startled.

“You scared me!” Squealed Chasity.


“Sorry, Baby,” I said quickly. “Who touched you?” I asked, staring at her.

She had been wearing a hair tie that smelled like another male. I was gonna throw him off a balcony. No one was allowed to put their hands on my mate but my brothers and me. We were her rightful Alphas.

“No one,” whined Chasity. “Then why does your hair smell like a different guy? Tell us the truth, Chasity!” Said Calix. Baby Boy Calix was actually spewing the facts. Good. “Why? What are you gonna do to me?” She yelled.

Ugh, when was she gonna get it in her head that she was our everything? We were not gonna hurt her ever. We were gonna hurt him, whoever he was.

“Nothing, Baby,”I grumbled.

I started driving again.

“We’ll just have a talk with the guy. Tell him to watch his hands if he wants to keep them,” I explained.


Some guy at Chasity’s school was sniffing around her. I knew we should have announced her as our mate officially to the pack. She had not actually accepted the position of Luna yet but we could word our announcement careful, just making it clear that Chasity was fated to us, the three pack Alphas.

“You’re ours,” I said sullenly.

Chasity sighed. Did she not want to be ours? Did she not want to be mine? My heart threatened to cave in.

because he didn’t want any

“A boy who stole my hair tie before my birthday gave it back today trouble,” explained Chasity.

“Smart boy,” commented Calix.

Oh. I felt massively relieved. I felt a little stupid also. Why had I over-reacted and jumped to conclusions? She was already wary of us. Now, we had demonstrated plainly how possessive we could.

I slipped the offensive hair tie out of her hair and rubbed it in my palms, ridding it of the weaker male’s scent and coating it with my own scent. When Chasity was distracted, I would go through her things and leave my scent on them as a deterrent. I put the hair tie in my pocket, smiling at the thought of Chasity smelling like me.

Smelling one’s own scent on the skin of one’s Luna was a huge turn-on for an Alpha like me. Nothing would top seeing her belly swollen with my heir in future though. We had a lot of work to do.

With three of us Alphas, it should not be too hard to get Chasity pregnant. Once she was made to feel comfortable and the r*mantic side of our union had properly begun, we would be able to complete the marking and mating process.

I started massaging her scalp to soothe her. I knew she was pissed. I could feel the anger radiating off of her. I scratched her scalp gently and continued the m*ssage. It was working. I could tell. She relaxed into my touch.

That’s it, Luna. That’s it, I said to myself. Felix

Alex was m*ssaging Chasity’s scalp. Calix was m*ssaging her shoulders. I had somewhere else in my mind. I knew this was probably pushing it. If she protested I would pull away and apologise.

I kept one hand on the steering wheel. My other hand parted her pretty knees and trailed along her soft th*ghs until I got to her core. I knew Chasity would be wearing underw*ar. She wasn’t quite that wild to go commando. I felt the thin cotton fabric. It was already damp. I smirked.

I was pretty sure our display of dominance had excited her a little even if she would not admit it. I used the heel of my hand to rub against her core. She gasped. I continued to car*ss her between her legs, through the thin layers of fabric.

She was wearing stockings too. I wanted to feel her bare skin but I knew if I ripped her clothing she would be pissed. Chasity m*aned. We were almost home.

Time flew by while we had been having fun. I parked my car in the driveway, the wheels rolling over crunchy snow. I would need to shovel the driveway again later but I had some more pressing activities to tend to first.

“Let’s take her to my room,” I suggested to my brothers.

I have homework,” insisted Chasity. The little minx was probably lying. “I’ll do it for you,” offered Alex. “I wanna do it. It won’t take long,” she replied.

I felt she was lying. I was right. We got through a lot of alpha work to my dismay and to Alex’s glee while we waited on her. Calix was surprisingly well-prepared for the territory discussion as if he had been looking forward to it,

“Baby boy Calix, did Mommy teach you about our territory lines?” I asked, grinning.


Mom had taught me about our pack’s territory lines. I was too embarrassed to ask Dad. He would have chastised me for not learning about that stuff earlier.

So I had asked Mom instead when Dad had been out and she had explained it all really well. I should teach Chasity the same things as she would soon be Luna.

“We need to teach Chasity some basic pack knowledge, our territory lines, our plans for expansion, our allies, our strengths and weaknesses as a pack,” I said, distracting Felix from teasing me about Mom.

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Alex.

Felix nodded. “Chasity has a snippy little attitude though,” pointed out Felix. “You love her snippy little attitude,” laughed Alex. I laughed too. “I never said I didn’t like it. I just said she had one,” said Felix, smirking.

It had been two hours since Chasity had went off to do her homework. I knew she was taking a long time on purpose.

“She’s taking long on purpose,” grumbled Felix.

I nodded.

“She’s studying. Don’t either of you two dare interrupt her. I want an educated Luna,” snapped Alex.

He was very against us distracting Chasity from school in any way.

“Says Mr I’ll do your homework for you,” said Felix, rolling his eyes.

“That was said in the heat of the moment,” said Alex defensively. “Chasity did the right thing by doing it herself.”

“A good Luna knows when to say no, even to her alphas,” added Alex.


The little minx showed up about two and a half hours after she had run off to “do homework.” She sauntered into Alex’s room, dressed in pink pyjamas. She blushed as soon as we looked up at her.

She was looking at the territory map with some curiosity. I quickly put it away before she asked a question and Alex went off on a tangent and explained every pack law ever invented.

She walked hesitantly towards the bed. She always acted so shy one minute and so sassy the next. I snatched her up, pulling her onto my l*p.

“You had her all morning!” Protested Calix.

“That’s because she came to me and woke me up. She wanted her Felix,”l explained matter-of-factly

Chasity’s blush deepened.

“Do you have a favourite?” Asked Calix.

“Calix, that’s childish, don’t ask her that. She’s all of ours. Don’t make it weird,” Alex said.

“You’re scared it’s me,” said Calix smugly.

Alex and I rolled our eyes. Inwardly, I was a little sad that it probably was him. She had a thing for Calix, long before the mate-bond. I was surprised nothing had happened between them when we had all been teenagers, growing up in this house.

She wiggled about in my arms and I pinched her behind, eliciting a little squeak from her. I smirked at her and she narrowed her eyes at me but didn’t leave my lap.

“I love how…sweet Calix is,” she said, looking at him, smiling. Calix beamed.

My wolf and I were bummed.

“I love how tough Felix is,” she added.

Oh, so she was generous today, just handing out compliments. I was tough, fair enough.

“You’re my weakness though, Baby,” I said to her.

“And I love how responsible Alex is,” she said.

Alex smiled, his eyes lighting up. She seemed pleased with herself now that she had gone around the room saying something nice about everyone like we were at the first day of camp.

“We love everything about you, now let’s f**k,” I said quickly, catching her off guard.

She looked at me in shock until she realised I was half-joking. She rolled her eyes. My brothers laughed. I laughed too, my laughter a bit delayed. Had she been down to f**k, it would have been on but her name was literally Chasity so I supposed I had a wait on my hands, or in my arms rather.

Chasity relaxed into me, seemingly enjoying being on my lap. We had bonded a little this morning. If I had to earn her heart and get into her p*nties, one plate of pancakes at a time, I would do so.

“When will you let us k8ss you?” Asked Alex softly.

Good. Someone was thinking clearly for once. The faster we marked and mated Chasity, the better. As long as she was willing, there should be no delay.

She could run away too easily if she was not properly bonded to us and she would be extremely difficult to track if unmarked and unmated.

I’m afraid if we k*ss, things will escalate,” she admitted.

“That’s the general idea,” I said.

It was true.

“No!” Said Alex sharply. “A k*ss is just a k*ss.” Tricky, Tricky. Alex was picking up some of Calix’s go-to approaches and it was working too.

“Will your parents be furious if I sleep with you guys tonight. It’s easier to fall asleep next to all of you, “whispered Chasity as though scared our parents would pop out at any moment.

“We’re the Alphas. You’re our mate. They can’t stop us. They just don’t advise it, that’s all.” said Alex firmly.

She smiled, clearly pleased with that answer.

“I will sleep here then,” she said.

“Why not in my room?” I asked.

“Don’t be offended ok,” said Chasity hesitantly.

My heart began to race. What was it? Was she rejecting me? She couldn’t reject me without rejecting all of us, Calix included.

“What is it?” I asked, trying to keep my tone cool and measured.

“Your paintings are great but I paintings with people scare me at nighttime. I feel like their eyes are always watching me,” she revealed.

So Chasity was nuts. I had figured as much, I liked a little crazy in a girl so fate knew what was up when she paired us together.

“Oh, ok, right,” I said offhandedly.

What was I supposed to say?

“One of those paintings is of you,” I reminded her.

“That scares me most of all!” She squealed.


“Like me staring at me. It looks scary at night,” she said.

Alex looked like he wanted to laugh but was keeping his expression sympathetic.

“We want you to be comfortable,” he struggled to say.

Calix actually did laugh.

“Chasity, you’re crazy,” he chuckled. She giggled and flung a pillow at him playfully.

How the f**k did he get away with saying stuff like that? Had that been Alex she would have gotten pissed and if it had been me she would have burst into tears and ran from the room.

“If I sleep in your room, Felix, I need to be in the corner by the wall, away from the eyes,” she said.

Fine with me. Alex and Calix could hug each other. They always agreed on everything anyway. I would sleep next to Chasity and she would have the protection of me and the wall too apparently.

“That’s fine,” I said. “Excuse you,” said Calix. “That’ll mess up our next-to-Chasity schedule!”


“What?” Asked Chasity.

Alex smiled sheepishly,

“I uh took the liberty of drawing up a timetable so we could keep track of whose turn it is to be next to you when we share a room,” said Alex.

He legit pulled out a f**king colour-coded timetable. The top columns read left, riddle, right, and end. Chasity was always listed as being in the middle and given baby blue as her colour. Whoever was on the right or left was next to her. End meant you were the poor loser not next to Chasity. Alex was dark blue. I was red. Calix was yellow.

“This is the weirdest f**king thing you have ever done,” I said slowly and softly.

“Thank you,” said Alex.

Chasity burst into a fit of laughter.

“I don’t want to be yellow though, Alex, remember? I asked to be changed to green?” Whined Calix who had seen this before apparently.

“Oh, sorry, little bro, I’ll fix it,” said Alex, genuinely apologetic over this nonsense.

“Can’t we just keep a mental log of this?” I asked.

“No!” Said Alex and Calix in unison.

“What? Why not?” I asked. “This is fairest for everyone,” explained Calix. “So that no one throws a tantrum or pretends to forget how often they have been next to Chasity.

Ohhh. I saw what this was about. This was about Alexis. “This is because of Alexis,” I said bluntly.

Chasity stopped laughing instantly. “Who’s Alexis?” She asked sharply.

She did not look pleased. Good. I liked seeing a little jealousy on her. It was hot. Green was her colour. Every colour was her colour. She was so pretty.

“Alexis was this girl we all liked,” admitted Calix.

“It was the only time before you, Luna, our mate, that we all wanted the same girl,” explained Alex.

Chasity went from looking annoyed to looking down-right m*rderous. She actually got up to leave. I

quickly snatched her back onto my l*p.

“Chill, we were ten. It was a crush we all had on our hot babysitter, Alexis,” I said.

“That was before I even came to live here then,” said Chasity, calming down a little.

“Yep, by the time you came to live with us, we were twelve and Mom was cool with us staying home alone without a babysitter,” said Calix.

“Yeah, cause you cried and begged her,” I reminded him.

“Those were fake tears and it was on all of our behalves,” said Calix, frowning.

“We would take turns sitting next to Alexis on the couch. She would watch horror movies with us. She would grab the arm of whoever was next to her cause she was scared and at that age, that was thrilling so it was a big deal to sit next to her,” said Alex dryly.

“And Felix had a convenient memory. Alexis didn’t know we were taking turns to sit next to her obviously but we did and Felix would always act like he hadn’t sat next to her the last time she babysat even when he had!” Snapped Calix, clearly still upset about this eleven years later.

“So we’re doing a time table,” concluded Alex.

“Wasn’t it weird crushing on someone named Alexis for Calix and Felix. She practically has your brother’s name,” said Chasity.

“Well, Alex didn’t have huge boobs so it was easy to tell them apart,” I explained.

Chasity rolled her eyes. I smirked at her.

another blond I know,” I said, pulling on one of

“Alexis was pretty hot but she has nothing on this Chasity’s dark golden curls.

She smiled slyly at me.

“I still want to be green,” said Calix, as though everyone was forgetting the most important part of the discussion.

“Where are the coloured pencils?” Asked Chasity. “Here,” said Alex, handing her a pencil case.

She took out a blue coloured pencil and coloured over all the yellow Calix boxes so they would become green.

“There,” she said when she was finished. “Now, you’re green.”

Calix beamed at her. “Are you two happy with your colours?” She asked. “Yeah,” I chuckled. “I made the table so yeah,” laughed Alex. “I actually want to be purple,” revealed Chasity.

Calix picked up the red coloured pencil and began colouring over Chasity’s light blue boxes. Alex found another red coloured pencil and began to help. Ugh.

I searched Alex’s meticulously organised stationery collection for a third red pencil. I started colouring too. I was an Alpha but I was also Chasity’s b***h. She could make me do anything.

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