Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 17: Chef Felix

I woke up, draped over Alex‘s chest this time. His hands were in my hair, playing with my curls. He pulled on the golden ringlets and watched them spring back into place. He massaged my scalp. I m*aned a little. Calix and Felix were on either side of me. My soft m*an woke them up

it seemed. Felix parted my but-t cheeks and began eating my as-s. I squealed. I had not been expecting that first thing in the morning. His tongue darted in and out of my behind, making me tense my but-t cheeks.

I was leaning across Alex, my mouth pressed against Calix, savouring his taste. Alex bit my neck from under me making me open my mouth for his younger brother. Calix‘s tongue dove into my mouth, exploring at a leisurely pace. Felix was now stretching my p***y with two fingers inserted into it while his tongue was deep in my anus. I groaned, wondering if he was stretching me because…

Alex answered my unspoken question, “Yes, eventually we all want your p***y at the same time if you can handle that, Princess.” He murmured his words, still groggy in the morning.

My p***y throbbed. It was already deliciously sore. Calix was still k!ssing me and I was getting lightheaded from the lack of air. I pulled away breathless. I took a deep breath before Alex claimed my l!ps, cupping my face with both hands. His k!ss was surprisingly gentle.

I nibbled his bottom l!p and he groaned, tangling his hand in my hair and arching my face upwards with his other hand on my chin so he could have better access to my mouth. Our tongues caressed each other slowly. Calix was planting k!sses down my thighs and calves.

He k!ssed my ankles. He tickled the sole of my feet making me squeal and giggle, breaking away from Alex. Felix inserted a third finger deep into my p***y, his knuckles at my hilt. I cried out and the three alphas all grinned. Felix started pounding me with his fingers while his tongue assaulted my sore behind.

“Mmmm,” I whimpered, my cries muffled against Alex‘s chest. The eldest alpha was gripping me to him with one hand cradling my head to his chest. Calix started massaging my lower back to soothe me as Felix roughly fingered me until I came. My scream was drowned out by a low grunt from Felix who had gotten off on watching me c*m.

I felt his huge thick hard member slide between my b*tt cheeks without penetrating me. He spurted his load upwards onto my tailbone and lower back. I felt it dripping down my sides. Alex and Calix were each stroking their C now, watching me with black eyes. Some of Alex‘s pre–c*m had dribbled out and gotten smeared onto my tummy from below me.

Calix was leaning over me stroking his c**k. He suddenly flipped me over. I squealed in surprise and the youngest brother grinned at my reaction as he stroked himself watching me. I stroked him too with one hand.

Alex got out from underneath me and went to my other side. Felix was kneeling between my legs already hard again. Alphas needed almost no recovery time. I started stroking Alex with my free hand. Felix pressed his huge shaft against my swollen p***y, rubbing his member against my v*lva.

I shivered at how good that felt. He started stretching me again with his fingers all four of them while his thumb rubbed my clit. I tried to wiggle away but the other two grabbed my waist and pushed me gently back to Felix whose eyes were dark.

I resumed stroking Alex‘s and Calix‘s (while Felix resumed his delicious torture of my p***y. When he was satisfied, he leant over me pressing a sweet k!ss to my mouth, Alex k!ssed me then Calix k!ssed me, lingering a little while Felix sharply penetrated me making me cry out.

I had shut my eyes tightly. I opened them to watch Felix‘s smirk as he rocked his pelvis against mine, grinding into me. My p***y was already throbbing and I was a whimpering mess. Alex and Calix moved lower down on the bed closer to my entrance.

Calix reached up and stroked my face. “Baby, can we try?” He murmured, k!ssing my hand and the tip of my nose. I nodded weakly.

Alex positioned himself and so did Calix. All three of the triplets were between my widely spread trembling thighs. Oh my…

Alex and Calix both pushed in at the same time, joining Felix in my soaked slippery p***y. I was at my limit. My eyes rolled back in my head. They were all still waiting for me to adjust to the triple penetration.

“You are doing so good, Baby.” m*aned Felix in his raspy voice, his lust-filled blue eyes watching my face.

I slowly arched my back encouraging them to move. They slowly thrust into me, moving in unison, stroking my insides with their C***s. They quickened the pace ever so slightly while their six hands roamed my flushed body. They were bringing me over the edge. I felt it coming, the building of it alone was too much to handle. I was an incoherent mo*aning mess. Hands kneaded my br*easts, pinched my n!ppl**s, rubbed my tummy, caressed my sides and outer thighs all while the three big mouth-watering C***ks filled me.

“Ohhh, yes, yes, yes!” Was all I could say. The triplets were smirking. They sped up and I screamed. They started to pound me. I could not bear it for long. The pressure was way too much. I screamed and squirted wetting all three of their lower abdomens. They seemed delighted

at that as they lost control and spurted into me, three loads of c–m coating my insides, splattering into me. I felt faint. My eyes closed, sleepy though I had just woken up. They slowly slid out with a squelching noise. I mo*aned softly, drifting off as my three alphas snuggled up tome.

Tawoke again. It was mid–morning. I had woken up early the first time. My p***y was sore and every time I moved a little I started getting mini–org*sms in my p***y. I inserted my own finger into myself, m*aning at that. I was surprised to find that I was still really tight. I extricated myself from my alphas, put on a robe and went to the kitchen of our hotel suite.

Oh yeah, I was not allowed to cook stuff anymore.

“Felix!” I called. I laughed inwardly at how not afraid of that big bad alpha I was anymore. He was more of a lovesick puppy now and I loved that. Felix walked into the kitchen b*tt-n*ked, tight

muscles everywhere and his huge morning wood at attention.

“Felix!!” I chastised him.

He yawned stretching. “You called, Baby?” He said, smirking.

“Put a robe on,” I said, blushing. He walked towards me. I bit my l!p. “Do you really want me to?” He asked with a knowing smile.

I tried to stop my l-ustful eyes from trailing all over his massive, muscled form

Of course, I did not really want him to. I shrugged, my cheeks burning. Felix started making my favourite, pancakes, rather than order room service. He liked cooking for me it seemed. I had no idea where he had gotten a big fluffy white Chef’s hat but he had one atop his ruffled shiny hait. He looked so cute. He grinned at me, deepening his dimples.

Ugh! My heart. It was probably unsanitary to cook n*ked but Felix and I had put our mouths everywhere on each other already so maybe that did not apply. He made enough for everyone but Alex and Calix remained asleep. I was surprised me calling Felix did not wake them too.

“Should I go get Alex and Calix?” I asked Felix sweetly.

“Who are those people?” Joked Felix, piling my plate with pancakes. Chocolate chip! My absolute favourite!

“Thank you for making me breakfast, Baby,” I said brightly.

Felix grinned at hearing his second favourite word from me after his name. Baby. Maybe Baby was the favourite and Felix was second. He leant in for a gentle k!ss, his l!ps warm and sweet from the hot hazelnut chocolate coffee he had also made.

Alex walked in just then, wearing his boxers. Calix followed behind him, yawning. Calix was also in his boxers. He laughed at Felix being just in the chef‘s hat. Alex rolled his eyes but had a smile on his face at his brother’s antics.

“Great hat!” Complimented Calix giving a thumbs–up.

Felix nodded winking as if to say he already knew how great his hat was.

The pancakes were amazing and so were all the sides he had made especially the hash browns. I still had to get used to this: all the triplets being so… nice to me. More than nice. I knew that they really cared now. I knew if I got pregnant I would not be able to go anywhere.

I did not want to leave them but I did want to track down my parents. I wanted to get my hands on my own money somehow to pay back the former Alpha and Luna. I knew that did not really make sense because I would technically inherit all of that money as the triplet‘s mate.

I was marked, triple marked, and that was eternal. It could not be undone. Rejections of mates were only valid prior to marking and mating. Once both had been completed, a verbal rejection was just a bunch of empty words. Also, leaving a mate or mates in my case by whom you had been marked was excruciating for both sides.

The pain worsened with the distance and the passage of time so it was maddening and the mates would rush back to each other. Mother Nature really did not play with her wolves and their mates. But… would the triplets let me find my parents? Would they let me work a real job? For the second question, by they I meant Felix and his desire for me to be a trophy wife.

“What‘s on the agenda for today?” I asked. The triplets exchanged conspiratorial glances. “Something big,” said Felix. “And…unexpected,” said Alex. “And yet…completely obvious,” added Calix. They were all grinning. Huh.

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