Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 18: Embracing Chasity Calix

I was so happy I was one of the two next to Chasity. Alex was in the corner tonight so he was bummed. Felix was in his glee, spooning Chasity. I liked being the little spoon even though Chasity was the tiny one.

“Chasity?” I whispered.

The light was off and Chasity’s nightlight was throwing a small circle of yellow light in the corner. Chasity remained still, her arm over my waist, the tip of her nose brushing against the back of my neck. Was she asleep? Her warmth, her soft touch and her sweet smell were lulling me to sleep.

I woke up earlier than everyone else. Yes! I would drop Chasity to school today. She was missing from the bed. Felix had grabbed a pillow. Alex was practically falling off the side of the bed. I went to my room and showered at werewolf speed, throwing on grey sweatp#nts and agrey tee shirt. I leapt down the stairs and practically ricocheted into Chasity’s room, walking right in on her changing. She squealed and wrapped her towel around herself but I had already seen all of her. I felt guilty for replaying her gorgeous n#ked form in my mind. I covered my own eyes.

“Sorry! Sorry, Chasity!”I said. “I just wanted to take you to school.” “I’m not going to school,” she said softly.

“Why not?”I asked. I heard her footsteps as she came towards me. She pushed me against the wall.

She whispered in my ear. “I’m staying home with you,” she breathed.

I grinned. She pulled my hands away from my face. I stared at her and the fuzzy pink towel covering her figure. Her curls and skin were still wet. She smirked at me and dropped her towel.

I woke up at exactly the wrong moment, or perhaps the right one. I missed the dream Chasity’s peepshow but the real Chasity was mo-aning softly behind me. I turned around so we were nose to nose. She whimpered in her sleep. I car*ssed her cheek. I could smell how wet she was. I smirked. I wished mind-link allowed me to peek into her dreams.

“Calix,” she mumbled and then smiled in her sleep. I k!ssed her forehead gently so I wouldn’t wake her. The real Chasity was my dream girl anyway.


Finally, I was sleeping next to Chasity, my Baby. I spooned her, her fine a*s cradled perfectly by my pelvis. She kept wiggling about, rubbing herself against my already painfully hard member. I growled in her ear playfully and a sly smile formed on her face. She was fake-sleeping. Little minx. I got up and went to the bathroom. I had to relieve myself. I couldn’t take it anymore. I dropped my boxers and took myself into my hands. The door creaked open. The little minx was peeping in at me.

“Ever heard of knocking?” I said, raising my eyebrows as she eyed my huge member while her cheeks turned pink.

She l!cked her l!ps and shut the door. I sighed. I heard a light knock on the door. I smirked. I pulled up my boxers and sat on the huge marble counter.

“Come in,”I called

She opened the door hesitantly and shut it behind her. She leant against the shut door, staring at my crotch,

“Chasity? Need something?”I teased.

“You put it away,” she mumbled.

I almost broke out into a fit of laughter.

“Yes, it’s been put away,” I said.

“Well, take it out again,” she said with a small mischievous smile.

I grinned. I got off the counter and walked up to her until we were barely an inch apart. She lowered her eyes to the bulge I was harbouring for her. I dropped my boxers. She grinned at me and I grinned back.

She reached for it. I closed my eyes, holding my breath, waiting for her touch.

Calix’s loud snore woke me up. f**k! Ugh! One thing had been real though. I was painfully hard. Chasity was sleeping a bit fitfully rubbing me on me a little.

I wanted to wake her up in case it was a nightmare but she settled down so I left her be. I remained in bed. I was too addicted to her warm little body and the smell of her curls and skin to get up. I snuggled closer to her, putting my leg over her waist.

“Felix,” she whispered.

“Baby!” I said, perking up.

I looked over her shoulder at her face. She was asleep. No pretence here. I sniffed her hair like the stalker I was, inhaling deeply. I had to figure out how to make Chasity h*rny or I would die of blue b*lls. Alex claimed that did not exist but he ironed his socks. What did he know?


I was on the end. I made the timetable fairly so we each had to sleep away from Chasity one third of the time, including me.

I did not slip in any extra days for myself. Felix would have done that if he had made the timetable. Felix also would not have made a timetable in the first place. Ugh! I missed spooning Chasity. Felix better not be grinding up against her.

She was not ready for that. I missed her soft tendrils in my face. Her hair always smelled amazing. I still slept better than when she was not in the room at all though. Her floral smell still filled the room. I relaxed, reminding myself I was next to her tomorrow night.

I made sure to not oversleep this time. I woke up before everyone. Chasity was snuggled up between Felix and Calix.

“Chasity,” I whispered, gently shaking her arm.

“Luna,” I said, brushing the hair off her face.

She stirred. She slowly opened her eyes.

“Alex?” She said.

“Hey Luna,”I cooed.

Thad fallen so hard for her so fast. If I was being completely honest, I had been into her from before the mate-bond but I had suppressed it while we were growing up. I had been afraid of being vulnerable, of liking a girl who did not like me back, or totally despised me, in Chasity’s case.

“Chasity, let’s get you ready for school,” I said.

She extricated herself out from under Felix’s arm and climbed over Calix. I was surprised they didn’t wake up disgruntled the moment she got up. She walked across the bed to me and jumped into my arms playfully, wrapping her legs around my waist and flinging her arms around my neck. I carried her to my bathroom, letting the door close behind us. I headed to the bathtub.

“No, shower,” she protested.

I put her on the counter and went to the shower to make sure the temperature wasn’t too hot or cold.

“Ok, I’ll leave you to it,” I said.

“Or you could watch,” she suggested, stopping me in my tracks. I looked at her, wondering if she was just teasing me. “Or you could also hop in,” she added, her eyes trailing over me. I realised there was a large bulge in my boxers from when she had her legs around my waist. “Well, get in,” I said, testing her. “You first,” she said. “Ladies first,” I insisted.

She pouted.

“Alex,” she whined.

I smirked at her. She got off the counter and walked up to me. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of my boxers, trailing her fingertips around my torso, giving me goosebumps.

She yanked my boxers down and knelt down while she did this. She looked up, locking eyes with me. There was some pre-c#m dripping from my engorged tip. I could feel her breath on me.

“You sure you wanna move this fast?” I asked softly. “It’s not fast. I’ve dreamt about you for years, Alex,” she whispered. “Really?” I asked, grinning.

“Let me prove it to you,” she breathed. I woke up with a start. I was rock-hard. f**k. I sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Said a soft, small voice.

I jumped

“Chasity?”I gasped. She was sitting up between Felix and Calix. They were sleeping peacefully.

“Being on the end kinda s#cks,” I said, using that as my excuse and putting my pillow on my lap to hide the huge bulge.

“I…” began Chasity before she lost her nerve and looked down.

“No, no, Luna, talk to me,” I said. Her cheeks were red. She smiled a little.

“I don’t know as much as you three on the topic and I have no hands-on experience but I know about morning wood,” she admitted.

I raised my eyebrows. “You don’t have to hide it,” she said, getting up and hopping off the foot of the bed.

I moved the pillow and followed her. She headed downstairs to her own room, to use her dream bathroom.

“You may use bathroom whenever you want,”I reminded her.

She nodded. “I know, thanks.”

“What’s mine is yours,” I added.

She smiled. She was gathering her stuff in her bedroom to take a shower.

“What do you want for breakfast?” I asked. “Pancakes?” She said, hope blossoming in her warm brown eyes.

I grinned.

“Sure,” I said.

What was her obsession with pancakes? They were good but there were other things. “Chasity,” I said before she went into the bathroom.

“Yeah?” She said, looking up, “Did you actually hate me before the mate-bond?” I asked.

She stopped what she was doing. She looked at me. She frowned, really pondering the question. My heart was racing while I waited.

“No,” she said finally

My wolf and I rejoiced, We sensed our mate was being honest. “I dreaded being around you though, but that’s not hate,” she explained. “I’m so sorry,” I said immediately. “I know I was mean and…overbearing… and annoying…and…”

“Arrogant, inconsiderate, unfair, pushy, condescending, rude…” she listed off.

I frowned, looking down.

She burst into laughter. I relaxed a little.

“I’m getting over it…slowly,” she said.

I nodded.

“Take your time,” I said encouragingly.

She walked towards me.

“Why did you hate me…before the bond?” She asked.

My eyes widened.

I shook my head. I never hated her. “I never hated you,” I said, willing her to understand.

She looked at me like she didn’t fully believe.

“I resented the fact that you never paid attention to me and I handled it like an as*s,” I said.

She chuckled.

“Not that that makes it ok,” I added quickly.

She nodded.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to make you lo-…to make it easier for you to stay with us,” I said.

“If I was not your mate, you three would still be awful to me, and I would still have that tiny room,” she said with a shrug.

“No,” I said, still being honest.

She raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

“Wait right here!” I said, dashing away.

I ran up the stairs at werewolf speed and got my Alpha notebook. I kept a list of everything I wanted implemented when I became Alpha. I had started it when I was around eighteen years old. I couldn’t disagree with my Dad that much when he had been Alpha but I had planned to be my own kind of Alpha. I presented Chasity with the book as embarrassing as it was.

There was definitely some nonsense in there but most of it I actually still wanted and planned to do. Some I had done already even though I had not been Alpha for very long.

“What is this?” She asked, sitting on the bed.

I sat next to her, close enough so that my th!gh was pressed against hers from h!p to knee.

“My Alpha Book,” I said sheepishly. She grinned.

“Stuff I could not do back when I wasn’t Alpha that I was gonna change,” I explained. “Pack progress, changes to pack law, you.”

She sifted through it. She read some of it out-loud, the parts that concerned her.

“Number one: Absolve Chasity of her parents debt,” she read. “Make pack debts not inheritable. People’s debts should die with them. Children not at fault. Number three: Calix’s idea, give Chasity a normal bedroom. Felix’s idea: offer her an apartment rent-free until she finishes school.

My idea: if she remains at pack house, offer to pay her normal wages for the cooking and cleaning.

Debt cleared, see number one. Number seven: retroactive payment of wages to Chasity for all the years she has worked already. I have calculated it to be $174 720 for the past six years so far if we put wage at $10 an hour, considering she has no days off.

Will need to be recalculated. Note, if she wishes to have official employment at pack house, offer her vacation leave and compensatory days. Can add overtime payment and rate for vacation and compensatory days she should have been entitled to in years past,” read Chasity.

I hoped this would be enough proof that I wasn’t a total monster. “Um, yeah,” I said, unsure of what to say.

She stared at me, her expression unfathomable. She put the book down slowly. She straddled me and I almost jumped out of my skin. Immediately I assigned a s****l meaning to her actions but she just wrapped her arms around me, in a tight hug, resting her head on my shoulder. I hugged her back just as tightly.

“I wasn’t gonna let them……I should have had these done before I became Alpha. I waited too long. I should have stood up to them earlier,” I mumbled, thinking about Dad mostly but Mom too.

We hugged each other so tightly and for a long time. I fell backwards and Chasity fell with me, still holding each other, my back against the sheets and Chasity on top of me, her face still nuzzled into my neck. I felt something wet against my neck. Was Chasity crying?

“Shh, Luna, shh,” I murmured, rubbing her back and stroking her hair gently

I was not sure how it happened. I supposed I was tired from not being near enough to Chasity so I didn’t sleep deeply. We fell asleep, both of us, like that.

On the previous day when Felix, King of Truancy and Tardiness, had taken Chasity to school, she had been early. On the day I took her, I, King of Punctuality, made her late as f**k but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I walked her inside despite her protests and escorted her to her class so I could speak to the teacher. Everyone’s eyes almost bugged out of their heads as they watched me give the teacher some bullsh*t excuse for why she was late. I could have said anything though. I was the eldest Alpha.

The teacher nodded eagerly, eating up my lame excuse though he would have had a fit if that had come from Chasity or another student. Chasity scampered to her seat, no k!ss, no proper goodbye. She bent her head, her nose in her textbook as her classmates craned their necks to stare at her.

“Bye Luna, see you soon. Pick you up at four,” I called. Chasíty looked up from her book, her whole face flushed.

The class erupted into whistles from the guys and “Ooooohhs” and giggles from the girls. Ugh, high-schoolers. Some of them began to make cheeky comments under their breath.

“He’ll see you after class, Luna,” joked some guy.

“Alpha will be back at four for you Chasity!” Said a cheerleader.

“It’s almost noon. He should have just kept her home,” said another cheerleader, folding her arms and huffing, clearly boiling with jealousy.

Chasity was looking at me, mortified. I gave her an apologetic look. I looked at the teacher pointedly to see how he would handle it.

“Settle down, Class!” He said sternly. The stupid comments continued. “How did you oversleep so much, Chasity?” “What made you so tired?” “I can think of three reasons.” “SETTLE DOWN, CLASS!” I said in my Alpha voice, making the classroom shake.

There were a few squeals and then silence fell over the room. Chasity breathed a sigh of relief. I headed to the door. I heard the girls whispering again but it was not directed at Chasity anymore.

“God, he’s so hot!”

“Which one was that?”

“Alpha Alex, my husband.”

“That was so s*xy!”

“I know right!”

“He won’t need his Alpha voice to boss me around!”

I really did not miss high school though I had a much better and easier time than my little Chasity. I could not stop smiling to myself as I got to my car. There was a spring in my step. It was corny to say but best hug ever.

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