Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 18: Surprise

Third Person

Goldilocks was in the shower while her triplet alphas had a meeting. The topic of discussion was her of course

Felix, Alex and Calix were gathered around the kitchenette’s counter on high stools talking in hushed tones so Chasity would not overhear them.

“We never expected to get this far this quickly,” Calix said. “But my idea of taking her away from the site of her painful pack house memories worked like a charm!”

“Exactly so we can go ahead and ask her. She’s marked. She’s mated. She made her decision, ” Alex said, nodding.

“It’s a bit too soon. Too rushed,” said Felix, frowning.

Alex snorted and Calix snickered. “Says Mr Baby I f****g love you on the morning after we found out she was fated to us?” Asked Calix incredulously.

“Yeah you don’t have ground to stand on when it comes to rushing, Felix,” Alex agreed with Calix.

“So what?” Snarled Felix angrily. “She’s in a great mood now away from the pack house. What’s going to happen when we inevitably return to the pack house. What if she starts to regret everything?”

“She’s marked for life by all three of us,” insisted Alex.

“Being marked is not the same as happily every after,” said Felix. “She could still end up resenting us if we go about it wrong.”

“Don’t you wanna ask her?” Asked Calix, raising his eyebrows at his brother, Felix. “More than anything,” murmured Felix. “I just don’t want to blow it.”

“We‘re not gonna blow it, trust us,” Alex said reassuringly. He patted Felix on the shoulder. Calix nodded at Felix encouragingly.

“Come on, all for one and one for all!” Exclaimed Calix, putting his hand on the counter. Alex rolled his eyes. “We’re not the three musketeers, Calix,” mumbled Alex. “Nope, we’re the triplet alphas, but the phrase suits us,” Calix insisted.

Felix rolled his eyes but put his hand on top of Calix’s. Alex added his hand on top of the other two. They raised their hands in unison. Calix was gleeful.

“I almost died of corniness just now,” Alex grumbled. “The cringe transcended me to another reality.” muttered Felix. “You guys are gloomy, that’s why I’m the favourite!” Calix said, smirking. “You‘re Mommy‘s favourite, not Chasity’s,” sneered Felix, his eyes darkening. “Ohhh, someone thinks he’s Chasity’s favourite,” chuckled Calix. Alex grinned.

Felix actually blushed. “Because I am, you two wouldn’t get our bond. It’s too deep and complicated for either of you. I drive her crazy and I’m the first name out of her mouth when she needs something.”

“That doesn’t make you the favourite,” Alex said. “And you’re both being so childish Enough talk of favourites. You’re not eleven, you’re twenty-one, get it together.”

And with that admonishment from the eldest, the triplets quieted down.

Chasity’s POV

I was relieved to shower alone actually. The triplets could make even a five-minute shower an overwhelming and exhausting experience after which I had no energy to go anywhere or do anything. I decided what to wear without their input. They had recently taken to squabbling over what I should wear on mornings.

At least one of them was always a bit peeved if they pick didn’t get chosen. Having three mates was intense but they were so adorable. I put on a baby blue puff sleeved mini dress in a shimmery chiffon material. I put on clear heels with clear straps. I hoped I could walk in these. I had no idea what we were doing or where we were going.

My wolf reminded me it did not matter if the heels were comfortable or not. I had three mates. Someone would carry me if need be. I grinned at the thought.

“Baby?” Came a voice from the other side of the bedroom door.

“Ready, Felix,” I said, opening the door to reveal the middle triplet with a huge grin on his face. He looked so handsome in a baby blue shirt that matched his gorgeous eyes perfectly and slack soft black pants. Alex and Calix were wearing the same thing.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

The triplets glanced at each other. “Pack a nightgown and a change of clothes for tomorrow and any toiletries you might need,” instructed Alex

Oh. It was a trip within a trip. Alex helped me pack a duffle bag quickly. The triplets each had a backpack already. Felix held my duffle bag leading me to the car they had rented to drive around the island.

“I’m so excited,” I told him. He pressed his lips against mine eagerly without warning leaving me breathless. His fingers traced his mark on my neck and made me shiver.

“You’re happy?” He asked.

I knew he meant to ask if I were happy about the mark, about being marked by them, belonging to them permanently now.

I bit my lip. It was easier to block out painful memories while I was away from the pack house. “I would like it to work,” was all I could say.

Felix’s face fell a little. He sort of winced. My wolf whimpered.

“I just..I’m trying really hard…….” I did not know what to say. I was afraid to get too comfortable with them. I was so scared of being hurt by them now. It was easier to withstand their cruelty when I had been convinced that I hated them. I could not bear any cruelty from them now that I knew I was in love with them.

“Don’t give up on me, ok?” I asked Felix, my eyes wide, looking up at him. He seemed surprised. “I would never… don’t give up on us, any of us,” Felix added. Felix tossed my duffel bag in the trunk next to their backpacks. He sat in the driver’s seat,waiting on his brothers.

I was not sure what they were doing. I sat in the passenger’s seat, nervously twiddling my thumbs, sneaking glances at Felix who was now deep in thought. Why couldn’t have just said “Yes I’m happy” and left it at that.

My wolf was nagging at me incessantly. I could not take her complaining anymore and I genuinely hated hurting Felix even though he had had no problem hurting me in the past. I sighed deeply. He looked over at me. I climbed into his lap, straddling him where he sat in the driver’s seat. He smirked, raising his eyebrows in surprise. He broke into a wide grin.

I grabbed his face and pulled him to me eagerly. He matched my enthusiasm, launching himself at me, kissing me forcefully, nipping at my lips and making me gasp and moan. We explored each other’s mouths with our tongues. Felix was rocking me back and forth on his lap, making me wet. The huge bulge

in his pants nudged at my core. My short baby blue dress got hiked up. Felix latched onto my neck, found his mark and bit it, making me moan. He sucked on the area. Without warning, Felix reached under my dress and felt my damp underwear. I heard him unzipping his p*nts.

The sound made me shiver in anticipation. He freed his large member, thick and long with pre-cum dripping from the tip already. He moved my underwear to the side and penetrated me, filling me, stretching me. I groaned loudly and Felix grunted.

“Baby,” was all he could say his voice husky and his eyes dark as he thrust upwards into me. My p***y gripped around him. He stroked my walls wrapping me up tightly in his arms, cradling me to him, burying his nose and face in my hair. He began to thrust widely, making my p***y clench around him and weep as he filled it again and again.

I could not hold back my moans and cries. His hands found my throat, clasping it. He was always so rough and I relished it. He held me by my throat squeezing slightly as he quickened his thrusting, making me whimper.

He pounded me relentlessly until I was a shaking mess. My org*sm ripped through me making me cry out and groan but Felix did not let up. He kept f***g me as I rode out my org*sm intensifying it. I was almost limp when he finally came and splattered my insides with his load. He kissed my forehead. I was not sure when I fell asleep or when Alex and Calix joined us but when I awoke it was sunset and we were boarding a gorgeous yacht.

“She’s awake,” murmured Calix, lifting me up, from where I had been sleeping in the backseat my head cradled in Alex’s lap as he stroked my hair. I was momentarily confused. The middle alpha had tired me out. I looked at the beautiful pleasure ship, a glistening white yacht on the sparkling and shimmering sea. The sun was dipping below the horizon making the water shine like that. Calix carried me up to the boat. He showed me the emblem on her side since boats were called she apparently.

“We had her name changed! See!” Calix said excitedly.

Trubbed my eyes, blinking in the evening sun. I was still a bit groggy. I peered at the word. I gasped. The yacht was named Chasity!

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