Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 19: All Aboard

The yacht was named Chasity! I giggled and Calix k!ssed me sweetly. He took me to the bedroom we would stay in on board. It was gorgeous decorated in rich warm browns and sparkling whites and creams with accents of gold. The colour scheme gave the room a homey feel to it despite the luxurious decor. There was a small bar right there in the bedroom.

Calix tossed his backpack off to the side of the bed and continued carrying me around like I was a princess. He showed me the master bathroom with its huge tub and shower, the indoor pool, the hot tub, the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the theatre and the library. There were other bedrooms and bathrooms but we did not tour all of those.

“Get all dressed up for dinner ok, Goddess,” said Calix, k!ssing my forehead.

I showered and put on the only gown I had brought with me. It was shimmery white gown with a high slit and a fitted bejewelled bodice. I left my curls down as usual and did my makeup carefully with winged eyeliner and a n*de rose coloured lipstick. I put on heels. I was strangely nervous for some reason.

My pulse was racing and I kept fidgeting even though it was a pretty comfortable dress. I met the triplets out on the deck. There were fairy lights twinkling everywhere

and a table set for four with a violin quartet nearby p laying music. The moon was overhead with her stars. They all shone on the calm sea. The triplets all looked so dashingly handsome in their suits.

They grinned when they saw me but they seemed nervous too. I went up to them and stood on tip-toe to k!ss each of them. Felix’s k!ss was surprisingly sweet and tender. Calix shocked me by k!ssing me so passionately and leaving me breathless. Alex k!ss was long and l!ngering. I felt giddy afterwards. They led me over to my chair and they all took their seats. The meal was being cooked by the head chef of a five Michelin star restaurant.

The food really was spectacular but I could hardly eat any of it. I kept waiting for something to happen. I realised my anxiety could be me picking up on my mates’ feelings. Maybe they were anxious about something.

“Chasity,” said Alex suddenly, looking at me, his baby blue eyes wide and sparkling in the moonlight. He took a deep breath. Felix was fidgeting a lot on Alex’s left and Calix was tapping his foot on Alex’s right. I had never seen the cool as cucumber triplets look so nervous, almost fearful. I waited with bated breath for whatever this big announcement was.

“Chasity,” Alex said again, glancing in turn at each brother, “We love you.” “Deeply!” Added Felix. I grinned. “Yes, deeply,” said Alex.

“Wholeheartedly,” specified Calix. Even though the triplets were identical, the youngest alpha’s expressions always made him seem to have a softer and sweeter face whereas Alex’s looks took on a classic edge and Felix made the same features look rugged.

Chasity admired them quietly

“And we want to spend the rest of our lives with you,” continued Alex His eyes were glistening

“We don’t ever wanna be apart,” Felix said, his voice husky

“We’ve always dreamed of finding our mate and we were thrilled when we found out it was you,” said Calix sweetly.

“We know that we hurt you in the past,” admitted Alex in a solemn tone. “But we‘ve grown up We have nothing but love for you and we want to show you that, forever.”

“Will you stay with us?” Felix asked softly “And make us the happiest triplets in the world?” Calix asked, I giggled

“By becoming our wife?” Alex said, brandishing a blue velvet box and opening it to reveal a three-stoned engagement ring.


Alex got up and came closer, getting down on one knee in from of me, holding up the rind, Felix and Calix also came to either side of the eldest alpha and got down on one knee. It was so cute! They looked adorable and really wide-eyed and a bit frightened. There was a tiny nasty part of me that saw this as the best opportunity thus far to crush them. To rip their hearts out and stamp on them. I buried that part of me. The truth was I wanted to be with them. I wanted to be happy. I deserved it.

On closer inspection of the ring, all three stones were identical, fitting. They were princess-cut light blue diamonds and the band was white gold. I held out my hand waiting for Alex to put on the ring. There was a long silence before I realised I had not said yes yet and the triplets were exchanging worried glances from down on their knees.

I sniffled. “Yes,” I managed to say. The triplets broke out into huge smiles. Alex slid the ring on me. It sparkled looking so iridescent in the moonlight. The triplets scooped me up into a group bear hug. I giggled.

Before I knew it, I was back in our new bedroom. My head lay in Calix’s lap with my l!ps pressed against his. He was bending over me as I looked up at him making it an upside-down k!ss. His l!ps were so soft, full and warm and his taste and scent drove me wild. I felt Alex slide my und*erwear off and part my legs. I gasped against Calix’s mouth when I felt Alex’s tongue l!ck me, parting my folds. Every broad l!ck of my v*lva parted my folds and made me squ*eal. Calix had

slipped his tongue into my mouth, exploring me gently. My wolf whimpered wondering where Felix was. I broke apart from Calix and looked around. Alex was s*cking my vu*lva now.

I shivered. Felix came into the room holding more champagne. I extended my hand to him and he k!ssed my palm. He tried to hand me the bottle of champagne but I refused that, pulling him to me. He laughed at my enthusiasm.

Over the next few moments, all of our clothes came off. Before I knew it I was sitting in Calix’s lap, facing away from him, his hands reaching down and parting my th!ghs to explore my p***y.

Felix was latched onto one of my painfully er-ect n**s and Alex was su-cking the other. I tangled my hands in Felix’s and Alex’s hair as they swirled their tongues around my n***s and I turned my head so I could lock l!ps with Calix again, savouring the sweetness of his soft slow

k!sses I was soaked already Alex k!ssed his way down and so did Felix They were both between my thighs k!ssing my inner th!ghs. Calix was still fondling my folds. The triplets made me open my legs wider giving them all better access to me

Felix k!ssed my core, finding my cl!t and su-cking it. I sighed happily, Alex inserted a finger into me pumping it in and out gently. I whimpered a little.

He added a second finger and then a third Meanwhile, Calix caressed my inner th!ghs with his rough palms keeping me spread-eagled

I shut my eyes tightly lost in all the sensations, listening to the sound of my own ragged breathing and that of the triplets. The triplets lifted me easily and I was placed to straddle Alex who was lying down. Calix was still behind me and Felix stood over us. Alex’s huge c**k was at attention.

I lowered myself onto it until it was completely buried in me. I mo-aned at the intense intrusion. Alex sat up brushing his nose against mine and cupping my face with his hands.

Calix was gently prodding me behind with his long, thick member. I heard a squ!rting sound and felt something cold between my butt cheeks. Calix slid in slowly, inch by inch. I held my breath while he was penetrating me an*ally. I felt so full. I cried out as Calix readjusted himself. Alex moved a little and my p***y started to throb.

Felix grasped my chin making me look up at him. He was glorious, perfectly sculpted from head to toe. They all were. I took Felix in my mouth relishing the taste of his smooth hard thick C**k. He thrust gently in and out of my mouth as Alex and Calix started to move. I mo-aned against Felix’s C**k. He hissed at the vibration and threw his head back. I su-cked him harder liking his reactions. His breathing was coming faster.

“Mmm, Chasity, my Baby,” growled Felix his voice so deep and raspy.

Alex and Calix were moving rhythmically filling me and sliding out again and again. I felt my whole body tremble. I braced myself with one hand on Alex’s shoulder and the other hand

squeezing one of Felix’s bu-tt cheeks. Felix was close I could tell. I su-cked even harder trying to steady myself despite being pounded on both sides. My th!ghs were shaking.

Felix gro-aned and grunted, spurting into my mouth. I swallowed it all eagerly. Alex and Calix bounced me up and down faster and faster. Felix was watching them pounding me with lu-stful eyes.

He came over and cupped my face putting his forehead to mine as I reached my limit. I squealed. My p***y throbbed clenching Alex’s length. Alex grunted and released his seed into me just as Calix came filling my behind with his warm load. I sighed, c*m dripping out of my p***y and my behind.

I went limp in their arms. I felt someone putting me to lay down gently. Someone else was wiping me clean with a towel. Someone was holding me, cradling me to his chest and massaging circles on my back.

“Goodnight Mrs Thorn,” said one of the triplets. I smiled to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

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