Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 20: Chasity’s Choice


Chasity really did take an hour and forty-five minutes to get ready. Felix, Calix and I were sitting on the living room couch waiting for


“Hey boys!” Said a familiar voice.

Rhonda. Ugh.

“Hey,” we all said unenthusiastically.

“You missed me?” She asked.

“Like crazy,” lied Felix.

The sarcasm flew right over her head.

“I’m sorry things didn’t work out with Charity,” she said softly.


“Chasity!” Said Felix very slowly, enunciating the name carefully.

“Oops, sorry, Chasity!” She repeated.

She took off her coat revealing her club attire.

“You’re going clubbing?” I asked.

She was in a corset and booty shorts at five forty-five in the afternoon.

“No, of course not, silly-willy Alex,” said Rhonda.

Thad been meaning to tell her to call me Alpha but I remembered something else that was bothering me.

“What do you mean sorry things didn’t work out with Chasity?” I asked, repeating her words.

Rhonda sighed in mock sadness.

“Well, I know if it had worked out, your parents would have called me to plan a Luna ceremony by now to reintroduce her to the pack and they didn’t so I came to check that they hadn’t lost my number and your Mom said Chasity didn’t say yes to being your mates,” said Rhonda, pretending to sniffle.

“You three are so sweet! You deserve so much better than her!” Said Rhonda dramatically.

Felix sat up straight and growled, his wolf coming forwards.

“Easy, Felix,”I warned putting an arm out in front of him.

Rhonda did not seem the least bit afraid.

“My grumpy boy,” she cooed. “Rhonda, Chasity didn’t say yes to us but she didn’t say no either. She gave us a maybe. She’s getting ready for our date tonight,” said Calix.

Rhonda went from fake sad to authentically enraged.

“You’re letting her give you three a maybel You’re the Triplet Alphas! What is there to think about? You’d think she’d be grateful,” retorted Rhonda.

Felix’s eyes were black, I kept a firm grip on him. Luckily, Chasity had great timing. “I’m ready,” she said, walking towards us.

She looked radiant in a simple short light pink dress with her stockings and boots on underneath. It was really cold out even for a werewolf. She put her blue chat on.

“We should get you s baby pink coat and some other colours,” I suggested, getting up and pulling Felix with me,

Felix went to Chasity and pulled her flush against him k!ssing the top of her head. Calix and I did the same.

“Chasity, you know if you don’t want the triplets, there are many girls waiting to take them off your hands,” said Rhonda snidely, her voice dripping with envy.

“Like who? You?” Snapped Chasity.

Rhonda glared at Chasity.

“Come here, Baby, you’re not walking through that snow. It’s too deep for you,” purred Felix, lifting Chasity up, holding her bridal style.

I seized this opportunity to talk to Calix.

“Felix go on ahead with Chasity! Calix and I will catch up in a sec,” I said.

Felix did not need to be told twice. He hurried outside with Chasity, whispering in her ear as he carried her. I could hear her giggling fade as they got further away.

“Rhonda, can you give Calix and I a minute?” I asked politely.

“Anything for you Lexipoo,” said Rhonda.

What the f**k!

“I’m gonna miss you,” she cooed, pouting and still standing there.

“Go, please,” I said in my Alpha voice, compelling her to leave.

She stomped out indignantly.

“I have something really important to tell you,” I whispered to my youngest brother.

“It’s about Chasity,” I said, taking a deep breath.

“I’m listening,” said Calix, his face concerned.

“Dad told me something about Chasity’s Dad, Chase,” I confessed. “He…was our Mom’s younger stepbrother.”

Calix stared at me, his brow furrowed.

“So…that’s why he picked the pack house, hoping Mom would care for her step-niece?” Said Calix.

I nodded.

“But Mom treated her…not great,” mumbled Calix sadly. “This makes it so much worse,” whispered Calix, running his fingers through his hair nervously.

“So Chasity is our…step-cousin” Confirmed Calix.

“Yeah, she’s not a blood relative,” I assured him.

Calix gave a sigh of relief. “But…why? Why did Mom treat her own step-niece like that? Most people would consider that family though they’re only related by marriage,” Calix said, leaning back on the couch, massaging his t*mples.

“Mom hated her stepmother’s mate,” I said.

“Chasity’s Mom?” Asked Calix.

I nodded, “Yes, Dad told me Mom thought Chasity’s Mom, Chalice, was bad news. She thinks Chalice got Chase into drugs and gambling and that he was a nice boy before he met her.

Mom supposedly feels like Chalice took her little stepbrother away from her…and well, Chasity reminds mom of Chalice, adding fuel to the fire,” I explained sadly. “The woman who took her stepbrother away had a daughter who is taking her sons away.”

“Wow,” breathed Calix.

“That doesn’t make it right. That makes it worse,” mumbled Calix more to himself than to me.

I heard the click clack of heels as Rhonda came back to the living room. What the hell was she still doing here?

“You should probably go now, Rhonda,” I said gently, feeling guilty for using my Alpha voice on her mere moments ago.

“Ok, Lexipoo,” said Rhonda, making my blood crawl. “Don’t you wish you each had your own mate?” She asked, scrutinising our expressions.

I wished we each had a restraining order against Rhonda.

“No, sharing is fine,” said Calix with a smile.

“Isn’t that so…kinky?” Whispered Rhonda.

I’d bet she’d love to hear about all the sordid details.

“Just how I like it,” said Calix with a wink.

Ew, Calix, don’t wink at the woman! She’s unhinged enough as it is. Don’t encourage her,

I chastised him.


The more alone time with Chasity the better. I had a lot more to make up for than my brothers did when it came to Chasity. I bundled her up in her coat and carried her to the car, setting her down on the backseat. I shut the door and put my arm around her.

“Cosy?” I enquired.

She nodded.

“You look absolutely gorgeous, Baby,” I purred in her ear. “You always do.”

“Thanks,” she said blushing.

She was twiddling her fingers in my lap while I had her tucked under my arm. I took her tiny hands in mine, comparing the size. I laughed. Her hands with her fingers spread out barely covered my palms when she placed them against mine. She felt my calluses,

“How’d you get these?” She asked curiously.

“Just Alpha training. Lifting tires. Pulling trucks by holding ropes tied to them. Lifting weights. Collecting the maple syrup from our maple tree forest. Any labour really will make your hands rough over time,” I said as I played with her small soft smooth hands.

“But I work hard. The house is huge. I clean it by myself and you guys eat a lot so there’s a lot to cook,” she mumbled. “Well, I used to do those things.”

“I’m sorry about th at Baby. I’m so so sorry,” I murmured, inhaling the scent of her curls.

I k!ssed her forehead.

“But it’s not the same kind of work,” I pointed out.

Chasity was staring at me.

“Do you really think…” began Chasity before she lost her nerve and broke eye contact.

“Please, tell me Baby,” I whispered.

She bit her l!p. “Do you really think I look…nice?” She asked shyly.

“I didn’t say nice, you little minx. I said gorgeous and you know it,” I growled playfully, brushing my nose against hers as I grasped her by the waist and tickled her sides.

She squealed and unsuccessfully tried to extricate herself from me. She stopped trying, sighing, slumping back into my arms, tired.

“I’m never letting you go,” I hissed in her ear.

“Who says I’m trying to leave?” She whispered back.

“I wanna k!ss you, Baby,” I breathed against her l!ps.

She shook her head a tiny bit.

“When?” I asked, pleading with her with my eyes.

“Soon,” she said vaguely.

“Before or after Christmas?” I asked.

“Hmmm, before,” she said slowly.

“In November or December?” I added.

“Felix!” She exclaimed indignantly.

I looked at her pointedly.

“December,” she whispered.

I nuzzled her.

“It’s gonna be a Merry Christmas indeed,” I joked.

“There’s three of you so I hope I don’t feel like a ho ho ho,” she chuckled.

“Not your best joke, Baby,” I said bluntly.

“Hey!” She whined, swatting my arm playfully.

She stiffened, realising she had hit me even though it was in jest. I raised my hand, intending to pinch her cheek. She recoiled as I reached for her, thinking I would h!t her. We had only fought once years ago as children. I would never hit my woman. I was not that kind of man.

“I won’t hurt you, Chasity,” I said soothingly.

She nodded slowly.

“I’m so sorry I put so much fear in you,” I said, feeling like crying.

I could not cry in front of Chasity. I held the tears back with everything I could muster and pulled her onto my lap. I settled for k!ssing every inch of skin on her face besides her l!ps. She m*aned softly. W*tness was pooling between her th!ghs. I reached down and began squeezing them.

I started massaging her inner th!ghs through the fabric of her stockings. She whimpered, leaning back into me. My hands roamed her body, squeezing her tender areas. She was shivering but it was warm back here.

“How am I gonna handle all of you?” She whispered more to herself than to me.

“You were meant for us. We were meant for you,” I assured her.

“There’s three of you though. Three mouths, Six hands, thirty fingers,” she said.

“Ninety-six teeth,”I added, baring my canines.

She shrieked, pretending to try to run from me but I tightened my arms around her.

“Are we done doing math?” I asked.

She smiled.

“Do you have a boyfriend at school I should know about? One you had to break up with when the mate-bond came into effect?”|


“No,” she mumbled.

“Oh, come on,” I said. “The guys must be crazy for you.” I had seen a lot of eyes on her at our Alpha ceremony.

“No way!” She chuckled, blushing.

“This’ll be my first time at the movies not making out with the girl I’m seeing,” I grumbled.

Chasity winced at the thought of her mate k!ssing other girls before her.

“Baby, Baby, shh, I’m sorry,” I whispered. “Those didn’t mean anything.”

She sighed and buried her face in my neck, cuddling up with me. Those two chuckleheads showed up.

“Felix it’s your turn to drive,” pointed out Alex.

“Is it?” I asked, feigning confusion.

Chasity giggled at my expression and I tickled her.

“Why are you so damn cute?” I snarled playfully, k!ssing her cheek over and over again.

She wiggled away with Calix’s help.

“This isn’t over, Chasity Thorn!” I warned her, laughing, as I got into the driver’s seat.

She blushed. Thorn was our last name not hers, not yet anyway. She was Chasity Thorn as far as I was concerned so she might as well get used to it.

Alex was in the passenger seat. Calix had Chasity on his lap in the backseat. I could hear the soft smacking sound of him planting k!sses all over Chasity’s face and neck. She let out a little m*an and I got instantly hard. I looked at Alex who was also fidgeting uncomfortably in his seat. Chasity gasped and then whimpered in response to something Calix did. I gripped the steering wheel harder.

“Baby Boy Calix, it sounds like it’s getting pretty grown-up back there,” I said, glancing in the rearview mirror.

His gloves were off and Chasity’s stockings had been pulled down to her knees. He was caressing the bare skin of her inner th!ghs just under her skirt, trailing his fingers back and forth, stopping just short of her p***y each time. I knew moisture was pooling in her underw#ar. I could smell it.

We neared the centre of town where the movie theatre was. Chasity hastily adjusted her stockings, blushing furiously. She scooted away from a smirking Calix who took his time putting on his gloves. We all got out of the car and Chasity shyly walked several feet away from us to my chagrin.

“What do you want to see?” Asked Alex as we reached the ticket booth. “How about Lone Alpha? It’s a romance in a western setting.”

Chasity frowned.

“A She-wolf’s Choice made Mom cry! She recommended it!” Added Calix

Chasity grimaced. Calix pinched her cheek. He tried to grab her because she was standing defiantly far away from us to be a little tease but he missed. She was rather fast. I should start teaching her how to fight. She would be good at dodging attacks. I caught her by the fuzzy hood of her coat.

“Hey!” She protested, giggling.

I pulled her back to us so that she was in a circle with Alex in front of her and Calix and I flanking her. She wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist from behind. He grinned in surprise.

“Aww, have you decided my gorgeous little Luna?” He whispered in her ear.

“Curse of the Thistle-witch!” She exclaimed.

Yuck. That was one of those horrors where the possessed person kept vomiting all over the place.

“Baby,” I said disapprovingly.

Little nutso.

“If you watch a horror and then sleep in my room tonight like the timetable says, you’ll be extra frightened of the eyes in my art pieces,” I warned her, trying to frighten her into picking something else.

“How about The Fluffiest Pixie?” I suggested. “It’s an animated comedy where a pixie has that skin problem where you grow hair all over.”

“No, that sounds like it has no plot,” complained Chasity.

“And the Thistle-witch movie has a plot? It’s just scary music, black and green vomit and an ex0rcism at the end,” I said.

“What movie is too scary for you, Luna,” said Alex, Chasity’s father apparently.

Chasity looked offended.

“I saw the Fluffiest Pixie already with Mom,” revealed Calix. “It was shitty.”

We ended up watching that witchy vomit movie which was not the r*mantic ambience I wanted. Christmas could not come fast enough. I was gonna hang mistletoe all over the damn place.

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