Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 22: Chasity and the Triplets Sitting in a Tree K-!-S-S-!-N-G


Thad lost my temper back there in the kitchen when I had flipped the table but thankfully Chasity had not seen that. She had been too busy trudging through the deep, crunchy snow. I marched outside after her and grabbed her swinging her over my shoulder.

I stomped up the stairs.

I took Chasity to my room and locked the door before I tossed her onto my bed. We were gonna talk about her crazy insistence that she continue her maid work. That work had been wrong to ask of her in the first place and everyone knew it.

“I hate you!” She yelled at me, catching me off guard.

Many different responses to that flitted through my mind but there was one thing I wanted to make clear to her.

“I love you,” I said softly, looking into her eyes, making sure she knew I was telling her the truth.

She stared at me, her eyes wide with shock. I had said it once before but I was pretty sure she had not fully believed it back then. She got up and walked towards me, seemingly close to tears. I pulled her flush against me, wrapping my arms around her tightly, squeezing her a little. She sighed contentedly into my shoulder.

“You don’t owe us anything,” I murmured in her ear. “Not money, and not even love,” I added.

She was crying openly now but she seemed to relax in my arms. There was so much I wanted to say. I was disgusted with my parents.

They should have been the ones teaching my brothers and me right from wrong and making Chasity work off her parents’ debts at that age was very, very wrong.

“You should have never been made to work for us. Who asks a little girl to work off her parents debts? It never made any sense. It was wrong. And I’m ashamed of it. I’m struggling, Chasity. I’ve always thought of my parents as good people but they wronged you. That’s not the kind of Alpha and Luna l want us to be. I hope you’ll stay, Baby. I need you. The pack needs you,” I said, not able to hold back the tears any longer.

A few tears slipped down my cheeks and onto Chasity’s shoulder. She looked up at me, shocked that I was so emotional. For one fleeting horrific moment, I thought she might reject me once and for all, letting me know there wasn’t a chance in hell that I would get to be with her but she didn’t do that. She cupped my face gently bringing my head down to her while she stood on tiptoe. My heart sped up.

She pressed her l!ps to each of my cheeks, k!ssing the path my tears had taken. Then, she k!ssed me. She k!ssed me. She grabbed my face and pressed her l!ps against mine hungrily. I didn’t know who was more shocked and more ecstatic, me or my wolf. It took me a split-second to react. I pulled her against me and lifted her up easily, returning her k!ss just as ravenously.

She wrapped her legs around her arms tightened around my neck while my hands squeezed the backs of her thighs as I held her up. We were both still crying. I could taste her sweet skin and her salty tears. I could feel that she wanted to forgive, she wanted to forget, she wanted to be with me.

I just knew it. I k!ssed her with the same ferocity that I loved her with. I k!ssed her until she was breathless. She pulled away, panting. I pressed my forehead to hers, brushing my nose against hers. I was panting too.

“Stay” I whispered.

She just had to stay. She did not say anything but she tightened her arms around me. I walked over to my bed and flopped down on it, landing so that Chasity was on top of me, still clinging to me as desperately as I held onto her. I did not know how long we stayed like that, I massaged her back and stroked her hair while she lay on top of me, her face nuzzled into my neck.

“You have to stay, ok,” I told her.

It was not a request, it was an inevitability. She belonged with me, with us. We would have no other. She remained silent but she k!ssed the place where my neck met my shoulder, where her mark would be, making me shiver with delight.

We must have falten asleep like that. I woke up with her still draped over me. This was the only way I wanted to wake up for the rest of my life. I would remove one thing though, all of our clothes. This would be better sans our clothes.

“What are you smirking about?” She asked curiously.

“Just thinking about how crazy in love you are with me,” I said, teasing her.

She rolled her eyes and sat up slowly. She was still straddling me. I knew she didn’t want to go anywhere.

“Don’t pretend like you want to leave,” I said, pressing the huge bulge in my pants against her flower.

A little breathy m0an escaped her. She bit her l!p.

“I have to go get ready for the party,” she mumbled sheepishly.

“Alikely story,” I said.

“You have to get ready for the party too!” She pointed out.

“Baby, I got your party for you right here. It’s a private party, I’m the host and you’re the guest of honour. I have to cater to your every

whim and need,” I purred in her ear, rolling us over so that I pinned her under me.

She squeaked at the sudden change in position. I could smell her arousal and it was driving me and my wolf crazy. Technically, my wolf was already crazy but her smelling so delicious and ready for me made it worse.

“Felix,” she whimpered, pouting.

“What, Baby?” I cooed, immediately wanting to fix whatever was troubling her.

“I need to go get ready!” She said trying to tickle my sides.

I jumped up and hugged myself to protect my sides. I was actually really ticklish. It was kind of a secret. Very few people tried to tickle the most vicious Alpha in the north. Chasity gave me an evil look as she realised this.

“Stay away,” I warned her.

She lunged at me, trying to tickle my armpits. I ripped open the door and ran for it, bumping right into Mom on the stairs’ landing.

“Sorry, Mom,” I said, still laughing.

“Go get ready! I want to see my Alpha sons all looking sharp tonight,” said Mom with a grin as she pinched my cheek.

Mom spotted Chasity behind me and gave her a curt nod as they passed by each other on the stairs. Chasity sighed. I blocked her


“Baby, ‘parting is such sweet sorrow,” I quoted.

Chasity laughed. “I’m going downstairs to take a bath. You’ll see me in an hour,” she said with with a dismissive wave of her


“I’ll be sorrowful for an hour though,” I whined.

She k!ssed the tip of my nose.

“Juliet k!ssed Romeo on the mouth at this part of the story,” I said, referencing my quote, not even sure if that was how the play went.

“They were parting for longer than an hour,” retorted Chasity with a sly smile as she headed downstairs, hoarding the rest of my k!sses for the time being.


I was so excited to get down to the Christmas party. I practically flew down the stairs when I was ready with my hair still slightly damp.

“Calix, Honey!” Chastised Mom, ruffling my hair, trying to fix it.

“No, Mom!” I hissed, making sure no one saw. “I’m an Alpha now” I reminded her. “Don’t fuss over me in front of the pack,” | mumbled.

“I’m sorry, Honey!” Said Mom, “Of course you are My favourite Alpha” she said.

Dad frowned, I spotted Alex heading towards Chasity’s room and I followed him.

“Oh, hey!” He said.

“What are you doing?” I asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

Was he trying to sneak away with Chasity like Felix had done the other day. The main reason I was excited for the Christmas Party was to dance with Chasity. She wasn’t going anywhere except the dance floor.

“I wanna take pictures of Chasity in the dress I got her,” he murmured, looking through his camera feed.

He had a professional camera. I glanced at the images, recognising some of the pictures from our birthday party of us cutting the

cake with Chasity. She looked totally shell-shocked in all of these. I snickered.

“What?” Said Alex.

“Poor Chasity. She was beyond shocked we were her mates,” I chuckled.

“Yeah,” said Alex, looking at me thoughtfully. “Don’t you think…it was kind of obvious though?” He asked.

I thought about it. I had defiantly had a crush on Chasity growing up. I remembered trying and failing to impress her when we were both children.

“Maybe,” I said.

“Looking back, I can’t believe I never seriously suspected that sooner. I mean, we were all a little overly concerned with her whereabouts and activities even though she hated us,” he said, flipping through the pictures.

“I don’t think she hated us,” I said as we reached her door.

“She hated me and Felix,” he corrected himself,

I snorted with laughter and shoved him playfully.

“She didn’t, trust me. She wishes we had been friends growing up,” I said.

“You think so?” Asked Alex, perking up. “I know so,” I said confidently.

Alex stroked his chin, thinking about it. I sighed dramatically.

“What would you do without your little bro to advise you on matters of the heart?” I said, placing my palm to my chest.

Alex rolled his eyes and knocked on Chasity’s door. He was always hesitant to interact with her though he spent every waking moment thinking about her and maybe pack laws and some math but mostly Chasity. He also liked cufflinks.

He was wearing fancy ones right now with his shirt and blazer. Chasity did not answer right away. We knocked again. I sighed and began drumming a rhythm on her door and dancing to it until she opened it. She caught me dancing and drumming and raised her eyebrows at me.

I was too busy staring at her though to feel embarrassed. She looked radiant. She was wearing a red velvet dress. Felix appeared out of nowhere. Sometimes I swore he had her tagged with a tracer or something.

“It’s a good thing you’re the Luna because you are the prettiest girl in the pack by far,” I said in earnest.

She blushed.

“Thanks, Calix,” she said sweetly.

“You’re wearing the dress I got you,” said Alex, grinning.

“Yes, I am. Thanks again, Alex” said Chasity, tiptoeing to k!ss Alex’s cheek.

Alex was grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“You look radiant, Chasity. I just wanna take some shots,” he said, holding up the camera.

Chasity instantly adopted her deer in the headlights expression at the sight of the camera.

“How about some candid shots?” I suggested, hoping she would look more relaxed in those, if she were less aware of the


“Alex bought you a red velvet dress?” Asked Felix incredulously, taking Chasity’s hand and twirling her around.

She giggled.

“Yeah, why’s that surprising?” Asked Alex, annoyed.

“I would think you would buy her…a pencil skirt, crisp white shirt and white socks,” said Felix, shrugging. “You know, a s^xy librarian


Alex rolled his eyes.

“Red velvet is more…me,” said Felix, grinning. “Anyway I’m glad you’re dressed like the dessert you are, Chasity,” he purred.

Chasity giggled. Felix pointed to his cheek and she stood on tiptoe to k!ss it.

“Aren’t you gonna complain about not getting a k!ss on the cheek?” Asked Felix.

l ignored him. Music was filtering in from the huge living room where the party was starting.

“Chasity, may I have this dance?” I asked, extending my hand to her.

She placed her hand in my palm.

“You have to lead ok? I’m not so good,” she said apologetically.

“Don’t worry about anything, Chasity?” I whispered, taking her in my arms as we reached the centre of the room with Christmas

lights twinkling all around us.

“Just dance with me,” I said, holding her close and brushing my nose against hers.

All the pack members were looking on but Chasity’s nervousness seemed to dissipate as we locked eyes. She followed my lead easily

as I twirled her and dipped her. She was actually enjoying herself.

“I love this time of year,” she whispered to me when I pulled her close again.

“Yeah?” I said, a little surprised.

She had never seemed particularly thrilled at any of our past Christmases. I knew she liked the lights though. Her face always lit up

when she beheld them.

“I used to love it, you know, back home,” she said softly.

I knew home meant her life before she came to pack house, her early childhood with her parents. My goal was to get Chasity to say’

home’ and mean her life with me and my brothers.

“You ok, Chasity?” I whispered.

She had fallen silent quickly. I knew talking about her parents was always difficult for her.

“I’m more than ok, actually,” she murmured into my shoulder.

“Good,” I said, k!ssing her neck gently as we swayed on the spot to a slow song.

Many other couples had joined us on the dance floor.

“You’re the first boy to ask me to dance,” she revealed.

“Yeah?” I said, grinning.

“Yep,” she confirmed.

I could not help the huge smile plastered on my face. I wanted to be all of her firsts but I knew I had to share some with my brothers.

“Do you remember New Year’s Eve?” I breathed in her ear.

“When you k!ssed me?” She said. “Yeah. We were out on the porch and you pecked me at midnight so quickly, I barely registered what had happened,” she chuckled.

I would fix that,

“Come with me,” I said, laughing, leading her away from the pack members.

I walked her out to the porch, I leant against the railing. She cuddled up next to me. The night’s sky was filled with stars and the moon was big and bright. The moonlight and the glow of the Christmas lights made the snow glisten. Snow was falling slowly.

“Look up.” I told her, nudying her gently,

“At the stars?” She asked.

I laughed, “A bit doser,” I said,

She looked at the strings of twinkline lights above and then realised what I was pointing at. Mistletoe. She smirked at me. I waggled my eyebrows at her. She giggled, nodding. This would not be a peck.

I brushed my nose against Chasity’s softly as I leant it. Her eyes were closed. I took a moment to look at her, amidst the silver stars, the crisp white snow and the vibrant decorations, she held my attention effortlessly. I pressed my l!ps to hers.

This k!ss was slow and gentle.

I caressed her cheeks and her hair as our l!ps moved together. Chasity placed her hands on my shoulders, pulling me closer. Tingles spread through me. My whole body felt warm and satisfied even as the snow fell around us. We parted. I was grinning so widely my cheeks were starting to hurt. Chasity giggled at my enthusiasm.

“Did you register that one?” I asked cheekily.


“Yes, that was most definitely a k!ss worthy of registering,” said Chasity in an official manner.

I pulled her into my arms, hugging her from behind to keep her warm, as we leant over the railing to watch the falling snow.


Thad gotten some great shots of Chasity while she had been dancing with Calix. She actually looked relaxed and happy in all the pictures tonight.

I wanted her to feel at home here. I wanted her to be comfortable, to feel safe, loved, cherished. I found myself heading up the stairs to her tiny makeshift room. I went in and sat on her cot. I sighed. Ever since Chasity moved to her downstairs bedroom, I would sometimes go to her old room to think.

I wanted to go back to the past so badly and right so many wrongs. The guilt got to me at times. I was the eldest. If Chasity did not become our Luna, I would consider that a failure on my part. She had every right to hate me for the way I had treated her. Every good thing I had done for her had been in secret and every mean-spirited thing had been plain as day.

I sighed, shutting my eyes tightly, leaning against the wall. This room still smelled like her. Her scent was shockingly potent still.

I sat up, opening my eyes. Chasity was peeking in at me. Oh. No wonder her scent had been so strong. I looked at her, unable to hide the sadness in my eyes. I knew she was probably wondering what the hell I was doing in here.

“You don’t know how sorrylam,” I said softly.

She looked so beautiful in that red velvet dress I had gotten her. She came inside, shutting the door behind her. She approached me hesitantly. She seemed to be lost in her own thoughts as she climbed into the cot with me. I pulled her flush against me, draping her over me. I was way too tall for this cot. My legs were dangling from the edge. I snorted with laughter at our awkward position. Chasity laughed too. She had the most beautiful laugh in the world.

“I love hearing you laugh,”I told her.

She did not say anything in response. Her head was resting on my chest. I stroked her curls absentmindedly. Chasity was fingers were

gently tracing patterns on my chest through the fabric of my shirt. I tightened my arms around her and she snuggled in closer. I

wondered if she had come looking for me on purpose. My wolf told me that she had. That was a first. Chasity coming to me.

“Look at me,” I said softly.

She did just that, turning her beautiful face towards me. I crashed my l!ps against hers with an urgency that shocked even me. For one brief moment, I had a fleeting panicked thought: What if my Chasity squeaked in surprise and promptly extricated herself from my embrace? However, she did no such thing.

She responded to my urgency with eagerness, moving her l!ps against mine. My hands roamed her body, squeezing her most tender areas. She m0aned into my mouth allowing my tongue to invade her mouth. I stroked Chasity’s tongue with my own, deepening our k!ss. I could feel her shiver with delight in my arms.

I tilted her head back to allow myself better access to her mouth. I sat up, without breaking the k!ss, allowing Chasity to straddle me. I rocked her back and forth on my lap. I knew she could feel how hard she made me. My large erection was pressing against her core. I smelled her arousal as her flower lubricated itself in preparation for me.

Of course we would not be going quite that far tonight but my wolf purred at what a good little Luna she was, readying herself for us like that. Her scent and her taste were driving me wild. Chasity’s fingers were tangled in my hair as she lost herself in the k!ss.

When she finally broke apart from me, she was breathless. I was amazed that she had let me k!ss her like that. I frowned, a bit worried she might regret it but she quickly gave me a little peck on the l!ps. She flashed me a smile. I beamed at her.

“Stay smiling like that.” She told me. “That’s an order!” She said, laughing and waggling her finger at me.

“It’s a little cramped here, Luna,” I said softly.

“Yeah,” she giggled.

gestured to the door, meaning we should go to my room. I got up and she followed me. I shut the door, making sure it was locked. My room was dark and cold which was how I liked it to be honest. I kicked my shoes off and crawled under the covers of my bed.

Chasity was sitting on the edge of the bed, fumbling with the straps of her heels. I crept up behind her and reached down to help her unbuckle them. I snatched her under the covers with me. She squealed in surprise and then giggled. We were facing each other, our noses close together, our heads on the same pillow with the covers over us.

“I feel like I’m at a sleepover,” whispered Chasity.

Sleep was the last thing on my mind. Chasity made every nerve ending in my body fire. I pressed my l!ps to hers, k!ssing her slowly this time. We wrapped our arms around each other as we deepened the k!ss, our breath intermingling. I pinned her under me and she instinctively wrapped her legs around my torso while her arms went around my neck. I lost myself in the k!ss. I was rock-hard. Chasity was w^et with excitement and the aroma was making me melt for her.

I pressed her into the bed, rubbing the huge bulge in my pants against her core through the fabric of her underwear. Her dress had gotten hiked up. I couldn’t resist k!ssing my way downwards from her throat down her exposed torso as I pushed the hem of her dress up farther. She squeaked in surprise as I planted k!sses all over her midriff. I reached her legs, peppering her inner thighs with k!sses, my mouth getting dangerously close to her w^et core. Her smell was overwhelming me. I heard my Alpha wolf roar in my head. I sat up suddenly.

“Let’s go back to the party,” I said suddenly, feeling like a moron. “Did I do something wrong?” Asked Chasity, fixing her dress and looking up at we with her wide doe eyes.

“No, my perfect little Luna,” I said, k!ssing her forehead, her cheeks and her l!ps softly. “I don’t want to rush you.”

And my control was wearing thin which was unheard of for me but there was a first time for everything.

“Ok, 1 had fun,” she said softly.

I grinned slyly at her.

“There’s plenty more fun in your future, Luna, don’t you worry!”

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