Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 22: Freezing Flashback

l extricated myself from Calix‘s arms just as I realised we were still in a relatively deep area. I went under immediately but only for a split–second. Calix‘s strong arms grabbed me and pulled me back up and against his chest. He cradled me to his chest while I spluttered, coughing up water. I immediately began to wriggle in his arms, annoyed.

“Take me back to the pool‘s edge please now! I want to get out!“I squealed, feeling panicked.

Calix seemed dumbfounded. He hesitated.

“Take me back!” shrieked. “Calix!”

He held onto me tightly. “I just want to talk to you, ok. Let‘s talk about this!” “Let me go!!!” I screamed.

A memory flashed before me.

I was under the ice in freezing cold water. I opened my mouth to scream and just gulped down cold water that burned my throat. The water was so cold it burned! Everywhere burned! Like / was on fire!! remembered being so shocked that the cold could burn you.

I fought and struggled with all my might but I couldn‘t get out of the water. I couldn‘t push my way back out of the ice fishing hole for air because hands were holding me down in the water. I was terrified. Was this the last day of my life?

I let out a blood–curdling scream. Calix actually jumped away from me, startled. He had relinquished me finally but, of course, I fell under the water again. I had never really learnt to swim.

Firstly because I never got lessons and secondly because once I realised I needed them, I was a burden to a new family and terrified of drowning after my experience being held under the water by my bullies, the triplets.

I did not stay under for long this time either. Strong arms grasped me again. I looked up expecting to see Calix but Felix was holding me, pulling me from the water. He scooped me up, carrying me bridal style, immediately out of the pool. My eyes searched for Calix who was still in the middle of the pool, looking shocked and mortified.

“What the fk is wrong with you?” Bellowed Felix, glaring at Calix. “Didn‘t you see her struggling in the water? She was screaming almost a minute now.

I ran here as fast as I could. I thought she was alone in the pool or something. Now I see you‘re here! What the f**k happened?”

The below–deck indoor pool was on the opposite end of the large yacht from the covered on–deck bar and kitchen area.

I was panting, relieved to not be in the water anymore and too tired to protest being held anymore even though I wanted to be alone right now. My wolf was whimpering at how sad Calix looked as he trudged out of the pool.

“I was trying to grab her. She didn‘t want to be held by me,” said Calix softly, practically wincing at the thought. He rubbed the back of his neck. His dark wavy hair was drenched and sticking to his forehead. He looked really cute but I was so mad at him. Why did he not help me back out of the water as soon as I asked? He was holding me and keeping me in the water to talk. I was livid.

“Felix, put me down,” I said, close to tears.

They could hear it in my voice from the way they acted. Felix quickly but reluctantly placed me on my

feet. Alex came dashing in a second later.

“Chasity!!!” Alex said, rushing over to me. “Calix and Felix both mind–linked me! I didn‘t hear you.

honey! I was near the front of the ship where the wind is powerful. What happened?”

“It doesn‘t matter,” I said, sniffling. I held back my tears as best as I could but I was shaking. Alex reached for me to embrace me.

“No! Please! Don‘t!“I pleaded. I did not want to be touched right now.

“Alex, please, may I have a separate room from the three of you for the rest of the trip?”

“Baby,” said Felix softly, his voice sounding heartbroken. My wolf was upset. She wanted me to forget about the past and just be with the triplets. She couldn‘t stand the idea of sleeping separately from them.

Alex took a deep, slow breath. “Chasity,” he breathed, “you can have whatever you like, whatever, makes you feel comfortable, but please, I’m begging you, let‘s talk about this first!”

I got even more upset. A little anger intermingled with my sadness.

“You knew all along!” I said to Alex, my voice shaking. “You knew my father was your mother’s stepbrother! That means she probably even knows where my parents are!”

“Wait! What?!” Growled Felix, turning to Alex angrily.

“I shouldn‘t have kept that from you! I‘m sorry! I meant to tell you when the time was right! I‘ve only known since we became Alphas and realized you were our mate, Princess. I wanted you to enjoy life a little bit! Not worry for once! That‘s all!” Insisted Alex.

I was crying quietly now. Felix was moving towards me really slowly. He hesitantly drew me to him. My wolf purred at the warmth of his body. Calix came up behind me suddenly and hugged me tightly.

“I‘m so so so sorry! I shouldn‘t have kept that from you but I also shouldn‘t have blurted it out like

that! I love you, Chasity! Do you remember New Year‘s a few years ago when I kissed you. I‘d wanted to do that since I saw you on the doorstep of our house!” Murmured Calix.

Calix was hugging me from behind and I could feel so much of his skin against mine because we were

both in our bathing suits. Felix was in front of me holding me to him also. They sandwiched me between them, overwhelming me with their body heat Alex was actually crying really quietly.

He played with my damp curls and put his lips against my forehead breathing on my face. I was crying too. Alex licked my tears off of my cheeks, grooming me. I was so furious and upset with them but the skin to skin contact with my mates was making me wet between my legs.

I was shivering but certainly not from the cold. Not with all their body heat enveloping me. I knew if they tried to convince me to go back to the bedroom and talk I would end sleeping with all of them.

My body ached for that. I halfheartedly pushed at Felix‘s bare chest and he pushed back forcefully making me gasp. He moved my hands away and kissed me passionately, lifting me off my feet. My bare legs instinctively wrapped around his waist and he held me up with his hands under my thighs.

I returned the kiss until I came to my senses. I pushed gently against Felix‘s chest and broke the kiss. I extricated myself from the triplets and stood apart from them. I put my hands up, palms facing forwards. I sighed at their heartbroken expressions.

“I won‘t change rooms if we talk about this. And if you promise no more secrets?!” I said, looking each of them in the eyes.

Felix folded his arms, narrowing his eyes.

“I promise but I never kept any secrets to begin with!” He said, annoyed, glaring at his brothers and then turning back to me. “I don‘t want to be treated as if we‘re one person.

We‘re three individual people. And I didn‘t know about this! So why should I be punished by you too? Is that fair?”

He had a point. I felt a pang of guilt. He was right. They were different.

“When you were mad at Alex and I, you were nice to Calix still at Christmas! So why now that you‘re mad at Alex and Calix, you don‘t want me in your bed?” Continued Felix.

Ugh! He was right.

“Sorry, Felix,”I mumbled. “You didn‘t know either.”

I walked over and hugged him. He embraced me warmly and tried to pick me up again but I would not let him though I giggled this time and his eyes darkened.

“We‘re so sorry, Chasity!” Said Calix. “I promise! No more secrets!”

“I did what I thought was best!” Said Alex. “I‘m sorry too. No more secrets. I promise.”

gave Alex and Calix a kiss on the cheek each. “I didn‘t get a kiss on the cheek!” Complained Felix.

“You got a real kiss just a second ago!” Whined Calix.

Alex rolled his eyes at his younger brothers. He held out his hand to me. I took it.

“Pll tell you whatever you want to know, Chasity, my Luna,” Alex murmured in my ear, his lips brushing against my skin. “Let‘s talk!”

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