Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 23: Ferocious Felix

The triplets and I went back to our room. We all sat on the bed. Alex looked determined. Calix had puppy–dog eyes, Felix looked grumpy, clearly annoyed that he had been dragged into this.

“I‘m angry too, you know,” said Felix, to the room in general. He turned to his brothers, “Since when do we keep secrets from each other.”

Alex and Calix stared at him and then at each other. “I‘m sorry, Felix,” said Alex, in a diplomatic fashion, “Sorry, Felix,” mumbled Calix.

Felix was still seething.

“We thought you‘d blab to Chasity!” Calix said. “Yeah, except you blabbed to Chasity,” Alex said, “I deserve to know,” I said softly.

“Of course, you do,” Alex said just as softly. He pulled me onto his lap. I let him draw me to him this time. “I wasn‘t lying when I said I‘ve always thought you were beautiful, I wanted a chance with you.

I didn‘t want to complicate an already horrible situation. That was selfish of me and I‘m sorry, Felix, almost forgot I was keeping it from you and Chasity. I kinda pushed it aside. I just wanted to be happy.”

My wolf was completely satisfied with that apology, but she would be satisfied with any apology. She was team triplets all the way.

“It‘s ok, bro,” grumbled Felix. He smiled half–heartedly. “Chasity,” whispered Calix, pouting, with his big blue eyes on me, “do you hated me?”

“No! Calix, I love you. And I love Alex. And Felix didn‘t do anything this time but I love Felix. I love all of you,” I said, looking at each of their faces.

They all lit up.

“That‘s why it hurts so much,” I said, closing my eyes for a bit.

I could feel their smiles falter. I looked at them. “I want to know where my parents are,” I said resolutely. “I don‘t know,” said Alex, looking me straight in the eyes. I could tell he was being honest.

“We really don‘t,” added Calix. Felix shrugged.

“Do your parents know?” I asked. “They might,” Alex said. Calix nodded.

“So your Mom really cared about my Dad even thought he was just her stepbrother?” I asked, raising eyebrows incredulously.

“Yeah, she was devastated when he drove away and left you,” said Calix. “She had thought he was coming back into her life after being estranged because of her dislike for your Mom only for him to leave again, skip town and leave you behind on her porch.”

I winced. I sighed.

“Do you think your Mom hates me?” I asked. “She doesn’t,” said Calix. “She‘s afraid you‘ll hurt us.”

I wanted to roll my eyes. They had hurt me.

“She felt as though your Dad, her little stepbrother, was taken away from her and ruined by your Mom,” explained Alex, his tone gentle and apologetic. “She was upset when she realised we belonged to you like your Dad had belonged to your Mom. She felt she had let trouble in her house again.”

The Luna was not just a snob who was indifferent to her servant. She had cold calculated reasons behind her dislike of me. Reasons she had hid from me my entire life. That made her unforgivable in my eyes.

“What does the Luna think my father would think of how I was treated by her and you all growing up?

I asked.

They all squirmed guiltily, Felix included this time. “Any good father would be outraged but your father isn‘t exactly a good father, Baby,” said Felix. “What?” I asked, narrowing my eyes. “Baby, he left you,” Felix said softly.

“He was protecting me from something!” I insisted, fighting back the tears and springing up off of the bed to storm away.

“ENOUGH!” Bellowed Felix so powerfully I almost fell over.

Alex stiffened. Calix regarded him with wide shocked eyes.

“You‘re going to be the Luna of our pack and you have to grow up, Baby!” Demanded Felix. “Your father and mother were irresponsible. They had substance abuse problems. None of this would have befallen you or them if they had made different choices. If you‘re gonna hold us accountable, you‘re gonna hold them accountable too. Your parents were not a fairytale, Baby!”

His yell had made me sit back down. The tears streamed slowly down my face. Alex was rubbling my back gently. Calix squeezed my hand.

“I can always count on Felix to make sure I never stay the least favourite for long,” Calix said brightly, trying to lighten the mood.

Felix rolled his eyes and folded his arms, still standing. Alex was silent.

“I know they were addicts, ok,” I said even softer than a whisper. I knew they heard me, being alphas and based on their worried expressions. I crawled to the middle of the bed and got under the covers. They all moved to come cuddle with me.

“Please, I just wanna take a nap, by myself,” I mumbled into the pillow. “I won‘t change rooms but I want to be alone right now.”

Alex sighed deeply. He rubbed my lower back and kissed my cheek gently. “Sleep tight, Luna,” he murmured in my ear. He left the room. I listened to his slow footsteps.

Calix gave me a bear hug and kissed both cheeks and my forehead. “I‘ll be back, Goddess!” He hopped off the bed and followed Alex.

It was just me and Felix now. I could sense him. I could smell him. I could feel how tense he was

“I shouldn‘t have yelled like that. Baby…I know you want your parents. I want you to have that chance but don‘t go running off to do it. I‘ll help you,” Felix said.

I shot up into a sitting position and stared at him. “You mean that?”

Felix nodded. I launched myself at him wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He caught me and held me tightly in his strong arms. He sighed into my curls and buried his nose in them, inhaling my scent. He rocked me a little.

“There‘s one condition,” Felix said. I stiffened.

“You‘re not leaving with them, once we find them,” Felix said. I relaxed a little, realisingl was grown up now. I couldn‘t exactly just redo my childhood. I could get to know my parents as an adult if I could find


“What if they‘re not…”I couldn‘t bear to finish that question. They just had to be. I needed them to be alive.

Felix sighed. “Well, by find them, I mean find out the story, what happened? Even…who did it if they‘re…you know. And it‘s no big deal to kill the people responsible.”

“What?” I yelped.

Felix chuckled. “Baby, you‘re mated to three alphas. We have a huge pack to protect from rogues, vampires, wizards, witches, human werewolf hunters. You think we‘ve never killed before. Even baby–boy Calix?”


I stared at Felix, remembering him saying he had went easy on me my whole life. Is that because he killed people who crossed him and the pack? In actuality? My wolf was grumbling like I was an i***t. Of course, alphas had to kill sometimes.

That was why they were given such strength and speed to protect the pack from rival predators. I felt like I understood the triplets a lot better. They were cuddly teddy bears with me compared to how they acted when on pack business. I had just never seen any of that.

“I don‘t want you killing anyone to avenge my parents if it puts you and my other two alphas in danger,” I said. I could not lose my mates.

What if my parents were already lost to me? I had contemplated walking away from them many times but now that Felix was offering this vengeance, I was terrified for his well-being and that of Alex and Calix.

“And,” said Felix sternly, “Your pretty little ass stays home while my brothers and I do the digging and

the dirty work to get to the bottom of everything!”

“Why…” I began.

“That part is not up for discussion,” Felix said eyes turning black. Rather than feeling afraid or offended, my core got wet and Felix smirked, enjoying the effect his display of dominance had on me.

He tossed me onto the bed. I squealed but it didn‘t hurt. I giggled waiting for Felix to pounce on

“I‘ll leave you to your solo nap, Baby,” Felix grumbled.


“It’s what you asked for!” He exclaimed.

I curled up in the bed.

“My brothers and I suddenly have a lot of work to do, Baby,” said Felix turning to leave. “See you tonight, Princess.”

“The things I do for love!“I heard Felix exclaim dramatically as he walked out into the hallway to go convince his brothers. Would the triplets really track down my parents? Or my parents‘ enemies? The

people who made them leave town. My wedding present might be a hit on some fiend or something. I

sighed lying in the empty bed. What had I just asked Felix to do?

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