Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 24: Investigator Alex

Third Person

“Essentially what you‘re saying is you promised Chasity that we‘d track down her parents if they‘re alive or kill her parents‘ killers to avenge their deaths of they‘re dead,” said Alex, the eldest and most level–headed of the triplet alphas.

“Sounds like a cool movie plot. I like it,” said Calix encouragingly. The youngest alpha was sweet and optimistic as usual but missing the point.

“Yeah, I promised her that because it‘s what she wants most and what we want most is her. Until the chapter with her parents has some kind of conclusion on it, she won‘t be full present in the relationship,” explained Felix, shocking his brothers. Middle child, reckless Felix had thought this true. He was making a lot of sense but Alex and Calix were not used to this side of Felix so they fell silent.

After a few tense moments, Calix said, “I think we should do it. We owe her that much, but how are we going to get Mom to be ok with this.”

“We don‘t need to tell her!” grumbled Felix as though that were obvious.

“We might, yeah,” said Alex. “We‘ll need more information on Chasity‘s parents like who their old friends are, where their old haunts are.”

Alex was right. They needed leads. The case was nine years old and their mother was the only lead they had right now.

“Calix, are you willing to sweet–talk Mom into being ok with this?” Asked Felix.

“Don‘t tell her about the avenging their deaths part if they‘ve been murdered! Just tell her about the finding out what happened for Chasity‘s peace of mind part,” Alex explained.

Calix nodded. “I can do that.”

“Work in how if Chasity finds out enough about her parents, she‘ll be content enough to stay, thereby safeguarding our triplet hearts!” Said Felix.

“Good angle!” Commented Alex. “Mom will eat that up!”

“You got this, Calix!” Added Alex.

“Come through Baby boy Calix!” Cheered Felix.

Calix grinned. The three alphas put the iPhone on loud speaker. They were belowdeck in a game room that was made to look like ‘a casino. There were tables for playing cards, namely blackjack and poker, with chips for betting like at a real casino.

Their family had hosted real games here from time to time, but Mom had put a stop to it saying the werewolf men got too angry when they were losing. The room also had slot machines and a pool table.

The phone rang just once. “Calix, sweetheart, how are you?” Cooed Luna Ronnie. “Mommy misses you so much!”

Felix was stifling a snicker. Alex nodded encouragingly.

“Miss you too, Mom! I‘m not good. Mom, I made a mistake,” said Calix sadly. Alex knew his mother could envision the pout on Calix‘s face from that tone of voice.

“What happened, sweetheart?” Asked Luna Ronnie.

“I…don‘t hate me ok?” Calix said, his voice shaking. Damn he was good, thought Alex, making an impressed face at Felix who nodded in agreement.

“I could never ever EVER hate you, Calix!! You are my baby boy! Now tell Mommy what happened?! She‘s worried sick,” said Luna Ronnie.

“I let it slip to Chasity about how your little stepbrother is her father,” Calix mumbled. He knew the Luna had heard him. They were werewolves.

“Calix, you have to be careful, hun, ok, especially around her,” scolded the Luna.

“Ok, Mommy but she asked something of me and I wanna give it to her,” said Calix.

“Ok,” said the Luna slowly, prompting Calix to continue.

“I promised her I would help her find out what happened to her parents after that day they drove and left her at the pack house,” said Calix, getting straight to the point.

There was more silence. “Felix and Alex promised too! It was either that or risk her running away to find out on her own. She could disappear too, Mom, or get hurt or…we couldn‘t handle losing her, Mom. I can‘t even think about it. It makes me sick.

You know how the mate bond, don‘t you, Mom? How would you react if Dad wanted to go off and solve some criminal cold case but it was super dangerous but you couldn‘t stop him either!” Said Calix, laying it on thick.

“I…I…I would help him.

“Exactly, Mom, and we wanna help Chasity. We want her to be at peace with the past somewhat,” Calix sticked his landing.

Luna Ronnie sighed deeply from the other end. “Ok,” she said, her voice suddenly sounding tired.“ What do you need from me,” she said matter–of–factly.

Alex launched into the conversation. “Hi, Mom!”

“Aww my Big Boy Alex!” Luna Ronnie cooed.

“What were Chasity‘s parents full names?” Asked Alex, pulling out a pen, poised to write notes.

“They were Chalice and Chase Case,” said Luna Ronnie.

“Chase case?” Alex asked incredulously. Ronnie actually snickered. “I didn‘t name him,” she said snorting with laughter. Alex chuckled half–heartedly. “What was Chasity‘s Mom‘s maiden name?” Asked Alex.

“Smith,” said Luna Ronnie without any hesitation. “Did either Chase or Chalice have a best friend? Or friends?” Alex asked. “Yeah, ummm, Chalice was the social one. She liked a lot of attention, that one.” Said Ronnie. “Remember any of their names,” Alex asked hopefully.

“Deirdre and Didi were her two main girlfriends. They were best friends,” said the Luna.

“Describe them!” Alex said encouragingly, pen at the ready.

“Deirdre was a tall, statuesque girl. She looked like a model. She actually did some modelling. I wonder what became of her…”

“You mean Deirdre Binx?!” Asked Calix incredulously.

“Yes! That was her last name! I remember now! Tall, dark skinned, high cheekbones. You could cut cheese with those cheek bones!” Said the Luna, laughing.

“Mom!” Exclaimed Felix. “Deidre really did become a model, an international supermodel. She‘s retired but she‘s the real deal!”

Calix googled the name and immediately found millions of images of her along with her summer house in Los Angeles, California. Wow. Her life looked incredibly glamorous.

Alex noted down the name, a few facts and the address listed online.

“Then there was Didi Torte,” said the Luna. “She was a short girl with blonde hair and huge orb–like eyes. She knew everybody‘s business. A huge busybody!”

“Do you have phone numbers for either of these people, Mom?” Asked Alex.

“Nope, sorry, Hun,” say the Luna.

“What about Chasity‘s father, any close companions?” Alex continued.

“Just one! He was a bit of a loner. My stepbrother. He was shy and sweet,” She said.

Alex did believe that for one second.

“Ok and this one close companion was called?” Alex prompted.

“Dexter! Dexter Sharpe. He was an aspiring news reporter actually. He was a nervous guy with shifty eyes. Tall and thin, walked kinda hunched over with his fingers wiggling all the time.”

“And what places did they hangout at, Mom?” Alex said.

The Luna scoffed. “Anywhere drugs and alcohol could be found. Bars. There was a bar they frequented called The Serpent‘s Tongue. There was a club where people would cage fight called A Fork in the Road and there was a casino they liked…”

The Luna stopped abruptly. “A casino?” Alex said, perking up. This was it. The best of the leads so far. This could be the place they

had incurred that huge dept!

“Yeah, umm, it was called The Lucky Toad,” the Luna said. “A friendly place?” Asked Alex nonchalantly.

The Luna snorted with laughter. “Of course not, the guys there probably eat gravel and drink freshly mixed cement. They were animals! Always getting in fights.

The police got called there so many times, they tried to shut the place down but couldn‘t because the people that owned it had connections. The police just stopped showing up there even when called after a while.”

Wow. The triplets realised they had their hands full as leads went for the next couple days! Their mother had actually helped them to help Chasity. The triplets were filled with hope at that.

There were going to track down all those leads: the retired supermodel, the busybody and the news

reporter and they were going to visit every haunt that was still standing:

The Serpent’s tongue, A Fork in the Road and The Lucky Toad! They were ready to sniff out a cold case to keep their relationship with Chasity smouldering.

Alex‘s Notes


Deidre Binx

Retired Supermodel


Deep complexion

high cheekbones

Didi Torte



Huge eyes

Dexter Sharpe

News Reporter?

Tall & thin


Shifty eyes

Bad posture

Wiggly fingers


The Serpent‘s Tongue – Bar‘ A Fork in the Road – Cage fighting club

The Lucky Toad – Casino

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