Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 25: Homecoming

Chasity‘s POV

I had a great time on the island for the most part. After Felix promised me to help me find out about what had happened to my parents, he convinced Alex and Calix to agree to it. We talked about it once more and then I put it aside for the remainder of the vacation. I was their fiancee now and they wanted me to enjoy myself. The chefs cooked amazing meals everyday on the yacht.

I got to go into the ocean with Felix holding me tight the whole time. He did not want Calix to hold me to Calix‘s chagrin. I knew Felix was still upset about the pool incident but that was not actually Calix‘s fault. It was the bad memory of all the triplets trying to dip me in ice water that made me behave like that. Alex suggested something interesting to me.

“Don‘t be offended ok, my Luna,” he murmured in my ear while I sat on his lap on deck watching the sunset.

“Mmhm,” I said, enjoying the cool sea breeze and the kaleidoscope of colours as the sun made his way down below the horizon making way for the moon and her stars to light the falling darkness.

“Maybe you should see a therapist,” he said softly and gently. “We‘ll pay for it of course. I want you to

stop thinking of things like you versus us. It‘s not like that. You are a part of us. You‘re our mate. It‘s our

responsibility to care for you. You don‘t owe us money when we buy you things or take you places. Those gifts benefit us too because it helps make you happier,” he whispered all of this, snaking his arms around me from behind and rocking me side to side a little as though we were swaying to silent music.

That reminded me of something. I wanted to dance with my father at our wedding but I didn‘t even know if he was alive. I shut my eyes.

“I‘ll go…I want to go,” I answered.

Therapy was something I was curious about. The rich werewolves and she–wolves at high school talked about their therapists often. “My therapist said no calling my ex.” “My therapist is making me journal.” “Ugh! I need to call my therapist!”

“It‘s nothing to be ashamed of, ok,” said Alex, his breath tickling my ear. “I love you, Chasity,” he breathed, his breath ruffling a few strands of my curls.

“I love you, Alex,” I whispered back.

He pressed his lips against me, coaxing my mouth open so he could deepen the kiss by sliding his tongue into my mouth. I caressed his tongue with mine as I cupped his face with my hands. I broke the kiss and gazed into his eyes. I nuzzled him. He laughed and nuzzled me back.

“You‘ll protect me from the Luna‘s wrath when she realises she‘s getting me as a daughter–in–law?“| asked.

“I‘ll protect you from everything and everyone that ever tries to harm you for the rest of eternity,” he said.

“Are you trying to take Calix‘s crown? He is the Drama king around here!” looked.

“Hey! You‘ve cut me deeply, my Goddess,” called Calix from the bar.

Felix was behind the bar getting an impromptu cooking lesson from the chefs. He really was interested in culinary arts. He had on a chef‘s hat, no shirt and swimming trunks.

“Felix, aren‘t you a bit overdressed?” I called.

Felix grinned. The chefs raised their eyebrows. Calix and Alex laughed.

I was sad to leave the yacht and even more sad to leave the beautiful warm island and go back to the snowy cold pack lands. I sighed as we exited the air port. We had just flown back. The former Alpha was picking us up. He bear hugged his three boys clapping them each on the back. He nodded politely at me and glanced at the ring on my finger. I hid behind Calix a little. Calix pulled me into him, holding me close to his side and stroking my wrist with his thumb. I sighed.

We piled into the car and drove back to the pack house. I was silent while the triplets talked with their Dad, telling him stories about the island and the yacht. Their Dad had clearly visited that island before and he had given the yacht, Luna, to the triplets which they renamed Chasity. We got out of the car and crunched through the snow. We opened the door.


I jumped. The triplets grinned, their baby blue eyes widening. They looked at their Dad who broke into a huge smile. The whole pack had gathered for a welcome back party. The house was decorated with fairy lights everywhere and there was a huge banner that read Welcome Back Alex, Felix, Calix and Chasity.

I was shocked they had included me in the banner but I figured the Luna knew the triplets would have a fit if they didn‘t. Rhonda, the party planning, came out from the kitchen wearing a lacy black bralette under micro–mini blue overalls. She had bleached her blonde hair platinum. She really did look good.

“Welcome back boys!” She said with open arms. All three of them hugged her at once. She was over the moon. She did not say anything to me. I looked at her daring her to say something to me.

I folded my arms. Thank goodness I had dressed up a little. I was in a shimmery blue satin dress with black tights and black ankle boots. Rhonda was smug because she had gotten a hug. She had her hand on Felix‘s arm. I put my hand on his chest.

“Baby,” I said,

Felix grinned at me and kissed me. I kissed him way more passionately than I should have in a room full of people. When I pulled away, Felix was panting but clearly gleeful. I spotted his Mom, the Luna, watching us with wide eyes. Rhonda was seething with jealousy.

“Felix, Baby,” I said breathlessly. “Tell our friend, Rhonda, the story of how you three proposed to me! It was so romantic Rhonda and on a yacht named after me! You should have been there!”

Felix was delighted and started telling the story to a large group of pack members including a

horrified pale Rhonda and the Luna who looked like I had just slapped her in the face. When he was done he kissed me. Everyone cooed and clapped. Rhonda was glaring at me. If looks could kill, i‘d be cold and

six feet under She sniffed and walked away. I had not put on that show for the Luna but it had affected her

too. She walked over to us hesitantly.

“Mom!” Felix said grabbing her up in a bear hug and kissing her cheeks. She smiled but it did not reach her eyes.

“I had thought you three had wanted to wait until Chasity was older. She‘s only eighteen. She‘s in high school,” Luna Ronnie said.

The former alpha, Romeo, came over and put his arms around his wife. Alex came over to hug his Mom.

“Mom, you knew I had the ring already though,” said Alex gently.

“Yeah,” said the Luna laughing humourlessly.

Calix hugged his Mom and she kissed his forehead.

“Mom, I hope you know how grateful I am for all your help,” he said cupping her face. “You‘re the best, Mom.”

She smiled. She had tears in her eyes at Calix‘s words. She took a deep breath.

“Thanks for the surprise party, Mom!” Alex said.

“Thanks, Mom!” Felix said.

I forced myself to speak. “Thank you, Luna Ronnie.” She plastered a smile on her face. She nodded her head stiffly.

“I guess Rhonda and Mom will be able to help Chasity plan the wedding,” said Felix offhandedly.

How oblivious was he? I glared daggers at him and he looked confused.

Rhonda hates me and so does your Mom unfortunately, I mind–linked Felix. But you called Rhonda our friend just now! Said Felix.

I sighed. I was staking my claim and showing off my engagement ring so she‘d back off. She was all over you!

Felix smirked, his eyes darkening. Jealous Chasity is even hotter than regular hot Chasity. I rolled my eyes. Felix grabbed my ass and squeezed it. I squeaked. Wanna stake you claim some more upstairs and then I can stake mine, Felix suggested.

I blushed and extracted myself from his fondling. He frowned but followed me around the party. I found Mina and Tina. They screamed. I screamed. We all screamed. These were the only two wedding

planners I needed. We danced around in a circle like little elves that bake cookies in trees. They gasped at

my engagement ring and one of them snapped a quick pic of it with her iPhone.

“I‘m gagged!” Said Mina.

“It‘s gorgeous!” Said Tina.

Felix was grinning at our antics. “You know Mina and Tina right?” I said to him. “Um, they‘re familiar,” he said politely. They squealed. “Are these your bridesmaids then?” Asked Felix. He was always putting me on the spot but actually… “Yeah…yeah these are my bridesmaids and wedding planners if they wanna do double–duty.” || said.

They screamed. I giggled. “We love double everything!” Shrieked Mina.

“And triple somethings!” Joked Tina, shimmying and looking at Felix. “You‘re so lucky, Chasity, and

you‘re gonna be a super cute bride!”

I smiled. At least, there were two people here who were actually happy for me.

Three people! Mr Johnson! He came over and bear hugged me. He was in a white T–shirt that was straining against his huge muscles.

“Congratulations, Chasity!” He said, looking at my ring. “Thank you, My Johnson!” I said, smiling “You‘re welcome, Luna! Call me Jimmy!” He insisted.

“Thanks, Jimmy,” I said blushing. “Then keep calling me Chasity,” I said, suddenly a little emotional. He was one of the only people who ever got my name right back when the triplets and everyone else called me Charity.

He pinched my cheek and ruffled my hair. His mate, Mrs Johnson, came over. She was tiny, about four inches or more shorter than me, with long wavy light brown hair and hazel eyes. She had a few freckles scattered around her nose. She was wearing a loose fitting tunic and was in colourful socks with anklets on both feet but no shoes.

“Chasity! Salutations! And congratulations! Whoo!” She said. She had a bottle of wine in her hand. She was our bohemian art teacher at school and a bit of a party girl, a sharp contrast to Jimmy who was straight laced and disciplined. They were both kind though. She seemed a little tipsy already.

“Thank you, Mrs Johnson,” I said smiling. “It‘s Justice!” She said raising her hands. “Not like solving crimes and stuff. My name is Justine!” “Justine or Justice?” I asked confused.

“Justine,” she said hiccoughing.

“No, it‘s actually Justice, not Justine,” said Jimmy gently, taking the bottle away from her and steadying her.

I smiled awkwardly. “Chasity, a minute,” said the Luna, coming over with her ice stare.

“Sure,” I said and nodded at Jimmy and Justice. I followed the Luna into the kitchen just like on my birthday.

She faced me, folding her arms protectively.

“Calix told you,” she said softly. It was not a question but I answered.

“Yes,” I said.

“So you know that your father was my younger step–brother,” she said, sniffing and taking a deep breath.

I nodded.

“Our parents, his Mom and my Dad were alcoholics. I raised him you know…like I raised you,” she said.

“You didn‘t raise me,” I said.

She looked affronted.

“You gave me a place to stay and food to eat, sometimes, and for that I‘m grateful but that‘s about it,” :

I said.

She laughed coldly. “You‘re just like your mother, so entitled.”

I thought of a million different wicked things to say to her but I just walked away, leaving her alone in the kitchen. I bumped into Alex. He had been grinning but when he saw me, he stopped. It was only because of his reaction that I realised I had begun crying.

“Hey, hey, shh,” he whispered cupping my cheeks and using his thumbs to wipe my tears away. “What happened, Chasity?” He said softly. “Nothing,” I said, my voice shaky, just as his mother came through the door right behind us.

He glared at her. She glared at me.

“What happened?” He demanded, looking at his mother.

“Nothing,” she whispered harshly in a “not in front of our guests” tone. “I was just trying to talk to her, that‘s all.”

“No more talks without me, Calix or Felix present,” said Alex sternly.

His mother looked annoyed at him giving an order but he and his brothers were the Alphas now and he was the eldest of the three so he naturally led them. She strutted away on her high heels, her hair swishing behind her.

Before I could say anything, Alex pulled me up the stairs holding my hand. I was shocked when he took me to my old little room and shut the door. He lay down on my cot and pulled me onto him.

“What are you doing?” I said, giggling.

“Trying to make out with my fiancée in the first spot we ever made out,” said Alex playing with my fingers.

He was leaning against the wall and I was straddling his lap. We were face to face. He kissed me slowly, methodically. I kissed back, savouring his taste and his smell.

He smelled like cocoa and coffee. I deepened our kiss. He was being passive, letting me take the lead for once. I had my hands pressed against his hard chest. I nibbled his bottom lip and he groaned. I could feel him harden under me. He was pressing against me.

I reached for his blazer and pushed it open. He shrugged out of it not breaking our kiss. He had to break the kiss when I tugged at the hem of his Tee shirt and we both lifted it off of him. revealing tight rippling muscles.

Tingles ran through me and heat flared up in my lower stomach. He slipped my dress off over my head. We resumed kissing, enjoying the feel of each other‘s skin.

He unhooked my bra and took it off. He planted kisses on my neck, giving me a hickey although he had permanently marked me there already. I realised something.

“I haven‘t marked you! Any of you!” I said softly.

“It‘s the guy‘s mark on his girl that really solidifies the bond. Your mark on us is permanent too but some she–wolves never mark their mates cause it‘s not necessary. We‘re bound already. If you‘d marked us but we hadn‘t marked you we wouldn‘t be bound,” Alex explained.

“Then what‘s the point of a she–wolf marking her mate at all?” I asked, confused.

“It‘s a courtesy to the guy and…it‘s supposed to feel really really good, like org*smic,” Alex murmured looking up at me sheepishly.

I smirked and then I bared my fangs and sank my teeth into his neck. He moaned loudly as I pierced the tender flesh there. Alphas were very careful and protective about their throats. That was vital in a wolf fight. Only a mate would ever touch or bite here and only for pleasure. Alex hardened even more straining against his pants as I rocked against him.

“Oh, f**k, f**k, Chasity!” He cursed, hissing with pleasure. He was holding me to him extremely tightly. It was almost painful but I liked it. I made sure my mark was deep while he shuddered. I pulled away and licked it sealing it. He was panting, his eyes dark.

“Stand up!” He commanded.

I stood up on the cot my feet on either side of his thighs. He slid my panties down and I stepped out of them. He tossed them aside. He grabbed my butt cheeks pulling me forwards. He found my clit by parting my folds. He sucked on it. I was trembling. It was a bit difficult to remain standing while being eaten out but it was a sweet sort of torture. I moaned as he penetrated me with a finger. I heard the sound of him unzipping his jeans. He got out of them and tossed them on the floor. His huge c**k was at attention directly below me.

He n*pped at my cl*t making me shiver. I had my palms pressed against the wall while I stood with my ankles apart so he could have access to my core. I rocked my hips a little against his handsome face, moaning softly and taking deep slow breaths.

It was strangely soothing, making love with Alex in my old room. I gripped his silky hair and pulled him away from my p***y. We locked eyes. I got on my knees still straddling him. His huge c**k rubbed against my vulva. He lifted me by the waist easily and lowered me onto his c**k, penetrating me with it. I groaned. He rocked me on his lap pressing his lips to mine.

One hand gripped my hair, tangled in it and the other pinched both of my n*s, one after the other. His hands moved to my waist so he could hold me steady while he f***d me harder and harder, thrusting upwards into my p***y. I whimpered.

“Chasity,” he practically hissed as he f****d me wildly. I wasn‘t expecting this kind of savagery from Alex but I loved it. He stood up suddenly. I squealed. He was still inside of me. He bounced me up and down, thrusting forwards now as he held me up, his hands cupping my butt cheeks. He turned around and pinned me to the wall, grinding against me.

“Aleeeexxx!” I moaned.

He rocked his hips against me and kept going. He had his hand behind my head so it wouldn‘t hit the wall while he pounded into me. My eyes started to tear up. I held onto him for dear life. His thrusts were incredibly deep and fast at the same time. I buried my face in his shoulder.

My arms were limp over his shoulder as I hung from him like a rag doll. I knew he wouldn‘t let me fall. I couldn‘t take much more. My thighs were quivering and my brain was foggy.

After a few more thrusts and a guttural moan from Alex, I let go, my p***y convulsing around his d**k as I came. My whole body shook. He kept thrusting for a few more minutes intensifying my org*sm. I was a moaning mess. Finally, he spurted into me. I sighed,

contented as I felt the warm liquid enter me. He suddenly put me on my back with a pillow under my butt with him still inside me to make sure all his c*m stayed in me.

I grinned at that. He rocked me a bit more holding me tightly pressing me into the cot with his body weight. He made sure every last drop drained into me. I was exhausted and so, so satisfied. I fell asleep with him still inside.

My last waking thought was: I want to mark Calix and Felix now too!

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