Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 25: Mourning Past Christmas Mornings with Chasity


My eyes snapped open. Christmas morning! I was so excited. I shook Alex awake. He was next to me.

“Calix, Calix, ok,” he said groggily.

He sighed and tried to sit up. He noticed Chasity’s arm was over his waist so he lay back down. I frowned. I had been on the end but at least Chasity was here in the same bed. I watched her sleep. She looked so beautiful and peaceful. I went to shake her awake.

“No, no, Calix!” Hissed Alex, chuckling. “I’m excited,” I said, laughing softly. “Don’t wake her. Let her wake up gently,” instructed Alex. “Ok,” I mumbled.

Alex closed his eyes. I watched him carefully. I grabbed my pillow and tossed it at Felix’s face. I quickly lay back down.

“What the f**k?!” Growled Felix, jumping up. “Hey, shhh!” Said Alex, annoyed, opening his eyes. “Calix hit me with a pillow,” said Felix through gritted teeth, showing Alex the pillow.

Alex looked at me. I was turned away from him lying down on my other pillow. I shut my eyes. Alex leant over me. I kept my breathing even.

“He fell back asleep,” whispered Alex. “Bullshit,” said Felix. “Hey!” Growled Alex softly. “You’ll wake Chasity and Calix.” Felix sighed. “Christmas is more for them anyway,” said Alex. What did that mean? “Yeah, I know,” mumbled Felix. “Chasity is a teenager and Calix acts like one,” said Felix snidely.

He was trying to make me admit I was awake. “I’m nervous about giving Chasity that car,” mumbled Felix sleepily. “She won’t run away,” said Alex confidently. “Think she wants the triple D?” Asked Felix. “Maybe not all at once,” said Alex thoughtfully. i stretched and fake woke up again. I turned around.

“Hey,” said Alex “Hey,” I said, yawning “You’re not nominated for an Oscar, Calix,” said Felix, rolling his eyes at my performance. “What’s he talking about?” I asked Alex. “He’s always grumpy in the morning.” said Alex with a shrug.

“I won’t be grumpy when I can wake up butt naked in this bed with Chasity while you two are making us breakfast,” daydreamed Felix, sighing.

“Interesting.” said Alex dryly as though it were not interesting.

Chasity was actually stirring. She stretching out a little and peeked at us. She seemed confused for a moment and then smiled. My heart leapt.

“You guys never wake up early,” she said sleepily. “Except on Christmas Day, sleeping beauty,” I told her.


Chasity was so beautiful, lying there, staring up at us. I pressed my lips to hers, k!ssing her gently. I sucked on her bottom lip, nibbling it. She kissed me back just as enthusiastically, her hands gripping my shoulders. I pulled away and smirked at her. It was cute how eager she was.

She had been so unsure of us just a few weeks ago. I could not help but wonder when I would get really lucky. Would it be that merry of a Christmas or would I have to wait for a truly happy New Year.

Calix kissed Chasity with an unexpected amount of fire. When Felix pulled Chasity towards him, my lips found her neck. I kissed my way down to her shoulder, sucking on her skin as I went.

I n!pped at her shoulder and she squealed. I could hear Felix groan happily as he deepened their kiss. Calix and I focussed our attention on her beautiful body, caressing her. Felix pushed her down flat on her back.giving all three of us better access to her as six hands roamed her body.

She was panting, her breathing coming in little gasps. I squeezed her th!ghs, eliciting a little squeal from her. Calix rubbed the heel of his hand against her core, making her whimper while Felix kneaded her breasts, causing her n’”***s to harden and become easily discernible under the thin fabric of her night clothes. I could smell her getting wetter and wetter. I licked my lips

“Merry Christmas, Baby,” said Felix, leaning in for another kiss from Chasity. “Merry Christmas, Chasity,” said Calix as he k!ssed her ear. “Merry Christmas, Luna,” I said, raising her top so I could plant kisses all over her midriff.

She giggled as my kisses tickled her. She got up suddenly and headed down to the living room. My Mom and Dad were sitting by the fireplace, sharing a blanket, and sipping from their mugs.

Chasity froze in her tracks, taking on a faraway expression. I could feel her fear and sadness through our mate bond though she was still unmated and unmarked. I would be better able to understand her when we completed the mating process.


Chasity stood there as though in shock. She looked petrified. My wolf whimpered. Chasity was our everything and we needed this Christmas to be a good experience for her. She needed to realise she could tell us anything. She should let us know everything we could do in order to make this transition easier on her.

“Mmm, Baby, talk to me,” I said, holding her tightly. “Chasity!” Called Alex, gripping her chin and trying to make eye contact with her.

Calix waved his hands in the air like a mad man, trying to snap Chasity out of it. It actually worked. Chasity jumped right into his arms, clinging to my little brother for dear life. She began to cry suddenly. The sound of her broken sobs were like little knives to my heart.

“Baby, Baby, talk to me,” I begged, rubbing her back gently as Calix held her, lifting her up. “Little Luna, don’t cry, I can’t take it,” said Alex.

Alex was usually completely cool, calm and collected. His socks were starched and ironed to perfection even on Christmas morning. Only Chasity could make him like this. I could hear the desperation in his voice. He ran his hands through Chasity’s curls, trying to soothe her.

“No!” She cried, cowering slightly. I felt a pang in chest seeing her so upset and afraid. We had made so much progress only to go back to

the beginning. She seemed more afraid right now than she had at our birthday party when we first had the mate talk with her. The only exception was Calix. Calix lifted her properly, holding her bridal style. He gently kissed her forehead. I could not help but wish that were me comforting her.

“It’s ok, Chasity. No one is going to hurt you. Ever ok! I’m sorry, I’m here, don’t worry,” Calix whispered to her.

I took a deep breath. “Why is she mad at us all of a sudden?” I asked.

I had a right to know, didn’t I? We had been making out minutes earlier. What had I done? What brought this on? Chasity was trembling in Calix’s arms. I did not want to do anything to make it worse.

“What did we do? Everything was fine,” said Alex, his voice cracking. I looked at him, shocked. He seemed close to tears.

Maybe, it was the fact that we had just made out. It was too soon, perhaps. She probably felt rushed.

“Did we rush you too much just now?” I asked, carefully reading her expression but she kept her eyes closed tightly as she clung to Calix.

“You seemed into it. We’re sorry,” I said softly, apologising quickly.

I had never been the apology-friendly type of boyfriend but for Chasity I would tattoo I’m sorry, Baby on my forehead if I had to.

“It’s not that,” determined Alex softly. I looked at him. How did he know that for sure? “Calix was there just now too but she wants him,” he explained quietly.

If she was not upset with Calix but wanted nothing to do with me and Alex right about then this had to be about the past. My wolf was snarling at me and whimpering over the situation all at once. He was still furious over every time I failed to help Chasity during her difficult childhood as well as every time! made it even worse by being a jerk.

“Calix, take me to my room,” pleaded Chasity.

Oh Baby. Calix made his way to her room. Alex and I tried to follow them to help comfort Chasity and talk things through, maybe apologise some more, but Chasity wanted no such thing.

“Just Calix!” She whimpered.

Alex and I stayed back obediently. Alphas could not be commanded, not even by their own Lunas but my wolf was pretty powerful and completely enamoured with Chasity. He made me submit to her. I was in love with her too but I wanted to smooth things over sooner rather than later. I couldn’t do that sitting in the living room with my parents.

I glanced at Mom and Dad. They were staring at Alex and me with wide eyes. I looked at Alex. For once, he was at a loss regarding what we should do.

“Hey, come on Alpha of Alphas,” I said, trying to lighten the mood. We sat on the floor by the tree.

“What’s going on? Where did Calix go? It’s time for presents,” cooed Mom, reluctant to begin the present opening without her Baby Boy present.

Alex sniffed. “Calix is with Chasity,” said Alex. Mom narrowed her eyes. Dad huffed, exhaling loudly.

“Well, will one of you please go and get your little brother? It’s present time. Christmas morning is family time,” said Mom sternly.

“Exactly;” agreed Dad, nodding.

“It’s Thorn Family Tradition,” whined Mom, putting her head in her hands.

She began rubbing her temples. She always did that when a migraine was coming on and nothing gave her a migraine faster than something affecting Calix.

“I’ll mind-link Calix,” mumbled Alex. “Thank you,” said Mom quietly as Dad got up to fetch her some painkillers.


I felt so heartbroken. I wanted my Luna so badly. I needed her. I needed Chasity. I wished I could turn back time and protect her. While she was growing up, we should have been elder brother figures to her, especially me. I should have made her laugh when she was sad. I should have refused to let my parents burden her with the housework. I probably would not have been taken seriously before age eighteen but I could have at least the work for her in secret.

I recalled Calix saying he used to shovel the driveway instead of allowing Chasity to do it. He had been the nicest to her and he had still been mean to her at times. He probably would have been completely kind to her if not for me and Felix. I had been a bad influence, a bad big brother to both Felix and Calix.

I’m sorry, Calix, I said over mind-link. For what? Don’t you mean to say sorry to Chasity? He answered, confused.

I need to say sorry to her, I owe her so many apologies but I owe you one too. I should have steered you better where she was concerned. You were more decent to her than Felix and I were I should have dissuaded Felix more from being harsh with her.

I should have encouraged you to be even nicer. All the times you were less than kind to her we’re essentially my fault. / was supposed to guide both of you. I misguided you and I’m very sorry. I hope you can forgive me. I explained earn

I could feel Calix smiling sadly. It was a mind-link thing, especially with us being triplets. We could feel each other’s emotions pretty well. We could anticipate each other’s actions.

Alex, I’m not upset at you but I’m thankful for your apology, said Calix. How’s Chasity doing? I asked anxiously.

She’s…she’ll be ok soon. I’m trying to get her to say what’s wrong exactly. I have a general idea but / want to know exactly what triggered her, said Calix.

Ok, well, let us know when you figure it out, I said, unwilling to even mention Mom and the present opening but she was boring a hole into me with her intense stare.

I sighed. Mom is anxious to do gift opening, I admitted. Calix chuckled over mind-link. Tell her / need the gift of time right now, he said. I laughed half-heartedly. “Did Calix say what’s wrong? Will Chasity let us talk to her now?” Asked Felix. I knew he was chomping at the bit to get back to her.

“He needs some time and they’ll both join us hopefully soon,” I said firmly with a pointed look at Mom.

Mom sighed. Dad massaged her shoulders.


After I whisked Chasity away to her room, I locked the door and got in bed with her. We cuddled up together. Being near her always felt so good, physically and emotionally, but I could not savour it because of the situation. She was troubled and I felt her pain like it was my own.

My triplet brothers were worried and I felt that too. We were all closely linked. My brothers and I were like one extremely powerful Alpha in three vessels and Chasity was that Alpha’s Luna. Perhaps, not one Alpha. Maybe more like Cerberus. A

three-headed Alpha. One unit essentially. Three minds. Three closely linked Alpha Wolves, built to love and protect their only Luna.

Alex mind-linked me. Mom was in a hurry to open presents. I knew she liked seeing my face when I opened her gifts. I enjoyed the same thing. I loved seeing people’s reactions to whatever I had got them but I could not oblige her right now. Chasity needed me.

Suddenly, Chasity climbed on top of me, straddling me. I raised my eyebrows at her. Heat pooled in my lower torso, My wolf told me Chasity’s wolf was angry. Her Luna Wolf was craving her three mates. Chasity, on the other hand, seemed in no rush to reunite with my brothers. She rocked her hips back and forth, grinding against me, rubbing her flower against the large bulge in my pants.

“Oh God, Chasity.” I breathed as my member got painfully hard. f**k,” I gasped.

I wanted to mate her. My body was ready to go. My mind was reluctant. We had so many things to work through as a group. Chasity continued to ride me though we were fully clothed. I could not deny how amazing it felt. I began thrusting against her core, enjoying how the smell of her arousal filled the air. Her breathing came faster and faster. Her heart rate quickened.

I pulled her down to kiss her, snaking my tongue into her mouth. She increased the pressure, pressing herself against me allowing the imprint of my shaft to slide against her vulva through the two thin layers of fabric. I had the maddening urge to take her panties and my boxers off so I could impale her on my d**k. I wanted to bounce her up and down on my lap as I slid in and out of her for real.

However, I could not begin the mating process with Chasity alone without even consulting my brothers. As multiples, we all had to agree on a Luna. Even if I marked and mated Chasity, the bond would not completely solidify if she did not allow Felix and Alex to do the same. I broke the kiss when we were both breathless.

“Tell me what’s going through your head, please. Why are you mad at Felix and Alex? Do you just want us one at a time?” I asked.

Perhaps, she would feel more comfortably keeping the three relationships separate. Maybe, it was too overwhelming to have us all present and attending to her.

“No, what if I just want one only?” She said, admitting to exactly what I had been afraid of. “Huh,” I said, hoping I had misunderstood.

“What if I only want you and we forget about your brothers?” She asked, looking guilty but hopeful.

I had never been more conflicted in my life. If Chasity continued to offer herself to me, I knew I would not be strong enough to refuse. However, my brothers would be devastated if they knew she was essentially rejecting them. She could not officially reject them without jeopardising my bond with her. It was an all or nothing kind of situation.

“You’re my mate, Chasity, my Luna. I was built to do anything for you once the mate bond hit the day you came of age. I would do whatever you asked of me and so would Alex and Felix. I don’t have it in me to

deny you but that would break my brothers. We’re linked. We’re like one Alpha in three different bodies. We’re identical triplets Chasity,” I explained, pleading with her with my eyes, willing her to understand.

She looked so forlorn.

“We can have more alone time, as much as you need,” I suggested. She was no longer making eye contact with me. She seemed conflicted too.

“Please don’t shut out my brothers forever,” I pleaded. “That’s a request, not an order. I can’t order you. You’re my equal.” I reminded her.

She got off of mr and turned away. “Just go, Calix. Never mind,” she said. I felt a pang in my chest.

“Please, please, tell me what you’re thinking,” I implored her.

I racked my brain. Something had to have ruffled her feathers. She had been getting closer to Alex and Felix of late. Today was Christmas Day. I remembered how she had reacted when we tried to get her to change rooms on the first day. She had been resentful, upset that we only seemed concerned now that she was our mate. Perhaps, this was the same.

She was still getting over the Christmases when we had not cared the way we do now. I felt a pang of guilt. I had always had a major thing for Chasity long before the mate bond. From the moment, I had answered the door and she had been there, on the doorstep. We had been just children but I had felt this stirring inside of me. I had felt instantly possessive of her. I had always thought of her as mine.

Thus, I had tried to make her life easier in small ways. Had I been braver would have stood up to my elder brothers and parents. I searched my memory, recalling each and every Christmas with Chasity. One memory in particular stood out to me. Chasity had literally spent that Christmas day out in the cold until I had gone to get her.

“You thinking about the times I hid you?” I asked as there had been several.

She finally looked at me. “Yeah, the time on Christmas when I was thirteen and you guys were sixteen. Felix…put me out in the snow for oversleeping and not making breakfast. Alex was angry too. He agreed with that punishment.”

I sighed. I remembered that day so vividly. I mind-linked my brothers to let them know what had triggered Chasity’s panic attack specifically.


Calix’s voice resounded in my head. Chasity was upset over the time she had spent Christmas out in the cold which had been partially my fault.

“Chasity got freaked out because she remembered that time she got put out of the house on Christmas Day,” I said to Felix, the guilt eating me up.

Felix’s eyes were downcast. “I want to take that back. I want to take everything back,” he said quietly.

Mom rolled her eyes. All she seemed to care about was the delay in gift opening. I resisted the urge to argue with her. I needed to focus on what I would say to Chasity. The memories flashed through my mind. I put my head in my hands.

“‘You ok, Son?” Asked Dad.

I nodded. I was not okay but I would be soon. I was going to profess my love for Chasity. Even if she hated me, she deserved to know how I felt about her. I got up.

“Where are you going?” Asked Felix. “To get my Luna,” I said simply. Felix smirked and followed me.

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