Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 26: Domino

Third Person

Two of the Alpha Triplets stood in front of the quaint little snow–topped cottage. The wind whipped their coat tails and their hair back and forth. They had not told Chasity they were going to do some investigating today but that was not a secret.

They just “forgot” to mention it. They walked up the three steps to the porch. The plaque on the wall outside read: My home is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. Alex smiled. Felix frowned. The middle–child alpha banged on the door until the eldest grabbed his wrist and pointed to the doorbell.

“I hadn‘t seen it, “lied Felix.

“No intimidation! Charming inquisitive alphas!” Repeated Alex. He had said the same thing in the car that they should charm the woman not interrogate her.

A blue eye peaked out at them through the ajar door. It actually was orb-like.

“Are you Didi Torte?” Said Felix like he was a police officer.

She opened the door. “Alphas?” She said. The triplets smiled.

Chasity‘s POV

It was the first day back after winter break. The triplets had acted strangely this morning. Felix and Alex had left early to “run errands” and Calix had dropped me to school a bit early but I didn‘t mind.

I read until it was time to class. I spotted Ashton staring at me while I read in the library. He had stayed clear of me ever since he realised I was fated to the triplets. No one had picked on me even in the slightest. I spoke too soon.

It was almost time for class so I got up. Before I could gather up my books, Parker Ford, the biggest, meanest football player in the school knocked my books off the desk and onto the floor.

I assumed it was by accident. I had not been bullied in so long. I chuckled at him as though it were all good and went to pick them up but he kicked them across the room. I stiffened.

“What are you doing?” I asked, confused.

“What am I doing?” Parker mocked me, towering over me.

His best friend Bryan was there. Bryan was about a foot shorter than six–foot–three Parker. Bryan came from an extremely rich family and always wore designer blazers to school with his black hair gelled back neatly. Parker was in a overalls a sweater and combat boots. His tawny hair was tousled.

He narrowed his brown eyes at me. Bryan regarded me with apologetic green eyes. Ashton looked like he wanted to help but was afraid. I saw him dash off as if going to get someone.

“Parker, stop!” Muttered Bryan.

“Why?” Scoffed Parker. “It‘s just Charity Case! Here, look!”

Parker took out a hundred dollar bill and tried to stuff it in my mouth. I squealed. He gripped me by the nape of my neck. I shut my mouth tightly as he smushed the bill in my face. A few on–lookers gasped. I

kicked him in the crotch. He yelled and relinquished me so that I fell on the ground on my palms and knees.

“That‘s enough, Parker!” Hissed Bryan. “You don‘t know…”

“Calm down, Bryan!!!! Don‘t get your panties all in a bunch! I won‘t hurt our little Charity Case!”

Snarled Parker.

He usually bullied me but he had been away from school for a few months due to a football injury to my absolute relief and happiness. I had almost forgotten he existed. I felt helpless again. Parker snatched me up pulling on the hood of my coat. I was at a lost for words.

Is this guy crazy?! Said my wolf. You‘re the triplet alphas‘ mate! Chasity tell him! He probably doesn‘t even know yet!

“You wanna earn the money don‘t you?” Said Parker with a disgusting smile. “How about a blowjob then since you obviously like being on your knees!”

The small group of on–lookers gasped. “f**k YOU!” I screeched. “How dare you talk to me like that?!”

Parker‘s face got red with anger. I slapped him, reddening it further. He smacked me back. He had never hit me before. I squealed at the impact but didn‘t fall because he was gripping my hood with his other hand still.


Parker looked up. It was Arnold Grey, another football playing senior. I did not know much about sports but he was the star player so girls always swooned over him. He was just as tall as Parker but with olive skin, dark eyes and dark hair. He had dimples like the triplets.

He was flanked by two other big football players and they all looked pissed. They had never noticed me before but I knew their faces. They were all very popular at school. Ashton was standing near the doorway. Had he brought these other

football players here? Ashton was on the team too.

“What‘s up, Arnold?” Said Parker, nodding.

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!” Yelled Arnold, making Parker flinch.

He punched Parker in the face and grabbed me from him. I stumbled but one of the other football players held me delicately to his side. Huh.

“Are you ok, Chasity?” The blonde football player said grasping my cheek and turning my face side to side so he could see the bruise. His name was Brett I think.

“s**t! That‘s a death sentence right there! You ok, little Luna?” Said the other brunette football player. This was Jerald. He had mocha-coloured skin and a chiselled face.

“I‘m ok,” I mumbled, shaken up, but feeling grateful. These three had never bullied me. They ignored me mostly. They probably did not know I existed before. Arnold had smiled at me once though and let me

cut in front of him in the cafeteria line. When I had gotten up there, I had realised I was short. i had only had money from a math contest I had one but it was running out. Arnold had paid me for and winked and put a finger to his lips when I had tried to say thank you.

Parker quickly recovered from the punch with a roar of anger. “How dare you disrespect the Luna like that? What a disgrace!” Yelled Arnold. Parker stiffened. “What the hell are you talking about?” He said, paling. “I tried to tell you, man,” muttered Bryan.

“Shut up, Bryan!” Snapped Parker.

“Chasity is the mate of Alex, Felix and Calix,” whispered Bryan. “Her birthday was the same day as

theirs. They became alphas and she came their mate.”

Parker stared at me in disbelief. His eyes trailed over me until they landed on my neck where the three silvery marks were. Parker trembled. Arnold cracked his knuckles.

“I would punch you again for speaking suggestively to the Luna and hitting her but there‘s no need. I couldn’t possibly outdo whatever the triplets will have planned for you when they see their little mate‘s face and I‘ll make sure they know it was you along with your address,” threatened Arnold.

The crowd gasped. Some people snickered and “oohed.”

“Charity, Charity, we‘re good right! We were playing around!” Stammered Parker trying to playfully punch my arm but Brett snarled and pulled me closer to him and slightly behind him.

“Stay away!” Said Jerald, his tone deadly. The three football players walked me to the nurse‘s office. Ashton came with us. He had helped me.

“I‘m fine! Really, I‘m fine,” I insisted.

Brett lifted me onto the nurse‘s bunk and Jerald alerted the nurse. Ashton smiled at me and I smiled back, relieved. I was shaken up. Parker‘s temper was the worst of any person I knew. He often beat guys up but I had never seen him hit a girl before today.

The nurse gasped when she saw me. She made me ice my face and she called my guardian. I was praying the Luna did not answer the house line.

“He‘s coming to get you,” said the nurse sweetly, writing a pass for me to stay home today. “You didn‘t lose consciousness so that‘s a good sign and when I feel your face, there‘s no significant swelling or palpable fractures.”

She gave me some painkillers. I sighed but took them. I hoped the “he” that was coming to get me was not the former Alpha. It was not. Thank goodness.

“Calix!” I squealed and launched myself into his arms. He squeezed me tightly then swept my curls back, looking at my bruised face. I had never seen Calix so angry. He looked murderous.

“Where is he?” Was all he said to the four footballer players. The nurse had left to see about something.

“He usually skips class around now to go smoke weed by the bleachers,” said Ashton.

Calix walked off. I scurried behind him.

“I‘d rather you stayed inside, Chasity!” Said Calix.

“No. Calix, it‘s ok you don‘t have to talk to him. It was a misunderstanding!” I said, feeling a bit panicked.

Calix kept up a steady pace and the four footballers walked behind him. Parker and Bryan were at the

bleachers along with some other guys I did not know.

“Parker, come here,” said Calix.

“Aww, come on, man, give me a break, she wasn‘t spoken for a few weeks ago. I didn‘t know,” said

Parker calmly.

All his friends looked pale.

“Did any of them have anything to do with it?” Asked Calix, looking at Ashton.

Ashton shook his head.

Parker stayed put. Calix walked up the bleachers slowly. Parker glared at him.

“I’m not scared of you! Aren‘t you like the nicest one?” Laughed Parker. “I am actually,” laughed Calix. Parker laughed again. They laughed together only that was not Calix‘s normal laugh.

In one swift fluid movement, Calix grabbed Parker by the scruff on his neck and threw him off the bleachers like he weighed nothing. All of the friends scampered away. Parker hit the snow a couple yards down the field. I saw blood soaking into the snow.

Please, don‘t let him be dead , I thought. I could not take that kind of guilt although Parker had always been awful to me.

I ran over. He was face–down. I rolled him over with all my might. His arms and legs were at weird angles and his nose looked broken. I checked his pulse.

“He‘s alive!“I announced to literally no one. I looked around and saw Calix and the four footballers were already walking back to the school. All the “Friends” had fled. They even left the weed behind.

“Should I tell the nurse to go check on him in the snow since Chasity says he‘s alive?” Asked


“Do whatever you want,” shrugged Calix.

Ashton nodded. “Thanks,” Calix said nodding to the four of them. They smiled. “No need to thank us, Alpha,” said Ashton, smiling, “No problem, Alpha,” said Arnold.

“You‘re welcome, Alpha,” murmured Brett as though star–struck. “Not a problem, Big C!” Exclaimed Jerald which made Calix laugh. Jerald bounced knuckles with me.

“Your girl kicked him in the ballsi” Said Jerald to Callx. “I thought you should know! I would‘ve been proud of my lady!

I blushed. I waved bye to the footballers who were all excited about talking to one of the Alphas as they scrambled back into school. The footballers had showed up after I kicked Parker but someone had probably mind–linked them the detalls while Ashton went to get them. I noticed some kids surrounding them to find out what had happened.

The bell signalling the end of first period had just rang so everyone came out of class. I did not think I would have any more run–ins with bullies but I was not quite right about that, though none were violent after this episode.

Calix walked me to his car and opened the door for me. He got into the driver‘s seat. He drove away from the school but did not go to the pack house. He drove up to the mountains for about fifteen minutes in complete silence. Our pack lands were a true wilderness with ice, snow, mountainous planes and wild beasts. The Alphas here were known for their incredible strength.

He parked at a spot I had heard about. It was a lookout point with a really beautiful view of the horizon. The sea hundreds of feet below had blocks of white ice all over it. The sky was a pale greyish blue. The high school seniors and young adults called this lookout “Domino“.

I could see why now because the sea looked black from here and the blocks of snow–covered ice floating on it were white. Black and White spots like dominos. I would always hear the popular kids like Mina, Tina, the same Arnold and his friends

talking about taking someone they liked to “Domino“. It was a hook–up and make–out point.

I blushed and squirmed in my seat. I had not had a chance to connect properly with Calix since I had freaked out when we were in the pool together. I felt excited about being alone with him now. Calix was always so gentle, leaving goosebumps everywhere.

I moved towards him to kiss him and he stopped me, grasping my chin and looking at my face with a pained expression. Did he think I looked ugly? I had not looked at my bruise yet. I fought back tears at him not wanting to kiss me. Then, why would he bring me here.

“I want to know what happened Chasity in your own words, ok? Please don‘t lie to me, remember we said no secrets. That works both ways,” said Calix, sounding pained and tired.

“Ok,”I squeaked nodding. “I, uh, was in the library, reading. Ashton was there. He‘s cool. I was sitting alone though,“I made sure to say knowing how jealous all the triplets were.

“It was almost time for the first class so I got up but someone knocked my books over. It was Parker,” I said softly. Calix took a deep breath.

“Then I, uh, tried to pick them up but Parker kicked them across the room,” I said.

Calix growled. It sounded worse now, talking about it.

“Bryan told him to stop. That‘s Parker‘s best friend. Um, Parker called me ‘Charity Case‘ the nickname Felix gave me,” I said softly, playing with my fingers.

Calix stiftened. Felix never smacked me about though, except once when he was twelve and I was nine and I broke Calix‘s nose. I pushed that memory away. I could not handle it now.

Calix was leaning back, seemingly enjoying looking at me, his head resting against his head–rest, his

wavy dark hair falling to his shoulders. The triplets‘ hair had grown a bit on vacation. Calix’s gloved hand was behind my head–rest.

“He grabbed my neck and tried to stuff a hundred dollar bill in my mouth. I kicked him in the crotch then he grabbed me and asked if I wanted to earn the money by giving him… a bl*wjob since I like being on my knees,” I mumbled the last part really quickly but Calix heard it all clearly and looked


“I said ‘f**k you‘ and told him not to talk to me like that. I slapped him and he smacked me back.

Then, Ashton brought the three big footballers. Ashton had gone from help back when Parker knocked over my books I think,” I said, falling silent, signifying that was the end.

Calix groaned. “And after all that Chasity, you don‘t want me to kill him,” Calix said.

“NO! Of course not! You‘ve done enough! Thanks!” I said quickly. “I‘m satisfied. No one will bother me again, I‘m sure,” insisted.

Calix grumbled to himself. “Goddess,” he said softly making me shiver. He pulled me into his lap.

“Would you have even told me any of that if the nurse and the guys hadn‘t?” He asked gently.

I squirmed. I probably would have edited it. I wouldn‘t have wanted to say any names. I didn‘t like causing trouble. I felt like I had caused trouble my whole life when I hadn‘t meant to.

“I‘m sorry, Calix. I just wanted it to go away, so I probably wouldn‘t have said anything unless you asked about the bruise and then I would have had a hard time saying it was Parker,” I mumbled.

“You‘re lucky it was me, you know, and not Felix,” laughed Calix. I did not even want to think about what Felix would do seeing as sweet gentle Calix held my bully by his neck and threw him across a field.

Felix might have thrown everyone hanging out there whether they had anything to do with it or not. Guilty by associated. I laughed humourlessly.

Calix was smelling his own scent on me, on my silvery mark, the one that was his. “I have a surprise for you!” I said.

“Yeah?” Said Calix, perking up, his baby blue eyes wide with excitement. He was so cute!

“Close your eyes!” I instructed. He closed them. His lashes were long. I kissed his eyelids and he smiled, showing his dimples. I smiled. I found his marking spot and I bared my fangs. I let them graze the spot. It was his turn to shiver.

“Chasity,” he moaned softly, gripping me tighter, encouragingly. I let my wolf come forward a bit and I sank my teeth into his tender flesh causing waves of pleasure to course through both of us.

I was rocking on his lap. He groaned. I licked my mark to seal it, happy with my handiwork. Calix turned his black eyes on me. He got into the back seat pulling me with him and pinning me under him. His lips found mine. I kissed him hungrily, my hands tangled in his silky hair.

He reached under my skirt pulling my tights and my underwear down, not wanting to expose me to the cold too much. He was covering my jaw and neck with hot open–mouthed kisses.

His hands roamed my body squeezing my most tender areas. I squirmed under him and he grabbed my wrists pinning them above my head in one of his huge hands while the other hand

found my entrance and forced two fingers in. I groaned and rocked my hips. My body relished the intrusion. Calix pumped his fingers in and out adding two more. I squealed. His four fingers pumped me, knuckle deep, while his thumb massaged my cl*t. He licked the side of my face from chin to hairline where my bruise was. It stung but my wolf purred with happiness.

Theard the sound of his belt unbuckling and his pants unzipping. No amount of fingering ever really prepared me for the triplets. They were all so huge. Calix entered me with one sharp deep thrust. My cry was muffled by his lips crashing down on mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist instinctively as he thrust into me.

“f**k, you‘re so tight, Chasity,” he breathed against my face.

I was so full. Suddenly he pulled out and flipped me over. I felt cold air on my bare behind and thighs as he raised my skirt up. My underwe*r and tights were around my knees. I whimpered. Calix parted my butt cheeks and spat on my behind.

I felt his tongue lick my behind and enter it. He darted his tongue in and out of my back entrance while my squeals and moans were muffled, my face against the car seat. I felt his weight press me into the seat as huge er#ction poked my behind.

His hand reached under me, his palm pressing against my vulva and finding my clit just as his d**k penetrated my behind. I groaned and he grunted. He kissed my cheek with an open mouth, sucking on my face a little as he slowly thrusted into me from behind while his fingers massaged my clit. Anal had always frightened me a little but this was heavenly.

“Ohhh, Calix,” I whispered as he continuously kissed my cheek and the side of my neck while he deepened his thrusts. My thighs were quivering. I felt his palm rubbing my front. I moaned and he licked my ear, burying himself in me to the hilt.

I could not take much more. Just a few thrusts later, I felt myself coming undone. My whole body shook. Calix pulled out of behind and pushed into my p***y, releasing his load in me. He kissed my marking spot gently as our heart rates slowed and our panting died down.

“I love you, Chasity,” he breathed in my ear. My wolf was gleeful, two marked, one to go.

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