Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 27: Didi Torte 

Third Person

Didi Torte lived with her husband, three sons and three cats. She had huge orb-like blue eyes, rosy-skin and lank blonde hair that fell to her shoulders. She was a house–wife and a quiet person despite knowing everything about everyone. She had dreamed of being an investigative journalist but had partied non–stop in her youth, met her mate, cleaned up her act, got married, got pregnant, got pregnant again and again. Now with three rowdy boys, aged 9, 10 and 11, she had no time for anything else. The cats were like her other children.

They were all wearing sweaters she had knitted. She had named them Wynken, Blynken and Nod after her sons‘ favourite poem. They were gorgeous creatures, orange, white and calico respectively. Felix was trying to pet the orange cat who immediately jumped on a nearby shelf to avoid being petted.

“What can I do for you, Alphas?” Said Didi nervously. “I have apple pie, and ice cream to go with it! I‘ll fix it right up!”

“No apple pie for me, just ice cream! Thanks!” Said Felix. Alex made a face at Felix. They were here on a mission! “Nothing for me, Mrs Torte!” Said Alex politely. “Oh, please, please, Alpha, call me Didi!” Said Didi.

She hurried into the kitchen and they could hear her rummaging around.

There were in a living room with pale blue walls, blue sofas, blue shelves. Even the floor had a bluish tint to the pale wood. They sat on a squishy sofa opposite Didi‘s arm chair.

Didi scurried back in holding a tray with two bowls: vanilla ice cream alone for Felix and vanilla ice

cream and apple pie for Alex who had refused.

Felix took both bowls and started eating.

“Should I bring more?” Asked Didi.

“No!” Said Alex quickly.

“Sorry to drop in on you like this out of the blue but it is very important!” Alex began.

Didi nodded.

“I‘m told that you were a good friend of a woman by the name of Chalice a while back?” Alex asked.

Didi stiffened.

“What can you tell me about her?” Said Alex encouragingly. “Alpha, to be frank, I know Chalice is the mother of your mate, little Chasity,” said Didi.

Alex sat up a little straighter. “But I don‘t know where Chalice went! She just…left,” Didi said, shrugging.

“Right, but what happened before that?” Alex asked.

“She was tense leading up to her leaving. We were friends. We partied together. We skipped school together. We even got tattoos together!” Laughed Didi, pointing to her tattoo of a moon with a snake curled around it.

“So Chalice has the same tattoo?” Asked Alex.

“Yeah,” said Didi. “Hers in on her ankle though and mine is hear by my forearm,” said Didi. “I was wild back in my day. We liked to gamble at The Lucky Toad. A group of us, me, Chalice and Deidre Binx. We were inseparable at one point. We took care of each other. We had our vices. Chalice had pissed off her dealer and the Casino Owner! She owed both of them money!”

“Was she ever threatened by either of them?” Alex asked.

“By her dealer, yeah, not the casino owner, he considered her small potatoes,” said Didi. “Who was her dealer?” Asked Alex.

“A guy who went by the name Casper. They used to call him Casper the Unfriendly Ghost,” chuckled Didi. She slapped her knee, laughing wholeheartedly at that.

Felix had a blank expression. Alex smiled half-heartedly. “I didn‘t know his full name or his real name,” Didi said.

“You know if he still deals?” Alex asked.

“Of course! It‘s a small town,” Didi said.

“Got a number or an address?” Asked Felix, speaking for the first time since he finished his snacks.

“I’ve got both!” Said Didi. She gave them the number and they put it in their phones. She told them address.

“And this Casino Owner? Name and number?” Asked Felix.

Didi scrambled to get her cellphone looking through it.

“Here‘s the number for The Lucky Toad casino. His name is Alexi Franck. I don‘t have his personal number but uh he‘s even less friendly than the unfriendly ghost I told you about,” Didi warned.

Chasity‘s POV

I was dreading seeing Alex and especially Felix. After Calix took me home, I went to take a bath and saw how obvious the bruise was. I contemplated covering it up with makeup but I was the one who had made everyone promise that there be no more secrets between us. I heard when Alex and Felix got back around noon. I was hiding in my old room so I was on the same floor as the triplets‘ rooms. It dawned on me that this was a terrible hiding place.

“Chasity is home,” I heard Calix say.

“Really?” Said Felix eagerly.

Where was Alex? “Where‘s Alex?” Calix asked.

“He dropped me off. He going to a meeting at Beta Keaton‘s house. We already discussed those pack disputes together so he‘s just gonna present what we decided. Tomorrow you can go, then me on Wednesday. We‘ll all go Thursday,” said Felix.

Four meetings in a week! Their Beta‘s name was Keaton. Why didn‘t I know any of this? I hadn‘t really taken up the position of Luna. I had thought of Alpha and Luna as something genetic only like it wasn‘t a real job but it was.

“Why is Chasity home?” Asked Felix.

I could just imagine him checking the time and the way he would raise his eyebrows.

“Because she got bullied at school,” Calix said. “A boy named Parker hit her and tried to stuff money in her face. I threw him across the football field. It‘s handled.”

Calix said all of this matter-of-factly.

I heard footsteps and the door rattled. Someone knocked. I opened it hesitantly. Felix. He was

frowning. He stepped into my room.

“You‘re not supposed to sleep here,” was all he said. “I know,” I said softly.

He looked at me with a pained expression. He was looking at my bruise. He picked me up, bridal style, and carried me downstairs to the master bedroom I had chosen for myself. He put me on the bed gently and sat next to me. He was silent.

“Are you mad?” I asked, feeling more worried by his lack of a reaction.

“What do you think, Baby?” He said.

“You‘re mad,” I said.

He sighed and lay down pulling me with him. “Did Parker die?” Felix asked.

“No!”I squeaked. “Then how is it handled?” Felix grumbled. “I don‘t want Parker to die!“I insisted. “Assaulting a Luna is punishable by death,” mumbled Felix.

“I‘m not Luna yet and he didn‘t know and…”

“None of those things make it ok!” Said Felix dryly. “Please, please, don‘t kill him. I couldn‘t live with the guilt,” I pleaded. I kissed his cheek and his other cheek and the tip of his nose. He smirked.

“Felix!” I said.

“What?” Said Felix, annoyed.

“Promise me!” I whined.

“There are some things I can‘t promise you, Chasity,” said Felix softly, stroking my cheek carefully.

I shut my eyes. “He‘s already badly injured!” I said pointedly. “Well hopefully his injuries kill him before I get to him,” Felix said blankly. “I‘ll give you anything you want in exchange for his life,” | bargained. Felix chuckled. “Anything like what? Like you‘ll mark me?”

“No,” I said.

Felix‘s face fell.

“I’m going to mark you today because I‘m in love with you. I won‘t bargain that away,” I explained.” Pick something else.”

Felix sat up and cupped my face. “You‘re gonna mark me today?” he said, his eyes wide.

I nodded in earnest. “You‘re in love with me?” He asked.

I nodded emphatically. “l.”

Before I could reiterate how I felt, Felix‘s lips came crashing down against mine. He pinned me underneath him and settled himself between my legs.

I instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he rocked his hips, pressing the growing bulge in his pants against my Mose intimate area. He nipped my bottom lip, making me squeal so he could explore my mouth with his

tongue. I kissed him back just as ferociously enjoying every sensation as moisture pooled in my

underwear. He pulled my cotton shorts and underwear down to my knees in one fluid motion. He freed himself and I felt his huge thick c**k rubbling against my already swollen v*lva. I moaned and whimpered into his mouth. I was getting a little woozy from the lack of air. He broke the kiss, panting.

He entered me just as my teeth found his neck. I pierced his flesh with my fangs. He tasted so sweet. They all did. I heard him grunt and moan as his grip on me tightened reflexively. He did not start to move within me until I parted from him, licking the mark and sealing it. Then, he pressed his forehead to mine as he thrust slowly into me

. We were both black–eyed staring at each other. As my eyes faded to brown and his to blue, he quickened his pace. I moaned his name and he smirked. Faster and faster. The pressure and heat in my tummy built to a crescendo until it overflowed. My scream was muffled by another breath–taking kiss as I came.

My p***y contracted around his huge member. He let go too and I felt his seed spurt into me. We stayed entangled afterwards and fell asleep.

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