Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 28: Chasity’s Bath Tub


I was anxious to get some food in Chasity. Her eating habits were quite poor because of her heavy workload in the past. She was accustomed to skipping meals so she did not get hungry at regular intervals or at least she did not notice her own hunger until she was ravenous.

Then, she would eat a lot and feel a bit uncomfortably stuffed. It was a bad pattern and I was determined to break it by supervising her eating of three meals a day on weekends and two on weekdays cause I could not show up to lunch in Winter Moon High cafeteria like a lunatic and spy on my mate so I couldn’t count on the weekdays being three.

“Who do you eat lunch with at school?” I asked curiously as we sat at a booth in a restaurant in the mall.

Chasity was between Felix and me while Calix was sitting opposite us. I did not want to ask if she ate lunch so I tried asking an indirect question. Chasity perked up immediately. She was actually really enjoying the lasagna in front of her.

“I eat with Mina and Tina,” she said, grinning

“Sounds like a Pop group from the eighties, said Felix. “They’re the most popular girls in school,” said Chasity with some nascent pride. My face fell. I hoped they were not using her because of us, her mates, being the Alphas “I never heard you talk about them before. Is this a recent friendship?” I asked hesitantly.

“Um,” said Chasity, frowning at her marinara. “Yes and no. I have a locker near theirs so I always see them and the day before our birthday, I randomly had a nice conversation with them and then I helped them with some math and they helped me with my makeup and hair and outfit for my birthday. They got me birthday presents!” Said Chasity smiling.

“I’m happy for you, Chasity,” said Calix with a wink.

I was relieved to hear that the girls had started talking to her before we were fated even if it was literally the day before.

“Those were the first presents I had gotten in years,” said Chasity, reaching for her glass of coke. “What about our gifts?” Asked Felix, pouting. “That happened after. Mina and Tina beat you to it,” she said pointedly. “They sound dumb,” said Felix. I kicked him under the table. **They’re just not good at math,” said Chasity honestly. “But they’re great at other things!” “Like hair and makeup?” Said Felix, raising his eyebrows. Chasity glowered. “Never mind,” she said, getting upset. “I get it,” yelled Felix, looking at me. “What?” I asked, alarmed.

“No, i kicked you under the table this time,” admitted Calix. We all burst into laughter, even Chasity. “Look, Baby, I don’t mean to be harsh. I just want you to be careful. I don’t want you to be…taken advantage of. Some people might suddenly want to hang all over you. Don’t trust fully them if they only started being nice to you when you became fated to us,” explained Felix gently.

“If you were listening properly you would have heard me say we started talking the day before my birthday!” Snapped Chasity. “And you three are the ones who only started being nice to me when I became fated to you!”

Felix blinked. “Well, excuse me,” said Felix gruffly.

“Felix, don’t start,” I warned him. “That’s not completely inaccurate. I understand your point, Chasity. Noted.”

Calix put his head in his hands. He was clearly stressed. Chasity’s face fell looking at him. “If I’m so difficult to be with, why are we even bothering,” said Chasity softly. “What would you have me do, Chasity?” Said Felix, raising his voice. “Felix,” I said pointedly. “NO!” He yelled, looking at me. I turned away and took a deep breath to calm my angry wolf. Felix turned back to Chasity. “What do you want from me?” He shouted at Chasity. She jumped. “Chasity.” said Felix. She looked she was about to cry. Felix sighed.

“Chasity, I love you. I can’t just pretend I don’t. If you don’t want to be with us…” said Felix, pausing

I could hear his heart racing. I really did not think any of us would ever be the same if Chasity officially rejected us.

“I don’t know what to tell you anymore,” said Felix. “All I know is that I really am sorry for how things turned out. You have every right to hate me but I thought we were going to try.”

“I am trying,” said Chasity softly. She was staring at her lasagna and clutching her fork. Felix brushed the hair out of her face. “I’m trying too,” he said gently. “I know,” she whispered. “Is it the trip?” Asked Calix, finally raising his head and intervening. Chasity shrugged. “Do you not want to go? Do you not want to be alone with us? Is that it?” Asked Calix. Chasity was actually crying now, tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. “I’m scared, ok,” she admitted.

Felix pulled her to him and held her tightly. She sobbed into his chest. I rubbed her back, trying to soothe her. Calix was reaching across the table, stroking her hair.

“I’m really sorry for yelling,” I heard Felix murmur into her ear. “That was out of line and disrespectful, Baby. I’m sorry,” he whispered, k!ssing her cheek.

She sniffled. She settled down. “It’s not that,” she said. “I was scared from before. I… haven’t been in the water since…” She stopped She did not have to say anything else. We knew exactly what she meant. **You’ve been in the bath tub,” said Felix. “Felix,” grumbled Calix. “What? That bathtub is huge and you love it, don’t you?” Asked Felix.

“Yeah,” said Chasity, shrugging. “The sea is a big bath tub,” reasoned Felix. “Maybe,” I said. If it calmed her down, sure the sea was a big bath tub.

“What about swimming lessens at school? Isn’t that a mandatory part of the Winter Moon High curriculum? It’s part of P.E. for our pack,” I recalled.

“The Alpha wrote a note after I freaked out at my first swimming lesson and the school called your parents,” she whispered.

I was not surprised. That was the one incident they felt guilty over. Us dipping Chasity in the ice fishing hole when we were younger. We were such little monsters.

“Ok, back to the bath tub,” said Felix. “Can you think of the sea as a big one?” “I guess,” she said, “I’ll try.” “Good, Luna, thanks for trying with us,” I murmured, k!ssing her all over her face. She giggled.

“I haven’t been in the water with you three around,” she added. That was fair enough. Maybe our presence added to her fear. “What if we take a bath with you?” Asked Felix. “What?” Giggled Chasity. Calix shrugged, “Weird but worth a try.”

“The tub is huge. You’re comfortable with it. Get comfortable with the three of us and the tub together. Let’s not fix up our vacay. You deserve to have a nice time. No anxiety. What if we practice being in the water together until we leave for the trip so the vacay won’t be the first time you’re around us and a body of water since…the incident,” suggested Felix.

“You never use the indoor pool at home,” I added. “Yes!” Exclaimed Calix, getting excited. Chasity looked nervous. “We’ll start off with the tub,” said Felix, “Once we get comfortable with the tub, you’ll graduate to the pool,” said Calix. “And the next step will be the sea on our vacay,” I concluded. “Baby steps,” we three said in unison. This could work. “That could work,” my Luna mumbled, agreeing. YES! I was so happy and relieved. “You’re gonna be taking a lot of baths,” said Felix suggestively, whilst playing with Chasity’s hair. Chasity smiled slyly.

“And then we’re gonna get you all dirty again so we can take yet another bath,” snarled Felix playfully

Chasity swatted his chest. He grabbed her hand and k!ssed it.

*Tonight, you’ll wear one of the new swimsuits and take a bath with us,” I said, trying hard not to Young as excited as I felt I was giddy at the thought. I was painfully hard just from the suggestion.

Felix was smiling to himself and so was Calix. I hid my smile Chasity did not need to know we were all horndogs, pun intended. She was probably apprehensive enough about our bath.

We sat in a companionable silence during the drive home. I had been such a complete tool to Chasity.

Chasity’s Bath L I hated fighting with her. It was different with her. My past girlfriends could hold their own in an argument so I never used to feel guilty for arguing with them. Chasity had been through a lot and she had every reason to be afraid of us. I had probably intimidated her or scared her more.

I was just glad she agreed to the bath. I kept my eyes on the road ahead though my mind was on Chasity. She was in the backseat lying down with her head on Alex’s lap. Calix was in the passenger seat.

“Is she asleep?” I asked Alex. “Yeah,” he said. I sighed. “Don’t beat yourself up too much,” said Alex softly. I raised my eyebrows, shocked to hear him say that.

“I was out of line,” I admitted. “None of us are perfect,” said Alex. “Yeah,” said Calix kindly, patting my shoulder. “You two come pretty closel guess,” I said, immediately regretting the sappiness. “Aww, triplet hug,” said Calix as we pulled into the driveway.

groaned. My brothers got out of the car and Calix dragged me out of the car. Alex was holding a sleeping Chasity bridal style. We hugged gently to avoid awaking our little Sleeping Beauty.

She slept into the evening. She got up around seven and came upstairs to find us. I had been painting in my room when Chasity walked in. In case you were wondering, yes, of course it was a painting of Chasity. What else? Who else? She sauntered into my room and looked at the painting. She smiled slightly.

“Did you…are…should we have a bath?” She said, clearly really nervous.

I cupped her cheeks and pulled her in for a steamy long k!ss. I ended up getting paint from my hands all over her face. She broke away from me breathless.

“It would be my pleasure, Baby,” I purred.

She smiled shyly. I took her hand and knocked loudly on those two chuckleheads’ doors on my way downstairs. Alex and Calix exited their rooms and followed us. We ran the bath for Chasity.

“Bubble bath or regular?” Asked Calix. “A regular bath might mimic the pool and then the sea better,” I suggested.

Chasity nodded. I already had my swim trunks on under my clothes. That was how excited I had been for this bath since we had gotten home. I str!pped down to my swim trunks.

My brothers changed into theirs. Chasity changed into one of her new swimsuits in her bedroom while we waited in her bathroom. Calix made us light candles. I fetched a bottle of wine. She entered the bathroom. She had a coverup on. I grumbled inwardly.

“You’re going to bathe with the coverup on?” I asked disapprovingly. “It’s bad enough we have to wear swimsuits,” I added, pouting. “I’ll take the coverup off,” she answered simply. Chasity had a small sip of moscato.

“Let’s do this,” I said, helping her step into the tub. My brothers and I sat in the tub. It was big enough for us to all sit in a circle like in a hot tub. We actually had a hot tub outside but it was in view of the site of the incident so I did not suggest using it to Chasity.

I looked over at my beautiful bikini babe Chasity. She had washed the paint off her face. Every pore in my skin was raised My d**k was straining against my swim trunks.

“Not so bad, right?” I asked gently. She nodded. She remained where she was. Alex was staring at her but he did not make a move.


Bath T… slowly neared her, humming the theme song from Jaws. She giggled. He grabbed her and she screamed playfully.

“Help,” she shrieked. “Shark!”

Alex pretended to harpoon “the shark.” He won. Calix sank to the bottom of the bath tub with a gurgling sound. I clapped for their performance. Calix resurfaced.

“My reward for saving you, My Lady,” I said, pointing to my cheek. She grinned and k!ssed my cheek sweetly. I turned her. There was a knock on the door.

“Calix, Honey, are you in there? I’ve been looking all over the place,” cooed Mom.

Ugh. Worrywart’s Mom had come to check on Baby Boy Calix. “I’m here, Mom, but I’m busy, ok Mom?” Called Calix. “Ok,” she said reluctantly. “Have you seen your elder brothers by chance, Honey?” Purred Mom. “Yeah, they’re in here too,” admitted Calix.

I heard her sigh exasperatedly from the other side of the door. Thankfully, she went away. Chasity had been approaching each of us, possibly at random. We would make out like crazy until our l!ps were swollen. I leant in and nuzzled Chasity.

“On our vacation, this is how I want us to be in the water,” I told her, gathering her up in my arms.

She was in the first swimsuit she had modelled for us. A shimmery light blue bikini. I positioned her so that she was on my lap facing me with her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck while our foreheads and noses were pressed together, gazes looked. She blushed and looked down.

“Don’t,” I whispered, grasping her chin and tilting her face so that our eyes met again. “Look at me,” I said softly. “Remember what you’re supposed to say?” I asked. “Oh! Yeah,” she said. “Let’s hear it,” said Alex, brushing her damp hair out of her face. “I am the Winter Moon Pack Luna,” she said hesitantly. “That’s right,” said Calix. “How do you feel?” Asked Alex. “Is this scary?” He asked, k!ssing her earlobe. She giggled. “No,” she mumbled, looking down. “You sure?” Asked Calix. “Be honest, ok, Princess.” “I’m sure. It’s kinda nice,” she confessed.

I k!ssed her passionately. She tightened her arms around my neck, k!ssing me back just as eagerly. I deepened our k!ss, snaking my tongue into her mouth. I explored her mouth gently. She mo-aned. My hands massaged her back. I knew Calix and Alex were massaging other places. She broke apart from me and let out a little whimper.

“Too much, Baby? You wanna stop?” I asked breathlessly, She locked eyes with me.


Chasity was a vision. I just could not help myself. While she was wrapped around Felix, my hands wandered of their own accord. They found her br*asts and kneaded them through the fabric of the swimsuit, my thumbs circling her n****s.

She whimpered. Calix was grasping her b*tt cheeks and squeezing them. She gave a little squeak when he squeezed them a bit harder than usual.

“Sorry, Chasity,” he murmured, k!ssing the nape of her neck.

She had her curls piled on top of her head. She leant back into me. I pulled her backwards onto my lap, her back against guy front. She relaxed.

She closed her eyes with a sigh as I continued to caress her br*easts. Her n’****s were hard and easily discernible under the fabric of the bikini top. Calix pressed the heel of his palm against her core while Felix’s palms pressed against her inner th!ghs and pushed them further apart for better access to her.

“Tell us. How’s it going?” I asked, k!ssing and su-cking her earlobe. “Mmm,” was all she said.

I wanted to take her bikini top off. And her bikini bottoms and let down her hair. I settled for letting her hair down.

“Talk to us,” breathed Calix in her other ear. “Please, Baby,” whispered Felix, k!ssing her neck. He k!ssed his way down to the spot between her br*asts. “I…I’m not scared like I thought I would be,” she murmured. “What is it though? You seem anxious?” Asked Calix. She blushed. “I…I…I just,” she whimpered. “You wanna cm, don’t you?” I asked. Her cheeks and neck were flushed. The water was a bit hot also. “Huh, Luna?” I prompted, “Say it,” growled Felix.

“Don’t be scared, Chasity. Tell us what you want,” said Calix.

Chasity exhaled slowly. There had been a lot of tension between us and Chasity since we had begun k!ssing. Things would get heated and then Chasity would run away.

“I do,” she whispered. “I want to c*m,” she said so softly, it was barely even a whimper.

Six hands began roaming her body with renewed vigour. Chasity was panting and squirming as her br*easts were kneaded, her behind was squeezed and her core was rubbed through the fabric of her bikini bottoms. When a hind slipped under the waistband of her bikini bottoms, she gasped and stiffened. She tossed her head back.

“I’m scared,” she said suddenly “What?” I asked, confused. “Why?” I asked, becoming concerned. We all stopped our caressing of her.

I’ve…never had a real orgasm before,” she mumbled so softly I was not sure if I had heard correctly

** You’ve never even touched yourself, Luna?” I asked. “Oh, I have,” she admitted softly. “Until you came?” Asked Calix. **Yeah,” she mumbled. “But it’s not the same.” “Why?” I asked She laughed,

“There’s three of you! You’re all…um…focused on me. It’s intense,” she said, biting her l!p. I k!ssed the tip of her nose. “We can take our time,” I assured her. “Ok,” she said, smiling

Felix’s expression said otherwise. “I’m gonna die of blue balls,” he said nonchalantly. “Felix,” I said sternly. He sighed. He k!ssed Chasity’s forehead. “Do you trust us a little more?” He asked. She nodded. “Bath in the morning?” Asked Felix. “Indoor pool tomorrow afternoon?” Prompted Calix.

“We don’t have much time until we leave for the vacay,” I said apologetically. “I know,” she said. “I’m excited to be away from here. I really am! But, I’m also scared to be…” “At our mercy?” I asked. She sighed, looking down. “We really love you, Chasity,” said Calix nuzzling her gently.

“Please, try to remember that,” I beseeched her. She nodded. “You’re living up to your name,” teased Felix. She splashed him with water. “Hey!” He growled. We all started splashing each other. It was every mate for his or herself.

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