Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 29: Pre-Vacay Pressure regarding Dangerous Woman Chasity


After the bath, Chasity seemed more relaxed. Felix’s idea might have actually worked. Perhaps, she had been carrying this fear of being around water especially if we were present. Maybe, she was finally able to release some of that old fear. We all dried off and got dressed in Chasity’s room. Chasity was wrapped in a huge towel, sitting on the edge of her bed. She waited for us change before she reached for her own clothes.

“Do you need help drying your hair?” Asked Alex. “No, that’s ok,” she said politely.

“Are you sure, Luna? I don’t mind at all. It’s my pleasure,” he said, running his fingers through her tangled curls.

“No, Alex, it’s ok, i’ll meet you guys at dinner,” she said shyly. My brothers and I were in tees and sweatpants now but she seemed more embarrassed than ever.

“She probably wants some privacy to change,” I said gently. “Let’s give her that,” I said pointedly to my brothers who reluctantly followed me out the door.

I saw Felix edging around the hallway beyond her bedroom door. “What’re you doing?” I asked. “Waiting for her to change. I want to talk,” he mumbled. “Perhaps, we could talk in the meanwhile,” said Mom, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Alex jumped a little. He had not been expecting her to be standing there when he turned around. “Yes, of course, Mom, what do you want to talk about?” I asked, concerned.

“Let’s go somewhere more private,” she said, lowering her voice though no one was around to overhear us, except perhaps Chasity but I could guarantee that she was not listening at the door. She was never particularly curious or concerned about the affairs of our parents.

We followed Mom upstairs to one of the conference rooms. There was tea prepared with tea biscuits and cakes. She used to do this whenever she delivered bad news to us as children. Thus, teatime became an omen, a harbinger of something nefarious or otherwise upsetting.

We sipped our tea politely. Alex took full cream milk but no sugar. Felix took two sugars but no milk. I took two sugars and full cream milk. Mom drank her tea with no sugar and no milk, plain. I did not know how she did that.

“What were you three up to in Chasity’s bathroom when I came knocking earlier?” Asked Mom. “We were taking a bath,” said Felix bluntly.

“The three of you? You haven’t done that since you were toddlers,” simpered Mom.

“The four of us, obviously, Mom,” said Alex sheepishly. “We would never take a bath as three grown men just like that.”

“Chasity doesn’t know how to take a bath on her own,” laughed Mom.

*She’s traumatised from the ice fishing hole incident and we’re helping her. Exposure therapy if you will,” said Alex curtly

Mom nodded. There was a long pause.

“You know it’s so funny,” chuckled Mom. “When you three were about to turn twenty-one without a Luna to reign alongside you, your father and I almost considered some of the offers we had been getting.”

“Offers? Excuse me,” said Felix, narrowing his eyes.

“From other packs. Alphas who have only daughters, no sons. They would love to have triplet son-in-laws and to have an allegiance with our pack. We considered introducing you to a select few of those girls to see if there were any sparks. Not everyone is lucky enough to find their mate. Not every Luna is her Alpha’s fated mate. Most are but there are exceptions,” explained Mom.

“Now that we have our mate, you have dismissed them all, have you not?” Asked Alex, looking concerned.

Mom laughed airily. “Yes, of course, of course,” she said reassuringly. “Ok, well what is this about then?” Asked Alex, leaning forward and taking her hand,

“I’m a bit concerned about you three going away alone with Chasity,” said Mom, whispering Chasity’s name like she was afraid to say it.

This conversation was going to make me angry and I was not easy to anger but I could feel it already.

“Why is that?” I asked quickly.

“Because, she clearly harbours some ill-will towards you three. You were old rivals as children,” said Mom.

“We were not rivals, we were bullies and we’re atoning for that. What are you saying, Mom? That we’re in danger from five-foot-four if she stands on her tip-toes Chasity? We’re twice her size and there’s three of us so we’re six times her size,” said Felix, laughing.

“She could set you up,” hissed Mom.

“Is this real life? Are you serious? Where’s the camera? This is a joke right? A prank?” Asked Felix, raising his voice, theatrically looking around for a hidden film crew.

“Keep your voice down,” hissed Mom.

“Mom, you think Chasity will what… assassinate us on our trip?” I asked, looking at her with wide eyes.

Mom pursed her l!ps. “Not in so many words,” she said. “But you’ll be vulnerable.” “No, Mom,” said Alex, his voice strained. “She’ll be vulnerable.”

“How would Chasity afford the kind of hitman it would take to take us down? That’s top of the line,” said Felix frankly.

Alex snorted with laughter. “She has your credit cards, doesn’t she?” Said Mom. “You do know that she is a high school student,” said Felix. “Meaning?” Asked Mom.

“Meaning that we pay her credit card balance. The charges are itemised and readily available. It’s called online banking and I did not see hitman anywhere on there,” grumbled Felix.

“She could do it herself. Put something in your drinks,” said Mom. “You’re hysterical,” I said softly “No, I’m not, Calix, Honey,” she cried. “Don’t Calix Honey me,” I said, stone-laced. My brothers stiffened Mom stared at me.

“I didn’t mean to upset you. I gave birth to you. I just want you to be safe,” she said. “All I’m asking is that you take a lew pack warriors with you.”

“Absolutely not,” I said before my brothers could respond. They looked at me, shocked, but they gave no protest.

“What’s the harm in taking security? The security will protect Chasity too as your Luna to-be,” said Mom, back-tracking.

I shook my head. “Think about it. You have a few more days until you leave so you can think about it,” said Mom. “No,” I said. “Calix,” said Mom. “We don’t have a few days before we leave,” I said, incensed by this ridiculous conversation. She would say anything to cast doubt on Chasity. “Yes, you do, I looked at the tickets,” said Mom. “How did you look at them?” Asked Felix suddenly,

“On Christmas Day when she opened it in front of everyone,” said Mom pointedly. “I don’t remember her reading the details aloud and the print is pretty small,” said Felix. “What’s your point?” Asked Mom.

“Did you go into her room …like while she was sleeping? To double-check the details of the tickets and reservations?” Asked Felix.

“Why would you say such a thing?” Laughed Mom. “Because I was locked out of my phone this morning.” revealed Felix. “Me too,” said Alex softly. “That means someone tried several wrong passcodes,” said Felix

“That must have been Chasity trying to see if you’re messaging other girls or something.” said Mom.” That has nothing to do with me. Calix hasn’t said anything about his phone.”

“Mine doesn’t have a passcode,” I admitted, feeling naive now for not having one. I would make one now. “I’m just concerned. That’s all,” mumbled Mom. There was a long tense silence. Mom began to cry. “You hate me! You all hate me. You’ve turned on me,” she cried. She began to sob bitterly. Good grief.

“Mom,” I said exasperatedly. J went over to her and hugged her. Alex rubbed her back. Felix patted her on the head. “How do you know Chasity doesn’t want revenge?” Said Mom, sniffling.

“Because the best revenge would be to reject us and she has not done that,” said Alex softly, taking a napkin and drying Mom’s eyes.

“Mom, you have to stop this…this…vendetta against Chasity,” said Felix. “For want of a better word,” he chuckled.

“Just one pack warrior, suggested Mom. “No, none,” I insisted. “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” mumbled Mom. “Anyway, think it over in the days leading up to the trip.

“We’re leaving tomorrow,” my wolf told me to say. Mom jumped

“What? Why tomorrow?” Squeaked Mom. “Oh, I’ve gone and made it worse. Now, you’re in a hurry to get away from me.”

“This will be healthy for us, Mom, especially for you. You need to spend some time with Dad, away from Chasity and Chasity needs some space from you,” I said frankly.

My brothers were looking at me with total shock in their eyes but I could tell they agreed with me.

“I’ve tried to befriend her! I bought her those pyjamas!” Said Mom defensively, blowing her nose. Felix

Mom was acting more nuts than usual when it came to her co-dependency on Baby Boy Calix and believe it or not, Baby Boy Calix was acting like Big Boy or maybe even Big Man Calix.

He decided to move up our trip date without consulting me or Alex or even Princess Chasity. Chasity was a little br*at when she was ready. What if she simply refused to go? We had not done our second bath or graduated to our dip in the pool. Were we royally f****d?

After Calix and Alex managed to calm Mom down, we went immediately to Chasity before dinner. We knocked on her door. She opened it.

“Hey, I’ll be out to dinner in just a few minutes,” said Chasity, smiling. “Hey little minx,” I said. She giggled. I did not think I had ever called her that out loud before. “Change of plans, Chasity,” said Alex apologetically.

“We’re extending our trip! We’re leaving bright and early tomorrow! I texted our travel agent and he’s making the new arrangements! Same presidential suite, same hotel, same first class accommodations, just sooner and therefore longer. More time for you to relax away from this pack house,” said Calix, really trying his best to sell it.

Chasity frowned. “Princess,” I cooed, stroking her cheek. “Why the sad face?” “What about my bath in the morning and practising in the pool?” She said softly. “We can take baths on our trip. We won’t have to jump straight into the ocean,” laughed Alex.

Truth be told, if this trip was successful in the way we wanted it to be successful, she would not see much of the beach.

“I have to pack,” she mumbled. “I am a pro at that,” offered Alex. “Want me to help you get organised right after dinner?” Chasity nodded. Alex k!ssed her forehead. “Ok, ok, cool,” I said.

That had been suspiciously easy. Had Chasity always been this chill? I recalled her being much more combative than this.

“You’re good with the new plan?”I confirmed.

She shrugged. “I want to go away from here,” was all she said. I pulled her in for a hug. My brothers hugged her too.

Dinner was just as tense as expected. Chasity had no idea of the argument we had had with our paranoid mother. I did not know what Dad knew. He was busy cutting his steak into even pieces. He was having an Alex moment,

“The boys are leaving tomorrow,” said Mom stiffly. The cooks seemed surprised.

“We’re going to miss our wonderful Alphas,” said one of them. “Safe trip, Alphas, and do hurry home. It’ll be so quiet without you,” said the other. “Chasity, you must be excited. You’ve never travelled,” said Dad. A feeble attempt at conversation but at least it was an attempt.

“I went on a trip with my parents when I was little but I don’t remember it so well so yeah, this will feel like the first time,” she said.

Interesting choice of words. Chasity’s first time. I smirked to myself.

“Chasity, would you be a dear and fetch me my reading glasses. I seemed to have left them upstairs in my room on the nightstand,” said Mom.

“I’m not allowed in your room,” said Chasity simply. “Don’t be ridiculous. Of course you are! Just the glasses, thanks, dear,” said Mom. It was an obvious ploy to get Chasity to leave the table for a bit Chasity left hesitantly.

“There was one other thing we did not get to discuss earlier,” said Mom as soon as Chasity was gone.

I sighed. “Alex, the ring.” said Mom pointedly, “I have it,” said Alex, smiling

We had gotten Chasity’s engagement ring we had picked it out together before Christmas. We knew it was premature but we wanted to have it just in case things went fantastically.

“Right, but you’re not actually going to propose to a high school student, are you?” Confirmed Mom.

“We have it for whenever Chasity is ready.” said Alex simply.

“Well, don’t rush her,” whispered Mom, anxiously glancing at the door Chasity had exited through

Chasity returned. She handed Mom the glasses. Mom put them down on the table. “What is it that you’re going to read, Luna Ronnie?” Asked Chasity curiously.

Mom laughed. “It’s always good to have your reading glasses with you,” said Mom. “I never leave home without them.”

“I’ve never really noticed you wearing them before,” commented Chasity. Mom frowned.


After dinner, Chasity and I got to work.

“The secret to packing is making a thorough list. Also, mentally go through your morning and night routines so you don’t miss anything you would need,” said.

Chasity nodded. She quickly made a list under my keen supervision. We packed all her new swimsuits and coverups. Then we packed excursion outfits, pyjamas (not the ones from Mom), her makeup, her perfume and hair products.

“Do I get to sit on top of the suitcase so it will close?” Asked Chasity. “No need,” I said proudly. “It’s perfect. Not too full but no space wasted!” I assured her. She tried to close the suitcase and was able to do so effortlessly. She grinned at me. “All set?” I asked. “I might have a few things to add in the morning if I remember anything else I need,” said Chasity.

“And if you forget anything, that’s ok, we can always just buy it for you when we get there,” I promised her excitedly.

Chasity nodded. “Thank you, Alex, for helping me pack,” she said sweetly. She hugged me tightly. I k!ssed her gently. “If you think you’re sleeping down here tonight, you’re crazy,” I growled playfully. Chasity raised her eyebrows at me.

“I’m too exhausted from packing to walk up the stairs,” complained Chasity, collapsing on the bed.

She peeked at me with one eye. I laughed.

“Carry me?” She asked.

I scooped her up and ran with her up the stairs, not to the amusement of Mom who spotted us on the landing. I quickly bypassed her.

I fell asleep with my pretty little Luna in my arms but woke up without her. I scrambled out of bed.

“Alex, what’s wrong?” Mumbled Calix groggily. “Where’s Chasity?” Asked Felix immediately.

Had she made a last-ditch effort to run away from us before the trip? Calix was wide awake now. Felix got out of bed. I beat them to it. I practically flew down the stairs to find Chasity safe and sound, zipping up her suitcase as she added a few things she had just remembered. I smiled at her.

I could feel their relief through our bond as triplets. “I should have woken you but you looked so peaceful,” said Chasity apologetically. “No biggie,” I lied.

I k!ssed her forehead and carried her suitcase to the car. Calix and Felix burst into her room after me. I could hear them apologising. I should have mind-linked them that she was fine. I showered and dressed in a matter of minutes. I met Felix downstairs.

No one could get ready faster than him. Calix came down soon after. Mom descended the staircase sleepily. I felt guilty looking at her worried face but she was being inappropriate. There had to be some small reasonable part of her when it came to Chasity. Dad was driving up to the airport so we said goodbye to Mom.

“Bye Mom,” I said, cupping her face gently. “Please relax and take care of yourself and understand that we are on a nice safe vacation and we love you.”

She nodded, hugging me, and I k!ssed her cheek. “Mom, take it easy, ok? Promise me,” said Felix whilst hugging her; “I will,” she said softly.

Mom looked at her youngest, Calix, and her eyes filled with tears. I sighed. Not the water works. “I love you, Mom. I’ll call you as soon as we land, ok?” Murmured Calix as they hugged.

“Just be careful and come back home whenever you feel like. You don’t have to stay the whole time if you’re not having fun,” she assured him.

I could guarantee there would be more fun to be had on this trip than in this house with the tense atmosphere right now. Perhaps, Mom would be more accepting of Chasity when she realised that Chasity was here to stay and we were serious about her. I had the ring in my suitcase just in case we had a miraculously good time. Chasity and Mom barely acknowledged each other on Chasity’s way out the door. They gave each other a curt nod and parted ways.

Chasity’s excitement grew by the minute. She was practically bursting with excitement when we reached the airport. We hugged our Dad goodbye.

“We have about an hour before we have to board our flight and I know a girl who has not eaten breakfast yet ” I said, grinning

“Pancakes?” Asked Chasity with a huge smile that made my heart skip a beat. “Pancakes,” I said with a wink.

We took Chasity to a diner in the Ice Moon airport. They the fluffiest pancakes in town. We ordered a stack for Chasity while she went to the bathroom.

“Let’s go over the game plan,” I said, looking at my youngest brother. Calix launched into his plan right away.

“Her dream has always been to leave the pack house behind,” said Calix, looking at Felix and me in turn. “Taking her away on vacation to a totally different climate, tropical, sunny, will bring out a totally different side of her than the sad girl from the snowy pack house.”

I hoped he was right.

“And when that side comes out, you really think she’ll relax enough to want to mate?” Asked Felix.

“She hasn’t gone into heat yet. I really hope she does on this vacation. The timing would be great. If she goes into heat at the pack house, that’ll be too emotional for her and yet another bad experience at the pack house,” I reasoned.

It was better if she had her first intensely sensual experience on vacation while in a relaxed state of mind.

“Trust me, she’ll be frisky, with or without going into heat,” Chuckled Calix. “Also we need to find out what her main worries are. She’s a v!rg!n and there’s three of us. That’s intimidating. She might be self-conscious too.”

“Yeah, thanks to Felix for always calling her fat,” I recalled, frowning at him. “Even if we don’t go all the way, I’d just like to go further than before,” said Felix.

Chasity returned from the bathroom. She pressed her l!ps to mine and then pecked my brothers. Felix stole a real k!ss afterwards. We ate in comfortable silence. Chasity cleaned her plate.

“Your appetite has improved so much,” said Felix proudly.

I was happy she was developing better eating habits too. Chasity frowned, suddenly looking uncomfortable.

“Guys, all of your ex-girlfriends have always been so thin like size zero,” she said. “Nothing’s wrong with that but you know I’m like a four maybe even in a six in clothes. It’s not plus sized but it’s not model thin.”

“You’re gorgeous, Baby, but you don’t believe my words so let me show you with actions,” said Felix

“How are you gonna show me?” She asked, smiling slyly. I could smell a dirty joke coming. “I’m gonna tickle your belly b*utton from the inside,” said Felix unabashedly. I sighed. Calix snickered. Chasity’s face was red. She covered her face. She was too cute.


I was going to make Chasity c’m tonight. That was my goal. Alex was always saying how important it was to set goals so I was finally taking his advice. Chasity sat next to Calix in first class on the plane. Alex and I were facing them We told Chasity stories about trips we had taken in the past.

Chasity had remained at the pack house during those trips but I genuinely thought she had relished the break from us back ther. Chasity soon fell asleep on Calix’s shoulder. The flight was eight hours or so. She she slept through most of it. Good. She would be well-rested for tonight.

The island was just as beautiful as I remembered. It was nighttime when we arrived. The moon and her stars were out. I could hear the roar of the sea. We did not allow Chasity to help with the suitcases. We

Pre-Vacay Press helped the taxi driver load them into his car. Chasity danced around nearby to tropical-sounding music playing at the airport. We all squished into the backseat because no one wanted to be away from Chasity in the passenger seat. Chasity was having fun though, hopping from lap to lap.

When she got on my lap, I could not resist sliding my hands from her knees up her skirt. She had changed into clothes that suited warm weather on the plane. I reached the fabric of her underwear and stroked her p**sy through it. She whimpered. Alex was looking at us. I waited for him to chastise me but to my surprise, he began caressing her th!ghs. Chasity leant back against me, opening her legs slightly giving me better access to her. I tried to be discreet. The taxi driver was not paying attention to us anyway. He was not a talkative guy.

My er**ection was straining against my pants. Chasity rubbed her behind against it giving me a mischievous little look. The little minx would pay for that.

I moved her underwear to the side a little and inserted a finger into her p***y. Her eyes widened and her breathing became laboured. I pumped her with the finger for the rest of the ride to our hotel, bringing her close to orgasm but stopping just shy of it.

Please, I heard her voice in my mind.

What’s wrong? I asked innocently, pinching her cl!t and making her jump and let out a little squeak.

Her th!ghs were quivering. I could not wait to k!ss them. I could not wait to taste her. I knew she was already soaked down there from my little payback. I could feel a small we-t spot forming on my p-ants where Chasity was sitting.

“She’s been on your lap long enough,” whined Calix.

I grumbled inwardly but handed her over especially because I knew she wanted me to make her c’m. I wanted to build her anticipation.


Finally Chasity was on my lap. I was glad the taxi driver was not a wolf because the sweet aroma of Chasity’s arousal was filling the car. I stroked Chasity’s inner th!ghs with my fingertips. I released my claws and used them to carefully tickle the tender skin of her inner th!ghs.

She was trembling slightly but I knew she was not the least bit afraid. We arrived at the Pointed Crowne Hotel. We checked in. Thankfully, there was no special check-in time. We got our key cards for the room. We tipped the guy who went up ahead of us with our stuff. The hotel was pretty quiet tonight. The presidential suite was on the top floor. I was glad to get an empty elevator.


Chasity’s lovely scent was heightened by her own arousal. It was driving me and my wolf crazy. The moment the elevator closed, I lifted her up, pinning her to the wall. She m0aned as I rubbed the huge bulge in my pants against her. I crashed my l!ps against hers and she k!ssed me back just as ravenously. Felix and Calix were trailing k!sses down the side of her neck. I was so lost in the k!ss I didn’t hear the elevator ding as we reached the top floor.

“Alphas and Luna, would you like a walkthrough tour of the presidential suite?”

I froze. I put Chasity on her feet and slowly turned around, knowing my eyes were still black. The hotel manager was a wizard so he would not have smelled anything. He tall with a mop of grey hair and a large grey moustache with no beard. He looked young despite the grey hair and his hair matched his suit. He covered his eyes with his hands when he realised what he had happened upon.

“I am so sorry,” he said, with his eyes still covered. “I wanted to welcome you myself and show you all the cool features of our premier suite. I was standing by the elevator…cause I knew only your key cards and staff of course can reach this top floor so I knew it would be you,” he explained nervously.

**Show us the room,” said Felix, his voice a little hoarse because of the presence of his room. “With pleasure,” said the manager stepping aside for us to walk ahead of him though he was still

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