Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 29: Shift Work

I woke up entangled with Alex. It was his turn to watch me. The triplets were on a strict schedule of Chasity–sitting. They actually had a shift system while their pack warriors scoured the pack lands for intruders.

Alex had decided on three shifts: 8 am to 4 pm, 4 pm to midnight and midnight to 8am. He was on the midnight to 8am. I had woken up at the crack of dawn which was my body‘s go–to because of my years of housekeeping. I sighed and buried my head in his chest. I didn‘t know where Felix and Calix were.

“Try to sleep ok,” Alex murmured.

“You‘re awake,” I said pointedly, smiling slightly.

“I‘m in charge of watching you,” he said sleepily, his long wavy hair ruffled. He looked so adorable. I crawled up his chest to reach his face so I could kiss him. His lips were soft and warm. I groaned into his mouth.

“Sleep,” he instead groggily. I pouted.

“Where are Calix and Felix?” I asked.

“Leading the pack warriors on their search,” Alex mumbled, closing his eyes and tightening his hold on me.

“Is that really necessary?” I asked. “The guy is dead.”

“There‘s no way he acted alone. Someone who acted alone would have to have a personal vendetta strong enough to do so which he couldn‘t possibly have when none of us knew him. That guy was hired by someone with a personal vendetta or a grudge against the pack.

Hurting you would weaken the three alphas of our pack and leave us vulnerable to outsiders,” Alex said all of this with his eyes still closed.

“What if it‘s not about hurting the Alphas? What if it‘s just about hurting me? Or separating me from you?” I asked, looking at him square in the face although his eyes were still closed.

“It‘s possible,” he mumbled.

“Your mom…”

“Chasity!” Said Alex sharply, his eyes opening. “Stop it! That‘s enough!”

I fought back tears. “Chasity, why would she wait years to suddenly get rid of you?” Alex said.

“For years I was a lowly servant. That‘s a lot different to me becoming her replacement as Luna, her daughter–in–law, marrying all of her sons, inheriting everything,” I said. I sighed.

“I have school,” I said.

“S**t! I knew we forgot something!” Alex said. “Ugh. Not today.”

“NO WAY!” I said. It was senior year. The only thing I had ever had to be proud of was my grades. I had maintained straight A‘s despite being overstretched and bogged down by housework at the gigantic pack house. I had not had any significant real emotional support for most of that time.

Even my nutrition was meagre. And yet, I had still pushed myself at school It was the only thing I was good at. No one was taking that from me by messing up my grades last minute. What if I wanted to go to college? I could actually afford it now!

My yell startled the eldest alpha. He bundled me up in the blanket and carried me to the bathroom. He was so sleepy but he insisted on helping me get ready.

“What are you doing?” I chuckled.

Alex put me on the counter. He found the hem of my nightgown which made me bite my lip. He raised it over my head and pulled my underwear down.

I blushed and instinctively covered my breasts. He smirked and leant forwards, demanding a kiss. I happily complied, savouring his taste and his smell. I loved the smell of coffee and cocoa that seemed to emanate from him.

“You smell like a cosy cafe,” I told him. “What?!” He said, laughing wholeheartedly.

“You smell like coffee and chocolate or cocoa powder. You have a rich, yummy smell that wakes me up like being in a cafe,” I proudly told him.

“That‘s why you won‘t let me sleep then,” he chuckled.

I giggled.

“I should get some new deodorant and cologne, go for chamomile and hops, nice sleepy smells,” he mused.

I playfully slapped his arms, forgetting I was naked and exposing myself even more by removing my arms from covering my top half. I blushed and covered myself again. He raised his eyebrows.

“It‘s cute how you can still be shy around me after everything we‘ve done together,” he smirked.

My blush deepened. I wanted to nudge him but didn‘t. He started drawing a bath for me.

“On mornings, I take showers. I only take baths on evenings,” I said, feeling a little odd for specifying like I was being a brat. My wolf chastised me for calling myself a brat, telling me I was a Luna and I could demand things.

Alex put the shower on lukewarm. I nodded, hopped off the counter and got in. He dropped his boxers and got in with me. My cheeks were burning. I felt so shy around Alex sometimes. He kissed the nape of my neck as he swept my curls out of the way.

Alex insisted on washing my hair for me. I made him use conditioner after. He even wanted to pick what I would wear. He picked something baby blue. He was obsessed with this colour on me. It was a lantern–sleeved dress with a shimmery satin material, really pretty but a bit fancy for school. I obliged him and wore the dress over some stockings and high–heeled black Mary Janes.

He grinned.

“You look so pretty!” He said, then he frowned. “When boys try to talk to you, tell them immediately you‘re mated to the Alphas.”

Everyone probably knew that by now. “Ok,” I said, not wanting to argue. Alex made breakfast. He made me an omelette that was really good. So all this time all the triplets could cook.

Why had I done all the cooking then? I pushed that from my mind and enjoyed my cheesy omelette and my French toast. Alex was on the phone. He had gotten dressed in a simple grey T–shirt and soft grey sweatpants.

How did he make such simple clothing look so good? He was like a walking ad for everything he wore. All the triplets were. Felix and Calix came back from wherever the search party had reached. Our pack lands were huge and icy and rocky.

I shuddered to think of anything happening while they searched like an avalanche or the ice breaking underneath them. Felix kissed me deeply and my wolf purred. Calix cupped my face in his surprisingly warm hands and nuzzled me, making me giggle then he silenced me with a kiss.

“Until we get you a bodyguard we feel we can trust, you‘re not going to school alone,” said Felix grabbing a slice of French toast and taking a bite.

“What?” I said. “Don‘t pretend you didn‘t hear me!” Said Felix. “I know you did.” I took a deep breath, narrowing my eyes at him. “I was thinking, neither of you slept. I can go to school with Chasity and you guys can sleep,” said Alex.

“Nah we should switch like we said,” instead Felix. “Baby boy Calix has already been to school with you so it‘s my turn!”

Felix at my high school all day! I couldn‘t imagine a world in which there wouldn‘t be any drama with that premise.

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