Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 3: Spying on Chasity Shifting Alex’s POV

Chapter 3: Spying on Chasity Shifting

Alex’s POV

I decided to be the designated driver for my brothers so we would live to see our twenty-first birthday. I did not want speed-demon Felix or zigzag Calix driving later. We ended up at one of our favourite restaurants, Winter Moon Snack. The girls met us there. Thankfully, Sandra’s sister dropped them off and would be back for them later.

Some of our bros came out to ring in our birthday with us too. One of them was our soon-to-be Gamma, Kaiden and his mate Krystyna. Kaiden was a few years older than us and had been the pack’s Gamma for the past three years. He had met his mate just six months ago and the two were now inseparable. She was from Marigold and Kaiden had just happened to go with Dad to a meeting with Alpha Maze of Marigold.

“I almost didn’t go,” said Kaiden. “Alpha Romeo said it wasn’t mandatory and I’ve never turned down a day-off before to be honest,” chuckled Kaiden.

“What made you go?” I asked, always intrigued to hear about how people found their mates.

“My wolf made me. He was so agitated for some reason. He would’ve never let me enjoy that day off so I went and then I saw her,” said Kaiden sounding awestruck.

“She was in the pack meeting?”| asked.

“My Dad is a chef. He was catering the Alpha meeting and usually my sister Caiti helps out but something just made me go instead,” said Krystyna with a smile.

“Awwww,”cooed Calix. “Baby boy Calix is gonna be recounting this in his diary later,” said Felix. Krystyna giggled. “Do you actually like Kaiden?” Asked Felix, in a completely serious tone. Krystyna burst into laughter. “Yes, of course, I do.”

Kaiden threw a fry at Felix. The fry actually landed in Calix’s hair. Felix showed Calix where the fry was. Calix removed it and ate it. I wondered about my two younger brothers sometimes.

“I’m really happy for you both,” I said. Kaiden and Krystyna beamed at me. They would make great pack leaders.

I hoped I would have some of their luck. I could feel Sandra glaring at me. She always got annoyed when I seemed excited about the prospect of finding my mate. I would genuinely be happy for her if she found her mate though. I’d be even happier for myself if I found mine. Kaiden excused himself to use the bathroom after giving Krystyna a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“All right, he’s gone now, what do you really think of him?” Asked Felix conspiratorially, eliciting a round of laughter from the table.

Krystyna laughed too. Kaiden came back. They looked at each other like they were looking at the eighth world wonder. I sighed inwardly. I wanted my Luna so badly.

“I think fated mates are overrated!” Said Avery, in a rare declaration of her opinions. “My cousin married someone she was not fated to and it turned out fine.”

“Her husband divorced her for his mate, didn’t he?” Asked Calix.

“Yeah, but then the divorce lawyer turned out to be my cousin’s mate and it all turned out fine,” said Avery.

I stared at her. Kaiden seemed concerned about her. Her smile remained placid.
“Ok,” said Felix slowly. “Moving on.” “Won’t you three be jealous if you just have one mate?” Asked Kaiden.

“Hopefully, the guys will understand why she likes me best and it’ll all be ok,” said Felix, his expression grave.

Kaiden laughed. “It’s almost your birthday, Babe,” said Tonya.

I checked my watch. One minute to midnight. One of the waitresses we’d known for years wheeled a tray with a huge cake over to us. It was lit with twenty-one candles.

“Martha!” Exclaimed Calix. “This is awesome.”

Martha, a blonde waitress in her forties, grinned at him. “Special order for the birthday boys and new alphas,” she said with a wink.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to us. I wanted to feel happy as I stared at my birthday candles but I felt alone, scared and sad. Chasity. No one was singing Happy Birthday to her. No one was there for her first shift. s**t!

I stood up suddenly, startling everyone. “What’s wrong, Big Bro?” Asked Felix, alarmed.

“I…”I began but fell silent. If I breathed Chasity’s name around Sandra and Tonya, this celebration would not end well.

I talked to my brothers over mind-link instead.

We need to go home! Chasity is shifting like right now. I can feel it. And she’s alone and she’s scared and…

It’s ok, said Calix brightly, interrupting me. How is that ok? I asked incredulously.

Tasked Mom and Dad to watch her for me. They have to make sure she’s back inside the Pack House safely by half past midnight and report back to me by one o’clock, said Calix.

Felix looked shocked. I was too. I was impressed. I nodded, sitting back down. “Sorry,” I said. “Growing pains,” I added. Our friends chuckled awkwardly. “You’re gonna make a great Alpha, Alex. Don’t you worry,” said Marsha. I smiled at her. Felix’s POV

I knew this was really childish of me but every birthday, I always felt excited about blowing out my candles so that I could make a wish. As idiotic as it might sound, I really believed that birthday wishes came true. All the wishes I had made so far had actually come to pass but then again I always wished for realistic things that probably would have happened anyway.

This year I wished for something that felt daunting. A wish that really needed magic involved. I wished for Chasity to be truly happy, preferably with me in her life. I knew she could possibly find happiness after running away from the pack house like she planned but I wanted to make up some fraction of her happy life. I didn’t need her to fall at my feet. I just wanted her to know I wasn’t a monster. I wanted her to think of me when I wasn’t around. I wanted her to smile at me and mean it. I wanted her to smile in general.

I wanted whatever it would take for her to look forward to each day and sleep peacefully each night. I took one of the birthday candles after we’d blown them out and put it in my pocket. I always kept one of the candles I’d wished on until the wish came true.

I did not trust our parents to help Chasity with her first shift. For that reason, I had asked Beta Keaton to discreetly keep an eye on her. He had already mind-linked me. He was quite good at long-distancing

mind-linking and he was a bit too mature to enjoy hanging with us and Gamma Kaiden. He had daughters around our age.

How is she? I asked Beta Keaton, hoping I was projecting my mind-link well enough. She’s just finished her first shift. She’s just playing in the snow a little, he said. My heart felt so full. Maybe, my wish was coming true already. Are my parents anywhere to be found by chance? Did they help her with her shift? I asked. I saw your mother looking out the window at her when she was shifting, said Beta Keaton. I supposed that was better than nothing.

She’s not watching anymore. Now, your Dad is keeping an eye on her from the window upstairs, said Keaton.

What’s Chasity doing? I asked eagerly. Rolling about in the snow, said Keaton. I smiled. What’s her wolf like? I asked curiously. Petite, sandy-coloured. Most blondes have sandy fur as wolves, said Keaton.

I tried to focus on cutting the cake with my brothers. If we had a more normal relationship with Chasity, we could have been cutting the cake together a little while after her shift. Calix offered me a huge spoonful of cake. It was good. Hazelnut chocolate.

A favourite of ours. Tonya, Sandra and Avery began sharing up the huge cake. I felt dazed. My wolf was very anxious and wanted to go home. I drank a little more than I should have so he would quiet down.

Did Mom and Dad call yet? Asked Alex, glancing at Calix. Not yet, said Calix, sounding worried. It’s only quarter to one, I said. I actually…um…asked Keaton to keep an eye on Chasity for me. Wait one second, so when you’re not stalking Chasity, the Beta does it for you?

Asked Calix incredulously.

How is that any different from you asking our parents to watch her?! Isnarled. He had wanted her supervised too!

Because Mom and Dad already live there and they should be watching Chasity. I shouldn’t even have to ask them! They should have helped her automatically, said Calix indignantly.

It was true. She was a member of their pack and she lived in the pack house. She was their responsibility

Enough bickering! Demanded Alex. How is she doing then, Felix? What did Keaton say? He said she’s basically just frolicking in the snow, I said. Awww, cooed Calix “You seem far away,” said Tonya, narrowing her eyes. “Are you stressed about becoming Alpha?” “No,” I said. “I’m looking forward to it. Just a little tired.”

We should all go back to the Pack House if you guys are tired,” suggested Sandra quickly. “Alex, you’re tired too, aren’t you, Babe?” Asked Sandra.

Before Alex could reply, she continued, “You look tired!”

I did not trust Sandra one bit. I honestly felt like she was trying to trap Alex by getting pregnant intentionally. She was always annoyed when he wanted to use protection and she did not want to use birth control. She also did not like him pulling out She was nuts. She just wanted to get pregnant with a little future Alpha as soon as possible whether she and Alex were meant to be or not.

“Let’s go back to your place and get some rest!” She said, cuddling up to him

“You know my Mom doesn’t really approve of sleepovers,” mumbled Alex. “You’re the Alpha now though! And the eldest! You’re the boss!” Said Sandra.

“Mom is still the Luna until…well, Mom is still the Luna, Sandra,” said Alex.

He just couldn’t be bothered with having her stay over and he didn’t want to admit it so he was blaming Mom and “her rules.”I doubted she would care that much. She would probably just be a little frosty in the morning when she realised the girls had spent the night.

My wolf was ready to dissociate from me and become his own man at the thought of Tonya sleeping over. He acted like we were cheating on our future Luna every time I was with a girl. The fur ball was a hypocrite because he was head over paws for Chasity and she wasn’t…

Was I the dumbest werewolf alive? I had thought that honour went to Calix or his girlfriend Avery.

Calix, Alex, you ever think that maybe… Chasity is…ours, I said. Huh, said Calix. What do you mean ours? Our responsibility? Of course! Said Alex. No! I growled, frustrated. Never mind, I said quickly.

I was drunk. I was just drunk. That was all. I was drunk and I was horny and Chasity was officially eighteen and Tonya was super annoying these days.

“So you’re really not gonna let us sleep over?!” Demanded Sandra. “I’m really tired, Babe,” said Alex softly.

“You’re really full of it!” Snapped Sandra, raising her voice, making people at other tables look at us. They were already hyperaware of us because we were the new Alphas, celebrating our milestone birthday.

Alex’s eyes flashed black for a split-second but in pure Alex fashion, he got his aggression under control in record time and forced a tired smile. He leant really close to her, their noses almost brushing.

“Do not speak to me like that,” he said, his tone cold and deadly.

Chasity had told Alex to “f**k off” or the more classic “f**k you” both directly and indirectly at least one hundred times over the years. She thought he was super hard on her because he scolded her telling her to “have respect for her alphas”.

Sometimes, he lectured her. We had never gotten into a physical fight except for that one time. I could not bring myself to think about it. We had been children then and when my wolf came in around eighteen, he literally drained me of the memory because he was fiercely protective of Chasity. I could not picture that day even if I tried.

All i knew was that I felt sick when I thought about it and it was something to do with cold water and I was glad she had not drowned. Had we pushed her into ice-fishing hole? Had she fallen? Had she gotten stuck under the ice? I stopped trying to remember it before I gave myself a panic attack. That happened sometimes when I pushed too hard to remember that day. Whatever I had done, even the monster in me looked at me and said monstrous. A wave of guilt and nausea hit me.

“Let’s go,” I said. “Alex, Babe, I’m sorry. I just sleep better when I’m with you,” said Sandra in a baby voice. “How would you know that when you’ve never slept over?” I said, getting annoyed. “Felix!” Said Tonya, getting angry at me for butting into Alex and Sandra’s dispute. “It’s our birthday, babe,” I said to Tonya. “Let’s leave on a high note.”

Tonya rolled her eyes but pulled me in for a kiss. My wolf did something he had literally never done before and he had pulled a lot of stunts. He grabbed control of me so suddenly and so forcefully that I stumbled backwards from Tonya, yanking myself away from her. I literally almost fell over. He had never

been this adamant about not getting affection from anyone but our future Luna before, whoever she was.

What the f**k! I screamed at him.

NO! He rasped so loudly it made my head throb. It echoed like an Alpha voice command even though my Dad hadn’t officially handed over to us yet. He usually never spoke directly. He was more of an awareness at the back of my mind, judging and nagging and snatching control in intense situations.

I knew what he wanted and thought and felt instinctively rather than through conversation. He came forwards when I shifted. Some wolves spoke to their counterparts constantly but not all were conversational. The more savage, the less talkative. Mine definitely felt actions spoke louder than words but he was speaking tonight.

WE’RE GOING HOME! NOW! He snarled and I felt as though my head would split open.

I just walked towards the door. Tonya ran behind me and practically hung off my arm which was upsetting my wolf even more.

“Where’s…where’s Sandra’s sister? Isn’t she supposed to come and pick up the girls?” I asked, bending over with my palms on my knees.

“Felix, big bro, are you ok?” Asked Calix. I felt his arms around my middle in case I fell over. I probably looked bad. Ugh. I hated this. I hated feeling like a weakling because I couldn’t control my wolf.

“I didn’t call her yet because I thought you’d let us sleep over,” whined Sandra. My wolf wanted me to use my Alpha voice on the girls and send them home, their homes. “I’ll drive the girls home,” offered Gamma Kaiden. “There’s no space in his car for all three of us!” Declared Sandra.

“What are you talking about, Hun, it’s an SUV and there’s only five of us total if we drop you three so we wouldn’t need more seats but we have them. We could also drop you guys actually!” Said Krystyna.“ Felix doesn’t look so good. He shouldn’t drive,” she said softly.

“He didn’t drive here,” said Alex. “I drove the three of us. I’ll get him home. He just needs some rest and rehydration.”

“Ok,” said Kaiden slowly, not buying that. “Message me when you drop the girls off so I know they’re safe,” instructed Alex. “Alex!” Whined Sandra. “Sandra,” said Alex sternly. I heard the sound of her stomping away in her heels towards Kaiden’s car. “We’ll message, yeah. Let us know if Felix is ok too, please,” said Krystyna.

“I’m fine,” I said trying to sound cheerful like she was overreacting but it came out feebie. “Sure,” she said, unconvinced. The others piled into Kaiden’s car. Calix’s phone rang. “The update! My very first Alpha report!” Said Calix excitedly. “Calix, your brother is dying, come here and help me carry him to the car!” Said Alex sternly. Calix’s POV

Felix had his period or something but I was about to get my first Alpha report, an update on the Chasity shifting situation.

“Hello,” I said eagerly. “Hi Honey!” Said Mom brightly. “How’s my big boy? You’re an Alpha! How do you feel?” “It’s not official yet,” I admitted. Dad had to pass the position to us and then the power would transfer

but physiologically we were already Alphas.

“CALIX!” Snarled Alex. “ONE MINUTE!” I yelled back. “How was Chasity’s shift?” I asked quickly. My Dad took the phone.

“She went out and stood in the snow like fifteen minutes early. She waited around until midnight hit. She shifted without even trying at exactly midnight on her birthday,” said Dad, sounding surprised.

“That’s good obviously,” I said, happy for her. “Yeah but I would expect that more from a pack leader. Chasity is just an Omega,” said my Dad. My wolf snarled suddenly. My wolf was a peaceful guy so I was surprised. “Maybe Chasity is more powerful than you think Dad!” I said.

“Yeah, maybe,” he said, sounding strangely worried. Nothing bad had happened so what was the issue?

“You…you’ve never really demanded much of anything,” said Dad. “But you wanted us to watch Chasity. Why?”

“She lives with us,” I said automatically. “Who else will look out for her?” “Ok, sure,” said Dad “Ok, Honey,” called Mom. “We love you! We’re proud of you!” “Gotta go. Thanks guys. Love you too!” I said quickly.

Alex was watching me with black eyes. He had carried Felix to the car himself and out him in the backseat. I hopped into the passenger seat.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. “Cramps, Felix?” I asked. Felix gave me the finger though his eyes remained shut. “He’ll live,”I announced.

Alex’s eyes returned to blue. He chuckled. He sped off. Alex? Driving above the speed limit? I didn’t tease him about it because I knew he was already in a foul mood. He was so protective over us.

I really appreciated that. My wolf was acting as though some great surprise was waiting for us at home. Was Mom gonna surprise us with an early gift? My wolf told me that wasn’t it. It was something…life-changing.

Suddenly, the car screeched to a halt. I jerked forwards but my seatbelt kept me in place. Felix moaned in the backseat. I had heard a thud behind me. He must have banged into something.

“You ok, Felix?” Asked Alex. Felix gave a thumbs-up.

“What happened? Was it an animal running across or something? What made you stop so suddenly?”|| asked, worried.

It was snowing. I could see nothing particularly dangerous ahead other than the frosty road itself. “Sorry! Sorry, guys!” Murmured Alex. He seemed out of it. “Calix, you ok?” He asked. “Yeah,” I said, nodding. “How’s your head?” Asked Alex. “Good?” I said, making it sound like a question. I was so puzzled.

“I…I can’t drive right now…my wolf is… being very loud,” said Alex. “He keeps trying to take over so he can mash the accelerate and speed home. It’s disconcerting.”

“Is Felix’s issue wolf-related too?” I asked. Felix nodded slowly. “Be honest, you ok enough to drive? If you’re not, tell me,” said Alex.

“I’m ok,” I said.

“Drive slowly please!”Implored Alex. “The roads are icy and you’ve been drinking and your wolf might start to get aggressive too if it’s happening to Felix and me.”

I nodded. We switched seats. Alex made me drive at a snail’s pace. Our pack lands were vast with the houses and buildings spread miles apart.

Winter Moon Snack was almost an hour away driving at a normal speed. By the time we got home it was almost three in the morning. Chasity was probably asleep already. I was exhausted. Both Alex and Felix had fallen asleep on the way. I woke them up.

“Big bros, come on,” I said.

They were both groggy. Alex was still steady on his feet. Felix was doing a lot better but we still helped him up the porch steps and then up the staircase to the first floor.

“Where’s Chasity?” Felix wondered aloud.

“In her room, Mom told me,” I said while we were helping him up the stairs. We helped Felix straight to his bed.

“Fighting my wolf tires me out sometimes,” mumbled Felix. “Get some rest,” said Alex gently, taking Felix’s boots off and tucking him in. “Happy birthday, Felix. Good night,” I whispered. “Happy birthday Calix and Alex. Good night,” he said softly back. He turned onto his front and fell asleep. “Happy birthday, little bro,” said Alex as we walked back into the hallway. “Thanks, Happy birthday to you too,” I said, smiling.

“Thanks for driving us home,” said Alex, hugging me and clapping me on the back. “Goodnight,” he said.

“Goodnight,” said.

I waited for Alex to shut his door. I stood in the hallway. I yawned. I blew a kiss towards Chasity’s door instead of going straight up to it like usual.

“Goodnight, Chasity,” I whispered.

My wolf and I were shocked when we entered our room. It smelled amazing. There was a distinctly feminine scent lingering in the room. The scent made me shiver in delight. Who would have been in my room? The smell was floral and familiar, roses and honeysuckle. My mind was numb. I tried to sleep but the delicious smell kept me up and frankly rock hard.

I had never had just a scent alone with no girl present make me this aroused. What would become of me if I actually had to face the girl to whom the scent belonged? I couldn’t get over how maddeningly familiar it was yet the effect it was having on me was unprecedented. I could take it no more as dawn approached.

How could I not identify the scent? Someone smelled this good before now and I hadn’t noticed? This had to be her. My Luna. Ugh, what a Goddess she must be to smell like this. I couldn’t wait to worship her. I was ready to fall at the feet of a girl I might or might not have known.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I went to get my elder brothers. My Big Bros were annoying and overbearing sometimes but they knew what to do in situations like these. Wolf stuff. My brain was too tired from driving everyone home and then not being able to sleep.

They had actually gotten some rest in the car and probably just now. I banged on Alex’s door. I heard the sound of someone scrambling about inside. Good! Alex was sufficiently worried and in Big Bro mode.

I ran to Felix’s door and did the same. Felix inside made louder noises as he stomped about. Good! Felix was up before noon and in Attack mode. Alex opened his door, rushing out into the hallway. He had thrown a T-shirt on. Felix came out of his room shirtless. Felix was a pair of socks away from joining a nudist colony.

“What’s wrong, little bro?” Asked Alex, concern evident in his tone and expression.

Both Alex and Felix seemed to be feeling a lot better.

“It better be good. It’s six o’clock in the morning. We partied last night and we’re partying tonight,” said Felix, doing a little dance and yawning.

“Smell my room,” I instructed.

Alex and Felix laughed. I walked away from them, heading back to my room. They would see what I meant as soon as that intoxicating smell hit them. They followed me.

“Enough bullshit!” Said Felix, his steps heavy as he stomped into my room. The beautiful scent stopped him in his tracks. Alex then entered and his eyes widened.

“Oh my God,” moaned Felix, shutting his eyes. “What is that?” He started sniffing around my room, searching for clues. I stifled a laugh. “Little Bro, who was in your room?” Asked Alex sharply.

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