Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 30: Chasity, Sassy and Undefeated

Alex The hotel manager peeked at us. We were all flushed. We smiled awkwardly at him. “The tour will be exceptionally brief. I’m talking two minutes tops,” he said, opening the large door for

“Great,” said Calix cheerfully. “Yeah, great,” rumbled Felix. “Thank you,” I said politely.

Chasity scurried inside, too embarrassed to say anything. Her jaw dropped when she saw the suite. I grinned. Her reaction made me so happy.


I barely listened to the guy as he explained the features of the presidential suite. It was big. It was beautiful. It was expensive. I got it. I was just enjoying Chasity’s expressions as she marvelled at the luxurious room. This was my Christmas gift to her and I had not gotten to see her reaction to my birthday gifts for her.

The suite was basically a penthouse. Full kitchen, fully equipped. Dining room for twelve. Living room with a huge flat-screen television with surround sound. Master bedroom and master bathroom. Laundry room. Three other bedrooms. Balcony with a jacuzzi. I had personally made sure the master bathroom had a huge tub for Goddess Chasity to bathe in. She had a thing for tubs. The balcony overlooked the sea. It was beautiful even at night. I could see the waves crash onto the white sand which seemed to sparkle at night.

“It looks like the sand is sparkling, like there’s glitter in it,” I said cheerfully. “They sprinkle glitter all over the beach. It’s part of the presidential package,” joked Felix.

The hotel manager chuckled. “It’s the magical type of coral that we have here. When pieces of it break off and disintegrate, they deposit in the sand and they’re phosphorescent,” explained the wizard. “I’m Mr Jude Havenway by the way. I’ve been manager here for a millennia,” he joked unless he was actually ancient. It was possible with some wizards. “Call me Jude!” He said.

“Thank you so much, Jude! You’ve been amazing but we are so tired,” lied Alex.

We were all teaming with energy. Chasity was eyeing us up and down, one by one, with a sly little smile.

“Of course, get some rest! I’ll be around if you need anything! Room service is twenty-four hours here as our staff splits into three eight-hour shifts. We’re fully staffed at all times,” said Jude.

“I like the sound of that. Fully staffed. Sounds kinky,” said Felix. Jude’s face turned red. ** He was dropped on his head as a child,” said Alex apologetically in hushed tones. Jude nodded and gave us a little bow and a smile. He scurried off, shutting the door. “Take care!” He called from the hallway.

We listened to his footsteps as they echoed in the distance. We waited to hear the elevator ding. We all breathed a sigh of reliel Felix rubbed his hands together like he was about to eat a particularly juicy steak

“Chasity, Chasity. Chasity,” he said.

Chasity blushed. She looked a little nervous under the heat of our gazes. “I have to change and freshen up,” she said coyly.

Felix was walking towards her slowly while she backed away just as slowly. Her back hit the wall, eliciting a little squeak from her. Felix was barely an inch away from her, towering over her.

“Sure, Baby. Are you hungry?” He asked, his eyes completely black. “Yes,” she said innocently. “Me too,” he rumbled, his eyes fixed on her. “We’ll order room service for you while you change into your bikini,” said Alex. “Bikini?” Asked Chasity. “Aren’t I changing into my pyjamas?” She asked. Now, she was just being a tease.

“Don’t you wanna take a dip in the jacuzzi?” I suggested, brushing a curl out of her face. Alex and I were just as close as Felix now, on either side of her. She nodded. “Guys,” she said softly. “Yeah,” whispered Alex, staring at her intensely. “I can’t actually go anywhere,” she said.

We realised we had boxed her in. “Oh, silly us,” I chuckled, letting her pass on my side. She went to change. Alex dialled room service “What are we getting? What do girls like? What does Chasity like?” Asked Alex, looking at me. “Champagne. Get some innocent stuff too like pizza, fries, milkshakes,” I suggested. “I want ribs!” Demanded Felix. He always wanted that. “We should have let her pick from the menu,” I said. “Go show it to her quickly!” said Alex, who was on the phone with room service.

I found Chasity in the master bathroom. She had changed into a pale pink bikini and piled her curls on top of her head.

“Hey Chasity,” I murmured, forgetting what I had come in here for. She was staring at the huge bathtub thoughtfully. “Where are your swim trunks?” She asked. “I’ll go get them,” I said eagerly, rushing to change into them.

When I came back to the living room, Alex and Felix were looking at me expectantly. “What did Chasity pick? We can just call room service back,” said Felix. “Oh **, ” i said. “I forgot.” Felix sighed Alex closed his eyes and grumbled, “Calix.” “She was in her bikin,” I said, stressing the word. “I couldn’t focus.”

Chasity joined us at that moment. The guys forgot to be mad at me, also succumbing to the power of Chasity’s pink bikini.

**Where are your swim trunks?” Said Chasity, grabbing Felix’s arms and shaking him a little. “I’m excited’” She said.

“Right, the Jacuzzi!” Said Felix

The doorbell rang Alex answered the door after checking the peephole Safety first! I helped him bring in the champagne on ice and all the food. It seemed like he had ordered a couple random things because I had forgotten to show Chasity the menu. We tipped the guy big. Felix met us in the kitchen

Chapter 30 Chasity. Sassy a. where we had spread out all the food on the counter.

“Pancakes?!” Said Chasity, surprised as she found the container with a stack of pancakes and a cup of maple syrup and a small container of butter.

“Pancakes and milkshakes are the only things I know you’re guaranteed to like,” said Alex with a shrug

She stood on her tip-toes and k!ssed his cheek. He immediately picked her up and put her on the counter for a proper k!ss. Felix popped the bottle of champagne and poured glasses for everyone. We toasted to a blushing Chasity

“May Chasity’s hotness forever inspire us,” said Felix,

Chasity giggled and blushed. We clinked glasses. We ate in the living room. The food was delicious. Chasity got a little cold in her bikini so she cuddled between Felix and me on the couch while Alex changed. Cuddling soon gave way to k!ssing. She was on Felix’s lap but she was k!ssing me. I coaxed her l!ps open and slipped my tongue into her mouth, exploring it gently until she was breathless.

“Jacuzzi time?” I proposed. “I have an even better idea!” said Chasity. “Yeah, Baby?” Asked Felix.

“Let’s take a bubble bath!” She said, downing her glass of champagne.

Alex returned in his swimming trunks. He poured Chasity another glass of champagne and we headed to the master bathroom instead of the balcony.


Finally! My blue balls were thankful. My d**k rejoiced. The night began. Alex ran the bubble bath for us and we all hopped in.

“Your second bath with us, Baby,” I purred, bringing her over to me.

I put her on my lap and tickled her sides, making her giggle. Alex and Calix joined in on the tickling, Chasity shrieked and giggled until she was tearing up.

“No, please, please,” she said breathlessly so we would stop tickling her.

We reluctantly stopped. She relaxed, leaning back against my chest. My eyes were on the way her br*asts filled out her bikini top. I was a lot taller than her so this was a great vantage point, looking over her shoulder, straight down into her cleavage. I ran my fingers over the fabric.

My wolf was flashing images in my mind of everything he wanted me to do to Chasity. For once, I was in complete agreement with that furry monster. Alex and Calix sat facing us, their eyes as black as mine. I wondered what Chasity’s she-wolf was thinking.

“You are so s#xy, Baby!”I growled in her ear, taking her empty champagne glass away from her and resting it on a side table. She would need her hands free for what came next.

“Aren’t you gonna reward us a little for this awesome trip?” I asked, cupping her br*asts from behind. I kneaded them, enjoying how good they felt in my hands.

She was so smooth and soft everywhere. So delicate My thumbs padded her n’ s, tracing their outlines through the fabric of her bikini as they hardened. I could smell Chasity getting w#t.

“Mmmm,” she whimpered. She sighed happily as I continued my exploration of her bikini top.

pinched her n**s and she squealed. I was rock-hard, straining against my trunks. I made sure to grind that big bulge against her behind. I hoped her belly-b*tton was ready. I had not forgotten my promise to tickle that belly b*tton from the inside.

“Baby, give us a little peak,” I whispered in her ear. I licked her earlobe and she shivered. I squeezed her br*asts a tad harder.

I was aware of everything my brothers were doing as they came closer to Chasity. Sometimes, it was a… like we were one alpha. Alex pressed his palm against her midriff and slipped it downwards until he reached that spot between her th!ghs.

He rubbed her p”y through the fabric of her bikini bottoms. Chasity’s breathing was coming in little gasps as Alex rubbed her faster and faster. Calix untied the side straps of her bikini bottoms. Chasity whimpered, hyperaware that soon her bare p**y would be getting caressed. I needed to hear her say she wanted it first.

“How about this,” I suggested. “I’m going to take your bikini top off so I can see your pretty little n**s and s**ck them. Calix is gonna take your bikini bottoms off and hold your legs open so Alex can finger your pretty little pink p***y until you come,” I cooed in her ear. I k!ssed the outer shell of her ear, grazing my teeth along it.

Chasity was trembling. She let out a little m*oan. I could feel how aroused she was. I wanted her to surrender. She nodded weakly, overcome by her own ar0usal.

I took her bikini top off, flinging it behind me. Her beautiful br*asts were on display. My brothers and I groaned as we gazed at her bare br*asts and taut n**s. My Baby was blushing. She liked how intensely we reacted to the beauty of her body.

Truth be told, Chasity’s toplessness made me forgot what I’d just said we would do to her so we just started pleasuring her impulsively. Alex and Calix headed straight for her n**s, each latching onto one and s*cking on them eagerly. Chasity squealed at the intense sensation.

She was turning me on so much. I had never been this into a girl in my life. I did not even care about my own pleasure though Chasity’s mere existence did in fact give me so much pleasure. All I wanted to do was give her ecstasy, euphoria. I wanted her to c’m all night until her sweet soft body was drained.

Tripped her bikini bottoms off from behind. I trailed my fingertips across her tummy, heading down to her p””y. I felt her folds gently.

Alex wrapped his hands around her throat while he continued swirling his tongue around her n****e. Calix was massaging her th!ghs, He was using his teeth to tug gently on her other

. Chasity tossed her head back, overwhelmed by what we were doing to her. I smirked. It was time to amp it up. I parted her folds and found her cl!t. I caressed it in a circular motion and then gently pinched the little b*tton. Her delicious scent was filling the room. I kept thinking about how good she would taste.

“I wanna eat you out, Baby,” I whispered. “Let me eat that p***y for dinner. Ride my face please,” I implored her.

“Ok,” she responded breathlessly. She put an arm each around me and Alex while Calix held her ankles. We carried her like this into the shower to wash the soapy suds off. We str!pped out of our swim trunks. I could tell Chasity was trying her hardest not to stare at anyone’s e**rection.

I could not help but smirk at her determination to keep looking all of us in our faces. I k!ssed her nose and she smiled. I ran my hands down her legs gently washing the soap off. Calix was rinsing her back and Alex was washing her hair.

Calix wrapped her in a huge fluffy towel and Alex carried her back to the master bedroom. We all sat on the Cal King bed, drying off. Chasity was looking around the room.

“Have you guys seen my suitcase? I need my clothes,” She said softly. Her voice was so sweet.

“You don’t need your clothes, Baby. It’s a crime to cover that body,” i informed her. She smirked, blushing “A certain someone promised me something.” I reminded her “A good Luna always keeps her promises,” added Alex.

She bit her l!p nervously. I brought her close to my side. She was clutching the towel to her front. I did not want her to feel obligated or rushed. I leant in close so I could whisper in her ear.

“Baby, you don’t owe us anything. You don’t have to do anything if you’re really not ready. You know a just like being cheeky so I might talk like that sometimes,” I said, keeping my voice extremely low, giving us some privacy, even from Alex and Calix. My brothers knew what might be the issue through our link.

Alex cupped her face, stroking her cheeks gently. “Baby, we’re not gonna hurt you. We love you very very much, more than anyone else. You’re safe here ok,” he murmured in her other ear.

“Chasity, what would help you feel more comfortable?” Asked Calix, rubbing her shoulders gently.

Her cheeks reddened. Her eyes were downcast.

“It’s so bright in here,” she said, holding onto her towel “Can’t we turn the lights off?” She mumbled

Oh! That was all. She was a bit shy to do it with the lights on My gorgeous Baby deserved to be seen under centre stage lighting but we would get there eventually, I flew to the light-switch at werewolf speed and turned all the lights off, plunging us into complete darkness.

“Now, it’s too dark!” She squeaked.

I put on the dimmers. The little circular lights had a low intensity setting. The room now resembled our bedrooms at home, dark but with a nightlight throwing a circle of light Chasity sighed in relief

“Communication is everything,” said Calix “Ready, Baby?” I asked gently.

She nodded. I lay down flat on my back on the bed. I had never been more excited for anything in my life. Alex and Calix held Chasity by her waist and helped her lower herself onto my face Her scent hit me first.

I was transported to a fragrant rose garden accented with h0neys**ckle Chasity’s beautiful legs trembled a little as she kneeled over my face. My mouth watered. I wanted to dive right in but she was nervous enough as it was so I took my time. I licked her folds, parting them slightly as I ran my tongue firmly along the length of her vulva. She tasted as sweet as she smelled.

She let out a m0an and tried to move her p**y away from the intense pressure but Calix and Alex held her in place and I got to work. I plunged my tongue into her sweet flower, enjoying her whimpers and the quivering of her t!ighs. I zeroed in on her cl!t, swirling my tongue around and then s**cking on it until she began to plead.

My bros were showing her how to move her h!ps. She was such a good little student. She was showing me why her report card deserved all A pluses as she rocked her h!ps, sliding her p**y back and forth in rhythm with my tongue. I grabbed her by the a*s, squeezing her b*tt cheeks and spreading them slightly. I held her in place while I tongue-f**cked her until she was a m*oaning mess. I could tell how close she was through our bond.

My dk was stiff and dribbling pre-cum just from pleasuring her this way. I could hear her little squeals and shrieks as my bros began slapping her a*ss and pinching her n****’s.

She would not last much longer. I pulled her down to me so I could s#ck harder on her little cl*t. I nibbled on the tender spot and then began tracing patterns on it, teasing her, alternating between light and intense pressure.

l inserted my index finger into her tight little p’*’y and she groaned at the unfamiliar intrusion. I kept swirling my tongue round and round her cl!t while I added another finger and became pumping them in and out of her p y, mimicking what I wanted to do to her later. Chasity was at the edge.

“Oh God, I love you, Felix,” she cried out as I brought her over that edge, s**cking her cl!t into my mouth and fingering her p’*’y mercilessly until she screamed. Her org*sm made her whole body tremble to my delight. I felt the gush of her sweet nectar dripping onto my face.

I lapped at her eagerly, groaning loudly and happily and pressing my mouth to her cl!t so she could feel the vibration of the sound. Witnessing her coming undone like that, my own painfully hard d**k twitched and spurted strand after strand of c’m onto my th!ghs. I had gotten off from pleasuring her.

I could hear her panting. Calix and Alex gently lay Chasity down on the bed. I knelt in front of her, my face we*t with her fluids, my eyes black with lust. She was so gorgeous, lying there, flushed and breathless.

“I know you love me, Baby, I love you!” I murmured, leaning over her and k!ssing her deeply, snaking my tongue into her mouth. I wanted her to taste her own sweetness on my tongue.

I could tell my Baby was sleepy already but the night had only just began. We would have to work on her stamina and there was no time like the present!


Watching Chasity c’m had my wolf chomping at the bit. She was so vulnerable and sweet, so delicate and beautiful. I wanted to watch her c’m again and again.

“Me next,” I announced, parting her th!ghs

peppered her inner th!ghs with k!sses starting just above her knees and working my way up to her flower. Her legs trembled. Her doe eyes were watching me curiously I put her legs over my shoulders and gripped her waist with both hands as I leant in to inhale the scent of her we*t core She smelled delicious.

Felix and Calix were laying on either side of her, watching her reactions to everything I did I used my thumb and index finger to part her folds gently The l!ps of her p***y were a little swollen from all the sudden attention. I trailed k!sses along her outer l!ps before i l!cked her centre, stopping when I reached her bud so I could outline it with my tongue .

She clamped her th!ghs against my shoulders, trying to stop the intense pleasure but I gently parted her legs again, keeping my palms pressed against her inner th!ghs while I slid my tongue deep inside of her.

Her hands were gripping my hair while I licked and nibbled her folds and cl*t, further enticed by the whimpers coming out of her. I could not tell if she was trying to push me away or pull me in closer but her fingers were tangled in my hair while I s**ucked on her cl!t. I could sense the pressure inside of her writhing body as it built.

My Luna was so close. I grazed my teeth over her cl!t as I plunged a finger inside of her. She gasped and tried to wiggle away but I had an iron-clad grip on her waist.

She was so w#t, it was easy to slide my finger in and out of her tight little p””y. I quickened the pace and she began to rock her h!ps matching the movements of my tongue and finger. I worked her into a frenzy.

When I glanced over my shoulder, I could see her toes curl. I added a second and third finger, plunging them deep inside of her and curling them upwards while my mouth covered her vulva.

She screamed as she came. My Alpha wolf roared inside of me, satisfied. I gently k!ssed her folds and inner th!ghs as she came back down. Her little whimpers were music to my ears.

“You’re doing so good, Luna,” I murmured against her skin. “Your Alphas are so proud of you, Baby,” I heard Felix whisper in her ear. *”You did amazing, Goddess,” purred Calix.

I crawled up to Chasity’s face and k!ssed her gently. We cupped each other’s faces, deepening the k!ss. I k!ssed her forehead gently and brushed her curls away from her face as I nuzzled her slowly. I locked eyes with her, making sure she was okay.

“Thank you, Luna,” I whispered. “For trusting me, for trusting us.” She wrapped her arms around me. “I love you, Alex,” she said softly, her voice muffled against my shoulder. “I love you, Chasity,” I said, holding her tightly as our racing hearts slowed.


Chasity’s floral scent was filling the room. She turned her face to me and I k!ssed her all over her face, making her giggle. She kept trying to catch my l!ps.

“Oh, now you want me to k!ss your l!ps, huh?” I whispered, brushing my nose against hers.

“Yes,” she said meekly.

I k!ssed her, stroking her cheeks and her hair. I k!ssed my way down her throat and torso until reached her centre. Alex and Felix held her legs open and trailed k!sses up and down her calves and shins. I peppered her th!ghs with k!sses.

“Calix,” she pouted. “What?” I asked innocently, knowing very well what.

Chasity wasn’t the only tease in this room. She pulled me closer to her flower, her eyes pleading with me. I licked her flower. She was just as sweet as I’d expected. I winked at her and she giggled.

I focused my tongue on her little bud, tracing patterns over it while I inserted my fingers into her one by one carefully. I used three fingers to pump in and out of her. She moved seamlessly with my movements, chasing her high. She was close. She seemed to be enjoying being the focal point of the room as she trailed her fingertips over the taut n**s of her br*asts.

You’re doing so, so good Goddess, I told her, locking eyes with her while I s**cked on her cl!t until she was extremely close to the edge.

I stopped and she whimpered impatiently. I smirked. My fingers stroked her, bringing her close again. I took her little swollen cl!t into my mouth. She shrieked as I bit down gently on her bud, making her c’m. She was panting as I reached her face and nuzzled her. I k!ssed her deeply while we tangled our fingers in each other’s hair. She was probably used to her own taste by now. We parted but I stayed close, brushing my nose against hers.


I was still in shock. Chasity had ridden all of our faces. I had half-expected to be sleeping separately or on the couch some nights when she was displeased about one thing or the other. Believe it or not, I was a gentleman so my lady should always go first but there was nothing wrong with her returning the favour afterwards.

“All right, little Goldilocks,” I said, pulling on one of her dark blond curls. “You’re all grown up now.” told her, caressing her cheek. “And your three wolves have eaten so it’s time for us to feed you,” I growled playfully.

She looked at me with some confusion. I stroked my length with a meaningful look at her. She smirked. She got on her knees. My brothers and I were all standing around the bed. Her eyes trailed over our bodies. Metaphors weren’t my thing. That nerdy stuff was more Alex, or even Calix if it was some dopey 5″‘t like a sonnet.

There were three intimidating e**rections on display bit she did not look particularly intimidated. She actually rolled her eyes at me. I sneered. She had to know that I liked it, her sassiness. With the highest Alpha kill count in the north, she was literally the only person to sass me and live.

Her undefeated record: eighteen years and counting filled with countless eye-rolls, neck-rolls, hair flips, cheeky comebacks. Casual defiance and general insults, both provoked and unprovoked. Tonight she was working on her casual defiance and playing innocent record. Perhaps, I should be more blunt.

“Time to learn how to s*ck c**k, Baby,” I said.

Chasity Loves Calix and Alex and Felix in return

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