Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 30: History

Calix wished me a good day at school and nuzzled me again. I had a tiny bit of an obsession with nuzzling. I missed out on it a lot as a kid and Calix seemed to realise that. The youngest alpha went upstairs to get some sleep.

Felix showered in the blink of an eye and came downstairs with his long dark wavy hair still damp and hanging in his eyes a bit. All of the triplets really needed a haircut but I liked it though. Felix was all in black, his signature.

Alex drove Felix and me to school. I was in the front seat and Felix sprawled out in the backseat so he could take a quick nap. Alex stayed in the school‘s parking lot until it was literally exactly time for my first morning class. This was because he wanted his younger brother to get a little more sleep which was so sweet of him that I didn‘t protest even though it would make me a bit late.

When Felix and I walked into school, every head turned towards us and every pair of eyes was on us. I blushed and looked down. Felix grasped my chin and made me look up.

“Chin up, buttercup,” he said, winking. Even the corniest things seemed cool when Felix did them. Girls glared daggers at me when he wasn‘t looking, envy practically dripping from them. Mina and Tina were thrilled. They screamed and hugged us both before scampering off to class, also late.

I remembered I had History with MacDonaldson, the strictest teacher in the school. She was an old, mean–spirited she–wolf who could always find something to give you extra homework as punishment for.

She claimed detention was a social event and therefore not true punishment. I walked into her class slowly, looking at her sheepishly, knowing she was about to yell at me in front of the whole class and make me write some six thousand work essay, the standard fee. She rose from behind the desk slowly,

straightening her cat–eye glasses and her tweed blazer. Everyone gasped. For one second, I thought it was because I was late and MacDonaldson was going to go Godzilla on me but that was not the gasp–worthy event. That honour went to Felix. Girls were actually swooning. I wanted to role my eyes. Guys grinned and high–fived, excited to talk to the Alpha. Felix smirked.

MacDonaldson spotted Felix behind me and her whole demeanour changed. Her face broke into a huge, placid smile. She sat back down and put her hands daintily on the desk.

“Class the Alpha has graced us with his presence, what do you say?” She said.

“Good morning Alpha!” Chorused the class excitedly.

“Good morning class,” said Felix, grinning incredulously. “I‘m Felix by the way in case you can‘t tell my brothers and me apart. I‘m the best-looking one though,” said Felix, winking.

Girls giggled and blushed. MacDonaldson was among them, covering her mouth with her hands.

“To what do I owe this honour, Alpha Felix?” Asked MacDonaldson.

Felix took on a grave expression. “Chasity was almost kidnapped,” Felix announced to the entire class.

They all gasped. They did not know I existed a few weeks ago. People hugged each other for comfort.

Felix nodded.

“The actual kidnapper has been dealt with,” Felix said sternly.

“Hell yeah!” Said a football player near the back. His friends nodded. Felix smiled.

“My brothers and I will be taking turns watching over her even at school until the situation is completely handled. A proper investigation has to take place,” Felix explained.

MacDonaldson lit up like a Jack O‘ lantern. “We are elated to have you, Alpha Felix!” She practically squealed.

Felix and I took our seats. Felix lifted my entire desk with me in it and put it so close to him that his thigh was pressed against mine from h!p to knee. My body reacted of its own accord and my core moistened a little. I blushed deeply hoping the other guys would not notice my ar0usal.

Felix‘s eyes went black for a second responding to my arousal but also angry at the thought of other males being nearby while I smelt like this.

MacDonaldson erased what she had painstakingly written on the white board and wrote: Movie Time. The class cheered. We only watched historically based movies in her class once a year and we had already seen one for this year. This was an exceptionally rare treat.

All the lights were turned off. The movie was Troy and all the girls swooned when Achilles and Briseis got together. In the dark classroom, Felix sniffed

my hair and my neck. He k!ssed the spot where he had marked me, letting his tongue slide over it. I shivered. Felix was squeezing my thigh, making me squirm in my chair. I did not want to get so aroused in a class with others. I quickly got up and excused myself to the bathroom.

Felix followed me, causing my breath to hitch. I scurried into the girls‘ bathroom, Felix hot on my heals. I closed the stall door in his face but he banged it open and locked it behind him. My stomach clenched.

“Felix, I…“I began but Felix put one finger to his l!ps, closing the distance between us and towering over me.

He crouched down and helped me take off my ankle boots. He slid my stockings and my underwear down. I could not believe this was happening. I recalled back when the triplets had attended this school and I was three years below them, they had purposefully ignore me at school though everyone knew we lived in the same house.

I frowned. Felix could tell I was suddenly upset about something so he decided to act quickly by picking me up and putting me on his shoulders with my bare p***y facing his mouth so her could eat it. I covered my mouth so I wouldn‘t m*an to loudly as he grabbed my bare butt cheeks under my satin dress and ate me out like there was no tomorrow.

He parted my folds with every persistent lick. He found my clit and tickled it with his tongue swirling around it. He sucked on my cl*t and then he took most of my vulva into his hot large mouth sucking on my folds. I felt my butt cheeks press against the wall. Felix had pinned there.

I was high enough on his shoulders to see over every stall. Thank goodness we were the only ones here. I was pressed against the wall now as Felix plunged his tongue deep inside me, in and out. He moved back to my clit and used to finger to pump into me while he hummed on my cl*t.

I muffled my own squeal with my hands.

Felix! Oh, Felix, I can‘t take much more,

pleaded over mind–link.

We‘re almost there, Pretty Baby, he cooed.

Felix enveloped my vulva in his mouth sucking on me while his fingers plunged deep inside of me. I came, contacting around his fingers and stifling my own screams. Felix seemed satisfied setting me down gently on my trembling legs. He helped me get dressed. I walked on shaky legs to my next class as the bell rang.

“History is so fascinating, isn‘t it, Chasity?” Said Felix as he walked with me to the next class.

The present was more captivating in my opinion.

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