Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 31: A Nauseating Night

The rest of the day was more of the same. Felix was stared at by everyone and was incredibly comfortable with this and frankly used to it. I was more used to being invisible and mostly hid behind Felix. Teachers were thrilled to have one of the Alphas grace their classrooms.

At lunchtime, everyone surrounded us, listening intently to Felix talk about anything and everything. They hung off his every word and tried to extra friendly with me. The four football players who had come to my rescue that day came over to say hello. Felix seemed to know about them helping me. Of course, Calix must have told him.

They all bounced knuckles with Felix and talked about plays and strategies when it came to football. Felix, Alex and Calix had been the star players back when they were students here which was only about three years ago.

Eventually we surrounded by the entire football team and the cheerleaders as Felix recounted how he and his brothers had been instrumental in winning the championship game. Everyone gasped and cheered during his tale. I ate quietly and kept my eyes downcast on my food. Felix nudged me.

“What’s wrong, Baby?” He murmured in my ear.

“Nothing,” I mumbled, smiling halfheartedly at him.

Felix frowned.

He had not done anything wrong, per say, but it was difficult feeling like the only thing that suddenly made me worthy was being mated to the triplets. Almost no one, including the triplets, had treated me like a person before I had been mated to the three beloved Alphas.

Felix and I were invited to some house party by the head cheerleader, Moxie. I had no intention of going.

“You’re not going to this party without proper supervision, ok?” Said Felix sternly.

“I’m not going at all!”I protested.

Felix stopped in his tracks on the way to the parking lot. “Why not?”

He looked concerned. “Why don’t you want to go?” Asked Felix, his eyes wide. “If you want to go, one of us will take you, whoever’s shift it is will take you, ok?”

I shook my head furiously. “I hate parties!”I exclaimed.

Felix looked at me like I was insane.

“Why?!” Demanded Felix incredulously.

“Because, I hate dancing and crowds so naturally I don’t like something that combines those two,”|| said simply.

Felix smirked. “Chasity, you’re in high school! You should try to enjoy it. Make some happy memories, “said Felix encouragingly.

“Ok, sure, good talk,” I said dismissively, Felix frowned,

We had reached the car. Alex was here to pick us up with Calix in the passenger seat. Felix opened the door for me and then he got in.

“How’d it go?” Asked Alex as though he’d been worried.

“Perfectly!” Purred Felix. Alex rolled his eyes but smiled, clearly relieved.

“No more bullies?” Said Calix, looking at me, his eyes questioning me.

“No more bullies,” I replied, smiling.

“None, whatsoever,” added Felix. “In fact, our little Princess Chasity here is loving school and her new friends so much she wants to hang out with them tonight at a party they’re throwing!”

Ugh! “No, I do not!” I said immediately.

“A party sounds like fun!” Calix said brightly. “Why don’t we all go?” “A high school party?” Asked Alex twisting his mouth in disdain.

“Nah, I know the girl who’s throwing it. Her sister is in college. It’s a joint thing with high school seniors and college kids,” explained Felix.

“That sounds cool,” Alex said, smiling a little.

“I don’t wanna go,” I wailed.

“Why not, Luna?” Asked Alex. “I just don’t,” I grumbled.

“Please, Goddess, let’s go have some fun!” Whined Calix. “Come on, Baby!”Felix insisted. Why were they so hell bent on me going to this stupid party?

“Chasity, my Luna, you don’t know many of the pack members very well, old and young alike,” said Alex gently.

“I know you’re shy, Baby, and we’re sorry if we’re part of the reason you’ve always been in your little shell,” added Felix.

“But this is a good opportunity to at least get to know some of the pack members in your age group,” continued Calix.

“A Luna is what holds a pack together. She’s a mother to the entire pack and the Alpha is the father figure,” said Alex.

“Most Lunas try to learn the names and basic info about each member to keep a check on them, see

who needs what. You can’t help your children if you don’t know what their issues are,” said Felix.

“A good mother knows what’s up with all of her babies. A she-wolf has to keep a track of her cubs!”

Calix said.

Triple Ugh. I hated when they were right. I squirmed a little bit. Being with the triplets meant I had to be their Luna. I technically already was in a biological sense. I’d been fated to them and they’d mated and

marked me. Ronnie was just holding the post for me until I finished high school. I sighed.

“Let’s go to the stupid party,” I grumbled.

The triplets all grinned and cheered.

Third Person

The triplets were ready early for the party and waiting on their mate, Chasity. They hoped this party would serve two purposes: one, to help their little luna get to know her pack members and two, to help get her mind off of whoever was out there trying to get her. They had already arranged for several pack warriors to come to the party dressed in plain clothes as party goers just in case they should need back-up of any kind.

The investigation looking into the attempted kidnapping had notified them of something concerning.

The kidnapper, whose finger prints had all been burnt off and who did not seem to have been registered as a pack member, bore an interesting identifier, a full moon with a serpent curled around it. Didi’s tattoo.

The one she had said Chalice also had. The triplets had not shared any of this with Chasity yet. It was not keeping secrets. It was all part of an ongoing investigation. They wanted to present Chasity with something comprehensive and satisfying. They wanted the whole story. What was the connection between the tattooed werewolves: a cult, a gang, a mindless trend.

Chasity’s POV

I was so nervous about this party. I really didn’t socialise much. I was relieved that Mina and Tina would be there. I had just messaged them to make sure. I wore a sparkly black figure-hugging mini dress and high heels. I left my hair down. I put on red lipstick that I felt suited me.

I was thinking about changing as I turned to and fro anxiously scrutinising myself in the mirror when Alex walked in.

He raised his eyebrows, flashing them upwards quickly. His lips parted in surprise. He gave me an “ok” sign with one hand. He drew me to him and pressed his nose to my neck.

“You look gorgeous, Luna,” he murmured against my skin.

I shivered a little as the cold nip of his nose slid along my jawline. I raised my chin so he had better access to the area and he took that as an opportunity to plant kisses down my neck to my shoulder.

He swayed with me back and forth on the spot as though we were dancing. He twirled me and dipped me. As he dipped me, he leant down and pressed his lips to mine.

The triplets and I drove to the head cheerleader’s house. She lived in a sprawling mansion almost as large as the pack house.

Out front there were dozens and dozens of cars parked in the huge driveway and snow-covered lawn. There were teenagers and young adults in the porch, smoking, drinking, laughing and nodding their heads to the upbeat base-heavy music coming from inside.

As I walked up to the porch, I noticed several guys trailed their eyes over me and licked their lips. They quickly looked away and

stiffened when they spotted the triplets with me. Felix walked in front of me and Alex and Calix were at

either side of me protectively.

The whole party seemed to stop or perhaps slow down as we entered. Every gaze was on us. Girls

ogled the triplets, grinning, blushing, swooning and squealing. Guys nodded, bowing their heads slightly in respect and submission towards the Alphas. The crowd parted a little. Moxie was in a hot pink bondage

dress and her sister from college, Roxie, was in a similar dress in a dusky pink shade. Both girls had light ash blond hair and big brown eyes. They seemed smug beyond belief that the triplets were at their house

and their party

“Welcome, Alphas!” Squealed Moxie. “It’s an honour!” Added Roxie.

Felix grinned. Alex nodded but kept his face neutral and Calix smiled sweetly even winking at each sister in turn which annoyed me honestly. Calix caught my expression and grasped my waist.

I tried to pull away from him but he latched on to me, pressing his mouth against mine in a shockingly passionate kiss right in the middle of the living room where the thick of things were.

All the party-goers, mainly the girls,“ oohed” and squealed. The guys “whoa-ed”. Everyone cheered when he broke away from me grinning and

winking again. I blushed deeply and hid my face in Calix’s shirt.

Mina and Tina found me. I threw my arms around them like they were lifesavers in the middle of the ocean. They hugged.

“Chasity’s first party!” Squealed Tina. “Let’s get drunk!” Shrieked Mina.

“We can’t. It’s a school night and we really shouldn’t drink because…”

An hour and four shots later, I was pretty tipsy. I was on Felix’s lap on the living room couch while he chilled with the same four footballers that idealised him and the other Alphas. The entire team and some of their mates joined us one by one, taking up all the couch space.

About three dozen people were dancing, mostly just girls grinding on their mates on the dance floor. Calix was winning at beer pong, getting the ball in the right cup of beer every time surrounded by a crowd of admirers. Alex was in the kitchen fetching me some water. He came back.

A few girls were edging closer and closer to him, giggling. Ugh, I was so sick of this. I drank the water quickly, feeling a little better.

I Calix’s back was turned, Felix was deep in conversation and Alex was explaining pack laws to the stalker girls. I climbed the stairs. I was out of breath. I had been told by Roxie that there was a bathroom on the

landing. I had not been pleased to recognise Roxie as one of Felix’s ex girlfriends as soon as I saw her. That was how he had known her sister, Moxie, the current head cheerleader. Roxie, his ex, had been head cheerleader back when he was the star quarterback. How cute. I grumbled inwardly. The light in the bathroom flickered on before I could turn it on myself.

There were people around here and there but not as many as in the living room and half of them were passed out on the stairs or maybe just asleep. I realised who had turned the light on before me.

Sandra, Avery and Tonya. The most recent ex-girlfriends of the triplets. I gulped at their pissed-off expressions, their arms akimbo.

“Congratulations on your engagement, Charity!” Spat Tonya.

“You know it’s funny, girls, I remember a certain pathetic little girl who lied to our faces saying she had no idea who the triplets’ mate was! Don’t you, girls?” Asked Avery.

“Oh, yeah, I remember that. She was a maid one minute and their mate the next. You know without the mate bond forcing them to be into you, you’d never be their type, ever,” snapped Sandra, watching me up and down.

Thugged myself feeling self-conscious and nauseated from the shots. “Do you hear me?” Asked Sandra angrily. “She’s ignoring us!” Said Tonya indignantly. “We’re talking to you!” Shrieked Avery.

My stomach burned. The burning shot up my throat. I couldn’t help it. I spewed vomit all over three girls who already hated me. I wiped my mouth, looking at my own clean dress. Thank goodness. I glanced at the soiled girls, six coal-coloured eyes filled with anger towards me. I gulped.

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