Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 31: Chasity Loves Calix and Alex and Felix in return


Chasity eyed my c**k. I smirked. I could see the desire in her eyes. I could sense her eagerness to please. I could scarcely wait for her touch. She hesitantly approached my hard length. It was too thick for to hold in one hand so she carefully grasped it with both hands. The moment our bare skin touched, a flame of desire was ignited within me.

Pleasure flowed through me wherever she chose to trail her fingertips. I gr0aned as she dragged her fingers and her nails up and down my shaft. I could feel my eyes darken as my wolf tried to come forwards. He was fiercely protective of her but he was also an impulsive animal. I did not want him snatching control from me and pouncing on her. She kept stroking me with her nails, looking up at me with her wide doe eyes.

“Good girl,” I murmured encouragingly She smiled slyly.

She was kneeling on the bed while she teased my member with her tender touch. Alex was behind her, kneading her b*tt cheeks while Calix was at her side. He reached between her th!ghs and inserted two fingers into her. She shivered, surprised by the intrusion. She gripped me tightly and brought me closer to her mouth. She planted butterfly-soft k!sses all over my head and shaft, making her way to the base. I hissed with pleasure. This was maddening. She k!ssed her way back up until she reached my tip. She gently l!cked my tip and I inhaled sharply. My abdominals were tightening. Every muscle in my body seemed to clench and tense as my Baby mischievously played with my c**k. Playtime was over though. Back to business.

“Now try to take it in your mouth, Baby,” I instructed.

I half-expected her to roll her eyes or stare at me defiantly whilst refusing to follow my instructions. She shocked me by gripping my c**k more tightly in her hands and taking the head of it into her mouth. I gr0aned. f**k. I did not trust my voice right now.

Good, Baby! So good! So f**king good! Just like that! I purred in her mind.

She inched her way up, taking more and more of me into her mouth. She choked a little on my huge length, spluttering on it. I smirked.

I grabbed her silky dark golden curls, gathering them together like a ponytail so that I could guide her movements. I tugged gently on her hair, pulling her back and sliding my d**k out of her mouth.

Then, held her head still while I pushed my d**k back into her mouth. I repeated this process over and over, showing her the rhythm, letting her get used to how it felt when I neared the back of her throat. She eagerly matched my movements, su*cking my d’ and enveloping as much of me as she could in her mouth Giving me a bl*w-job was making her p**sy even we;tter. I grinned. When I had eaten her out, I had gotten turned on just from pleasuring her. I liked that she was enjoying pleasuring me just as much.

Hold on, Baby, I cooed as I quickened the pace.

My c**k was painfully hard as I slid it in and out of her mouth faster and faster, no longer caring for technique. I was t””‘g her face. Her eyes watered and tears slid down her cheeks as I thrust into her mouth with reckless abandon until I felt something shatter inside me.

The tension exploded. Pleasure bu*rst through me spreading from my middle through my limps and down my extremities. I grunted loudly as my c**k sp*smed in her mouth, releasing my load. Every inch of my skin was tingling after my encounter with my Baby, Chasity. I was panting. Chasity’s cheeks were a little puffed out. I could not help but smirk at her.

“Swallow,” I commanded.

She obediently swallowed my c*m. I stroked her cheek lovingly. She was being such a good girl for us. Our perfect little Luna.


Watching Chasity learn how to ride faces and su*ck c**k had me painfully rock-hard. She showed us how her mouth was empty because she had swallowed like Felix had specified. I smiled slyly at her. I gripped my c**k and rubbed it against her cheek. She turned towards it and promptly took it in her mouth, groaned loudly. f**k. My th!ghs trembled a little. She su*cked me eagerly, gripping my c**k with both hands and sliding my c**k in and out of her mouth. I tried to remain calm but Chasity’s enthusiasm drove me and my wolf crazy. Before I even realised it, I had gathered her soft silky dark blonde curls into my hand so I could use a fistful of her hair to guide her head.

I was gentle with her hair but a tad rough with her mouth as I thrust into it. Nothing had ever felt this good before. Chasity with zero experience was rocking my world while she looked up at me with her innocent wide warm brown eyes. I met her gaze.

I mouthed, “I love you, Chasity,” before I sped up my movements.

The heat pooling in my lower t0rso was so intense. I was close. As much as I loved f**king Chasity’s mouth, I could not help but imagine myself buried in her p***y.

That way I could hear her screams. All her little whimpers were muffled against my c**k right now. She was definitely enjoying herself though. She was drenched down below. I quickened the pace, grasping her head with both hands, tangling my fingers in her hair, as I thrust wildly until the pressure inside of me was to bur*sting.

I m0aned loudly, tossing my head back and shutting my eyes, as my org*sm hit me. Chasity continued to su**ck on my c**k as I let go. She was milking me while her fingers traced patterns on my te*stes. I slid out of her mouth with an audible pop. She had swallowed my c*m already. She k!ssed the skin under my bellyb*tton and I grinned. I bent down to k!ss her forehead sweetly and smooth her tousled waves and curls.

My perfect Princess, I cooed over private mind link. My perfect Prince, she said sweetly. I nuzzled her. I wanted to eat her out again while she blew Calix.


Chasity eyed me hungrily. This was so surreal. I always liked differentiating myself from my brothers when it came to Chasity. She needed me. She needed someone to be gentle with her. She eagerly grasped my length in both hands. One hand could not wrap around it. She brought it to her mouth. I inhaled sharply as she took me into her mouth. I made sure to move agonisingly slow. She was not the only tease in this room and I needed to remind her of that fact.

We locked eyes as I slowly slid in and out of her mouth while she su**cked me. I wanted to move slow enough for her to appreciate how I tasted. I certainly appreciated the way she tasted. I could tell she was enjoying the slower pace. It made it easier for her to process the pleasure she was receiving while she gave too. Alex was eating her out and she began to mo*an against my c**k.

I hissed with pleasure as I felt the vibrations of her mo*ans intensify. Felix had taken to helping Alex down there by fingering Chasity while Alex su**cked her cl*t. I knew we could probably be overwhelming her a little. I stroked her cheek lovingly and she locked eyes with me again. I moved a little faster and Chasity kept up. I felt that delicious rise in energy, like a snake coiling before it struck.

For Chasity, I would be anything, predator, prey, teacher, student. I lost myself in her. I was thrusting a lot quicker than before. We kept our eyes on each other as I lost it. I poured into her and she swallowed. She was out of breath. My brothers and I were breathless too. She had done so amazingly well. I didn’t wanna push for everything all at once. I was all about her.

“Should we stop?” I asked, feeling a little worried about her.

To my surprise, she shook her head. I searched her expression to make sure she meant that. She did. My heart leapt. Did that mean…

“Only one of us can…go first,” I said gently.

I she wanted us like that right here right now, she would have to choose one of us. We obviously could not bombard her. Someone would have to be first. She could only really lose her v!rg!n!ty once. It was a precious gift and it could only be bestowed upon one of us.

“Calix,” she whispered.

I almost jumped out of my skin. That was my name! That was my name? Right? I was Calix. She picked me! I had hoped and daydreamed that she would but some of that had been wishful thinking. I was.

A small part of me felt a little bit of secondhand hurt for my brothers. I knew they would feel the same for me had they been chosen. They would be thrilled too had it been them but we always felt each others sorrows and each other’s joys.

It should be easy enough for them with Chasity through me. That probably sounded weird but it was true. The closer Chasity got to any single one of us was the closer she got to all of us. We were so closely linked and only a triple marking would solidify our mate bonds.


She said Calix. I heard it in my mind before she said it. I just knew it but it was so real now. I was happy for Calix. He deserved to bond with Chasity like this. He had been kinder to her. He loved her. Alex loved her. But I, I breathed her. I lived her. Chasity consumed me. Even in the midst of feeling sorry for myself, 1 anticipated being one with her. I was that much closer if she mated Calix. She had to choose all of us essentially to complete the bond. I wanted her to enjoy every second of this.

She was my Baby. I stayed close to her side while Alex was on her other side. Calix had settled himself between her quivering th!ghs. Alex and I massaged her sides, anxiously looking at her face for any sign of uncertainty or discomfort.

She picked Calix, I mumbled across mind-link with Alex. I expected it. I was prepared for it, he replied. Are you ok? I asked. Alex always had to play Dad for us, stoic and in control.

I’m more than ok, he admitted.

I smiled.

Calix kinda saved our as*ses for once, I confessed.

Yeah, he did, chuckled Alex. We balance each other out. Truer s’t had never been spoken. Alex, I had emotionally prepared myself for Chasity to give her v!rg!n!ty to Calix. I wanted her to have no regrets even if that meant I was not technically her first. I was happy for him and a bit sad for myself but that was a triplet thing.

I was sad for Felix too but my happiness far outweighed any sadness and I knew it was the same for Felix. Chasity was actually letting us bond with her, letting us touch her. This vacation would be the best one in my life thus far so it was not easy to stay sad.

I kept my eyes on Chasity’s beautiful sweet innocent face. I rubbed her side gently. I planted k!sses on her neck and shoulder. Felix was doing the same on his side. I could feel her enjoying our car*sses. My wolf was telling me it soothed her. I k!ssed her upper arm. Calix parted Chasity’s legs a little wider.

“Be really gentle,” instructed Felix in hushed tones. “Take your time,” I added. Calix nodded eagerly Calix

I could not stop smiling. I pressed my forehead against Chasity’s, brushing my nose against hers and locking eyes with her. My c**k was the hardest it had ever been. Painfully hard. It was practically throbbing. in anticipation of Chasity’s soft tight embrace.

“Ready,” I whispered, confirming Chasity was ok. “Ready,” I answered. I loved her so much. I was in love with her. I had found my forever. Cheesy but true.

“I love you more than anyone else in this world, Chasity. I’m so in love with you and I’ll make you my Luna if it’s the last thing I do,” I confessed just as I pushed my throbbing c**k inside of her tight p***y.

She clenched around me. I held back a swear word. It felt so f**king good. I broke through her maidenhood swiftly, trying not to prolong the painful part of this. I wanted to get to the pleasure. Chasity’s pleasure. She flinched and my wolf whimpered. I stayed still inside of her, letting her adjust to me and my size and the new feeling of someone inside of her, stretching her. Alex and Felix kept massaging her sides gently

“You ok, Baby?” whispered Felix in her ear. “Chasity, you ok, Luna?” added Alex quietly in her other ear. My brothers looked at her anxiously. “Yes, Felix. Yes, Alex,” she replied so sweetly. They grinned widely at the sound of their names out of Chasity’s perfect pouty little mouth. “Calix,” she said softly, looking up at me with her doe eyes.

I had dreamt of this moment, of her doe eyes on me while I buried myself in her. I started grinding my h!ps against hers, keeping my c**k deep inside of her while I k!ssed her gently.

I slipped my tongue into her mouth as I slowly slid in and out of her, filling her tight p***y again and again, slow and steady

“Mmm,” she mo*aned. My brothers and I were all smiles. “Mmmm,” we said in unison, making Chasity giggle. Felix groaned. Her giggles were his weakness. Even Alex’s wolf was trying to come forwards. “You’re so tight, Chasity.” I whispered to her as i sped up a little. “Baby, move your h!ps,” instructed Felix, trying to help her relax.

She obeyed like the sweet angel she was. She mo*aned as she began to meet me thrust for thrust. f**k yes!

“Good girl,” purred Felix, n!pping at her ear.

My Goddess Chasity wrapped herself around me tightly as I started thrusting quickly until i was pounding her. I felt like I was going to explode. I was inside of her but she was always under my skin. She whimpered. I knew she was close. I could feel our pleasure build. She was trembling in my arms. I needed to worship her forever.

“I wanna mark you, wanna make you mine,” I murmured, every nerve in my body set off by Chasity.

“Yes,” she said.

She meant it. I could have came right there and then but I held it together. She was had to c*m first.

“Will you be mine too, Baby?” Asked Felix. “Yes,” agreed Chasity sweetly. “And mine?” Asked Alex, k!ssing her hand again and again. She nodded eagerly. “Yes, yes!” She cried. This was it. I pounded her relentlessly until I had her screaming. “CALIX!” She cried out.

I let go. My wolf came forwards, canines out, eyes black. I found my spot on her delicate neck. Mine. I sank my canines into her tender flesh just as my brothers marked her too on either side. She had three ready-made marking spots. She was clearly meant to be ours.

Our triple mark made her c*m screaming. She org*smed. She squ!rted. She drenched my lower t0rso, pelv!s and th!ghs. f**k yes. I roared as poured into her. My c**k spasmed inside of her tight yummy p***y as she contracted around me, milking me, taking everything I had and giving me everything I’d always wanted.

She slipped away momentarily. She was out of. That happened sometimes with multiples mating and marking their she-wolf. She came to. I was worried even though it hadn’t been more than a minute.

“You ok, my Goddess?” I asked. She smiled and nodded. I nuzzled her. I was the luckiest guy alive.


Chasity had just let me mark her. When she had said yes to me, my heart had soared. I love you, Chasity, I said in her mind as she lost herself in our embrace. I exploded as I marked her, my c**k spasming and spurting my load onto the sheets. Watching her c*m and become mine had been org*smic.

“You did so well, pretty little Luna,” I cooed in her ear, still massaging her side as she caught her breath.

Felix “I’m so proud of you, Baby,” I said.

I meant every f**king word. I had just marked Chasity. She had said yes. Sinking my canines into her neck, making her mine, permanently, was everything to me. I l!cked my mark sealing it. I had made a f**kinggmess. My c**m was all over my th!ghs. Watching her and marking her had gotten me off.

My brothers were l!cking and sealing their marks too. Haha, can’t run now, little minx , I said to myself. A mark was a permanent tracking device. I had my woman locked down. Period. My Baby was panting. I k!ssed her shoulder and soothed her as best as I could. Alex was switching places with Calix and I would be between her th!ghs next if she could handle it. I kept my eyes on my mark on her pretty neck. I smirked to myself. Our one and only Luna, officially marked.

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