Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 32: Chasity, Our Only Luna


I was still in shock. Chasity had let me mark her. That was my mark on her neck. We were linked permanently . Forever. I k!ssed her with abandon, completely losing myself in the k!ss. My body was between her th!ghs but I had not entered her yet. My bros were lying on either side of Chasity, massaging her sides and shoulders.

I looked at Chasity hungrily. I wanted to switch positions a little. “Lie on your tummy, little Luna,” I cooed.

My little Luna was so pliant tonight. She quickly obeyed me. She glanced over her shoulder, regarding me curiously. I smirked at her. She was too cute. I parted her beautiful legs. I pressed my palm against her we-t core. Her perfect as-s was in my face. I could not help but knead her b*tt cheeks. I parted them and licked her tight back opening. She squealed in surprise and my smirk grew wider.

My bros and I snickered. I nodded at Felix and he understood what I wanted wordlessly. His bag was the closest, at the foot of the bed. He reached into it and passed me the lube. We had been pretty optimistic with what we had packed. We had each brought a tube of lube. Now, that was faith! I could scarcely believe I was using it on the first night though.

I squirted some of it between Chasity’s b*tt cheeks. “Huh,” she whimpered. “Alex,” she said sweetly. She was so adorable. She was so innocent.

She probably did not know what it was. “’You’re too cute, Baby,” said Felix. “It’s lube, Luna. It’ll make it easier to do what I wanna do,” I explained softly in her ear.

I wanted to prep her tight as-s for the future. Realistically, she did have three mates after all so I wanted to ease her into it. I was rock-hard hard. I pressed my thick length against her p****’y from behind,

sliding inside inch by inch, while my finger slowly entered her back opening. Both entrances were extremely tight so I went as slowly as possible. I felt my c**k brush against her c*rvix. Her p***y clasped around my d**k perfectly, fitting me like a glove. I shivered in delight. Chasity mo-aned and I moved her beautiful dark golden curls aside so I could plant soothing k!sses on the nape of her neck.

My finger was all the way up her as-s and my member was buried to the hilt in her tight little p***y. Felix was holding her b*tt cheeks, keeping them parted for me.

I kept my d**k deep inside her, sliding it in and out if her. I was grinding against her from behind, pressing her down into the mattress carefully with my own body weight so that her p***y would rub against the sheets. She whimpered and I smirked.

She groaned as I picked up the pace, pumping my finger in and out of her behind while I pounded her p***’y I steadily increased the rhythm of my thrusts.

Felix was kneading her b*tt cheeks while Calix k!ssed her neck and shoulders. We were linked now so I could sense how close she was. I gripped her hips with both hands as if d her p***’y fast, hard and deep. Felix took over fingering her behind. Her face was pressed into the pillow, muffling her cries of ecstasy. I grasped her elbows and pulled her up quickly so that her back was against my chest. I kept f **king her from behind, bringing her close to the edge but not pushing her over it

“ALEXI” She screamed. Please, please,” she pleaded.

I knew she wanted to c’*m. One of my hands drifted upwards to cup one of her supple perky breasts while the other hand slid down her torso until my fingers found her cl!t. rubbed her cl!t while I ‘d her mercilessly, filling her again and again.

This time her screams were silenced by Calix instead of the pillow. He had captured her l!ps, k!ssing her hungrily. Felix was k*ssing his way down her sternum to her tummy. She was trembling. Her sweet soft little whimpers were music to my ears. She was so f**king close. I grunted as I quickened the pace, stroking the smooth walls of her pretty little p***y. She shrieked as I finally pushed her over the edge. She contorted her body, falling forwards and bracing herself on her palms and knees as her orgasm gripped her body.

I had not been expecting what happened next because I was so used to being in complete control of my body. As her p**sy contracted rhythmically around my c**k she too pushed me over the edge. I groaned as I exploded into her. My d*ck spasmed and spurted my load into her She pushed her p***sy up against my pelvis, making sure I was still deep inside of her while I came it was instinctual A Luna was destined to carry the offspring of her Alpha I let every last drop drain into her I was panting | slowly slid out of her. She lay flat on her front, trying to catch her breath rubbed her back gently k!ssing the spot between her shoulder blades softly I loved her so much, She had been even more amazing than I had imagined. Felix looked more eager than ever to finally unite


My Baby was a natural. I knew just what position i wanted for our first time Chasity was a sassy little minx so I knew she would appreciate my personal favourite girl on top

“Baby, you’re doing so well, purred, Turn over onto your back. I said soothingly

She swiftly turned over and lay on her back, anticipating our interaction I closed the distance between us, pouring all my yearning for her into a passionate k!ss. I nipped her lower l!p and then ran my tongue over the bitten area, eliciting a mo-an from her. I slipped my tongue into her mouth I trailed my fingertips down the sides of her abdomen while my tongue eagerly explored her mouth. I was so stiff and hard. My gorgeous Baby Chasity was looking up at me with that innocent wide-eyed look she liked to give me. I smirked.

“Do you want Daddy to f**k you, Baby?” I asked, caressing her cheek She was so soft and smooth all over. “Yes!” She said sweetly. I narrowed my eyes, toying with her. “Yes, who?” I asked. “Um?” she said, seemingly unsure.

That had been an easy one I slapped her breasts. She squealed. “Yes, Daddy,” she said.


“Good, Baby, you learn so fast. Daddy is so proud of his Baby,” I purred, twirling one of her curls around my finger.

I lay down on my back and took deep even breaths. I could barely hide how excited I was and my d**k was at attention so she got the message. I could not wait to watch her ride me. Alex and Calix helped her climb on top of me, straddling my waist. Her legs were trembling a little as she kneeled over me.

“Lower yourself onto me,” I instructed.

She kept up her obedience streak to my surprise by lowering herself slowly onto my lap, taking my c**k deep inside of her. She mo-aned when I was all the way in, filling her. I was a big guy. I knew it probably felt like I was in her stomach.

I grasped her hips and slowly moved her back and forth, showing her how to ride. A sly little smile formed on her pretty face. She liked this. I could tell she felt powerful in this position. She wasn’t just getting f***d in this position, she was an active participant. She was f**king me just as much as I was f****g her, excuse my French.

She was so tight, I could feel every minute movement of her hips as she slid back and forth and took my c**k in and out of her

p y. I was stroking her walls and her c**rv!x. She let out a little whimper as adjusted the angle just a bit, hitting a spot that made her shiver and arch her back. f**k, she was beautiful.

This view was unreal: Chasity bouncing up and down on my lap, her mouth opened to form a little o, her eyes wide, her cheeks flushed, her curls tousled, her breasts bouncing with her. I wanted to let her ride the whole time but my wolf was going crazy. He wanted a release so badly. We’d been waiting a long time for this, me unknowingly, him painfully aware.

I sat up. She groaned as she took me deeper in this position. I brushed my nose against hers, pressing my forehead to hers as I thrusted harder and faster and gently clasped my hands around her throat. The throat was the most vulnerable part of any wolf. It was key in a wolf fight.

The beautiful natural trust between mates let us relax enough to touch each other here. I applied extremely light pressure on her neck. I didn’t want to alarm her but I wanted to hold her in place while we mated. I was pounding her from below now.

We locked eyes as we climbed higher and higher. We both chuckled a little, anticipating our impending release. I had engaged in my fair share of escapades but I had never felt anything like this. This was unadulterated euphoria, unbridled ecstasy. f**k.

“FELIX!” She screamed as she lost it.

Her orgasm sent a gush of her sweet nectar from her flower dripping down into my lap and onto the sheets. I grunted as I came with her. I poured into her, filling her. My c’m was seeping out of her, trickling down her th!ghs. I smirked as she went limp in my eyes.

That was how you put your girl to bed. I lay back with her draped over my chest. I pulled the blanket over us so my body heat and scent could insulate her under it. Alex and Calix lay on either side of us. They were panting, having just c’m from watching Chasity. She was definitely a showstopper.

“You did so well, Baby. Daddy is so proud of you!” I said to her softly She smiled sleepily, pleased with herself. I chuckled at my smug little princess. “Thank you, Daddy.” She whispered, her eyes fluttering closed. She could not be too smug yet. There was a lot more in store for her.

“We went easy on you tonight, Baby, but tomorrow you’re gonna have to learn how take more than one of us at once. Ok?” I said gently.

I did not want to scare her but double penetration and maybe even triple was in the cards. I did not want her to be afraid at all though.

I hoped she knew we would bend over backwards literally and figuratively to please her, ensuring she was we-t enough for what we had in mind. I watched her expression for any sign of worry.

“Yes, Daddy,” was all she said sweetly.

I smiled. She was out like a light. I kept whispering to her, maybe it would make its way into her subconscious.

“You are so beautiful, Baby, so s*xy and sweet. You’re a natural. I can’t believe I get to keep you forever,” i murmured.

Alex was stroking her curls as she drifted off to sleep. “Sweet dreams, Gorgeous. We have a fun day planned tomorrow, Luna,” whispered Alex.

Calix trailed his finger along the bridge of her nose, stopping at the tip of her nose. He k!ssed the tip of her b*tton nose.

“I love you, Princess, my little Goddess,” breathed Calix. “We all do, little minx,” I murmured k!ssing her forehead and tightening my arms around her. “I’m gonna steal her from you the moment you fall asleep.” threatened Calix.

Yeah, right. I kept her wrapped up in my arms.

Alex leant in and planted k!sses all over her face. He nuzzled her in her sleep and she smiled. “She loves that,” I whispered, stroking her hair lovingly. Since when was I so mushy.

“I’ll keep you safe,” I found myself whispering to her. “Just sleep. You never have to worry with us here watching over you.

She sighed happily in her sleep, a little smile playing about her pretty pouty l!ps. My spoilt little brat. I was going to spoil her rotten. My Baby, my only Luna. Our only Luna.

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