Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 33: Chasity?

Third Person

“She’s just really young, Felix. She doesn’t have as much experience as we do. She’s never been in a relationship with someone who was not her mate so she doesn’t get how different that is. She thinks she actually has to worry about those random girls,” explained Alex.

“Well it didn’t help that Felix didn’t tell her the party was being thrown by his ex!” Snapped Calix. Felix growled lowly. Calix snarled.

“ENOUGH!” Said Alex, silencing his two younger brothers.

“It also didn’t help that you winked at my ex and her little sister in front of Chasity!” Said Felix.

Calix looked guilty. “Those winks mean nothing. Chasity bears my mark. She’s my fiancee!” Said Calix defensively.

“That’s what Alex is talking about!” Said Felix. “Chasity doesn’t get it. Tonight made her worried that she’s competing with random girls.”

“You shouldn’t have forced her to go to the party,” said Calix.

“Me!” Said Felix incredulously. “We all wanted her to go!”

“Yeah, we did,” said Alex. “We wanted her to bond with the pack. It wasn’t a bad idea in theory but Chasity has too much on her plate right now. Let’s hold off on the introduction of her Luna responsibilities for now.

After high school, in a couple of months, we’ll get married and honeymoon back on the island. Then when she’s more relaxed, we’ll think about her role as Luna.”

“Won’t Mom be furious having to be acting Luna for Chasity for so long?” Asked Calix.

“No,” scoffed Felix. “She’ll be thrilled. Mom loves being Luna. Chasity, on the other hand, she’s not into stuff like that.”

Calix sighed. “Let’s go get her. I’m tired,” said the youngest, flopping over on the bed. “She’s between Felix and me tonight, right?” Added the youngest, yawning. “Rub it in why don’t you, Calix?” Grumbled Alex. Felix laughed. “I’ll go get her.”

Calix jumped up. “We should pamper her. She might be less pissed then. I’m gonna run a bubble bath.

Alex smiled. He loved washing her hair for her. He went to help fix the bath. Felix bounded down the

stairs, taking two at a time, feeling lighter now that they had argued it out and were done with it. It was always better to agree as triplets. Very few could understand the closeness among the three.

Arguing amongst each other was literally like being at war with oneself. He nodded to the two pack warriors he

had placed outside her room. They looked at him strangely when he went into her bedroom and then her

bathroom. He came out again.

“Alpha Felix, Chasity went upstairs,” said one of the pack warriors. “I said to watch her,” Felix said coldly, his blue eyes darkening. “She said she was going to you, Alpha,” said the other warrior, trembling a little.

Felix sighed. He ran back upstairs. The triplets had been hashing things out in Alex’s room but the warrior said Chasity had gone to him. Felix smirked. She probably wanted her Felix. He checked his own room for her. It was empty.

“Baby?” He called, his voice husky. Was she playing a little game with him? She did have a tendency to be a little tease that way. He hoped he would find her in his bath tub as that was what she had been griping about: bathing in some special bath tub.

He slowly tiptoed towards the curtain that gave the person in his tub some privacy. He quickly pulled the curtain hoping to startle her and then hop into the tub too. His face fell.

The tub was empty, spotless and dry as a bone, not used recently at all. He ran back downstairs ignoring the two warriors. He ran his fingers on Chasity’s tub, also dry, not used recently. He checked the pack showers she used to use when she was servant.

He looked in her little makeshift room. Empty. Calix’s tub. Empty. She couldn’t have snuck past them in Alex’s room to get to his bathroom.

“Chasity!” Called Felix, getting worried. Her car was in the driveway and she hardly ever used it. She

really wasn’t the best driver and she had three alphas babying her so she was never without a lift.

“Chasity!” He called, following her smell this time, Alex and Calix came out of Alex’s bathroom. They forgot to turn the faucet off for the bath they were running for their Chasity.

Felix felt out of breath, a little panicked. “What’s wrong?” Asked Alex. “I don’t know yet,” muttered Felix, running up the stairs. “Where’s Chasity?” Asked Calix sounding as upset as Felix felt. Felix followed her smell. She had gone up several flights of stairs. Where the f**k had she gone? Why was she doing this to him?

“Baby?!!!” Felix yelled. “CHASITY!!” Alex picked up on her scent too. It led them to the attic of all places. “Baby, are you hiding, come out?” Asked Felix. “Chasity, we’re sorry! The party was a dumb idea. No more parties until our wedding ok,” offered Calix ripping the sheets off of every ornament and statue prompting showers of dust to rise up then fall.

Her scent went towards the circular window. Felix practically launched himself at it. He got onto the rickety balcony. She hadn’t fallen had she?

Oh f**k! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, was all the Alpha could think. “Felix, careful up there!” Called Alex. “Chasity was up here!” Called Felix.

Alex quickly climbed onto the narrow balcony and peered downwards into the snow like Felix was doing

“She didn’t fall, that snow is untouched,” said Calix stepping out onto the balcony. It creaked under

the weight of three huge alphas. Felix growled suddenly.

“What?” Asked Calix.

“Do you smell that?” Felix asked, his voice deep as his wolf came forwards so he was half-way between beast and man.

“Smell what?” Breathed Calix.

“Another wolf,” growled Alex. Calix sniffed the air and snarled. The three turned around. There were

unmistakable huge paw prints in the snow-topped roof and they was the smell of the wolf, a male. Felix

growled. Alex sniffed again.

“Chloroform,” whispered Alex, his eyes tearing up of their own accord. He was terror-stricken now.

Chasity! He tried to mind-link with her but silence. She was probably still knocked out and by the time she came to she would be too faraway to mind-link. Alex roared. The whole night felt it. Bats

squeaked, owls hooted, birds flew out from their night perches. The ice cracked and the snow topped mountains shook.

Felix was prowling around on the roof trying to find at what point they had left with Chasity so he could tail them further. Calix was sitting in the snow on the rooftop just staring out at nothing in particular. Felix got frustrated. There was no exit point. He could not decipher where they went from here. He jumped down from the highest floor to the snow below landing on his feet. Alex and Calix followed him.

“We need to put this whole place on lock down. No one leaves or enters the pack lands until we find her!” Felix said, his eyes black.

“What if she just went to Mina or Tina’s,” said Calix hopefully.

“Those girls were drunk out of their minds,” said Alex. “Why would she do that? And how would that explain the foreign wolf smell.”

Felix took a deep breath. He snarled. He roared, flipping one of the cars in the driveway over with his bare hands sending it smashing on top of the next car over. The alarms all went off. Their parents and several warriors and staff members ran outside.

“Felix!” Cried his mother. “What’re you doing?”

“Where’s Chasity?” Roared Felix.

“How would I know?” Screamed Luna Ronnie.

Felix stalked up to her.

“Felix, calm down!” Said Calix, his eye turning black. Felix lay his forehead against his mother’s, his nose brushing against hers. There were tears streaming

ming down his cheeks. “Tell me now,” he whispered, his voice cracking. “Tell me right now if you have

anything to do with this. Tell me immediately and give her back to me and I won’t be angry. This is the last chance to just admit it if you’ve done anything,” breathed the Alpha.

Luna Ronnie was crying too, shaken although Felix’s hold on her was gentle.

“How dare you insinuate anything of the sort?” She whispered fiercely back. “I’m not going to stand here and pretend to care deeply about that girl but I love you boys. You are my life and I’d never hurt you. How do you know she didn’t just leave?”

“There is a foreign scent on the roof intermingled with Chasity’s and the smell of chloroform. She did not just leave. We both know that,” said Felix softly but ferociously.

Alex was looking at his mother’s expressions carefully. He felt his father put his hands on his shoulders. His father pulled him into a hug.

“We’re gonna find her ok?” Said the former Alpha.

“Felix, stop it, Mom has nothing to do with this,” said Calix grabbing his brother. Felix sniffled. He hugged Calix. Calix could feel the alpha’s tears falling onto his shoulder.

“Let’s not blame each other, let’s just look everywhere until we find her,” whispered Calix comfortingly. He felt Felix nod his head. The eldest Alpha, Alex, came over and wrapped his arms around his two younger brothers. They stood like that, huddle together, in the snow for a few moments of relative peace before all the chaos to come.

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