Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 33: Luna, Baby, Goddess Chasity


The Morning After. A time of legend. Of triumph.

I woke up before Chasity but I did not dare move. She was fast asleep still, draped over my chest. I waited patiently for my Princess to wake up.

You up? I asked Alex.

Yeah, said Alex as he stirred, stretching carefully, ensuring he did not ruffle the blanket too much so as not to disturb Chasity.

Calix? You up? I asked. Sorta, came Calix’s sleepy reply. Goddess is asleep? Clarified Calix. Soundly, I replied.

I can hardly believe it, said Alex in awe.

I knew exactly what he meant and so did Calix. We all grinned. Chasity was marked and mated. She was ours. Really, truly ours. It was a beautiful thing. The sky was bluer, the grass was greener, the birds sang more sweetly. Everything was better now that we had secured our Luna. My Baby

What if she regrets it? I just had to ask. That’s exactly what/was afraid of too, admitted Alex.

I don’t think she will not really, not truly! Said Calix. Even if she throws that in our faces the moment she wakes up, don’t believe her! Trust me! That’s just her inner turmoil speaking when she threatens to leave. She doesn’t truly want to leave, she just doesn’t want to admit how badly she wants to stay

Love Guru Calix, I said. Calix hasn’t steered us wrong so far, said Alex. Yeah, I know, I grumbled. We submit to your expertise, Calix, said Alex. Enlighten us with your wisdom, sensei, I said. Patience, grasshoppers, said Calix ominously.

Alex and I snorted with laughter. Oh s**t. The rumble of my chest could wake up my Baby. She did wake up but she seemed ready to be up. She sat up and stretched out her arms, yawning.

“Good morning, Beautiful, how’d you sleep?” Asked Alex, grinning at her. She smiled shyly, her cheeks flushing. “Good,” she said simply I got up and k!ssed her forehead. “What does Princess want for breakfast?” I asked. “Princess wants pancakes!” Demanded Chasity. “Princess always wants pancakes,” chuckled Alex, giving Chasity a peck. “Princess needs pancakes anonymous,” added Calix, k!ssing Chasity’s forehead too. “Your wish is my command,” I said.

Truth be told. I loved to cook. The more I liked a girl, the more I wanted to cook for her so Chasity had

, Baby, God me in the kitchen on the daily. I started on the pancakes. I made chocolate chip because my little br*at didn’t eat any fruit flavours not even blueberry or banana pancakes. She would sooner eat the actual fruit than have it hidden in something else. I pan-fried bacon, sausages and eggs and whipped up a sweet creamy mocha Frappuccino for Chasity, coffee with sugar but no milk for me, coffee with milk but no sugar for Alex and coffee with milk and sugar for Baby Boy Calix.

Chasity watched me flip the pancakes with wide eager eyes from her perch on one of the high stools near the kitchen counter. Alex and Calix were lazing about back in our room.

I handed Chasity her Frappuccino and she sipped it. I watched her reaction carefully. Her face lit up and I smiled. I knew she would appreciate such sugary goodness. Speaking of sweet things.

“Baby, you have the sweetest and tightest pu**y I’ve ever had,” I let her know. She blushed scarlet.

“Mmm, yes, definitely, and the prettiest too,” said Alpha of Alphas, Alex, finally gracing us with his presence.

Chasity’s blush deepened if that were even possible. Alex sat next to her.

“Good morning, my Luna,” said Calix, yawning, as he k!ssed her forehead. “You deserve a reward for being such a good girl!”

Chasity could not stop blushing. I piled her plate up with a hearty helping of every breakfast item i had prepared. I let Calix and Alex fix their own plates. I set Chasity’s mountainous breakfast down before her.

“Thank you, Felix,” she said sweetly. “You’re welcome, pretty Baby.” I cooed.

She dove in. I was happy she seemed so relaxed around us. She wasn’t freaked out and she didn’t seem regretful. I exchanged meaningful glances with my brothers. Alex nodded. Calix nodded. I shook my head. It was still too soon. Alex frowned.


As triplets, we just got each other. I wanted to propose to my Luna, Chasity, but Felix thought it was too soon. Calix was on board with it. On board. That gave me an idea.

We had a surprise for Chasity. We had renamed our family yacht after her. On board would be the best place to pop the question if I could get Felix to agree.

We all had to agree. I knew what Felix was afraid of. Rejection. He had been worried about Chasity rejecting him from the very first moment he had found out she was ours. I had been worried too but my worries were dwindling down.

“Bath time?” I proposed. “The sea is a big bathtub,” reiterated Felix wisely. “Nope,” said Chasity. “Yes it is,” pouted Calix. Chasity giggled and grabbed his hand.

“Sure it is but I want to take a shower instead. It wakes me up better than a bath. Baths make me sleepy,” explained Chasity.

We could make her sleepy whether we took a bath or a shower. I held her free hand and Felix followed us into the huge master bathroom. Every time we got our hands on Chasity, the moment became sensual. She was so innocent and yet so alluring.

pulled her nightgown off over her head running my fingertips along her legs, sides and shoulders. She let out a little mo-an as Felix k!ssed his way from the nape of her neck to the small of her back while Calix went straight for her core. Chasity’s legs trembled as she stood with Calix’s face between her thighs. He picked her up effortlessly and put her on his shoulders.carrying her into the shower with her p y

Luna, Baby, God pressed against his relentless tongue. Chasity’s mo-ans were making our wolves come out. Felix and I followed them into the walk-in shower. Water streamed on us from all side and the ceiling. Chasity cried out and my d**k hardened in response to the sound.


I braced Chasity against the wall, her b*tt cheeks pressed against the gleaming white tiles and her p***y pressed against my face. Her legs were dangling over my shoulders as I ate her out, eliciting a symphony of whimpers from her. I smirked against her we-t core as she began to rock her h!ps, riding my face, matching the movements of my tongue.

I was aware of Felix and Alex each reaching for one of her feet, k!ssing the soles of her feet and su-cking and n!bbling on each toe. She squealed. I chuckled against her and the rumble of my laughter made her m0an. She was close. My d**k was painfully hard. Witnessing Chasity reaching her climax always

got me off. I eagerly ran my tongue along her vulva, swirling it around her swollen little cl!t linserted a finger deep into her tight p**y and she gave a shriek of surprise. I pumped herpy with my finger while !

su-cked on her cl!t.

“Calix,” she breathed. Almost there, Goddess? I said in her mind.

I looked up at her beautiful face. She nodded weakly, Felix and Alex were k!ssing their way slowly up her ankles and calves. They licked the undersides of her knees just as I nipped down on her puffy little cl*t. She screamed, climaxing against my face. I groaned in satisfaction as her sweet nectar rushed out onto my tongue and my own d**k spasmed, spurting strands onto the shower wall.

I lowered her down, putting her gently on her feet. She eyed the strands of c’m on the wall just behind her. Felix and Alex had came too from watching and hearing her.

I did not push for more rigorous activities, reasoning that she was probably still sore. Felix and I helped her lather and rinse herself, making sure to be extra gentle. Alex washed her hair. She put on a light

blue bikini and threw a simple dress over it. She was effortlessly pretty. There was no denying it.


We took Chasity to a private beach after our shower. She was reluctant to take off her dress and reveal the delectable little bikini underneath.

“Aw c’mon, Baby,” I said soothingly. Alex stroked her curls.

“It’s ok, Luna, you’re so beautiful. What are you worried about?” He asked.

Chasity glanced up and down the beach. This stretch of land was only for hotel guests. The sand was white and extremely fine so it was soft underneath our feet. The water was clean, clear and calm. There were only about a dozen other people on the huge stretch and we were widely dispersed. I could scarcely tell what the nearest group were doing or talking about even with my Alpha eyesight and hearing.

“No one is looking,” said Calix pointedly. “They should be though,” he added, waggling his eyebrows.

Alex whistled flirtatiously as Chasity shed her dress. She swatted him with the dress she had just removed

“Come on, Luna,” purred Alex. Chasity eyed the sea nervously. “Chasity, Chasity,” Calix began to chant.

“Don’t,” pleaded Chasity, looking around at all the people not noticing her apprehension of the water.

“Baby, no one is judging you. May I carry you in?” I offered.

My wolf suddenly dropped a wall he had kept up for years. Behind it was something terrifying disturbing, monstrous. I had been the one to hold her down, under the freezing water. I jerked myself out of the flashback. I winced.

“Felix!” Said Alex, concern evident in his voice. He was in big brother mode.

“Felix,” mumbled Calix worriedly, his eyes wide. He was in little brother mode.

“I’m ok,” I laughed halfheartedly, trying to discreetly blink away the tears that had come to my eyes.

I looked at Chasity though I did not deserve to hold her gaze. I hoped she had not seen the same flashback. Was that what my wolf meant to show me? The reason behind her apprehension? The fact that I was the worst possible choice to carry her into the water?

“Alex, Calix, help Chasity into the water, hold her up so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the waves,” I said, sniffling a little but playing it off as my allergies as I pinched the bridge of my nose.

“The waves seem gentle,” said Calix reassuringly, ruffling Chasity’s hair. “Felix,” said Chasity softly.

I turned around, always a bit surprised when she called for me. I was still getting used to us being on such good terms. It felt surreal, like a dream.

“Carry me?” She asked softly.

My wolf told me Chasity’s wolf wanted to be able to trust me with Chasity so she was giving me a chance. I nodded. I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Calix and Alex followed us into the water. She watched the water warily as it lapped at us. I went up to a point where the water reached my mid-chest. Chasity was in my arms so I kept her upper half out of the water. She kept her eyes on the water. I wanted to distract her.

pressed my l!ps to hers. Our k!ss was slow and sweet but as our l!ps moved together, it became more heated. I m0aned as I felt my member harden as it pressed against the thin fabric of Chasity’s bikini bottoms. Chasity broke the k!ss, breathless.

“Are you ok?” I asked softly.

She nodded.

“I love you,” I reminded her and she smiled. “I’m gonna keep you safe.”

“We all will,” agreed Calix, massaging her shoulders. She relaxed into his touch. Alex ran his fingers through her hair. He had a major fixation with her hair. If Alex wasn’t an Alpha and a good guy, he would be a serial killer. Meticulous. Neat freak. Collecting locks of hair.

Alex pressed a k!ss to Chasity’s shoulder from behind. She turned in my arms to k!ss him. He cupped her face in his hands as they k!ssed. Chasity gave a sudden little squeal.

“What is it, Baby?” I asked. “My neck,” she whimpered.

“Where does it hurt, Luna? Show me, Princess,” said Alex, kneading the muscles in her shoulders and neck carefully

She winced slightly.

“You used a lot of muscles you probably haven’t used in a while or ever last night,” reasoned Calix

Chasity blushed. “Yeah, well,” she mumbled. “I’m paying for it now.” I nipped at her nose gently. She squeaked in surprise and then giggled. Alex and Calix took to massaging where she said hurt. I held her gently but firmly. I could scarcely take my eyes off of her.

“You’re so damn beautiful, Chasity,” l murmured, nuzzling her. “Mmm, my brothers and I will take you back to the hotel after our little beach trip. We’re gonna str!p you n*ked and pour warm oil all over your body to massage those sore muscles,” I promised her.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, huh, Beautiful,” said Alex softly. She nodded. “Yes,” she said sweetly. “Yes who?” I asked, hoping she remembered. “Yes, Daddies!” She said. I winked at her. “Good girl,” said Calix, k!ssing her cheek. I lost myself in another k!ss until Chasity needed air. “I can’t believe I’m really all yours,” said Chasity. “Believe it Baby, you’re ours,’ I told her.

“Yeah, and if you ever run off, pretty little Luna, we will find you and when we do, we’re gonna have to punish you for making us worry,” teased Alex.

“What’s the punishment?” She asked, looking nervous. “Don’t break the rules and you won’t have to find out.” I said. “You won’t hurt me, will you?” Asked Chasity.

Of course not, Gorgeous.

“Not at all, Baby, but we will make you scream,” I promised her. “We might have to tie you to the bed,” suggested Alex. “And blindfold you,” said Calix with a wink.

“So you won’t know how you’re gonna get f****d next,” I whispered fiercely. “We won’t take turns, Baby, you’ll have to handle us all at once. We’ll stretch you to the limit, Baby, if you test us.”


We took Chasity to one of the most celebrated restaurants in wolf country. Felix did not try to order for her this time. He had learnt his lesson.

**Finally you can have your milkshake in hot weather,” said Felix. “Actually, I think I want a hot chocolate,” joked Chasity.

Felix tried to tickle her but she hid behind Calix. She was sitting between Calix and me with Felix opposite us. She ordered her go-to, a cookies n’cream milkshake. She decided to try their herb encrusted chicken br*east with creamy mashed potatoes and brown gravy. It always warmed my heart to see Chasity enjoying her meal.

She used to eat all her meals quickly, looking over her shoulder to make sure no one was coming to judge her or snatch her food away. I loved watching her relaxed and happy, savouring every morsel.

When we finally got back to our suite, Chasity spent a rather long time in the master bathroom. She peeped out at us. She approached us hesitantly.

“I’m really nervous,” she confessed.

“Shh, Baby, don’t worry, just think of a safe word. Say your word if anything becomes too much for you and we will stop.” said Felix.

I nodded. Calix winked at her. We wanted her to enjoy this more than anything. Anytime something feel good to her, we would stop. All she had to do was say the word. She was thinking about what word she wanted.

“Goldilocks,” she decided with an air of triumph.

We regarded her with raised eyebrows and she giggled. Her laugh was so adorable. I grasped her waist and pulled her a little closer to me, not able to resist her any longer.

“You are our little Goldilocks, come to think of it,” I said as I pulled on one of her dark golden curls. watching it extend and then spring back into place.

“And we’re your three bears,” said Felix with an impish grin as he drew her towards him for a big hug.

“You’re my three wolves, my triplet Alphas,” she pronounced.

Calix began talking as if he were the narrator of a fairytale, “Goldilocks was worried the triplet alphas’ ***s would be too big and her p y would be too small but the fit was just right.”

Chasity giggled, covering her face. We began to undress her. Slowly. Button by button. One article of clothing at a time. The s**** I tension between us and Chasity was practically crackling in the air like electrical charges in a thundercloud about to form lightning. We shed our clothes down to our boxers. Chasity turned her doe eyes upon us.

“Can I just take two of you down below?” She asked softly. “I’ll take the third c**k in my mouth.”

My d**k was rock hard just hearing her talk about s*x so bluntly like that. I was a bit shocked to hear those words come out of her mouth.

“No problem, Baby,” said Felix gently. “Come here, Luna,” I purred, extending my palm facing upwards.

She placed her delicate little hand in my large palm. She was so sweet, so trusting. She was everything we wanted and needed in a mate. I brought her over to the bed. It was time. I could sense her anticipation, her ar0usal.

“Lay on your front, Luna,” I instructed. “We’ll take good care of you,” I promised.

Calix had fetched the massage oil. We had warmed it up. I tested it on my hand to make sure it was not too hot for my Luna’s sensitive skin. When I was satisfied, we started pouring oil onto her back, her behind and the backs of her legs and arms.

Felix kneaded her back, shoulders, arms and neck while Calix massaged her thighs, calves and feet. I had the pleasure of massaging the globes of her behind. She m0aned into the pillow, parting her legs slightly. I reached between her thighs and gently began to caress her flower. She gr0aned as I continued massaging her pu**y.

It was a little difficult to massage her tight flower from behind. We flipped her over suddenly and she squealed in surprise. We laughed at her reaction and she giggled too, covering her burning cheeks. I loved seeing her so happy. I dripped more oil on her, smirking when she said it tickled. I returned my attention to her pu**y, massaging it from the front now, car*ssing her c”*’s and her lab!a until her thighs started quivering. Felix was squeezing her bre*sts and padding her n**s with his thumbs. He pinched them making her whimper. Calix massaged the front of her arms and legs squeezing her wrists, calves and ankles. She sighed happily.

“How’s that, Baby? Any better?” Asked Felix. She nodded. Much better, she breathed.

“You ready, Luna?” I asked, slipping a finger inside of her meaningfully.

She groaned at the intrusion. I added a second finger and pumped them in and out of her p***y easily because of the oil. Her breathing quickened and her pulse raced but I refused to let her come this way. I had something else in mind.

“I’m ready,” she said faintly. Felix lay on his back on the bed while Calix and I helped Chasity lower herself onto him. Felix Chasity was oiled up after our little massage session. It made it a lot easier for her to take my huge c**k to the hilt as she got on top of me.

I grunted. Being inside her made my pores raise. She rode me. moving back and forth like I taught her. I smirked, watching her.

She was much more confident this time and just as beautiful. I gripped her h!ps and thrusted as she rocked herself back and forth. She tossed her head back as I took her higher. She could not come just yet. She had only taken one c**k so far.


I gently pushed Chasity down onto Felix’s chest. I had to interrupt her riding as stunning as she looked doing it. I needed her totally still for what I was about to do. She held her breath, anticipating what came next as I parted her b*tt cheeks put a finger up her tight behind and she cried out as pumped it in and out and then added a second finger stretched her gently. preparing her for me when she was ready.! slowly pressed my engorged c**k against her tight back opening linched in and she groaned as I filled her She was taking both Felix and me fully now

“Good girl,” i murmured in her ear. You’re doing so well. Say your word if you need a break.” reminded her

She nodded. “I’m ok,” she said, slowly moving her h!ps encouraging both Felix and me to f**k her

Felix f***d her p***y slowly while !!d her as*s even more slowly She was trembling I could feel how overwhelmed she was through the mate bond but I could also feel her ecstasy We were making her feel amazing She would not last long with all this stimulation and she had not even taken the third c**k yet


I met Chasity’s eyes, ensuring she was okay. I caressed her cheek, smiling at her she opened her mouth eagerly as my c**k neared her face. I gave her a quizzical look and she nodded She licked the pre-c*m at my tip and I hissed with pleasure. She slowly took me into her mouth I moved in inch by inch, watching her beautiful face carefully.

She seemed to be savouring my taste and how smooth I was. smirked at that. Tears ran down her cheeks as my member reached the back of her throat and she spluttered a little She regained her composure and began to su-ck my c**k, moving her mouth slowly up and down my large e*rect member

She was taking care of all three of us now while we worked her into a frenzy in return. She was m0aning constantly against my c**k and the vibrations of it felt incredible

“You’re amazing. Baby, groaned Felix, from below her as he rubbed her sides and pulled her towards him so he could plant k!sses on her shoulders.

“You’re perfection, Luna,” said Alex from behind her as he licked her ear.

“You’re our goddess, Chasity.” i murmured, in awe of her.

My bros and I quickened the pace a bit. I could sense the pressure in Chasity’s core rising She kept up with my thrusts, sliding my member in and out of her mouth as she locked eyes with me. Felix had one of her “*”s in his mouth while he pinched the other. He bounced her up and down on his lap, sliding in and out of her.

Meanwhile, Alex thrust slowly in and out of her behind. More tears were streaming down her cheeks as she su-cked me. I had her curls gripped in my hand like a ponytail so that I could guide her. I realised she would not be able to say her word if she needed. I had to make sure she was okay. I slipped out of her mouth with an audible pop.

“You ok, Goddess?” I asked, carefully observing her expression. “You need your safe word?”

She seemed a little miffed that we had stopped. I smirked at her enthusiasm. She shook her head fervently and grasped my length in her hands. I slid back into her mouth, shivering from the feeling of being encased by her warm w*tness.

“The first person to come gets tied up the next time we have s*x,” wagered Felix. Alex and I chuckled. Chasity was almost over the edge. My bros were pounding our sweet little Luna

God now and her whole body was trembling. She would lose this bet. I was right. Chasity came first, and hard. She screamed against my member as her org*sm gripped her. She squirted all over Felix below her. I could hear his happy groan as he and Alex let go. l m0aned as the pleasure overwhelmed me and I came in Chasity’s mouth. She swallowed everything and opened her mouth to show me I was panting I grinned and winked at her, gently running my thumb against her lower l!p.

My little Goddess was spent. She lay on Felix’s chest and he wrapped his arms around her. We gently placed her on the bed after some squabbling with Felix who did not want to move from his position under her Alex fetched a warm damp towel and wiped her off gently I got a dry fluffy towel to dry her with. She sleepily snatched the towel when I was done and hugged it. Felix frowned at her wishing he was the towel.

“I have your nightgown. Luna Chasity. whispered Alex to a groggy Chasity

She mumbled something in protest but obediently raised her arms Alex slipped her nightgown over her head and I raised her of the bed so we could smooth the fabric down to her knees Alex began massaging Chasity’s back. Felix massaged her lower back and I massaged her limbs She smiled in her half-asleep state

**More oil?”” Wondered Felix **No!” Said Alex sternly.looking at his sheets

Alex would never allow us to use hotel sheets from the time he could talk even though our family always stayed in presidential suites or other premier accommodations We would have to pack his special hypoallergenic, high-thread count sheets. They were always spotless and extremely soft so I was okay with it. He had put a few blankets on top of the sheets for the oil massage and now that it was over and I had dried Chasity, he removed them and fixed his original sheets

**Nice and clean and cosy.” murmured Alex, f*cking Chasity in and sliding in behind her

“If we drape her over my chest, we would all be next to her,” said Felix whose turn it was to not be near to Chasity

“It’s not your turn,” said Alex matter-of-factly. “Hah!” I said. Felix rolled his eyes at me. “Drape her over me,” decided Alex, “Hah!” Said Felix. I rolled my eyes.

We draped Chasity over Alex carefully and got in on either side of her. She reached for me with one hand and grabbed me like a pillow.

“Hah!” | said, glancing at Felix. Felix was too incensed to even roll his eyes.

“Baby,” he whined at a sleeping Chasity who grumbled something indecipherable back. “It’s your Felix,” he whispered.

“No, it’s your Calix,” i retorted. “Shh, both of you, Luna Chasity and I are trying to sleep,” said Alex. “Yes, oh Alpha of Alphas,” grumbled Felix in hushed tones, “Good night, Alex,” I said. “Good night, Calix,” said Alex “Good night, Baby Boy,” said Felix. “Good night,” I muttered. “Good night, Luna, I love you.” whispered Alex.

“Good night, Baby, I love you more,” whispered Felix.

“Good night, Goddess, I love you the most,” I whispered.

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