Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 34: Chef Felix and Minx Chasity

Alex My eyes opened slowly. Chasity. I smiled looking at her laying on my chest.

I did not want to wake my Sleeping Beauty.

Not yet.

I ran my fingers through her dark blond curls.

I watched them uncoil and then spring back into place.

She was so beautiful.

All her bare skin on display We had gotten frisky in the middle of the night and although we had not gone all the way, we had rid Chasity of her night gown.

It was on the floor somewhere or perhaps tangled up in the blankets.

I gently massaged Chasity’s scalp She awoke with a little m*an She was enjoying her scalp massage.

I smirked.

Calix and Felix stirred, enticed by Chasity’s m*an Felix What better way was there to start the day than eating Chasity’s a*s? Her sweet little m*an had woken me up.

She was lying on her front on Alex’s chest I moved her curls aside and k!ssed ‘my way down from the nape of her to her tailbone, l!cking the skin at the dip in her spine.

I k!ssed the globes of her behind and then parted them I teased her tight back opening with my tongue.

She squealed.

I smirked to myself as I went in for more, darting my tongue in and out of her a*s.

She was still draped over Alex but her l!ps were on Calix


Chasity tasted so sweet.

I moved my l!ps against hers gently.

It was pretty early in the morning based on the faint light seeping through the break in the blackout curtains of our hotel suite.

Alex ni*pd at Chasity’s neck and she gave a little gasp of surprise, allowing me to slide my tongue into her mouth.

I explored her mouth gently, car*ssing her tongue with mine.

We both had our hands cupping each other’s faces as we became more and more breathless with each passing tender moment.

Chasity broke our k!ss to glance at what Felix was doing.


I continued my exploration of Chasity’s behind while I plunged two fingers into her tight pu**y.

She gr0aned as I widened the gap between my two fingers, parting the folds of her pu**y and stretching her, little by little bit by bit.

I could feel her eyes on me as my tongue continued to work its magic on her behind while my fingers tested how much her tight p***y could take.

I knew she was wondering if I was prepping her for something.

I was not about to rush her.

However, I could not deny I was game for her to try to take all three of us, whenever she was ready, whether that me three minutes from now, three months away or three years from today.

It was her call.

Alex seemed to be reading my mind.

We were good at guessing each other’s thoughts.

It was a triplet thing.


I wanted Chasity to be comfortable with every new experience.

I also wanted her to know that her pleasure was of paramount importance to us.

Of course we wanted more but we were willing to go at her pace.

“Yes, eventually we all want your pray at the same time if you can handle that, Princess,”

murmured in her ear, my d**k stiffening at the very thought.

I could sense and smell her ar0usal.

Her sweet scent filled the air and excited my wolf and me.

I was sure my brothers felt the same.

She was locked in another lingering k!ss with Calix.

She pulled away, needing air.

I gave her a moment and then claimed her l!ps next She seemed surprised at the gentleness of my k!ss.

She had probably been expecting more fire Of course.

Chasity lit the fire of desire within me but she also inspired softer yearnings for companionship, for stability to protect and provide for, to love and be loved in return.

I tangled my hands in her soft silky curls while she nibbled my bottom l!p, making me gr0an.

I grasped her chin and angled her face upwards, granting myself better access to her soft sweet mouth.

Her tongue met mine They entertained together slowly as I lost myself in our k!ss.

I was vaguely aware of Felix and Calix continuing their exploration of other parts of Chasity’s beautiful body

Calix peppered Chasity’s th!ghs with k!sses as I made my way down to her ca1ves.

I !icked the indents behind her knees before planting k!sses down her ca1ves I could hear her sigh happily as my fingers kneaded her lower ca1ves while I k!ssed her ankles ticked the soles of her feet, eliciting a squeal of surprise followed by the sweet sound of Chasity’s laughter I could listen to her laugh all day.


My Baby Chasity was doing so well.

I slid a third finger deep into her pu**y and she cried out though my wolf assured me it was not in pain.

She was enjoying the feeling of my fingers knuckle-deep in her.

I gr!nned at her.

My bros were all smiles too.

Chasity’s breathing was coming in quick little gasps.

I started pumping my fingers in and out of her, faster and faster, while I continued sliding my tongue in and out of her behind.

“Mmmm,” m*aned Chasity.


She was making me painfully hard.

I could sense how close she was.

We could all sense it.

Her whimpers were muffled as Alex was gripping her to him, her face buried in his chest.

Calix kept his hands on her lower back, kneading the muscles there, massaging her and soothing her while I fingered her tight little pony until I got her to come screaming.

I gr0aned as my d**K spasmed.

Watching her orgasm always got me off.

The only thing better than making Chasity com was to reach that peak together, inside of her.

I slid my dook between her deliciously round b*tt cheeks, shooting strands onto the small of her back right in the dip by her tailbone.

I smirked at my handiwork.

My bros were gazing at Chasity with lustful black eyes while they stroked themselves.

Calix flipped Chasity over suddenly onto her back.

She squealed.

She had not been expecting that.

Calix grinned at her reaction.

She was so cute.

I k!ssed the skin right under her belly button while my bros moved to lie at either side of her Chasity was being a good girl and thinking of her Alphas She reached out to take over stroking her other two mates, squeezing their shafts from base to tip Her hands were much too small to wrap all the way around any of our cores but she always did her best positioned myself between her yummy th!ghs, squeezing the flesh there with my hands as I pushed her legs further apart.

I was h#rd again already.

It was different with our male we could go and go and go.

The recovery time was almost instant.

I pressed my huge hard member against her pretty p***y, rubbing my shaft against her v#lva up and down, just between her lab!a.

She trembled.

I could tell she liked that I tried four fingers this time, slipping them gently into her p***y one by one now that she was so w#t.

She squirmed a little, trying to wiggle away but my bros held her waist and gently pushed her back to me watched her face carefully, scrutinising her expression while I f!ngered her, making sure it was not too much for her, judging by her smiles, smirks, giggles, and gasps what she liked and how much she liked it She was really tight but after a while of getting her s0aked and stretching her a bit, she might be able to take more than one cook but only if she wanted to.

I k!ssed her gently on her pouty l!ps Chasity was so effortlessly pretty I watched Alex and then Calix k!ss her before l p*netrated her with one sharp thrust pushing all the way into the hilt.

She cried out at the intrusion while pleasure burst through me I had to force myself to hold back.

I could not come this early like some ridiculous teenager I took a few deep breaths while ! moved my h!ps back and forth.

grinding against her the walls of her pu**y were already throbbing around me.

She whimpered as I gave her deep, slow strokes, filling her tight body with my thick, long manh**d I smirked at the little Oshe always made with her mouth whenever a thrust was harder or faster than the one before it Alex and Calix moved down, closer to Chasity’s core, facing her from the foot of the bed.

I wondered if she would let us.


Chasity was flushed.

I stroked her cheek gently Our eyes met and I smiled.

“Baby, can we try?” I asked gently, hoping she understood what I meant.

The look in her eyes told me that she did.

She understood.

I k!ssed her hand and then the tip of her nose.

Chasity nodded.

I grinned.

We had to go really really slowly.

She was made for us so I knew it would be okay but her pleasure was always my top priority whenever we hit the sheets.

Alex and positioned ourselves between her quivering legs.

Alex was slightly in front of Felix and I was slightly behind him.

She was definitely we-t enough but Alex still insisted upon using lube to make it as easy as possible.

He handed me the bottle and I stroked myself, covering my shaft and engorged head with lube.

I tossed the bottle aside.

Alex and I slid into Chasity at the same time, moving extremely slowly, with Alex p*netrating her above Felix and me p*netrating below.

We had never actually attempted this before.

We had liked the same girl before but not this much.

Being inside of Chasity always made my mind numb so I had to rely on instinct.

My Goddess and her beauty melted me.

This was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Through the mate bond, I could feel how satisfied Chasity felt at being filled like this.


It was an extremely tight fit.

We stayed still within her, waiting for her to adjust.

She tossed her head back and m*aned.

I stroked her lower l!p with my thumb.

She was doing amazingly well.

There was no need to rush.

I could scarcely believe she was letting us do this.

“You are doing so good, Baby,” cooed Felix, keeping his eyes on her beautiful face.

In response to his words, she very slowly arched her back a little.

We had to move forward slightly to adjust to that I could tell she was ready for us to move.

I expected this to be very technical tout my Alpha wolf made it seamless.

We slid in and out, slowly and gently.

The noises coming out of Chasity were driving me crazy.

There was something about her that just made me want to pleasure her more and more, again and again.

My bros clearly felt the same way as we all started car*ssing her flushed body at the same times.

She had six hands roaming over the curves and indents of her overheated skin.

It was easy to anticipate each other’s movements.

We quickened the pace ever so slightly and Chasity gr0aned loudly.

I smirked.

She usually tried to stifle or quiet her noises a little but she was too overwhelmed for that right now.

Her toes curled.

She whimpered.

She knew the most intense cl!max yet was coming.

During the triple p*netration, she began having many mini-org*sms.

Her pony couldn’t stop coming but this was different.

Those had been numerous little waves of pleasure crashing over her but this was a tsunami.

I could tell the intensity of the buildup alone had her a bit unnerved.

I caressed her sides and her outer th!ghs, soothing her a little.

“Ohhh, yes, yes, yes!” M0aned Chasity I smirked.

If that was any indication, I would say my Luna Chasity was enjoying this.

We sped up, just a little at first and then significantly Our Luna screamed She was so close and so was I.

We switched angles ever so slightly.

The pressure built and built and built f**k Chasity cried out as the biggest org*sm of her life hit her, making her squ!rt all three of our lower torsos.

My cl!max shattered me too.

Her p***y contracted around me, intensifying my org#sm.

I gr0aned as poured into her as did Felix and Calix.

We had all just woken up but we were spent again.

I slid out of her.

Her eyes were half-closed as Calix fetched a slightly damp towel to clean her off with.

Felix fetched her a clean pair of underwear and I fetched her a fresh night gown.

We dressed her and I changed the bedding at werewolf speed, wanting her to be comfortable and dry.

She tossed to and fro a little.

She whimpered, sleepily realising her Alphas weren’t with her in bed yet.

“Coming, Luna,” I cooed as I fetched an extra blanket.

Chasity and Calix were both blanket-hogs.

Felix was a recovering blanket-hog.

We cuddled Chasity and she soon settled down as our warmth and scents soothed her.

She was out like a light now.

I smiled to myself as I let sleep embrace me.


I was dreaming about Chasity.

I know, shocking! She was on one of those unicorn-shaped pool flotation devices that you could ride across the pool.

Well, dream Chasity thought she could ride it across the pool before I explained that it had no motor.

She could sit on it and float.

She pouted so being the hardcore stone cold killer that I am, I acted as the motor for her unicorn helping her race back and forth across the pool.

“Giddy up!” She laughed.

“Felix!” ‘Tm carrying you across, you little brat,” I said, splashing her with water.

I held onto the unicorn and swam a bit faster.

This pool stretched on and on “Felix!” “It’s not me, it’s the stupid pool,” I grumbled.

Wait, this was real.

I shot up Chasily’s body woken up before us.

My brothers were passed the fack out Should I wake them? No.

I noticed they had on boxers and I had fallen asleep n#ked.

In my humble opinion, we weren’t completely identical.

My guy felt cramped in boxers.

It was a fate I was willing to bear.

Should I throw on something before I go out to Chasity? No.

I strutted into the kitchen in all my glory, morning wood and all.

Of course, I was flexing a little.

“Felix!!” She squealed.

She was really into me.

Always calling me for everything.

I knew once she had this Dall’s thoughts of leaving would dissipate.

I yawned and stretched.

“You called, Baby?” I asked, smirking.

She was blushing.

She had thrown a robe on.

“Put a robe on,” she said.

She did not mean that.

Her eyes were right where they needed to be I walked towards her.

“Do you really want me to?” I asked with a sly smile

Her eyes went from my pecs, to my abs to my morning wood and then she slowly remembered I had a face.

She shrugged.

Her cheeks were flushed.

I knew my little brat would want pancakes.

Baby always wanted pancakes.

If I made something else, she’d probably start threatening to run away again.

I really did love cooking for her but I would love to show her some unique things.

I tried her with a frittata one morning back at Winter Moon.

She tried hard to hide how pissed she was when she came to the table and there were pancakes.

She ate it but slowly and then she moped about.

I put on my new hat.

I had planned this outfit since I realised Chasity was my mate.

I had said to myself that when I won her over, I would cook for her butt n*ked with a Chef’s hat on and an apron that said K!ss the Cook but I had forgotten to get the apron.

It was a good thing.

The apron would have been too much.

This was more stylish and my Baby was checking me out.

I loved her so much.

I grinned at her and she blushed.

She was so adorable.

“Should I go get Alex and Calix?” She asked.

She was so sweet.

Should I pretend to be sensitive? Calix always won with that one.

I should try it too.


“Who are those people?” I asked calmly as I arranged a stack of chocolate chip pancakes for Chasity I was a grown man.

An Alpha.

I did not used to cook with chocolate chips.

Now, it was a staple on my grocery shopping list.

Her pretty face was zeroed in on the heap of pancakes.

She already had a knife and fork in hand.

I was n#ked here and her mouth was watering over the breakfast I had made some coffee with hazelnut chocolate creamer because this minx would never drink black coffee I took a sip.

Not bad.

“Thank you for making me breakfast, Baby,” said my Baby Chasity.

This little minx She knew just how to get me.

I could not help the huge grin that spread over my face My wolf and I were finally friends and it only took us nine years of being at war over Chasity Wait, we could both fanboy over her in peace I leaned in for a lingering k!ss.

Every time our l!ps connected I was transported to a state of pure bliss.

I wanted to carry her back to the bedroom right now but I knew she needed to eat.

So did I.

I hoped to get some alone time with her later My brothers walked in, both in their boxers.

Baby Boy Calix yawned.

He spotted my ensemble and laughed, his eyes on the fluffy white chef’s hat.

Alex rolled his because he was a hater but even he had a bit of a smile on his face.

“Great hat!” Said Calix, giving me a thumbs-up.

I nodded, winking at my lil bro.

He was a young un as Pa would say but he had taste.

“You made breakfast again Felix? You’re making breakfast a lot these days,” said Alex appreciatively I knew my pancakes tasted good, better than his, better than Baby Boy Calix, better than professional minx Chasity back when she was made to cook.

“What’s on the agenda for today?” Asked my Baby.

Alex looked at me.

I inhaled sharply.

I had said I would agree to propose if we hit it off.

I wanted to be Chasity’s husband obviously but the point of proposing was to get a yes.

A proposal that got a no was not a good proposal.

Something was wrong if it got a no whether it be the proposal itself or the relationship.

I wanted to plan a successful proposal to Chasity.

I looked at Calix.

He had a big part to play in Chasity letting us woo her.

She had a hard time saying no to him.

I smiled at my brothers and they grinned.

We could pull this off.

We could be taking our fiancee Chasity back home.

I could not stop smiling.

“Something big,” I told my beloved Baby.

“And. unexpected,” said Alex theatrically.

“And yet…completely obvious,” concluded Calix.

My brothers and I were ready to pop the question.

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