Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 35: Operation Lockdown Chasity


Even I was surprised at how far we had gotten with Chasity despite the fact that it had been my plan that had brought us this point She was our mate officially She was triple-marked That made her the rightful Luna even if she tried to run away which I highly doubted she would Felix, on the other hand, was less confident.

“No one is happier than me to see our marks on her neck, he said, leaning back with a sigh” But she got swept away during this vacation’ mean we’re serey especially me Suppose it was all just lust on her part and she bails the moment we try to lock her down for real,” said Felix. We were all sitting on the high stools by the butcher counter while Chasity showered alone, a rare occurrence nowadays. Felix was jiggling his leg as his anxiety built “She got swept off her feet’ agreed Alex But in a good way.

She knows now how happy we can make her when she just lets us!

I nodded

“She was not just acting out of just said confidently I feel it I know it! Just like I knew she needed to get away from the pack house to relax enough to mate with us ” “You were right once and now you figure you’re always right” grumbled Felix “Thinking you’re always right is Alex’s job You’re trying to buy real estate in his territory Stay in your lane, Baby Boy.” “Stay in yours!” I barked in my Alpha Voice The suite shook st! I hope Chasity had not felt that Alex and Felix jumped.

It had been a kneejerk reaction.

My wolf had come forwards at the insinuation that we were wrong about Chasity loving us “Sorry.” I said quickly Felix snorted with laughter.

“All right Bad Boy Calix, tell us what to do then!” He challenged.

I rolled my eyes.

I remained silent until I realised they were actually patiently waiting for me to tell them what to do.

This was new.

I was in charge! I was in charge? “Um, well we changed the scenery and that was enough to get her marked and mated but we can’t go back to the pack house without solidifying our relationship as much as possible.

When we return to the pack, all bases should be covered.

Chasity should be ours in every way.

There should be no room to dispute her being the Luna,” I explained.

“Mom will love that.” said Felix sarcastically.

Alex snickered “Mom will get over it,” I said dismissively.

“Who are you and what have you done with my little brother Calix?” Demanded Felix.

Alex put his hand to my forehead.

“He doesn’t feel warm,” commented Alex.

“But he’s clearly delirious so I’ll get the thermometer!” “You two are the worst,” I said, folding my arms.

Alex grinned.

Felix chuckled.

“Ok, how do we cover all our bases?” Asked Alex.

“Mating is primal, marking shows permanent commitment between our wolves.

Marriage is what shows permanent commitment between our human sides in my humble opinion,” explained Calix.

“We need Chasity to feel like she’s the boss around here Girls have this weird hierarchy separate from our wolf hierarchy and she-wolves are included in both! Wives outrank fiancees who outrank girlfriends in girl world no matter how in love with your girlfriend you are.

Guys don’t see it like that but trust me, girls will turn around and say if he hasn’tput a ring on it, he’s not that into you, sis!”” I said, parroting what I had heard.

I used to watch a lot of women talk shows with Mom growing up.

The ring was everything “So only when she gets the ring, she’ll feel like the HBIC,” mused Felix “I don’t understand what either of you are talking about,” said Alex flatly.

“But I wanna propose so I think we’re in agreement here!” “We’re not!” I said, looking at Felix.

Felix sighed.

“I just never expected to get this far,” mumbled Felix.

He looked sad all of a sudden.

“I thought you’d be happier,” I said, worried about him.

“I’m so happy I’m terrified,” he confessed.

“Huh?” I asked.

“He’s never had so much to lose before and it’s scary,” explained Alex.

“We’ve broken hearts but we’ve never been heartbroken, not even when Roxy left me for her mate,” admitted Felix.

“I kinda man-whored about and was over it after a week or two.

I feel like Chasity could crush me, like lying on the couch for months, still sighing about it in years crush me.

Like, can’t think about anything else cause everything reminds me of her crush me.

Like love is over if I can’t have her crush me.”

Felix’s eyes were shimmering with unshed tears.

My mouth was agape.

I was usually the one crying while my brothers consoled or mocked me.

Well, while Alex consoled me and Felix mocked me.

This was the perfect opportunity to get back at him but Chasity was too important.

I couldn’t be petty now.

We had to agree on this.

If Chasity sensed doubt or apprehension from us, this would not work ‘Felix.” I said with a deep sigh, looking him dead in the eyes.

“Chasity is going to say yes,” I said with unwavering confidence

Thad to be strong for my brothers now.

They were annoying sometimes but they had been strong for me many times I was the big brother of this matter.

“think so too!” Said Alex eagerly.

“We never expected to get this far this quickly,” I said, putting a hand on Felix’s shoulder as VS Porta Operation Lockdown.

he blinked away his tears.

“But my idea of taking her away from the site of her painful pack house memories worked like charm!” “Exactly so we can go ahead and ask her.

She’s marked.

She’s mated.

She made her decision, “Alex said, nodding resolutely “It’s a bit too soon.

Too rushed,” said Felix softly, still frowning but no longer close to tears Alex snorted with laughter and I could not stifle my laughter either.

Felix claiming we were rushing her was pretty rich, I had to admit

“Says Mr BabyI f***king love you on the morning after we found out she was fated to us?” | reminded him.

Some color came to Felix’s cheeks.

“Yeah you don’t have ground to stand on when it comes to rushing, Felix,” agreed Alex “So what?” Snapped Felix, practically snarling at us.

At least, his fire was back.

He would need it to entice Chasity.

We balanced each other out Girls liked that he’s a j#rk to everyone but me’ vibe.

“She’s in a great mood now away from the pack house.

What’s going to happen when we inevitably return to the pack house.

What if she starts to regret everything?” Wondered Felix.

“She’s marked for life by all three of us,” said Alex in a tone that suggested finality, He was putting his foot down and getting down on one knee.

He was sold on the idea.

“Being marked is not the same as happily every after,” added Felix.

“She could still end up resenting us if we go about it wrong,” he said with a sigh.

“Don’t you wanna ask her?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at Felix.

There was no way he did not fantasize about Chasity.

His fantasies were probably more pornographic but I was sure there were some tender moments in there.

He had to have pictured Chasity as his mate and Luna and wife at some point.

“More than anything,” admitted Felix.

Finally, we were getting somewhere.

“I just don’t want to blow it,” he confessed.

“We’re not gonna blow it, trust us,” said Alex reassuringly, patting Felix on the shoulder.

I nodded in agreement with Alex.

“Come on, all for one and one for all!” I declared, putting my hand on the counter and trying to inspire some team spirit.

Alex rolled his eyes “We’re not the three musketeers, Calix,” muttered Alex “Nope, we’re the triplet alphas, but the phrase suits us,” I said, undeterred.

Felix rolled his eyes too but he put his hand on top of mine.

Success! Alex put his hand on top of our hands Yes!

Weighted their hands in unison like in that human movie.

I could not hide my joy.

We should “I almost died of corniness just now,” grumbled Alex.

Hmph “The cringe transcended me to another reality,” muttered Felix.

Double hmph.

“You guys are gloomy, that’s why I’m the favourite!” I reminded them, smirking.

“You’re Mommy’s favourite, not Chasity’s,” said Felix snidely.

Was he kidding me? Did he think for a second Chasity didn’t love me to bits?! Cause she f**king adores me!!!I thought to myself indignantly.

My wolf growled inwardly at the insinuation that we were not her number one.

We had been chosen first.

“Ohhh, someone thinks he’s Chasity’s favourite,” I taunted.

Alex grinned.

Felix was actually red in the face.

“Because I am,” he insisted.

“You two wouldn’t get our bond.

It’s too deep and complicated for either of you.

I drive her crazy and I’m the first name out of her mouth when she needs something,” he reasoned.


I took her V card.

That s**t was eternal.

Ugh, I sounded like horn-dog Felix and Felix sounded like me all Lovey-dovey.

Alex was chill and nonchalant today.

Chasity was moving mountains here.

“That doesn’t make you the favourite,” said Alex with a shrug.

“And you’re both being so childish.

Enough talk of favourites.

You’re not eleven, you’re twenty-one, get it together,” chastised Alex I spoke too soon with the chill Alex comment.

I got overexcited back there.

Alex was Alex.

We were ourselves just a tad better because Chasity made everything better.

I smiled to myself.

My future wife made everything better.

Alex “We didn’t get to pick Chasity’s outfit this morning,” I said, frowning, as we neared the bedroom door

We had taken to selecting Chasity’s clothes and she would pick from the three choices.

It was childish but we took having our specific outfit chosen quite seriously.

We were thinking of starting up a tally to keep score and by the end of the year, we would de dare the winner.

She always looks pretty anyway,” said Calix with a shrug as though it didn’t matter when he was the one who had started the game “She always looks good but I had a particular mini in mind,” grumbled Felix “Baby?” Called Felix “She loves it when we match,” whispered Calix We’ve got to match tonight too!” We were all in light blue shirts with black pants “Ready, Felix,” called Chasity The de swung inward Felix was grinning widely because she had recognized his voice Operation Lockdown from the other side of the door.

My eyes trailed over my Luna.

I smiled.

She never ceased to amaze me.

She looked so effortlessly gorgeous in a short dress in the exact shade of our shirts Great minds.

“Where are we going?” She asked, her eyes agleam We exchanged glances, realising we had not discussed what we would be telling LunaChasity.

We should have gotten our story straight first but Calix and I had been so focused on trying to convince Felix that it had completely slipped our minds Even now, standing before Chasity, I could not make up much of anything she had that mind-numbing effect on me My eyes settled on my very own mark in a prominent position on her neck and my Alpha wolf rejoiced.

He had been ecstatic ever since we had sunk our teeth into her delicate neck “Pack a nightgown and a change of clothes for tomorrow and any toiletries you might need,” I said decisively, hoping she would not ask too many questions I did not want her to know anything until she saw it with her own eyes “Alex,” purred.

Chasity softly in that sweet tone she used when she wanted something She knew the answer was always yes when she asked me like that she was looking up at me with her doe eyes from under thick long lashes She put her hands on my chest and I grabbed one of them and brushed my lips across the back of it.

“Help me pack, please, Alex” she cooed “You’re so good at it! By help her pack she meant pack for her while she watched “Of course, Luna.” I said instantly “You guys should double-check your bags to make sure you have everything,” I said to my younger brothers.

“Can I borrow the clipboard?” Asked Calix “Yeah,” I said, handing him my clipboard with my list of essentials I had already triple-checked my bag, “Alex, you sure you have everything? Have you quadruple-checked?” Asked Felix in mock concern, widening his eyes theatrically.

“You know I only check thrice.” I muttered.

“And say words like thrice,” muttered Felix.

“Thrice is a legitimate word.” I fired back.

It was! “Come on, Luna,” I said, grasping her hand and leading her into the walk-in closet.

Believe it or not, this was one of the few hotels with walk-in closets in their presidential and deluxe suites.

“You can never have too much storage space,” I said to Chasity who was already playing a song on her phone for me to hear.

“I love this song!” She said excitedly.

It was an upbeat track where the words repeated so much, I doubted there were more than fifteen unique words in the song.

“Metoo?” I said eagerly.

Chasity had this funny way of dancing more spiritedly when my back was turned but when I turned to face her, she would stop or just sway a bit out of shyness.

I showed her dress after dress and she decided what she wanted to carry and what would stay in the suite for now.

“You don’t want me to see your moves?” I inquired with a sly smile.

She blushed.

“I don’t have moves,” she mumbled.

“I can tell you’re dancing up a storm when I turn my back and playing coy when I turn around, “I said bluntly.

“No!” She squeaked.

There was a bloody mirror in front of me through which I could see Chasity dancing passionately while my back was turned.

I always blamed myself for her shyness.

There was nothing wrong per say with being shy It was cute It was a valid trait like any other not a flaw in my opinion but I wondered how outgoing she might have been had she been allowed to flourish more during her formative years.

She was still very young so I hoped to see her come out of her shell a little.

Packing was a cinch for me so I had already filled her duffle bag with her necessities.

I zipped it up “Come on,” I said authoritatively “To the car?” She asked, raising her eyebrows “No, Luna, come to me,” I instructed, holding my hand out “Huh?” She said softly but she obediently came closer and took my hand.

I pulled her into my arms, grasping her by her waist while her arms were around my neck We swayed on the spot.

She smiled sweetly, looking up at me, before she dropped her gaze and buried her face in my chest.

I gently leant my chin on the top of her head.

The scent of her silky curls was intoxicating.

I breathed it in “This is my second dance,” she told me, her voice slightly muffled by my shirt “Oh, yeah, I have some pictures of your first dance with Calix at the Christmas Party She giggled.

I kissed the top of her head.

“You smell really good,” she said softly, the cold tip of her nose brushing against my collar bone.

“So do you, Luna,” I said.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked.

“It’s a surprise actually.

A surprise within a surprise,” I mumbled.

“Why? Are you anxious about it?” I wondered, remembering how frightened she was sometimes because of the past.

“No, actually,” she said as if she too were surprised by this fact.

“Good,” I said, bending to nuzzle her.

Her smile widened and her eyes were bright with excitement.

“I feel safe with you, Alex,” she said very softly as if she were scared to admit it.

“You are safe with me, Luna,” I promised, cupping her face in my hands and tilting it upwards so that our eyes met.

“You know that, right?” I clarified.

She looked at me and nodded.

I pressed my lips to hers and she kissed me back just as eagerly.

I lifted her easily and she instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist.

I carried her over to a vanity counter and placed her on it, never breaking our heated kiss.

My hands snaked up her legs, under her skirt, to caress her smooth soft thighs.

She moaned into my mouth and I tightened my grip on her.

“Chasity.” I breathed as we parted.

What, Alex?” She gasped in reply I traced her cheeks with my thumbs.

“We’ll finish this on the…” I stopped myself.

“On the what?” She asked.

I had almost given away the surprise location.

“On the bed?” She asked hopefully, giving me a sly little smile.

“Yeah, on the bed, at the place we’re going to,” I said, pulling away.

“Wait,” she squeaked.

“What?” I asked.

“I want to do something for you,” she said so softly it was barely even a whisper.

“It won’t take long,” she added quickly with a shy smile.

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