Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 36: More Firsts for Chasity


I tilted my head to the side unsure of what she meant until she reached for the zipper of my p*nts.

She unzipped it slowly.

Blood rushed down to my already hard c**k as my hormones surged.

She tugged my p-ants down to my knees and then slid my boxers down too.

She hopped off the counter and was about to get on her knees.

“Wait!” I blurted out

She raised her eyebrows.

I grabbed a nearby towel and placed it on the floor for her to kneel on.

I didn’t want her bruising her knees or being uncomfortable She smiled.

She sank onto her knees and grasped my engorged member in her hands.

I stiffened as she tightened her grip, running her hands up and down me, squeezing from shaft to tip “f**k,” I breathed.

There was already a trickle of pre-c*m at my tip She l!cked it off eagerly, making me hiss with pleasure as her tongue slid against my member She took me into her mouth inch by inch as much as she could handle.

I could smell her getting we;tter and we;tter as she pleasured me.

She moved her mouth up and down my c**k, swirling her tongue around me and su*cking until her eyes watered.

“Good girl,” I murmured, my voice husky, as I brushed a curl out of her face.

I gripped her hair into a ponytail and guided her.

I thrust slowly, sliding in and out of her eager mouth.

She maintained eye contact with me and I could tell she was smirking.

I grinned at her.

“You like that, don’t you, Princess?” I asked softly.

She gave a fraction of a nod as she increased the pressure and speed.

I matched her intensity, f*g her mouth faster and faster.

“Oh, f**k!” I groaned.

“I’m going to cm,” I warned her, thinking about her dress.

It wasn’t like when she was n*ked or in her nightgown.

She didn’t seem bothered as she gripped my b*tt cheeks, pulling me closer and holding me there while I thrusted wildly, letting go.

My org*sm tore through me, making me see stars.

I grunted as I spilled over into her mouth.

She swallowed everything and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“You dirty little thing,” I said, grasping her chin.

She fixed me with a sly smile.

“Stand up.” I commanded.

She stood.

I wondered if we had enough time for me to return the favour.


Alex thought he was slick.

He could pack in ten minutes, five if he was feeling it yet fifteen minutes had gone by, and he and Chasity were still “packing”.

Calix was on the phone with Mom because he had forgotten to call her when he had said he would and now she was having a mini meltdown “Mom,we’re fine.

I’m ok.

Alex is ok! Felix is fine! Chasity “began Calix but Mom cut across him.

“I just want you boys to be careful, that’s all! Hotels can be dangerous!” She said

She was not even trying to make sense anymore She would say whatever just to have a reason to call a lot.

I sighed.

“Alex is doing something with my woman,” I growled “Our woman,” corrected Calix, leaning away from the receiver for a split-second”What was that?” Asked Mom curiously on the line I marched down the hallway and into the master bedroom I put my ear to the closet door! heard Alex say, “You dirty little thing’ after which he made her stand up I barged in “What the f**k is taking so long? I thought your packing skills were legendary!” I barked.

They jumped a little My gaze instantly went to the towel on the floor I smirked I swaggered up to Chasity l crouched near her and ran my thumbs across her knees “Are those knees sore or did the towel have a high enough thread count?” I wondered Chasity was red I grinned Alex folded his arms but said nothing “Where’s her bag?” I asked He nodded to where it was, refusing to talk to me for the time being I can smell that you’re finished, Lexipoo, chill, I teased So you scored the first solo blo**job? Your idea or hers? I won’t dignify that with a response, said Alex Meh.

There were many firsts in this horny world “Don’t come rushing outside!” I said meaningfully “Go quintuple check your bag and let Cali: talk to Mom until she calms down That should take about nine years so I’ll see you on our thirtieth birthday!” I said, waving farewell to my elder bro in one hand and grabbing Princess’ bag in the other.

Alex snorted with laughter.

He always tried to deny how funny I was but he cracked up sometimes.

I got him! “Come, Baby,” I said, glancing back at Chasity She followed me.

I was nervous like hell about this proposal and steam-and-starch Alex was getting a quickie blowjob in between his itinerary objectives.

That should be the other way around.

I was lost in thought in the elevator.

I could feel my Baby’s eyes on me.

“Minx, what do you want?” I said gruffly.

She stomped on my foot and ran away as the elevator dinged open.

What the f*k?! I chased after her She ran from the lobby, giggling, and dashed to the first level of the multilevel parking lot My heart almost stopped.

“NO RUNNING IN THE PARKING LOT!” I barked so loudly she stopped in her tracks, startled I breathed a sigh of relief.

I grabbed her and pulled her towards the car we had rented.

The Alpha #seed spots were always the closest and most convenient right next to the spots for the differently abled I could not believe I had yelled at her like that, like Alex, like Dad.

I sighed.

I had seen my life flash before my eyes when she went sprinting towards the oncoming cars.

My heart was still racing.

I frowned at her.

She frowned at me.

“Baby, don’t terrify me please.

I’m not as young as I used to be,” I joked.

She b*urst into laughter.

“You’re twenty-one!” She said pointedly.

“You’ve aged me,” I complained darkly.

She laughed.

I was glad she was starting to get my humour.

“I’m so excited,” she said, somewhat apologetically I really hoped I had not scared her back there.

I wasn’t sure what to do.

My wolf suddenly grabbed control of me because he was great with subtlety.

We crashed our l!ps against hers, trying to have all of her in one passionate k!ss.

We left her breathless.

She smiled.

Our fingers traced our mark on her neck, eliciting a shiver down Chasity’s spine.

I wanted to l!ck her from the nape of her neck to her tailbone.

“You’re happy?” I asked.

She bit her l!p and gave me an apprehensive look. “I would like it to work,” she said tensely.


My heart plummeted.

I had not expected such a cut and dry response.

I had thought she was a bit more starry-eyed about us at this point.

Was she going to say no tonight? I flinched at the mere thought.

She began to explain herself, sensing my emotions.

“I just…I’m trying really hard ” she tied but faltered.

She fell silent for a few moments.

“Don’t give up on me, ok?” She asked, looking at me hopefully with her wide doe eyes.

My eyes widened in shock.

Me? Give up? On Chasity? There wasn’t a multiverse in any time and space continuum where that was happening.

Every single Felix was Chasity-struck across the board, a constant with no variables.

I could not say that.

I had to play it cool.

Also, I always pretended to fall asleep during Alex’s Science Fiction picks on movie nights but I was secretly listened.

Some of them were good.

I was genuinely asleep during Calix’s Rom-Coms and animated Princess movies though.

“I would never…don’t give up on us, any of us,” I said.

i tossed her duffel bag in the trunk next to the three backpacks my brothers and I were carrying I sat in the driver’s seat after helping Princess into the passenger seat.

Not opening the door for your lady is just a douchebag move and I was a recovering douchebag.

I had not acted like a douche in about a whole week.

Chasity twiddled her thumbs and jiggled her legs as she sat.

What was taking so long? Oh wait! I (—.g asked them to take a while.

Chasity playing leapfrog in the parking lot had made me forget my prior plans I had almost used my Alpha voice on her.

Almost! That would have been awful An Alpha should never use an Alpha command on his own Luna.

It was just not right.

It also wouldn’t f…g work so you were basically just pissing off your Luna with no benefit.

I was a little too frazzled to be suave right now.

Chasity sighed deeply I looked at her worried She climbed into my lap without explanation

HELE not that any explanation was needed.

She straddled my lap.

I smirked and waggled my eyebrows.

Chasity was looking at my l!ps.

I could not help but grin.

The flower somehow came to the bee today.

Not my preferred way as I did like to dominate but for Chasity, I would do just about anything She grasped my face in her hands and pulled me to her for a steamy k!ss.

My wolf roared within.

My skin heated up.

I k!ssed Chasity with reckless abandon, crushing her to me, nipping at her l!ps, eliciting gasps and mo*ans.

My tongue invaded her mouth, caressing hers.

We explored each other’s mouths.

I rocked Chasity back and forth on my lap, grinding against her whilst I held her in place.

The scent of her arousal quickly filled the car.

I found my mark on her neck and su*cked on it.

She m0aned as pleasure coursed through her.

I kept my mouth on her neck while I slid my hands under her dress, skimming them over her th!ghs and reaching for her underwear.

She was we;t and ready for me.

I unzipped my p-ants, freeing my rock-hard member.

There was already some pre-c*m at the tip.

Chasity eyed it.

I quickly moved her underwear to the side and penetrated her in one fluid thrust.

She groaned as I filled her tight p***y with my long thick c**k.

She fit me like a glove.

Just the feeling of her inner walls pressing in on my bare cook made me weak.

“Baby.” I hissed, my voice low and husky and filled with l*ust as I slowly began to thrust into Chasity’s warm tight p***y.

I gave her long deep strokes while I kept her wrapped up in my arms.

I had my face buried in her silky fragrant curls.

I lost myself in her.

I pulled almost all the way out before filling her to the brim again, brushing against her c3rvix.

At the deepest point of each thrust, I held her to me, grinding against her.

I slowly picked up the pace.

Her p***y was so deliciously greedy, clenching down on me every time I filled her.

Every stroke felt amazing.

Chasity was mo*aning and crying out now as I ford her hard and fast while my hands clasped gently around her throat.

I knew she liked my roughness so I didn’t hold back.

I kept my hands on her delicate neck while quickened the pace, even more, pounding her relentlessly.

She whimpered and clung to me for dear life.

She was so close.

I could feel it.

She was trembling in my arms as we f****d She rocked her h!ps, meeting my thrusts the way I liked.

I smirked.

She had remembered what I had taught her.

I felt her tense up in my arms as the next few thrusts brought her over the edge.

She cried out as her org*sm hit her I kept up the rhythm of my thrusts while waves of pleasure crashed over her, eventually rendering her limp in my arms.

With one final deep thrust, I groaned as I came, pouring into her She shuddered as I let everything out inside of her.

I k!ssed her forehead.

I sighed.

I was Sated That had been amazing My first solo experience with Chasity.

I smirked to myself.

She was still in her dress so I simply fixed her underwear and made her comfortable in the backseat I was still panting a little as those two chuckleheads showed up.

I’ll sit in the back with her,” offered Alex “You just want her head in your lap,” I said snidely Alex growled at me but slid into the backseat without another word.

I got back into the driver’s seat and Calix got into the passenger’s seat Alex stroked her hair while she slept.

We were driving to the marina where our yacht was docked.

“How’s my Sleeping Beauty doing?” I asked, looking in the rear view mirror at Alex.

“Fast asleep,” said Alex, leaning back.

The drive was quiet and uneventful.

“Goddess is missing some great scenery,” commented Calix.

“I know, right,” I said, as I cruised along the road.

The sea was in plain view.

This road ran close the coast so we were passing beach after beach.

When we finally made it to the marina, Calix jumped out first, insisting on carrying Chasity aboard our yacht.

Calix “Don’t wake her if she’s still sleeping!” Warned Felix as I opened the backseat car-door.

Chasity was stirring in Alex’s lap.

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