Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 38: Chasity says…


I was three seconds from fainting like some damsel in distress despite being a six and a half foot buff Alpha.

I had won every battle I had ever fought and yet Chasity, a cupcake with doe eyes,had struck fear into my heart.

She was sniffling quietly.

She was about to shoot us down.

I felt like my heart would cave in.

My wolf snarled at me with unbridled ferocity at the implication that his Chasity would say anything but yes.

“Yes,” gasped Chasity.

See! I raged at my wolf.

We just got our heart broken being hasty! My wolf growled impatiently.

I was a little slow on the uptake today.

Chasity had said yes? The smile that spread across my face had enough watts to power this yacht.

My brothers were also beaming with their megawatt smiles.

Alex slid the ring on Chasity’s delicate little finger.

She moved her hand in the moonlight, admiring the diamonds as they sparkled.

We all rushed to hold her at once.

She ended up at the centre of a triplet bear hug.

She giggled.

Ugh! She was so cute! I planted k!sses all over her face.

The plan had originally been to finish dinner and then have Chasity for dessert but we all got wrapped up in her acceptance of our proposal.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Luna, for giving us a chance to be the Alphas you deserve.” cooed Alex, k!ssing Chasity between each word.

“We won’t let you down Goddess! Well, do whatever it takes!” Insisted Calix easily.

“I love you so f*cking much,” I murmured in her ear, my voice even deeper due to the presence of my wolf.

We carried Chasity back to our master bedroom in a confused frenzy.

We were k!ssing every exposed inch of her on the way.

As soon as we were behind locked doors, it occurred to me how little she had actually ate.

We needed some wine! And champagne! Maybe a dessert wine and literal dessert.

I reluctantly left the room, dashing back to the deck to fetch the champagne and tell the crew to bring the dessert platter down to us.

“If things are…um.in motion, what do I do?” Asked the server.

My face felt flushed.

“Um, then don’t come in! Mind link me!” I said before rushing back to the room with the champagne


Chasity had said yes! Every inch of me was tingling as we hit the sheets.

Chasity’s head ended up cradled in my lap I leant in for an upside-down kiss, eagerly pressing my l!ps to hers.

Whenever our l!ps connected, there was this rush that flowed through me I could feel my wolf stirring within, communicating with Chasity’s wolf underneath it all.

Her l!ps were so soft and she tasted so sweet.

Her scent was filling the room as Alex and I showed her just how much we loved her.

Alex Chasity’s l!ps were still on Calix’s when I reached for the fabric of her dress, sliding it upwards to reveal her smooth calves and shapely th*ghs My wolf growled playfully within as he sensed Chasity’s she-wolf surfacing with her rising ar*usal.

I reached for her underw*ar and slid it down her beautiful legs.

Uncovering her in this way made the air thick with her delicious scent.

My wolf roared within me.

I went straight for the honey p*t at the apex of her l*scious th*ghs.

I peppered her lab!a with k!sses as she squirmed under my touch I kept my palms pressed against her inner th!ghs while Calix deepened their k!ss.

I l!cked her v*lva and swirled my tongue around her cl*t, eliciting a gasp from my Luna.

Chasity suddenly broke apart from Calix and looked up I knew instinctively she was searching for Felix.

I covered her v*lva with my mouth and s*cked on it, diverting her attention back onto me.

I loved the satisfied little m*an she let out as I l*cked her folds eagerly She shivered.

I could feel the levels of pleasure inside of her beautiful body building and building, almost to threshold.

Felix returned at that moment with a bottle of champagne which Chasity did not seem too interested in Felix Chasity was lying on the bed with her head on Calix’s lap and Alex’s head between her perfect th!ghs.

She looked up from the tangle of bodies and our eyes locked She extended her hand to me and I assumed she was reaching for the champagne.

I k!ssed her palm and then tried to hand her the bottle but she promptly refused it and grabbed me instead.

That was more like it! The champagne rolled onto the floor but thankfully the bottle did not break.

I laughed as my Baby pulled me in close Her dress was bunched up at her waist.

I slid it further upwards, revealing her bre*sts still nestled in her br#.

I pulled the dress over her head and tossed it aside.

Calix unhooked her br#, releasing her beautiful bre*sts.

I gr0aned as they jiggled while she rode Alex’s face.

I quickly stripped as did Alex and Calix.

Calix hoisted Chasity into a sitting position in his lap, her back to his front.

He reached down and parted her th!ghs from behind, exploring her p***y with his fingers while she trembled and panted.

Her noses were er3ct already.

I encased one of them with my mouth while Alex s*cked the other.

She tangled her hands in our hair while we swirled our tongues around her taut n****s

The whimpers coming out of her were driving me crazy.

She twisted a little in Calix’s lap to press her l!ps to his while he kept her spread-eagled for us Her prey was dripping while Alex and I planted k!sses down her opposite sides of her torso until we were both k!ssing her inner th!ghs while Calix still fondled her pu**y.

I have the de…

began one of the crew members in my mind.

He must have been at the door already but I cut him off instantly.

We won’t be needing it.

sorry! I said quickly as my mouth neared Chasity’s p***y.

I k!ssed every inch of her v*lva and l!cked her folds, parting her pu**y with my insistent tongue, searching for her cl*t.

I found the little button and immediately s*cked it into my mouth.

I heard her sigh as I continued to trace patterns on her cl*t while Alex pushed a finger into her p***y.

He began f!ngering her gently.

She whimpered, overwhelmed by all the hands and tongues pleasuring her at once.

Alex My index finger was deep inside my Luna’s tight pretty little pony.

I added a second finger, pumping her steadily.

I added a third, pumping her p***y a little faster.

Calix was keeping her flower unfolded for me, his hands pressed against her inner th!ghs Chasity had her eyes closed as she lost herself in the mounting pleasure She needed to be filled and I wanted nothing more than to fill her.

My bros lifted her by her waist and placed her on top of me She straddled me as Hay back on the bed.

Calix remained behind her and Felix stood on the bed at her side

I was painfully hard I was ready and rearing to go but I gave her time to lower herself onto my huge hard c**k.

I smirked as I watched her shocked expression as I stretched her pay while she took all of me.

She m*aned as I filled her to the brim I sat up suddenly and brushed my nose against her while cupping her pretty face Calix was gently f!ngering her behind, preparing her to be p*netrated again.

He used a liberal amount of lube and then very slowly slid into her behind.

She was trembling.

She had two huge c***s in her, one in her perry and one in her a*s She cried out as Calix and I readjusted ourselves.

Felix grasped her by the chin and she opened her mouth for him.

He slid into her mouth and began thrusting slowly just as Calix and I began f**king her.

We slid in and out of her slowly and steadily.

She m*aned against Felix’s cook as we stroked her most sacred areas.

Felix Chasity was doing her best to pleasure me while Alex and Calix worked her into a frenzy.

The vibrations caused by her m*aning against my c**k were adding to the experience f**k! This felt so good.

I locked eyes with her and gripped her silky curls into a ponytail, thrusting into her mouth a little faster.

“Mmm, Chasity, my Baby.” I growled.

She knew how to bring out the best in me and my animalistic side.

Alex and Calix were moving in-sync, filling her pu**y and her a*s alternately.

She was trembling as they sped up.

She grasped Alex’s shoulder to brace herself as they f****d her.

Her other hand squeezed my a*s, pushing me closer to the edge.

I gr0aned and that only increased her enthusiasm.

She s*cked me h*rder and h*rder until I could scarcely breathe.

I was about to blow.

I groaned as pleasure flooded me and my c**k sp*smed.

I came h*rd in her mouth with a low grunt.

She swallowed everything f**k.

I got on my knees and cupped her face, pressing my forehead to hers while my bros pushed her towards a cl*max.

Calix Chasity’s ass was impossibly tight as I thrusted in and out of it.

She was a m*aning mess as Alex and I sped up.

bouncing her up and down, pounding her from both sides.

Chasity squealed.

I gr0aned as her org*sm made her whole body shake.

I c*me, p0uring into her.

She went limp in our arms, at the tension rele*sed from her body.

I let the intense pleasure wash over me until my breathing and my heart rate slowed.

I lifted my Goddess up and put her to lay down gently.

Alex grabbed a towel to wipe her clean.

“Should we dress her like usual?” Murmured Alex.

“I wanna sleep like wolves do tonight,” mumbled a sleepy Felix

We knew exactly what he meant as he pulled Chasity to him, draping her carefully across his bare chest.

Alex and I lay at either side of them.

I grabbed the quilt and pulled it over Chasity in case she got cold.

Alex was playing with her hair absentmindedly while Felix m*ssaged circles onto her back.

I smiled at her, so peaceful already.

“Goodnight Mrs Thorn,” I whispered in the ear of my divine fiancee, eliciting the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

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