Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 38: Deidre and her Doppelgänger

Chasity’s POV

Have you ever went to bed one place and then woke up somewhere completely different? I have.

I woke up in a bedroom with clean white walls and a cold marble floor. The bed was made of black wood and piled with white Egyptian cotton bedding. I could feel it. It was so soft. These were the same sheets my alphas had. The sheets made me even more homesick.

The walls were lined with photographs, all of beautiful women, ethically different with varying skin and hair and eye colours but they all had symmetrical faces, high cheekbones and perfectly arched brows. They were familiar. I was looking at framed photographs of supermodels, all of them close–up beauty shots, The one above the head of the bed was the most familiar. What was her name again?

It wasn‘t as though I didn‘t like fashion but I had never been able to afford those sorts of things before I became the triplets‘ mate so I never paid that much attention to it. I wore whatever I had or whatever I was given. How had I been moved from the simpler room in the castle–like building to here? Was this room even in the same place? Had they drugged me so they could transport me more easily? I thought of the water and the pizza from Maurice.

Had Maurice just pretended to “sneak” me the food? Perhaps it was all a farce just to get me to ingest the drug somehow. Maybe even Dante‘s anger had been a part of the trick. I felt like crying but I had to be strong. I just hoped they hadn‘t moved me off of the pack lands.

I sighed. The door opened. This sleek black wooden door didn‘t creak, it just smoothly opened on well–oiled hinges. Dante walked in

and threw a plastic bag at me. It hit the bed with a soft thud.

“Where am I? How did I get here? Did you drug me?” I demanded. What if the drug was a substance that would hurt the baby?

Dante stared at me, drinking me in. It was strange. I realised why he reminded me so much of Felix. It was the way he looked at me, like he was agitated that I was there because me being around meant he could focus on nothing else.

This was the old Felix though, the one who said I frustrated him but painted me secretly. The new Felix looked at me with intense but softer eyes, openly loving. I understood that sort of look a lot better now. Something was brewing underneath. This did not make sense though. Felix and I had a long history of intense emotions. I didn‘t know Dante from Adam and he didn‘t know me from Eve. Unless…

“Did you know Chalice?” I asked.

Dante just stared at me.

“You look at me like you recognise me,” I said.

He actually flinched. “Don‘t ask questions!”

“Ok, Dante,” I said softly. He responded to me saying his name with a sharp intake of breath. Something was up. I wanted my alphas and no one else but if I needed to be flirt a little bit to get away I would. I wanted my Alex, my Calix and my Felix. My wolf wanted them

too. I wanted to tell them I was pregnant and be babied because of it. I sighed.

Dante sighed too. “Put on these,” he said, gesturing to the plastic bag.

I looked inside. It was a simple white dress, knee–length with short sleeves. I was still in the party dress from the night I was kidnapped. My mascara was smudged all over my eyes and down my cheeks. I could use a shower and a change of clothes. There was underwear in the bag too, just a simple white cotton bra and panty. The sizes were all correct.

“Um, thanks,” I said.

Dante shrugged. “The bathroom is through that door,” he said, gesturing to the only other door besides the exit.

“Ok,” I said.

“There‘s stuff in there for you to use, like soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair stuff, toothbrush, toothpaste. There‘s even makeup,”

Dante said. It was the most he had ever talked around me without scowling.

“I know you probably can‘t tell me what‘s going on but will I live to see tomorrow?” I asked, thinking of my baby and nervous about

the white dress. Sacrificial? Dante had tattoo on his ankle that reminded me of the occult.

Dante flinched again. “Yes, Chasity. f**k,” he said, annoyed.

“Ok,” I said sweetly. “Thank you, Dante. I won‘t hug you to thank you when I‘m all gross like this.” I watched his reaction carefully. He almost smirked but then caught himself. Gotcha. Was Dante the boss? Maybe he just wanted me for himself but that was insane. Felix would kill him without even asking a question first like he‘d done with the other kidnapper.

Dante was pretty big. He might be the same size at the triplets but there were three of them and one Dante. Dante did have the build of an Alpha though. Was he an Alpha? From where? There were many werewolves that were just really physically impressive despite not technically being Alphas, Betas or Gammas.

There were rogues who were physiologically Alphas meaning if they gathered a pack they could easily be its Alpha but since they were lone they were called Sigmas. Maybe Dante was a really wealthy bored Sigma who‘d decided to steal a Luna? That still didn‘t make sense.

I went to the bathroom and pleasantly found that I could lock the door. There were no other doors or windows in the bathroom. The walls and floors were covered in immaculately clean large white tiles.

There was a huge semi–spherical bathtub and a shower. I didn‘t feel comfortable enough to soak in a tub though I could use the relaxation. I took a quick shower, washing and conditioning my hair. I detangled it. There were a lot of beauty and hair products.

I used some of what I recognised and put on the white clothes. I didn‘t want to put on any makeup. I went back into the bedroom and sat on the bed. Dante came back and nodded in approval. I managed to smile. He took my old clothes away to my annoyance. I felt cut off from my old life now in these unfamiliar clothes.

“Are you the boss?” I asked Dante.

He raised his eyebrows. “No,” he said.

“Do you k now the boss well?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Do you…” I began but he cut me off. “You‘ll meet her eventually,” he said.

“Her!” I exclaimed.

Dante looked impassive. He left the room. A woman had organised my kidnapping. Why? Jealousy? Was she in love with the Triplets? Was it Luna Ronnie? If it was her, she might spare me if she knew I was pregnant with her grandchild. I kept silent about the pregnancy as I had not met “Boss” yet. Truth be told, I hated when employees referred to their superior as “Boss“. It was vague. I‘d rather reference their title. Whoever “Boss” was, I had no idea what “she” wanted and I was more confused than ever.

Third Person

Danny addressed the room, “I have a lead in Luna Chasity‘s case, Alphas.”


Danny was growing tired of interviewing suspects who were merely catty jealous girls who were eyeing the triplets. That really didn‘t fit the profile when it came to who would be organised enough to capture the Luna. The next three suspects insisted on being interviewed all together. Sandra, Tonya and Avery. The triplets‘ most recent ex girlfriends. These girls were allegedly dumped for Chasity.

They strutted into the room on five inch heels. They were all different colour mini dresses. The redhead with piercing green eyes was Sandra and she wore red. She seemed to be the ringleader and was the eldest Alpha‘s ex. Tonya had olive skin and straight, black hair with deep brown eyes.

She wore blue and was Felix‘s ex. Avery was a pixie–like blond with large blue eyes. She was dressed in yellow and was Calix‘s ex.

The girls all sat facing Danny. They had defiant looks on their expertly made–up faces. They did not utter a greeting. They just waited

for Danny to say something.

“Hey girls, I‘m the P.I. and my name is Danny. It‘s nice to meet you,” he said, grinning. The girls nodded feebly and smiled faintly.

“So, were you the triplets‘ exes?” Danny asked.

“Yes,” said Sandra the leader. “I am Alex‘s ex. Tonya used to date Felix and Avery was with Calix.”

“What were the triplets like as boyfriends?” Inquired Danny.

“They were romantic, attentive,” said Tonya.

“How long were you dating the triplets?” Danny asked.

“Maybe five weeks, “Avery said, eyeing the tape recorder.

“Did you girls know Chasity while you were dating the triplets” Asked Danny.

“Yeah, vaguely,” said Sandra.

“She was just some girl, a servant that cooked and cleaned at the pack house,” said Tonya.

“The triplets complained about her from time to time. Also, we had thought her name was Charity with an R, not Chastity with and because the triplets called her Charity,” said Avery. The other two girls nodded.

“On the triplets ‘twenty first birthday, did you know it was also Chasity‘s eighteenth birthday?” He asked.

They all shook their heads.

“When did the triplets break up with you?” Asked the P.I.

The girls were getting agitated by all these questions and it showed. Good. Danny liked to agitate people a bit. They were more truthful that way. Too emotional to fabricate effective lies.

“They broke up with us on their birthday itself before the party,” said Tonya.

“And it was via text!” Complained Avery.

“We had all been together deciding on what to wear for the party and we all get texts from them saying they‘re sorry but they‘ve found their mate. They refused to say who she was so we were in the dark about their mate being Chasity. We went to the party anyway though we‘d been unceremoniously uninvited. Chasity was there doing server work and we asked her if she knew who the triplets‘ mate was and that little b***h lied to our faces,” huffed Sandra, folding her arms.

“So you were quite upset and weeks later decided to confront Chasity at a different party on the night of her disappearance?” Danny asked with narrowed eyes.

The girls got nervous. “We just talked to her that‘s all!” Insisted Avery.

“We told her the truth,” said Sandra with a satisfied smirk.

“What truth did you tell her?” Danny asked rubbing his chin.

“That the triplets complained about her constantly. How ungrateful she was, how unfriendly she was. She was always in a sullen bad mood. She was fat, poor, a loser,” said Tonya.

“They used the words fat, poor and loser?” He asked.

Tonya fidgeted uncomfortably in her chair. “I‘m paraphrasing.”

“So after you confronted Chasity…”

They cut him off. “She vomited on us!” Blurted out Avery.

“And Alex came and took her away,” added Sandra.

“That‘s it, nothing else happened,” said Tonya.

“What did you girls think when you found out Chasity was missing?” Danny said.

“That she‘d run off to find her parents!” Said Sandra immediately.

“Hmm so what were you girls doing around the time Chasity was allegedly kidnapped?” Asked Danny.

“We went to a bar, after the party, after we‘d cleaned up a bit,” said Sandra. “We needed to destress,” added Tonya. Avery smiled.

“Ok, what bar?” Danny asked. He would definitely find out if they had really been there or not.

“The Serpent‘s Tongue,” said Sandra.

Danny stiffened. “That‘s a pretty rough crowd. You girls were comfortable there?”

Sandra shrugged.

“Anything interesting happened at this bar?” Danny said.

“Yeah!” Piped up Avery and her two friends stared at her. “We met a celebrity, a supermodel! Well, an ex supermodel. She‘s retired. Deirdre Binx. She was with this young hot guy. All those retired supermodels have boy–toys!” Said Avery with a laugh.

“Did you talk to her?” Ask Danny,

“Of course!“Said Avery. “I asked for an autograph. She talked to me for like fifteen minutes! The model looking boyfriend had left to

go somewhere so we all got to chill at the bar with her!”

“Yeah,” said Tonya. “We were too shy to talk to her before but we worked up the nerve at the bar.”

“Before.” Asked Danny. “What do you mean?”

“Devidre knew the party throwers ‘lamily and she was there at the party for a short time. She was there early! And left before the triplets and Chasity came and the whole womit incident happened,” hulled Tonya.

“What was a big celebrity doing hanging around ?” Asked Danny.

“She said she was visiting an old friend,” said Tonwu.

“Did she say who.” He asked. They shook their heads, Danny knew Deidro and been the best friend of Chalice, Chasity‘s mother. How interesting that Chasity goes missing on the night Deidre swung into town. He know who he would be interviewing next.

End of Flashback

The triplets were quiet, listening to the conversation playback on the tape recorder. “The interesting thing,” said Danny. “Is that Deidre was photographed at a Hollywood even that night.” “So the girls were lying about running into her?” Asked Alex.

Danny smiled. “Deidre was seen in LA that night but I also went through social media posts from the party attended by you three and the Luna and Deidre was in the background of one of them. Or at least someone who looked exactly like Deidre!”

The triplets fixed Danny with confused stares but Chance nodded as though it were all starting to make sense to him.

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