Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 39: Calix confesses to Chasity


I woke up without my little minx on my bare chest.

f*‘*k! I shot right up into a sitting position.

Alex and Calix were sleeping peacefully.

I tossed a pillow at Calix.

He scrunched up his face and just rolled the f**k over and went right back to sleep.

I tossed a pillow at Alex.

He was a light sleeper.

He did not even stir! I was still a little groggy too.

I smirked thinking about Chasity and the events of last night.

How the hell was she up? She should be exhausted.

“Alex! Alex!” I called.

His eyes remained closed but he answered me.

“What, Felix?” He muttered.

“Chasity’s gone.” I said simply.

He practically flew out of bed.

He searched the sheets and pillows and blankets madly.

“Dude, she’s not that small,” I chuckled.

“We would know if she was in bed.

She’s five four at least,” I guesstimated.

Calix groaned and sat up slowly.

“Why didn’t she wait for me?” He whined.

“We always wait for her if we wake up first!” I looked at his pouty face.

“She said she’s sick and tired of you.” I lied.

Calix gasped.

“He’s lying.

Calix,” said Alex, jumping into his boxers and throwing a shirt on:

It was never strange seeing my triplet brothers n#ked.

We were identical…like completely.

I always felt I was maybe a hall inch piece but Alex kept a tape measure in his briefcase so one day we measured and yeah, technically, they were the same.

I was probably just off that day.

I was so lost in that recollection I didn’t have time to block Calix’s retaliation pillow.

It hit me square in the face.

“Calix!” I growled, ripping the pillow from off my face.

Calix was up and dressing hurriedly.

“Chasity couldn’t run away, right?” Said Calix.

“We’re on a yacht.” I said, my voice deadpan.

“She could kayak away.” said Calix with a shrug “I padlocked the small boats on deck,” said Alex.

“I left the lifejackets unlocked though! Safety first!” He reminded us.

I sighed deeply.

I dragged myself out of bed and threw some clothes on.

I sprayed cologne on.

I wanted to shower with Chasity when!

found her.

“I’m gonna take Chasity swimming today! In the indoor pool!” Announced Calix.

“I booked this morning!” “Booked?” I said, raising my eyebrows.

No f**kingway.

I could feel Alex about to pull out some new bullshit timetable.

“This is the booking book,” said Alex, showing me yet another rubbish timetable.

“Now that Chasity is soon to be our wife and is currently our fiancee, we’ll all want different special moments so we check the bookso we’re all on the same page about who spends what time with Chasity!” Said Alex proudly.

I nodded, I would not rain omnibus parade today.

I was thrilled too.

Chasity had agreed to marry us.

She really had.

It was real.

“it’s great vee.Jet’s say Calix wants to horseback ride with Chasity say Bam Saturday, you just check the next available slot…ahh

Ham Saturday.

We’re doing 3 hour slots.

Is that too large? The point is so Chasity won’t be double-booked!” Rambled Alex.

“She’s already triple booked,” I muttered, smirking.

Three-hour slots are good,” agreed Calix.

“But, what if Chasity booked herself? How will we know?” “What?” I asked.

What? Was l in the Twilight Zone? How could she book herself?

“I think Calix means what if Charity needs alone time, time for her own hobbies and the rest of senior year,” said Alex, flipping through pages where he had sectioned off school hours, homework time, self-care time.

“Chasity can highlight any area she wants in light blue before we book it and that meant hands off!” Said Alex sternly.

“She’s busy then!” Calix nodded and made an X with his arms.

“Busy? Doing what?” I demanded.

She was my wife.

She should be doing me.

“She has to have time for herself, Felix,” said Alex in his be reasonable, Felix’s tone.

“For what?” I reiterâled.

Marriage was about being one.

We were one person now.

Anything she could do alone she could do with me.

“What colour am 17” I asked.

“Yellow!” Said Calix.

“Yuck!” I said.

“Well, I’m green, Green is taken,” he said.

“I wanted to be blue,” said Alex apologetically.

“Get a red highlighter,” I grumbled.

“Those are hard to come by but I’ll give you this red marker and you can circle yours instead of highlighting.” explained Alex.

“Wait.” I said.

“I thought Chasity’s alone time was blue.

How are you blue, Alex7″ I said, annoyed.

That book was going to confuse me.

I would end up booking Alex, Or bludgeoning him with the book.

“I’m blue, Chasity’s light blue,” he said, showing me the two colours.

They were different enough.

“Ok, line,” I grumbled.

“Let’s go find Chasity and show her the book,” said Calix.

Alex snapped the book closed.

“No,” he said.

“She got up without us so now is probably not a good time to reveal the book.

We don’t want to make her feel


We’ll reveal the book at a better time,” insisted Alex.

There would never be a good time to show her that scheduled stalker book.

“Yeah, later,” I said, yawning.

I did not need that book to tell me now was Chasity time.

Alex We found Charly on deck near the bir eating breakfast.

She was talking to the head chef, Chat Chevalier, and his sous-chef, Sachin Singh.

I had to hand it to them.

The engagement dinner they had whipped up had been top of the line even though I had been too nervous to favor il Asinated Chaviy, her loves and honeysuckle tunnel made me hard, I wished

I had brought the book now so I could cover my h#rd-on.

I could see the straps of Chauly’s gold bathing suit peeking out from under the neckline of her yellow sundress.

I smiled.

She turned around and smiled back.

She could still make my heart beat last with little to no effort.

I was not completely thrilled with the fact that she had been giggling with the chels without us present but they both had mates and Chasity was marked.

I did not want to be that crazy jealous guy.

That was Felix’s job.

I had to be level-headed.

“We woke up and you weren’t there,” whined Calix the moment he saw Chasity.

Being vulnerable was Calix’s job.

Chasity got up to hug him and ruffle his hair affectionately.

“We always wait for you when we wake up first,” said Calix, pouting.

It was true.

He had a point.

She kissed Calix on each cheek and he pulled her onto his lap and promptly began scarfing down her omelette.

Calix you know how I feel about Chasity’s sporadic eating habits! Make sure she has her breakfast!

I chastised before he ate the whole thing

He quickly began feeding her every other spoonful, Thanks, I said, smiling.

Calix winked.

‘Calix needs a lot of love,” said Felix as he bent to kiss our Luna on her forehead.

“Sachin, how about some cognac,” said Felix, ordering a drink first thing in the morning.

“It’s ten in the morning.” I said.

“It’s five o’clock somewhere,” said Sachin, pouring the cognac into an 8 ounce glass, eliciting a grin from Felix.

That was way too much but I didn’t want to be a killjoy on this vacation.

“How did you sleep.

Luna?” I murmured, running my hands through her long curly hair.

It was still damp.

I kissed the top of her head.

“A lot better than usual,” she said, giving me a sly little look.

I waggled my eyebrows at her and she googled.

She had the cutest laugh hands-down.

Calix was in a rush to go swimming in the indoor pool.

There was a time during our childhood when he had been in love with that mermaid princess.

He had been pissed when she married the human Prince in the end.

“A werewolf would have suited her much better! Werewolves know what it is to transform! From two legs to lour verses from one fishtail to two legs! It’s practically the same thing!” He had said.

He had argued all night about that.

We must have been about seven if so much.

I was sure he was ready to cast Charity in his mermaid fantasy.

I stifled laughter at her expression.

She was nor in a rush for these swimming lessons.

Calix, please make sure Chasity is sale! Don’t let go of her until you’re sure she’s got it said, feeling a bit worried.

Of course, Big brother of miner/was swim champ, remember? She’ll be swimming circles around you and Felix in no time!

He said excitedly.

I was not so sure about that but as long as he was going to be safe I wouldn’t interfere with their time together.

Calix was now eating a basket of truffle fries.

I stole a few.

Felix stole more than a few.

As soon as the last fry was gone, Calix slid off of his stool and grabbed Charity’s hand.

“I’ll take a whisky.” I said to Sachin, lowering my voice.

“Shameless,” whispered Felix.

Trolled my eyes.

I chuckled as I spotted Calix practically running, pulling Chasity with him.

Felix laughed too.

“He’s having fun,” said I elix offhandedly.

“We all are,” said, ”Chasily brings out the best in us.” “She does, agreed Felix, uniting, “Cheers!”He said, clinking classes with me.

Calix Charly never ceased to be amazed by the luxury of the yacht.

She had seen the indoor pool before when I had given her the initial tour but the marvelled at it allover again.

“Wow, there’s a sunroof there! I didn’t notice that before!” She squealed.

“Yeah, the sunlight streaming right onto the middle of the pool helps warm the water a bit without taking away too much of the shade.

There’s shady areas all around it,” I pointed out.

I loved good pool designs.

“If I wasn’t an Alpha, which is a pretty demanding job honestly.

I would probably be an architect,” I told Chasity as we descended the pool steps.

“I could totally see that for you,” she said.

I grinned.

Chasity was so sweet.

She was fever stingy with compliments and she always had something supportive to say.

She never shot down my ideas, ‘Thanks,” i said.

You coming?” I asked.

She was still on the last step with just her feet and shins in the water.

She was looking at the deep end of the pool apprehensively.

“Thank God for the shallow end, right?” She wid with nervous laugh.

“I love you,” I said softly extending my hand to her.

“You’re vile “She nodded.

She took a deep breath “I’m sate,” she repeated.

She came to me, wrapping her atins round my nekimova wards Larrying her into the deep She wrapped here around my waist as the water level rose around her.

I held onto her w.aist.

When we wted the middle of the poltheilung tome, holdugme a bit tighter.

It’s ok.

I got you,” I assured her.

I was hard with her core pressed up against me but the washed val just comforted her

You were ok in the sea the other day.” I sid.

“Yeah, I was.

I guess…the pool is more similar to the lake than the sea and we stayed in the shallow support of the sea.

I could stand and not be under water,” she explained.

I moved her back into the shallow and she calmed down.

“You’re gonna blow bubbles underwater for me okay.” I instructed.

She kept giggling at first but soon she got serious about her bubble blowing.

“Ok, good!” I said.

“This will help you not panic in the water.

Practice dunking your head while holding your breath.” I said.

After a while, I showed her how to doggie paddle, demonstrating it first.

I hopped out of the pool.

“Where are you going?” She called.

I quickly grabbed the wing floaties and showed them to her.

She smiled.

I attached them to her and she practiced her doggie-paddle but remained in the shallow even though she had floaties on.

She needed to kick her legs a bit more but I just kept encouraging her and she got closer and closer to getting it.

“Recess?” She proposed.

‘Sure, you want a snack?” I asked.

“ Yeah,” she said slyly as she took off the wings and let them float away.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me again.

I grinned.

My d**k got hard immediately as she pressed up against me.

I rocked my hips against hers.

She moaned a little, I pressed my lips to hers, kissing her ravenously.

I kissed her until she was breathless.

I looked at her.

She was so beautiful and she’d forgiven us or at least she was trying.

She had said yes to being our wile.

I still resented myself sometimes for being such a coward growing up.

I should have protected her that day.

“Chasity, I’m sorry.” i said.

I would say it everyday for a millennia if it would help case her fears.

“For what?” She asked, cuddling against my chest.

“For not standing up to my brothers when they went overboard with you when I was younger,” I mumbled.

She smiled and my heart leapt.

She kissed me sweetly.

“I would never let them have their way now! Ever! But it doesn’t matter now because they’re different.

Everything is different.” 1 whispered, pressing my forehead to hers as I walked towards the deep end, carrying her.

“I forgive you, Calix, you especially,” she admitted sheepishly.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

She had no idea what that meant to me.

“Thank you, Chasity.” I breathed against her lips.

I kissed her tenderly, pouring all the love I had for her into the kiss.

She seemed a bit teary-eyed.

Maybe, I should not have alluded to the ice fishing hole incident.

“Calix,” she said softly.

I loved the way she said my name.

“Yeah,” I answered gently.

“You’re your mom’s favorite right?” She asked.

That had come out of nowhere.

I smirked a little.

I probably was but I tried not to be too smug about it.

I knew my parents loved all of us.

“Yeah, but both our parents love all of us.” I insisted.

“So you know her really well? Like you guys talk?” She asked.


I wondered what this was about.

“Yeah, she tells me more than the others.

She even comes to me sometimes to talk when her and Dad fight but they hardly light so that’s only every couple of months,” I confessed.

Damn, I was an open book where Chasity was concerned.

She could get anything out of me.

“Tell me honestly, why does the Luna dislike me so much?” She asked.

I was floored.

I had not expected this.

I had my suspicions about Mom’s issues with Chasity.

Mom would have probably been icy towards our male no matter who she was but Chasity was someone Mom had a history with unbeknownst to Chasity herself.

“She had a problem with your Mom,” I said slowly, wondering how much to reveal.

Chasity deserved the whole truth but the vacation was supposed to be all smooth sailings.

Alex would be pissed if I rocked the boat with a confession like “Yeah?” She said expectantly.

I caved.

“Maybe, I should have told you this sooner, don’t be mad, ok?” I said, making sure to give her my puppy-dog eyes.

I could hear her heart racing.

Was i turning her on? Was i making her anxious? A combination?

“The reason why my parents took you in…was not just to repay the debts…that was a cover…Felix doesn’t know this, by the way.

Alex knows as the eldest, lather handed over a lot of alpha responsibilities to him,” I began, trying to find the right words to say to impart the truth to her She seemed shocked when I admitted that Felix still didn’t know.

I launched into the story.

“My mother always haled her step brother’s male.

She felt the girl was a bad influence and she thought his mate was the one who introduced hun to drug You see, my mother’s father married twice so my mother gained a little brother she wasn’t biologically related to but loved all the wine,” I explained, hoping, I was making sense.

“He yew up and married this in my mother hated.

My mother and her stepbrother became estranged so she never knew what was going on with him.

He had a daughter with the a mom hated and when she was a child, the couple Rot into some trouble with some dangerous propter” vid, pausing toque Chauty’s reaction solar She was listening intently.

Her pretty lace was eager as she looked at me.

“Mom begged Dad to pay off their debts because she loved her little step-brother so much even though they’d been estranged since his marriage.

My parents paid off the debts but the couple still skipped town because they had made some enemies.

They thought a life on the road wasn’t good for their little daughter so they dropped her off at the pack house without so much as a phone call or note.

They just left the little girl,” I said, my heart breaking for my Chasity all over again.

My Goddess.

I took a deep breath.

“My mom thought the little girl looked just like her mother and behaved just as wilful.

She was not a fan from the get go,” I said, feeling angry at Mom.

Mom and I were really close but her treatment of Chasity never sit right for me.

She had set such a had example.

sighed it was now or never.

Chasity was my mate, my Luna, my future wife, the mother of my future heirs

We needed a good stable foundation and that would require transparency, honesty, mutual trust.

“Chasity, that little girl was…Is…you! My mom and your dad were estranged step-siblings.

blurted out.

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