Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 4: It’s been Chasity all along Felix’s POV

Chapter 4: It’s been Chasity all along

Felix’s POV

Baby Boy Calix woke me up at the crack of dawn. I thought he had been pulling some stunt. “Smell my room,” he had said. Now, here I was, actually smelling his room. I knew what this meant instantly as the floral sweet scent washed over me, making my heart race.

My heart was working overtime. Blood rushed down to my groin. I groaned. Her scent alone was making me painfully hard. I wasn’t sure how | was gonna hold it together when I met her face to face. My wolf was howling. This had to be our mate’s scent. We’d wanted this for so long. It was surreal to actually be faced with the prospect of our beautiful mate. The smell was familiar too.

Why was it all over Calix’s room, even his sheets smelled of her a little. Oh f**k no! Had Calix already mated our mate without even saying anything. I was livid but also a tad proud. I didn’t know Baby Boy Calix had it like that.

“You’ve been with our mate!”I growled. “You’re keeping her all to yourself.” Calix’s eyes widened in shock at my accusation. “No, I don’t know whose scent it is and it’s driving me crazy,” said Calix, looking exhausted.

I felt sorry for yelling at him, remembering how he had driven us all home while we napped. With this scent in his room, there was no way he had gotten any sleep.

My wolf who had finally calmed down was at it again, driving me crazy, barking orders and trying to grab ahold of my body. Only this time he wasn’t giving me a headache. He was flashing pornographic images in my mind of our mate. He wanted to find her pronto and bend her over.

“Our mate’s been in this room,” said excitedly as the realisation hit me. I was potentially just minutes away from caressing her and claiming her.” She found us! Oh I can’t wait to get my hands on her.” I growled.

My wolf howled happily. Finally we were on the same page and had the same objective. “What about Sandra, Tonya and Avery?” Asked Calix, mentioning our current girlfriends.

I had momentarily forgotten they existed. Oh yeah, I wasn’t single. I could be single for a girl with a scent like this in a heartbeat.

“We’ve only been dating them like a couple weeks! They know they’re not our mates so it was a temporary thing! I’m gonna end it with Tonya over the phone,” I said absentmindedly.

She would probably be pissed. When my ex, Roxie, had wanted to end things because she had found her mate, I had been cool about it. Roxie was Keaton’s daughter. With a Beta for a Dad, she knew fated mates were a huge blessing and gift and should not be neglected. I had given her my blessing and she

started dating her actual mate. I wasn’t expecting that kind of smooth sailings reaction from Tonya but I would have that headache later.

“Yeah,” agreed Alex, making sense for once. “If we can find our mate in time for the party we don’t want the girls showing up and harassing her.”

My wolf and I began to panic at the thought of our sweet little mate being harassed by those three jealous she-wolves. There was something innocent about her scent. It was very new, as if she had only just developed such a scent. She had to be newly of age.

“Yeah, they’d be jealous,” said Calix. “And there’s one of her and three of them so we better tell them before tonight.”

We all nodded in agreement. We were all sitting on Calix’s bed now.

Her safety was the top priority. “Who would be in my room?” Baby Boy Calix wondered. My heart wouldn’t stop racing. I had an inkling of who could be in his room.

“There’s something familiar about the smell,” said Alex, smiling. “It kinda smells a little like…” Alex paused, frowning

He got up and ran down the hallway. My wolf and I knew what he was doing and where he was going.

Alex’s POV

Tran down the first floor hallway to the door of Chasity’s tiny room. Honeysuckle and Roses. Her full scent made me shiver. Now that she had come of age all the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly. I sighed. Chasity. A part of me had always known.

The rest of me was shocked. I put my handle on the doorknob. It was unlocked! I opened it eagerly. The room was empty. No beautiful grown-up deliciously scented Chasity in bed. My wolf and I became grumpy instantly.

I frowned. Chasity’s room was so small. There were so many empty guest bedrooms much bigger than this. Why didn’t Mom and Dad give her one of those? I was in charge now. She was changing rooms. I was excited about that. Chasity would be fun to spoil and pamper. I knew this was an invasion of privacy but I was itching to go through her things and see what I should buy her first.

My younger brothers came up behind me. Felix looked dumbfounded. Calix walked into the little room and lay in her cot, hugging her pillow, deeply inhaling her scent.

“I’m gonna wait for her to come back, right here,” he said, curling up in her tiny cot.

He could barely fit in it. He didn’t fit in it actually. His legs hung over the edge. We were identical. That meant /didn’t fit in Chasity’s bed. She was definitely changing rooms. It was non negotiable. I wanted her in my room ideally but that would be a huge fight. Felix would throw a fit and Calix would throw a tantrum.

“I wanna go get her right now,” said Felix, his face stricken. “We have a lot of talking to do.” “Relax, Felix,” I said. “Our mate already lives with us so we’re good,” I continued, grinning.

Ugh. I needed my Luna right now. Chasity was probably downstairs already doing chores. Tonight she’d be wrapped up in my arms. The mate bond would hit her and she would finally pay attention to me. She would want to be around me the way I always wanted to be around her.

I was gonna give her everything she had ever missed out on times two or maybe times three. I glanced at gonna make such a beautiful Luna. She was so f**king gorgeous.

She was kind of a moody brat though so I wasn’t sure about the job part of being Luna. I smirked, thinking about discipling her. My wolf had a lot of ideas. I liked Chasity’s sassiness to be honest. I probably needed a fiery Luna like that. Fate knew best.

Felix’s POV

Chasity was our mate, my Baby. Ugh. She hated me. She was gonna f**king run away. I just knew it. I’d hunt her down, follow her to the ends of the earth but it would be stressful as f**k. Where the f**k was she right now? My wolf roared with jealousy. What if she did have a little boyfriend or something? I would throw him out of a window from the attic of this huge house.

My wolf had always known but he couldn’t fully share it with me. Pack laws were strict and my wolf was a stickler for them. Mates who were not of age were not to be even acknowledged. One might have an inkling but the only confirmation was to wait. Chasity was probably doing chores. I calmed myself a little.

I tried to soothe my wolf but we were both freaking out about multiple things. Our Baby was doing chores! That was f**king unacceptable. Call me a chauvinist but my Baby was not gonna work ever. I wanted my Baby’s only responsibilities to be f*g me and dressing up for me, in that order. The dressing up part wasn’t even necessary per-say. I was just gonna rip those clothes off anyway. I wanted a trophy wife. I didn’t care what year it was. Spare me the essays. I was part wolf. My woman wasn’t working.

My family was loaded. There was no point in me having a stressed-out wife and stressed-out wives were tired at night. I needed my wife energetic at night like me. But first, I needed to make my Baby love me back. Know-it-all Alex and Baby Boy Calix thought Chasity was just gonna fall into our arms after we’d made her life difficult growing up. She didn’t know about any of the nice gestures we’d done for her except for the ones from Calix.

“No, we’re not good you idiots!” I said incredulously, staring at them like they were crazy. “Our mate is Charity. Charity!”

I used her nickname out loud by accident even though I never called her that when linternally obsessed over her.

“Don’t call her that!” Snarled Calix, his blue eyes turning black, as he shot up from where he had been lying down on the cot.

I was shocked at his aggression when standing up for Chasity. My wolf and I approved. That was more like it. Chasity would need strong alphas to protect her.

“Sorry! Sorry! s**t! It’s a bad habit. Chasity,” I said. Her real name felt good to say out loud. Chasity. My Baby. I wondered if she’d let me sleep in her room. I looked at this shitty room.

No. She would sleep in mine instead. I should light candles and put rose petals on the bed like we were in a movie or something. Girls loved that s**t. Did Chasity drink wine? Red or white? She had mentioned two wished I had her friends’ numbers to find out how to better impress her.

“What’s your problem?” Asked Alex. He was looking through Chasity’s things, trying to get ideas for what to buy Chasity.

We just might have to buy her affection until we could break her emotional walls down and develop a real connection.

“We have to go to the mall as soon as it opens at ten,” said Alex. “It’s Chasity’s birthday too and I’m sure Mom and Dad didn’t get her anything.”

I was ready to buy Chasity’s love if necessary but there were more important things at hand. “Are you hearing yourself?” I asked.

“Again! What is your problem?” asked Alex. Calix opened his eyes to glare at me from his spot on the tiny cot.

“Chasity is our mate! We had no idea because she was not of age until today!” I explained, waving my arms around.

Calix and Alex were not following. “We’ve treated Chasity like s**t! When she realises she’s our mate, she’s going to reject us!” I said.

Calix shot up into a sitting position again, his expression panicked. “No, she’s not,” he said. “No, she can’t. We’ve been waiting three years for our mate.”

“Chasity said she didn’t want a mate, remember?” I said, spelling it out for them. “Yeah,” said Alex. “But when the mate bond actually hits her, she’ll be putty in our hands.” Calix beamed, grinning at Alex. “Yep,” Calix agreed.

I rolled my eyes. “Do you remember why Chasity did not want a mate? She said because he’d be mean to her like we were. Her mate is literally us.”

We had made her think even her own mate would be a jerk and we were her mates. f**k. Calix and Alex were starting to look worried. It was dawning on them.

“She’s going to freak out!” I said. “She’s going to try to leave. Remember, she’s been talking about turning eighteen, finishing high school and leaving!”

The thought of my Baby, Chasity, leaving me made me feel physically ill. I had to salvage this somehow.

Calix’s POV

Chasity was my mate, our mate. It made so much sense. I lay in her cot, surrounded by that beautiful smell. All I needed now was my little Goddess in bed with me. I didn’t wanna delay the marking and mating process. Chasity was a bit of a slippery minx. I didn’t fully trust her to not skip town for a while to clear her head but I didn’t think she would leave us permanently. Felix begged to differ. He thought we had already blown it. My stomach was in knots.

Alex smirked suddenly. “She has seven more months of high school. It’s November. We have until June or July with her to convince her otherwise.”

Felix calmed down a little, thinking it over. I grinned mischievously at them, thinking about the future months we had with Goddess Chasity.

She would be ours. I was sure of it. I would make her mine if it was the last thing I did. I was the most persuasive of the three of us when it came to girls. Alex drew them in with his stoic vibe. Felix needed anger management classes and a shocking number of girls were into that. I knew how to sweet-talk a girl properly.

I had plans for Goddess Chasity. My wolf showed me a dozen different positions that might change Chasity’s mind about us. Org*sms tended to put things in perspective for girls. I had about half a year to make myself indispensable to her. I couldn’t wait to see and hear her c*m. I would be her first. I just knew it. She was meant to be mine. I just needed to get her away from this place, somewhere relaxing.

We just needed the right ambience. My wolf was showing me images of the tropics and a happy bikini-clad Chasity. Finally, something I could get behind, literally.

“Chasity might hate us now but by next summer we’ll be making her squirt,” I informed my elder brothers.

Alex and Felix looked shocked for a moment and then burst into laughter. What would Gloom and Doom do without me?

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