Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 40: Chasity’s Coldest Day


Chasity was stunned silent. Had I just blown our chance with her? No, no. She had already agreed to marry us.

She could not back out now.

She would not back out now.

Not over some ancient feud between our mothers.

I stared at her.

She was shivering.

She was probably just cold.

I walked her over to the sunlit area of the pool where the water was warmer.

I waited for her to warm up under the sunroof but she was still shivering so I pressed my lips against hers and tightened my arms around her, sharing some of my own warmth, my body heat.

Werewolves had higher core body temperatures and Alphas had the highest of the high.

By human standards, alphas had perennial fevers.

Chasity’s lips were soft and sweet as usual but she soon pressed her palms against my chest, breaking the kiss.

I sighed, a frown forming on my face.

I had messed up.

Alex would be pissed that I broke the news to her this way, impulsively, emotionally, and without strategic and careful planning.

I could practically hear his response in my head.

Felix would be livid that we had kept him in the dark on this one.

“Alex knows about this too?” Asked Chasity.

I was just glad she had finally said something.

“Yeah,” I said sheepishly.

I wanted her to know we had planned on telling her.

I launched into an explanation.

“He and I were wondering when we should tell you.

We’ve only known since shortly after becoming alphas after our birthday.

We didn’t grow up knowing this.

We couldn’t tell Felix as Alex knew he would blab or blurt it out to you whenever there was a heated moment and we wanted to develop a good relationship with you first and start making you happy.

It’s been torture keeping this from our brother and you.

We’re triplets! And you’re our mate! The bonds are so intense, but we were waiting for the right time.

We didn’t want to hurt you anymore and you were already so overwhelmed by us.

I’m sorry, Chasity, for not telling you right away but I thought it was best and so did Alex,” I said, all in one breath.

I continued to give her my best puppy-dog eyes.

They had never failed me with girls before but Chasity was different.

She was very strong-willed.

I had known she was special from the very first moment I laid eyes on her.


It was particularly cold today.

It was always cold up North.

Northern Wolf Country had the longest winters imaginable.

They took up half the year.

My brothers and I always played inside on really cold days like these.

Felix would sulk though because he wanted to venture out.

He just wanted to show off how tough he supposedly was.

Alex would use the opportunity to study pack laws.

I would read mystery or horror books or watch mysteries and horrors on television even though / got a bit scared sometimes.

We were all sitting in the living room by the huge fireplace, engrossed in our usual cold day indoor activities.

“We only have…what…about nine years left to get all these memorised,” said Alex, showing Felix and me the huge pack law book.

Felix rolled his eyes.

He was taking a break from sulking to draw something.

I put down my mystery book suddenly.

Alex put the down the pack law book at the same moment.

Felix stopped drawing at precisely the same time too.

We exchanged curious glances.

Sometimes, we all sensed something at the same time as triplets.

Whenever I had an emotion hit me out of nowhere I knew it could be coming from one of my brothers.

Currently, I was feeling sad and scared for no apparent reason.

It was so overwhelming.

I did not like it at all.

“What is that?”I asked.

“You!” Snapped Felix.

“You ‘re the crybaby of the group! Ugh, go upstairs and cry.

Don’t bring me down.

I’m trying to draw here!” I huffed “It is not me!” I said through gritted teeth.

He was so unfair sometimes.

“Alex, tell him it’s not me!”I demanded, nudging Alex.

Alex was a proper big brother.

He looked out for me.

Felix was always picking on me.

“It’s not Calix,” said Alex, his expression worried.

“Is it you, then, timekeeper? What? Did you just calculate that it’ll take ten years to learn all those pack laws so you’re wishing you started a year ago?” Grumbled Felix, Alex narrowed his eyes but did not respond.

The doorbell rang.


“Our first clue!”I announced.

“Great, go answer the door!” Ordered Felix, ripping out a page from his sketchbook and crumpling it up.

“Don’t you guys wanna investigate with me?” I asked.

“You take this one, Calix,” said Alex encouragingly, patting my shoulder.

I got up and went to the entrance room.

I peeked outside.

I gasped.

The cutest girl ever was out there.

I fixed my hair in the mirror nearby quickly and answered the door.

I got a better look at the girl.

I smiled.

I could not help it.

I hoped I was not blushing like an I ‘”t.

She had big brown eyes like Bambi and long blonde curts like Goldilocks.

Her skin was golden even in the dead of winter.

I left a bit shy.

She did not look very happy to be here.

Maybe she was a girl scout and she had to sell cookies door to door even on a cold day like this.

That was probably it! I should buy a couple boxes! That would make her smile!

“HI,” said.

“Are you selling cookies?I want three boxes for me and my brothers.” Shoot! I should not have mentioned my brothers.

I didn’t want them to meet the girl scout They always stole my stuff and my friends and by they, I meant mostly Felix.

Felix would show off and make me look bad and try to take her from me.

The girl’s response interrupted my inner rambling.

“No!” She said, seeming a little miffed.

She was sniffling.

Her nose was pink and her eyes were a little puffy.

Her voice was pretty.

I wanted to sniff her.

“I’m supposed to ask for Luna Ronnie,” she said.

Huh? Mom?

“My mom?” I asked, confused.

She shrugged.

She was here for my Mom, the Luna.

I smirked.

Mom and I were so close.

I was sure the girl would be impressed.

“I’m Calix,” I said, introducing myself.

“My mom is Luna Ronnie.

My father’s the Alpha!”

She shrugged again.

She glanced behind her at two people and a parked car / peered out into the falling snow.

I could barely make them out in this weather but it was a pale guy and a lady with a deep complexion.

Both wolves.

My Alpha senses were still developing slowly.

I was six years away from my first shift “Get Luna Ronnie now!” Demanded the girl.

I frowned.

She had not even introduced herself.

I did not wanna make her mad so/went to get Mom.

“Mom?”I called, walking back into the living room.

“She’s upstairs,” said Alex, looking up from his book, “What’s wrong?” “A girl is here for Mom,” said.

“What?!” Snapped Felix.

“People can’t just demand to see the Luna or the Alpha!” Complained Felix.

“Does the girl have an appointment? Is Mom expecting her?” Asked Alex, closing his book.

They were being annoying.

“Yes, “1 lied.

They looked suspicious.

I ran upstairs to get Mom quickly so they couldn’t hassle the girl.

“Mom! Mom! Mom?7called, looking around.

The door to my parents’ room was locked but I banged on it.


Mom came scrambling out, her cheeks flushed.

Dad came out behind her, looking angry at me.

“A girl is here to see you, Mom.

It’s extremely important…to me, that you go see her, please!”/ insisted

Mom smiled.

She ruffled my hair.

She made her way down stairs without any questions asked unlike her nosy sons, Felix and Alex.

Yes!/ followed her downstairs.

Dad threw me an annoyed look and went into the kitchen.

I could hear Felix talking to the girl from the landing.

Oh no! He was trying to steal her! “Mom, hurry!” I said, grabbing her hand.

“Calix, calm down,” she chuckled.

“Who is she to you?” I heard Felix say.

“I don’t know,” said the girl.

‘Tm Felix,” said Felix.

Aha! He was trying to get her for himself! “Ok, whatever, please get your mother,” insisted the girl

HahalShot down! Felix was pissed off.

I saw him stomp away as we reached the bottom of the stairs and I made a face at him.

Alex was peeking out at the girl from the window just like I had done earlier.

“Mom, the girl needs privacy to talk to you,” I whined softly

We were identical and I needed the girl to know that was the one who fetched Mom for her “Alex, go inside now!” Said Mom as she reached the door.

Alex scampered away.

He was big on following rules, I hid behind Mom, hoping she did not send me away.

She pushed me gently to the side sol ducked under the window sill and peeped over and out at the girl every now and then as they talked.

The girl had begun to cry.

As soon as that happened, that weird sad feeling got worse.

I wanted to cry too! I held it in.

I Felix only saw me, he would never let me hear the end of it.

“What’s going on?” Asked Mom.

Mom was looking at one of the people in the driveway in the falling snow.

It was the guy.

“Where’s he going?” Cried Mom when the guy and the lady got in the car and drove off suddenly.

“STOP!” Screamed Mom gasped as I watched Mom run into the deep snow.

The car sped up and got out of there fast.

Those people left that little girl without proper instructions! I wondered if she was their daughter! They were not good parents.

The girl was unlucky.

She did not have a Mom like mine.

Mom would never leave me with strangers no matter what.

I wondered what time they were coming back to pick up the little girl.

I looked on the porch.

I wiped the window glass a little.

There was something there.

A suitcase.

I gasped again.

Wow! She was staying for a really long sleepover.

She did not look excited at all though but I was really fun.

I knew how to make s’mores and I knew a lot of good scary stories.

I was a lot cooler than Felix and Alex would admit.

She would see and then she would want to come over here all the time.

I pictured telling the girl a story in the spooky attic upstairs.

That was when my daydream got interrupted because Mom started screaming a lot! “Don’t leave! I can help you! Please/ Don’leave me l Chase! CHASE!!! DON’T GO! LET ME HELP YOU!!! “Mom screamed.

I never saw her act like that before.

It made me really scared and sad but I still didn’t cry.

Mom tripped

and fell in the deep, crunchy snow.

Oh no! I wanted to go help her but I was not really supposed to be eavesdropping.

Felix said I always blew their cover.

I stayed inside but I kept a close eye on Mom.

She was really upset.


This was an emergency now! She could get sick.

The show was falling in her hair and/ could see her breath because it was so cold.

“Dad!” I said, running into the kitchen, Dad looked up from his newspapers.

Dad was so Alex-like or maybe Alex was Dad-like.

“Mom is in trouble!”I said breathlessly.

“Come quick!” Dad got up and immediately went outside to check on Mom.

He picked her up and placed her on her feet.

“Where are they?” Veiled Dad.

He was mad that the parents of the little girl did not give enough notice before the sleepover.

It was irresponsible but Mom crying and Dad yelling was making it worse.

They were gonna spoil everything.

And everyone was always accusing me of being dramatic? “They’re gone,” cried Mom.

Dad looked at the girl.

“She can’t stay here!” Said Dad.

Ugh! Why not?! He was so lame! Dad went up to the girl on the porch.

“We’ll inform the pack police and they’ll organise what to do with her,” said Dad.

OH NO! He was gonna call the police on her parents! I didn’t even know you could call the police for someone not RSVPing.

He even used his Alpha Voice but Mom was a Luna so he could not tell her what to do so there! “No!” Said Mom, going back to the porch too.

HA! Told ya! “She stays with us, until they come back for her,” said Mom.

I breathed a sigh of relier.

Yes! Ok.

I had to get my dinosaurs ready.

I had to make sure we had enough marshmallows and graham crackers.

I knew we had a lot of chocolate for sure.

I always stocked up on chocolate.

You never knew up North when you could get snowed in and then not have chocolate for like a whole two days or something crazy.

My parents were glaring at each other.

They hardly ever fought.

“She’ll earn her keep,” said Dad.

What does that mean? “She can do chores,” said Mom quietly.

Well, if the sleepover was really long like sleepaway camp then yeah.

“She’s not to play with my boys,” said Dad.

Huh? “Think of the bad habits she must have,” added Dad.

I looked at the little girl.

I did not know what bad habits she had but Dad still let Felix play with me and Alex even with all his bad habits.

She was smaller than me and much cuter than Felix but what if she picked on me like he did? I thought about that.

It kinda made me excited instead of afraid or worried.

“She’s a little girl…” began Mom.

“I don’t care,” interrupted Dad.

“She can stay but she’s not our new daughter so don’t act like she is,” said Dad sternly.

Well of course she wasn’t their daughter.

That would make her my sister and that would be gross.

I was glad she was not my sister.

“She looks like her mother anyway,” said Mom, looking at the girl.

I did not get to see her Mom too well but her Mom must be really pretty like my Mom.

The little girl was prettier than all the girls in my class at school.

“Hmph,” said Dad.

He grabbed the girl’s suitcase.

Shoot! I wanted to do that! I was really strong for my age.

I quickly practised flexing my muscles in the entrance room mirror.

The girl was coming inside soon.

I ruffled my hair.



“Chase was a good boy before…he really was…

a sweet boy…

like my Calix,” said Mom.

I had no idea who Chase was but it did not matter.

Mom was putting in a good word for me with the girl.

Mom had probably changed her mind about not letting me have a girlfriend yet when she saw the little girl.

“Yeah, sure, whatever,”grumbled Dad.

“He’s not a good boy now.

He’s a grown man with bad habits.” Oh.

Chase had been a good boy like me and turned into a bad boy like Felix.

Mom came inside and I pretended to have not heard anything.

I looked at the ceiling, making sure to show a lot of interest in what was up there.

I saw a spider in a cobweb in one corner so I kept looking at it.

The girl remained on the porch.

She was crying.

Dad should not have said she had bad habits.

She was a sortie like I used to be.

She looked a bit younger than I as so she had time to become less soft.

“Hurry up!” Said Mom.

“Too much cold air is getting in.” The girl walked into the entrance room hesitantly, and just like that, my whole life was forever changed.

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