Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 41: Sount

Third Person Calix was preparing to work his irresistible charm on this human bartender. He sighed to himself, making sure she heard him. His mind–linked his brothers to be quiet and let him do the talking. They scowled at him but were quiet. Danny and Chance were on either end of the triplets. All five were leaning on the bar with a beer in front of them each. Destiny, the human bartender, turned to Calix when he sighed.

“Can I get you arıything else?” Asked Destiny.

Calix frowned and shook his head. He put his head in his hands. Bartenders were therapists who happened to sell and mix drinks. They couldn‘t resist the troubled.

“Wanna talk about it?” Asked Destiny.

The last handsome werewolf she had befriended was being a jerk today. She should really stay clear of all of them but she decided what the heck? This one seemed sweet. There was something unassuming about his demeanour, something safe and gentle. He smiled slightly and shrugged.

“I‘m all ears,” said Destiny, pulling up a chair on her side of the bar and sitting with her chin propped up on her hands.

“I‘m trying to find this girl,” said Calix. “The Luna, Chasity!” Said Destiny. Everyone on the pack lands knew she was missing. Even several neighbouring packs were aware,

“I do want to find my mate but I was trying to find someone I heard was in town but it‘s probably a stupid rumour,” muttered Calix.“ You‘re going to think it‘s so dumb.”

“I won‘t!” Promised Destiny.

“You see, I‘m a huge fan of that model competition show where they pick a couple girls from several packs across werewolf country,” said Calix, his eyes lighting up.

Destiny snorted with laughter, covering her mouth. “She–wolf Supermodel Search?”

“That‘s the one!” Said Calix. He blushed. “I know, don‘t judge me.”

“I can‘t imagine an alpha watching that,” giggled Destiny.

“It‘s Baby Boy Calix‘s favourite show!” Exclaimed Felix with a smirk.

“He never misses a single episode!” Added Alex.

Calix glared at his elder brothers. He‘d asked them both to be quiet.

“Anyway,” said Calix. “The retired supermodel who coaches them was in town supposedly.”

Destiny nodded emphatically. “She doesn‘t coach anymore though! She moved on to host a show on the Chomp Network.”

“Snack Pack Attack!” Exclaimed Chance. “I love that show!”

“What‘s that about?” Wondered Danny out loud.

“Pairs of chefs from different packs compete. Every episode they have to make a snack in record time and the judges pick the best one…” began Chance.

“I don‘t watch that,” said Calix quickly. “I only watch Deidre Binx‘s show!” Insisted Calix. Destiny‘s eyes lip up. “Deidre Binx!” “Yeah, that‘s her name!” said Calix.

“She was here!” Whispered Destiny excitedly, jumping up and down a little.

Calix‘s eyes widened. “Is she still in town? Do you think she‘d sign an autograph for me?”

Destiny paused, thinking about it. “Her boyfriend or whoever he is…he‘s moody. He‘s pretty grumpy,” mumbled Destiny.

“Was he mean to you?” Asked Calix.

“He was nice at first but he showed up today acting like a jerki” Said Destiny.

“Where is he?” Asked Calix.

“Oh, he left,” mumbled Destiny, wiping a wet beer mug with a dish towel. “So if he‘s in town then Deidre Binx is too,” Calix concluded.

“I shouldn‘t tell you this,” whispered Destiny. “But I know where they‘re staying!”

Calix leant in. Destiny whispered in his ear. A smile slowly spread onto the youngest alpha‘s face.

This was the address that Destiny had whispered to Calix but it looked It was on of the huge mansions in the same area whee Moxie and Roxie had thrown their party. The house was made of grey stone and brick. It stood out against the lily–white freshly fallen snow.

The youngest alpha went neglected to rink the doorbell. He prowled around the side of the house, checking windows and doors to see if anything had been open. There was no such luck. At least, not on the ground floor.

“Look, Calix,” hissed Alex, pointing upwards.

At the side of the huge house, on the first story above them, there was an open window. A wide open window. Should they just sneak in? Calix was already climbing onto Felix‘s shoulders so that he could reach the the open window. Felix hoisted him up through the open window. Calix gave them a thumbs–up from the upstairs window.

“Should we all go through the window?” Asked Felix.

“Calix,” hissed Danny quietly. “Let us in one of the doors on the ground floor.”

Calix nodded. He pointed to the back. Danny, Chance, Felix and Alex made their way to the back door of the house to wait for Calix to let them in.

The youngest alpha was taking his time exploring the first floor on his way to the ground floor back door. The mansion had grey stone walls and floors with high ceilings. All of the decor had a medieval feel to it. It reminded him of a castle. He wondered what year the house had been built. Every item in the house seemed like an antique, a relic from the past.

A few of the rooms had impressive fireplaces. The ornaments and paintings that adorned the house depicted two things mainly beautiful women and foxes. The youngest alpha did not notice it at first. He marvelled at the oil paintings and the marble sculptures, impressed by the talent of the artists.

After several paintings and sculptures in a row Calix noticed the theme. There were foxes present in almost every art piece especially the paintings. They were usually skulking in the background or peaking out from behind a tree trunk or just coming out of their den. That made sense. Foxes were stealthy.

The beautiful women were always prominently displayed, lavishly dressed and out in the open, being admired or fawned over. What an interesting fascination the art collector had? Was it all from the same artist? The styles suggested otherwise.

Calix! What are you doing? Let us in! Demanded Alex, his tone annoyed.

Calix hurried to find a staircase but then he caught a whiff of something. A beautiful scent. Only one person in the world smelled that good to the alpha. It was his mate! He tailed the scent, all thoughts of finding a staircase and getting to the back door forgotten.

The aroma actually led him to a staircase. It was stronger downstairs. He found a dining room with a huge fireplace. There was a long table made from very heavy wood, simple and sturdy. There were only two chairs very far apart at the huge table. Her scent coated the tabletop.

CALIX! Felix was impatient. Calix knew how crazy the middle alpha could get about their mate. Calix hurried to the back door through the maze–like mansion. He opened the latch from the inside and let his brothers, Chance and the P.I. in.

I found Chasity‘s scent, he said over mind–link to the others, in case there were people here although he had no yet encountered any.

The followed Calix to the tabletop where he had smelled Chasity. Felix rubbed the straight bridge of his nose with his index finger

Something is weird about it. It‘s different somehow. It‘s still amazing but there‘s a new element to it,

Felix said over mind–link.

They‘re using magic to mute the scent and weaken it to hide her better, i said Chance, his eyes narrowed in anger.

Yeah, agreed Danny. Herscent has been watered down. It‘ll help the kidnappers hide too so you won‘t smell her on them.

Felix let out a low growl. Alex shot him a warning look, putting a finger to his own lips.

said Felix. The middle alpha was

When I get my hands on the people who took Chasity, I‘m going to peal their skin off their flesh, seething

Calix started showing the others all the depictions of foxes and girls wondering if that meant something. They moved room to room.

They came across a bedroom with an adjacent bathroom that smelled so strongly of Chasity that Calix curled up on the bed just to be surrounded by her scent for a little while. Alex patted his back.

We don‘t have time for this, ok, Calix, we have to keep moving,

said Alex gently. It seems like she was here but isn‘t now.

They must have taken her to a second location. I can find out from the real estate company who was leasing this house or who

owned it and we can got from there, said Danny.

Fumed Felix, annoyed he couldn‘t figure out what it was. Yes they were

Something else is different about Chasity‘s scent though! masking her scent but her scent itself was different it was…

Alex‘s hand shot out and grasped Felix‘s upper arm. Everyone was startled by the sudden movement.

What?! Asked Felix.

I know why Chasity‘s scent is different, Alex said. The eldest alpha‘s heart was racing.

Why‘s it different? Asked Calix, getting worried.

The eldest alpha looked at his younger brothers, eyes glassy and wide. They needed to find Chasity and get her away from those

kidnappers as soon as possible. She would need them more than ever at this time.

The new element is another person…a baby…Chasity‘s pregnant.

Chasity‘s POV

I was becoming certain that this chic room with all the beautiful models staring at me from their framed photographs was in a different house. I hoped I was still on the pack lands and within range of my alphas. Dante had not come back since I had scratched him.

Maurice had not checked on me today either. There was a knock at the door. I jumped a little. A kidnapper was knocking? A kidnapper

who respected my privacy? That seemed contradictory.

“Come in?” I said, my tone very unsure and practically a question.

ine door opened. It was a girl. Her skin was as pale as the moon and her hair as dark as the night‘s sky. She was tall, thin and wilowy.

She observed me with large round dark brown eyes. She was dressed in all white also, white overalls over a white T–shirt. She was the

first woman I had seen and the boss was female according to Dante. My heart was racing and my breathing hitched in my throat.

“Are you Boss?”

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