Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 43: Bodysnatchers?

Chasity’s POV

I followed June. I couldn’t believe she was letting me out of the room. Should I make a run for it? We walked down a maze-like series of white-walled hallways with marble floors. I gasped when we came to a huge open high-ceilinged area.

It was like we had stumbled upon an ancient temple right in the middle of this chic upscale house. There was a huge white stone fox statue right at the far end of the room. It was the centrepiece in an array of artwork. To either side of it were huge intricate paintings depicting colourful forests filled with flowers, girls and foxes.

I stared at the white stone fox. It was positioned as though it was about to land gracefully from a jump with one of its front paws just touching the floor. It was steady on a white base. Its hind legs were midair and its tails were pointed upwards. It had two tailed. It was a two tailed fox.

I was strangely mesmerised by it. I walked up to it, so engrossed in examining its every detail that I did not realise all eyes were on me.

“Um, Luna Chasity!” Called June.

I looked around. I gasped and actually recoiled a little in surprise. There were several girls sitting on mats in the room as if they were in yoga class.

Had they been praying? Exercising? I didn’t want to offend anyone. I wasn’t in the best position to ask a lot of questions but my curiosity got the better of me.

“What does the two-tailed white fox mean?” I asked, unsure what I meant. I didn’t know how to outright ask if they worshipped the fox.

“The fox isn’t a deity if that’s what you’re wondering,” said a girl, standing up on her pink mat. She was tall and graceful with long wavy black hair and thick perfectly arched eyebrows. She had dark eyes and an olive complexion. She was wearing all white just like June.

“This is April,” said June, gesturing towards the girl who had spoken.

“What happened to May?” I demanded before I could stop myself. I laughed at my own feeble joke. The silence that followed was awkward.

April and June exchanged panicked looks, their eyes wide.

Huh. What had happened to May? Had there really been a May? Wow. I was only joking. Were they all named after months?

“What is this place?” I asked.

“This is the Schoo and Spiritual Centre,” said April. “Madame teaches us about modelling her. We walk for her and she makes us study the movements of cats and foxes so we will be inspired to move like them on the runway. She gives us spiritual advice too. This particular room is where we meditate.”

I wanted to ask if they had all come here willingly but April seemed very pro-Madame and not trustworthy. She seemed deeply indoctrinated.

I doubted very much that the only reason for the huge stone fox was as an example of how to be graceful on the runway. Did these girls know that Iwas kidnapped?

Suddenly, there was a series of gongs and chimes. The girls all whispered excitedly, getting up from their so-called meditation mats.

“What’s happening?” I asked April and June. “Madame is here.” Third Person “Chase was my best friend. My only friend,” whispered Dexter. “I’m really sorry,” said Calix softly. “I’m really sorry! About your mate! Little Luna Chasity!” Exclaimed Dexter.

“Well, she’s not dead!!” Said Chance suddenly, the older werewolf clutching his chest. Calix rubbed his back.

“I know, I know. Neither is Chase,” said Dexter

“What do you mean?!”asked Chance indignantly, looking at Dexter as though he were a mad man. Chance narrowed his eyes. “I watched him buried. I found his body and Deidre’s and my own…m-m-my own…” :

Chance could not continue. Calix rubbed his shoulder. The older werewolf blew his nose in a tissue, overcome with emotion. He dabbed his eyes.

“I know you found bodies that looked just like theirs,” said Dexter.

Alex felt a chill creep across him. “What do you mean? Are you saying those bodies were planted there to be found? That those were not them? That they’re alive somewhere?” Alex asked a series of questions, eyes narrowed.

Dexter listened to the eldest alpha intently and answered each question one by one. “I mean that magic can easily make one thing look like another.

Chance buried three bodies that greatly resembled Chalice, Chase and Deidre. Even perfect resemblances perhaps but was DNA done to ensure this bodies were who we thought they were?” Asked Dexter.

“Yes, I’m saying those bodies were planted there to be found by someone not necessarily Chance. Anyone who would publicise the alleged deaths,” continued Dexter.

“No, those were not them. Yes, they’re alive somewhere. That is my belief,” said Dexter. Alex was silent. Was Dexter onto some brilliant discovery or was he simply unhinged? “Where are they then?” Alex asked.

“That I can’t tell you but i can tell you that the Deidre Binx who became a supermodel is an imposter and the real Deidre Binx has to be alive somewhere for that type of dark magic to work!” Whispered Dexter

“Explain how it works,” said Calix eagerly. Was the youngest alpha buying this?

“I have it all documented……,” Dexter began to shuffle a huge star of papers. “No, no, please, explain in words, paraphrase if you must,” insisted Felix.

Dexter took a deep breath. “The rich and famous in werewolf country have bodysnatchers among them!” Warned Dexter.

Alex and Felix were silent. Chance had stopped crying but he did not look moved by this. Danny was looking at a row of DVDs. Only Calix seemed to be listening intendedly. The youngest alpha prompted Dexter to continue.

“The bodysnatchers are immortal just like werewolves but they have limitations. They need fresh bodies every time the old body wears thin.

They are like parasites and the bodies are hosts. They pick bodies that are desirable in someway, maybe the person is beautiful, important or they envy the lifestyle the person has already or what the person has the potential to have,” explained Dexter.

“They may fake the person’s death in one place and carry on their life with that body in another place or they may just carry on living in the same place as them seamlessly. The first step is scouting or vetting,” said Dexter. “Meaning they get information about what candidates are out there. The second step is selection. They pick the body they want and kidnap the person.

The kidnapping is technically the third step, procurement. So after scouting, selection and procurement, they need to do step four. Preparation of the body for its host. The body must be empty spiritually speaking. They take the essence of the person out of the desired body and put it somewhere else.”

“Somewhere else?” Asked Calix.

“In an animal, a different empty body, a statue, a doll, preferably in an animal. The next step is transference, transferring the consciousness of the bodysnatcher into this new host body.

The old host body might killed. The new body is now the bodysnatcher’ until the snatcher needs another body!” Warned Calix.

“Ok, thank you,” said Felix somewhat impatiently as he stood suddenly to leave.

“So Chalice and Chase and the real Deidre are in an animal or a doll or a statue or just re-trapped somewhere. It makes sense that Deidre’s body could be being used by some diseases out of the way,” said Calix, sounding fascinated.

Before Calix could hear the rest, he was being pulled away by his elder brothers. Calix glared at them later in the car.

“Calix, Dexter was filling your head with conspiracy theories and whatnot,” snapped Felix.” We didn’t come to write a paranormal gossip tabloid rag. We’re looking for Chasity!”

“I know, so am I,” retorted Calix. “And I believe him. Chasity’s parents are alive somewhere and so it the real Deidre Binx. The only person we need to confront next is the fake Deidre Binx!”

Felix sighed. Alex was of two minds. “Whether or not this bodysnatcher thing is true, we still need to confront Deidre so we will do that!

But first, we need to visit A Fork in the Road cage-fighting club. They scheduled to have fights tonight, and I wanna see whose there. Some of them may have something to do with Chasity or her parents.”

The eldest alpha was quite right about that as a certain Dante was fighting tonight.

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