Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 44: Mother

Chasity’s POV

I was terrified. I hid behind the group of models. Thankfully, their heights ranged from five feet and nine inches to five feet and eleven inches. At five feet and four inches, I was obscured from view as I crept along behind them, not even daring to peak out from behind someone’s shoulder yet. I remembered when I would hide behind my six-foot-four triplets from the Luna.

I smiled to myself. One day I would be reunited with them. I had to believe that. I would tell them | was having their baby and hopefully I could marry them before the birth. I wanted the wedding out of the way.

I didn’t even mind going on honeymoon while pregnant. Someone clapping their hands snapped my out of my daydream.

Igasped. I knew exactly who she was. I had even glimpsed her show a few times when one of the Calix’s old girlfriends would obsessively watch it, cuddling with him, while I cleaned the living room.

I felt a pang at that. I had to minimise stress for the baby. I pictured myself watching television with Calix cuddling me. Felix’s head would be in my lap as he stretched out on the couch.

Alex would be on the other side of Calix and eventually I would stretch out and put my head in Alex’s lap so he could play with my hair like he liked to do. I sighed.

She was almost six feet tall. She was dressed in a white pantsuit that fit her impeccably well and contrasted with her mocha chocolate skin. She had almond shaped brown eyes, high cheek bones and full lips. Her makeup was expertly done, smoky eyes with nude lips and countered cheeks further accentuating those cheek bones.

Her hair had been straightened. It was black, sleek and glossy and hung a little past her shoulders. She raised a perfect eyebrow at the girls. Something about her mannerisms reminded me of a haughty cat. She was very feline for a she-wolf.

“Girls!” Called Deidre Binx, the retired supermodel turned model coach, clapping her manicured hands again. She was wearing thigh high white stiletto boots.

She was boss or Madame. “Good evening, Madame,” chorused the girls. The girls had confirmed it for me.

“We have a very, very special new little Sister and I want you to give her a warm welcome. Step forward, Chasity!” Announced Deidre as though we were good friends and this had all been previously discussed.

I stumbled forwards, my mouth agape. “Welcome, Sister Chasity,” said the girls in unison. “Welcome, welcome, Daughter Chasity,” said Deidre softly. I was so confused.

“Thank you, Mother, for bringing us a new Sister,” said the girls in perfect harmony. “You are welcome, my daughters. Mother is pleased,” said Deidre. I was pretty sure I was looking at them like they were all lunatics.

“I am so glad Chasity is settling in so nicely,” commented Deidre. “I have a story to tell you, Daughters. Would you like to hear it?”

“If it pleases Mother,” said the girls in their sing-song voices.

They all sat on their mats, cross-legged. A male servant in all white brought me a white mat. All the others had colours. Did the colours mean anything? I sat on my mat, cross-legged, at a loss for how else to react.

“When Madame was your age, she had two best friends. We three were inseparable!” Reminisced Mother, I mean Deidre, as she sat on a high stool brought forward by another male servant in white. All of the helpers were men. They seemed to be male models.

My heart belonged to the triplets but one glance at each of them and I realised they were all jaw-droopingly handsome like my triplets, all from different parts of the world based on their looks and the snatches of their accents I caught. What was this? A supermodel cult?

“Her very best friend was called Chalice,” Deidre said, gazing at me lovingly.

My inner she-wolf growled, sensing falsehood. Deidre did not seem sincere to her. I agreed with my she-wolf. I didn’t like hearing my mother’s name come out of her mouth. I remembered my mother, her gleaming skin and bright eyes, her laugh and smile. I smiled to myself.

“Chalice had a little girl of her own one day, Chasity,” said Deidre. The girls “aww-ed” at me. “Alas, my best friend, my soul-sister, Chalice was lost to me forever,” murmured Deidre. What? I yelped inwardly. My inner she-howl let out a mournful howl. “What?” I said, standing up.

The girls gasped. Deidre looked affronted but she quickly recovered her plastered-on smile.

“You’re supposed to say, ‘Mother, if it pleases you, may I ask a question?’ Hissed April angrily at me from her mat.

I gave her a look of disdain but quickly turned my attention back to Deidre. “What are you saying about my mother?” I asked, narrowing my eyes. “I’m saying she’s lost to me…” said Deidre. My heart was racing. “Meaning?” I demanded.

I knew what she meant but I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t. I’d waited nine years to turn eighteen and try to find my parents. They couldn’t be…

“Dead…Chalice, your mother, is dead, as is your father,” said Deidre, looking confused as though shocked I didn’t know.

The ground came up to meet me as I fainted Third Person

The triplet alphas were on their way to A Fork in the Road, a cage-fighting club. Their page online had advertised someone named Dante the Destroyer was fighting someone named the Blanch the Avalanche. Felix was driving, Calix was in the passenger seat, Alex was in the back and Danny and Chance were meeting them there.

Suddenly the middle alpha pulled over and parked. He was panting.

“What? Felix, what’s wrong?” Asked the eldest Alpha, Alex, worried about his younger brother.

Alex stretched over Felix’s front seat, gripping his shoulders and giving him a little shake. “Felix, talk to me,” said Alex.

“C’mon Felix, what is it?” Asked the youngest, Calix, who had been giving them the silent treatment previously due to their “narrow-mindedness” about the body snatchers.

“I felt dizzy just now,” admitted Felix softly. Alex frowned. He knew how hard it was for Felix to admit any weakness whatsoever. “I’ll drive,” offered Alex. Felix begrudgingly switched with Alex.

“It’s Chasity,” said Felix, his voice sounding strained. “She must be giddy. Ugh, my Baby, we have to hurry and figure out where she is. My Baby and my baby,” added Felix, referencing her bun in the oven and smirking a little.

“Or my baby,” said Calix. “Let’s call it our baby,” Alex said to his younger brothers.

“Felix, you haven’t been sleeping much or eating as much as usual. Those are contributing factors probably to the dizziness, I would think,” said Alex.

Felix shook his head. “My Baby Chasity is dizzy or something,” insisted Felix. “Our Chasity,” said Alex, smiling. “Then how come we aren’t all dizzy,” said Calix. “Chasity and I are just attuned to each other,” said Felix smugly.

Calix got upset. They were all short-tempered of late. Little to no sleep. Less food. No s*x. They were accustomed to having all three necessities taken care of.

“Yet I took her virginity and I was her first kiss,” said Calix, just as smug as Felix. Felix snarled. “You were not her first kiss! I was!” The middle alpha recalled his argument with Chasity before Christmas leading up

To their dramatic kiss then Calix’s mistletoe kiss followed by Alex’s kiss in the small makeshift bedroom Chasity used to sleep in.

“Nope!” Said Calix. “I kissed her back when she was fourteen and I was seventeen. It was when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s.”

Felix gave a low growl. Calix snarled.

Alex made the car screech to a halt. “Enough! We’re here anyway, A Fork in the Road, cage fighting club.”

There was a neon blinking sign above a large one storey beginning. The blinking sign read Fight Tonight!

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