Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 45: Throwing Tantrums

Chasity’s POV

I woke up back in the chic bedroom. I flew off the bed and launched myself at the door. I tugged on the knob with such force it came off in my hands. I roared in anger. Why?! What did Deidre Binx want from me? She claimed to be a friend of my dearly departed mother but she announced her death to me callously and kidnapped me! I started tearing apart the room.

I smashed every framed photograph by tearing it off the wall and hurling it across the room or smashing it on the floor. There was glass everywhere.

Dante ran into the room after some initial difficulty with whatever damage I had done to the doorknobs. He was panting, worry evident in his face.

“What the f**k are you doing?” He screamed.

“ME?!” I screeched. “What the f**k are you doing? Why are you doing this to me? What do you want from me? Just let me go!!! Please!!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face.

Dante seemed to be at a loss for words. I tried to rush past him out of the door, but he grabbed me, holding my arms still. I kicked and screamed with all my might.

“Please! Chasity! Stop! You’re not making this any easier on yourself!” Yelled Dante. “Who are you to Deidre?” I shrieked. “How does any of this concern you?” “Deidre is helping me,” snapped Dante. “WITH WHAT?!” I screamed.

“With getting my mate back!” He answered, his tone sounded defeated. He was panting. He released me.

I slumped onto the floor. Maurice was standing in the doorway blocking the exit. “What?” I asked softly. I was totally spent. “…I chose you,” said Dante. “What does that mean?” I whispered, my eyes narrowed. “I chose you because you resemble my mate. I’m sorry,” said Dante, sighing.

“What happened to her?” I asked quickly, genuinely curious. I was leaning against the bed as I sat on the floor.

“She died,” he said softly. “How?” I asked. Dante sat on the floor also. His eyes had a faraway look to them.

“Werewolf hunters,” said Dante. Tears welled up in his eyes. He quickly wiped them away and took a deep shuddering breath. He shut his eyes tightly causing more tears to fall.

“I’m sorry,” I managed to say as my breathing rate and pulse slowed.

“Her name was Georgia but her nickname was Goldie,” he said. He put his head in his hands.

“She wasn’t very good at controlling herself. She had a short-temper. She shifted once in a human town in the middle of a diner and accidentally killed two people we had gotten in an argument with.

One was the waitress and the other was the owner of the place. She wasn’t perfect but I adored her beyond words,” Dante paused. He took a deep breath.

“The town was tiny human town in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t know they had a history of werewolf and vampire hunting,” explained Dante

I stared at him, engrossed in the story.

“We sped away from the scene of the crime basically. These two cars raced after us. Apparently a group of people in the diner had either been hunters or known hunters. I’m not sure,” said Dante, sniffling.

“They rained silver bullets dipped in wolfsbane on our car. One hit my Goldie right in the chest through her back. I was just relieved she didn’t suffer long. I crashed the car. I was too distraught to focus or to want to live. The car went up in flames. I thought I would die too, but I didn’t,” he said, his eyes widening.

I stared at him.

“I woke up in the ICU covered in bandages. As fate would have it we had crashed into a tree near a retreat for some spiritual group. The people hosting it organised the ambulance. They were werewolves. My Goldie, my little Georgia, she was already gone. They worked on me till I got

better. My burns healed. Everything healed but I had no zeal for life anymore. Not without my mate. The leader of the weird group, the Mother or Madame took an interest in me. She helped me get revenge. We went together with some other members in the group and slaughtered every

single one of those werewolf hunters in cold bloodHer mate had died too! And she said I reminded her of him. She said she…changed every fifty years or so,” said Dante.

“What?” I said, narrowing my eyes and furrowing my brow. Changed? “She said she would do for me what I had done for her,” Dante said, his voice shaking. “Which is what?” I asked, confused. “Replace my mate,” said Dante, his eyes shimmering with tears.

It dawned on me. Him trying to erase my marks. Nicknaming me Goldie. He wanted to play house and have me replace Georgia but that was never gonna work. I couldn’t replace her.

“I can’t be your mate, Dante,” I said gently. “I’m just not.” Dante sighed. “There’s more to it,” he said simply. “I won’t cheat on the triplets,” I insisted.

“That’s not a problem. You won’t be you anymore,” explained Dante, still not making sense to me.

What did that mean? Were they going to brainwash me? Erase my memories? What was going to happen to me and my baby? Surely Dante was not that huge of a monster to harm my baby or put my baby at risk.

“Dante, listen, please, I can’t replace anyone. I’m so sorry for what happened…but I need my triplet alphas! We’re bonded for life. I marked all three of them and I bear all three of their marks,” I said as gently as I could, sincerely feeling sorry for him.

Dante shrugged.

I tried one more time. “Dante, listen, I’m pregnant for my triplet alphas. I’m engaged to them. It’s a done deal.”

There was a long pause of utter silence. Dante wiped his eyes.

“Engaged is not married. That’s not a problem. Pregnant?” He said, nodding. “Now, that would be a problem,” he said coldly.

My wolf snarled and I trembled a little. Triplets wherever you are come get mr right away! || mind linked hoping someone anyone could here.

Third Person

The Alpha triplets were shocked to find A Fork in the Road cage-fighting club packed with people, both werewolves and humans. There was even a witch or wizard or two and a sprinkling of vampires. Everyone was cheering and yelling. Most were standing, crowing around the cage where the fight would take place. The cage was cylindrical with a domed roof like a huge bird cage.

The triplets noticed everyone was dressed to signify who they were supporting. Red for Dante the Destroyer and Icy Blue for Blanche the Avalanche. The triplets were thankful none of them were wearing red or blue. Felix was in all black as usual, Alex in all grey and Calix in all white.

Each triplet essentially work a plain t-shirt with a pair of sweatpants, not wanting to dress up for a place like this. There were bets being placed. The walls were cluttered with pictures and memorabilia from past fights. There were booths lining the walls and these were almost all taken too.

“Get us a booth,” said Felix to a short blonde human waitress walking by. She turned to scow! at him then got a proper look at him. Her eyes practically bulged out of her head. She lieked her lips looking him up and down. She smiled and said, “Right this way, Sir.”

She realised there were three of them and fanned herself with a menu.

“Lacey, what are you doing?” Said a pretty brunette she-wolf also in a waitress uniform. The uniform was a mini pink dress with short sleeves and a black apron over it. They all wore high-heeled black pumps with their hair in ponytails.

“What, Melissa?” Said Lacey, clearly annoyed at being interrupted. Was Mel trying to steal her customers.

“You can’t put them back there! These are the alphas,” said Melissa in hushed tones though the triplets could hear.

Lacey gasped and glanced the triplets again “She’s human sorry,” said Melissa quickly. “She had no idea.”

Melissa motioned for the triplets to follow her. She walked up a few steps leading to a slightly raised platform of booths that seemed as though it were for VIP guests only.

The men here were in suits and seemed to be bidding thousands on the fight and ordering bottles of champagne by the bucket-load. Melissa turned to the triplets.

“Please, Alphas, choose where you would like in this section. I’m not sure if you wanna be up front or lowkey?” Said Melissa.

“Up front,” said Felix glaring at the cage. “Lowkey,” said Calix, glaring at Felix. “A comfortable medium would be nice, Melissa,” said Alex, reading her name-tag.

She blushed, nodded and put them in a middle booth with a clear view of the cage. “Anyone else joining you?” Melissa asked.

“Two more, Chance and Danny are their names,” said Alex showing Melissa a picture on his phone. “Please, very discreetly find them and bring them to us as soon as they get here,” instructed Alex, slipping a hundred dollar bill into her apron pocket.

Melissa grinned. “Yes, Alpha, thank you.” “Chasity would be so pissed if she were here,” said Felix sadly. “About Alex talking to the waitress. It’s just business,” said Calix. “Yeah but she gets jealous easily,” Felix said smirking. “If Chasity were here we wouldn’t be here,” muttered Alex, sighing. They all sighed in unison. Melissa reappeared with Chance and Danny. “Thank, Melissa, you’re a real one,” said Calix winking.

Melissa blushed and scurried away but had to come straight back realising she hadn’t taken anyone’s orders. All five ordered beers for now though no one was particularly interested in the drinks or food right now.

“What’s the point of being here when we need to be finding Deidre and questioning her?” Asked Calix, annoyed.

“We said from the beginning that we needed to check out all three people and all three places Mom spoke about when she told us about Chalice and Chase,” said Alex.

Felix was looking at the cage. The others followed his gaze. The announcer had a booming theatrical voice. The fans in red crowded one side of the cage and the fans in blue crowded the other.

“Fighting tonight, in this corner, we have six foot six, hard as bricks, two hundred and forty pounds of not playing around, Blanch the Avalanche!!” Bellowed the announcer.

The fans in blue yelled at the top of their lungs.

Blanch was a pale platinum-blond werewolf with icy blue eyes clad in blue shorts. He was missing an eyebrow. He bared his fangs and everyone cheered.

“Fighting tonight, in the other corner, we have two hundred and twenty pounds of lean, mean, fighting machine. At six foot four, let’s get him out on the floor it’s Dante the Destroyer!!” Yelled the announcer.

Felix snorted at all the cheesy lines. The fans in red screamed and jumped up and down. Dante entered the cage, bare torso, red shorts, black eyes.

Felix stared at him. He wrinkled his nose. He got down from the VIP seating platform and walked into the crowd of fans wearing red. His brothers, Chance and Danny quickly followed him.

Felix reached the cage and he was certain. Before the announcer could tell the fighters to begin. Felix roared in anger. Dante smelled like his mate, his Chasity. The alpha was murderous!

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