Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 46: Dinnertime

Third Person

Felix tore into the cage ripping the bars apart. Fans screamed and some scattered, running out of the club. Others cheered wildly thinking it was part of the show or perhaps just loving any form of drama. Dante paled a little and ducked out through where he had entered. His escape was blocked by Calix and Alex. He turned around only to be knocked out by Felix.

Chasity’s POV

Ever since Dante had come clean about his involvement in all this, I had been shaking in my boots so to speak I was terrified. Dante wanted my form, my body. Literally, just that. I knew girls complained about guys only wanting them for their body, but this was different.

He literally wanted nothing else but my shell. He wanted my mind and personality siphoned out somehow and put where? In a jar? He had said I wouldn’t be me anymore.

What did that mean? I had been going through the options in my mind. Brainwashing? Cloning? Maybe there would duplicate and take the clone and train her to have his mate’s personality. Did he have his mate’s soul somewhere? Was she a ghost? Would they use dark magic and let her possess me? I got chills.

My wolf snarled at me to stop it. I tugged at the silver collar on my neck. It burnt my fingertips. I sucked on the burnt fingertips. Ouch. If I could only shift, I could definitely overpower at least Maurice. I could definitely outrun Maurice even in human form. I would need to shift to outrun Dante.

Then, he would shift and I wouldn’t get far. Ugh! I looked for another photograph to smash and realised I had already destroyed all of them. Glass was everywhere. I was in the corner of the bed.

I hadn’t let any glass get on the bed. I was no fool. I deserved some rest at least even though I could barely sleep. I was too terrified someone was gonna wake me up to hurt me or the baby in the middle of the night. Or they would carry me to yet another location during a drug-induced sleep. I sighed. My door opened and I recoiled automatically.

It was Deidre.

She looked nonchalantly at the wrecked room, the smashed photographs and glass strewn all over the floor

“Feeling better?” She asked serenely, plastering a smile on her face. Her fake niceness towards me reminded me of the Luna. I couldn’t tell if she meant if I was feeling better since my fainting or if I was feeling better emotionally now that I’d smashed the room up like I was the hulk or something? I was not feeling better. What was the point of lying in this weird situation? Did any of them even care how I felt?

I shook my head no but didn’t complain any further. I just hugged my knees to my chest. I was tired. I had really exhausted myself with my own antics

“Perhaps, joining me for dinner would help?” Asked Deidre as if it had only just occurred to her. I was pretty sure almost every event of this kidnapping had been preplanned. I knew her invitation was not truly optional. It was only framed like a question for the sake of feigning politeness.

“I am allowed to say no?” I asked, fixing her with a blank stare. She drew a sharp intake of breath as if hiding a short temper.

“I think it would be helpful…and enlightening…if we talked,” she said, her blindingly white smile widening.

I stared at her. “Girls, help Chasity get ready for dinner,” instructed Deidre.

April and June came in. I stood up suddenly and looked at them threateningly. They hesitated. I could tell by their reactions that they were really mostly models and not warriors or skilled fighters or hardened criminals. I hopped down off the bed.

“Stay away.” I warned them. They recoiled a little. “Further!” I instructed.

They moved back a little one. Something occurred to me. Were any of these people original members of the triplets’ wolf pack? If so, they could possibly be compelled to listen to me as I was the fated Luna though I had not officially claimed my post yet. Deidre was one step ahead of me.

“No one here is a member of your pack, Chasity. April and June are just cowards,” said Deidre dropping some of the sickly sweet behaviour.

I sneered at her. “So what happened to May?”I genuinely wanted to know because it seemed as though there really had been a May.

“She was too brave,” said Deidre softly, turning sharply causing her hair to swish behind her.

I followed her to a dining room where the other models from earlier were all seated. They looked up and chorused, “Good evening, Sister Chasity.” Ugh

Third Person

The triplets put the captive werewolf in a cell in the basement of the pack house. These cells were seldom or perhaps never used. He was still unconscious.

“Shake him awake, the sooner he talks, the sponer I can see Chasity,” whined Calix. The werewolf groaned. He was coming to. This was the so-called “Dante the Destroyer.” He stared at them with narrowed eyes.

Alex and Calix stared at him. Felix stepped in front of them, near to the bars of the cell. He spoke to Dante, “I’m going to give one chance to talk on your own before I make you talk! It’s just one, simple question. Where is Chasity?”

Chasity’s POV

“Good evening,” I said stiffly and sat down at the end of the long table. Deidre sat at the head of the table so that we faced each other, many feet apart. All of her drones were at the sides of the table eating kale or whatever green thing was on their plates.

“Chasity, you know, I have to be frank with you, I have reason to believe you’re pregnant?” Said Deidre

The models all gasped, covering their mouths. I rolled my eyes. “How is that any of anyone’s concern?” I snapped,

“Oh, it’s my concern surely!” Said Deidre, standing up, her palms pressed against the table, her shoulders hunched.

“It’s my body, my business,” I whispered.

“Is it?” Asked Deidre, laughing. Her canines looked really sharp. Her face was very angular

I gazed around me. There was a painting on the ceiling with another fox with many tails surrounded by beautiful maidens. It was a masterpiece but I wasn’t in the mood for art appraisal.

“What are you?” I whispered, glaring at her. “Girls, you’re all dismissed,” said Deidre.

June glanced at me with wide eyes, reluctant to leave but she went with the others. They left their food half-eaten, some plates almost completely full. It was just me and Deidre now.

“What. Are. You?” I asked her. “You’re not my mother’s old friend, that’s for sure. You’re not Deidre Binx!”

“Oh, but I look just like her!” She said, cackling madly. “What am I? Hmm.”

She sauntered around the table, coming towards me. As she walked along, she seemed to change. Her features got sharper, her ears pointier.

“I have many names…I live many lives… my people change lives as the years pass….with each new life, we grow another tail” She hissed.

A chill crept through me. I stood up and stumbled backwards.

“You’ve heard of me, haven’t you? Your mother must have told you folk tales to scare you at night!” She said and the quality of her voice got lower and lower.

I ran to the door. It was locked. I banged on it. I grabbed the silver collar on my neck and used all my strength to bend it. I didn’t have the strength of an alpha but I was still a werewolf and I would bear an alpha or three.

Maybe my pups gave me strength. I managed to tear the silver collar. I flung it off and shifted just as Deidre burst into another form.

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