Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 47: Chasity’s Mark and Alex’s Neck


Chasity jumped, startled, but I held onto her. Half the pack was here for a welcome back party.

I grinned, exchanging glances with my brothers.

We looked at Dad and he smiled.

I stepped inside and noticed a huge banner above us read Welcome Back Alex, Felix, Calix and Chasity.

My eyes went straight to Chasity, knowing that she would be pleasantly surprised to be included in the banner.

If it had been up to me, I would have put her name first but at least Mom was trying.

The party decor looked great.

The pack house was all decked out and food and champagne were overflowing.

I wondered if Mom had done all of this singlehandedly until Rhonda came out of nowhere in tiny overalls with no shirt underneath, just a br#.

Her hair seemed blonder than I remembered it being but I could have been wrong as I had never really looked at her properly.

Chasity disliked her which kind of made me biased against her too.

There was something irksome about her but I did not want to be rude to any pack member.

An Alpha should be approachable in my opinion.

I hope she finds her mate soon and f**’s off, grumbled Alex through our link.

Felix stifled his snort of laughter.

“Welcome back boys!” Rhonda said with open arms.

We hugged her begrudgingly.

She did not say anything to Chasity.

She just stared at my Goddess.

Chasity folded her arms.

I followed her eyes to rest on Felix’s arm where Rhonda’s hand was.


Move Rhonda’s hand from your arm, I said in Felix’s mind.

Who’s Rhonda? Asked Felix, confused.

Chasity put her hand on Felix’s chest and he immediately nudged me out of his mind so he could focus on Chasity.

“Baby,” said Chasity, looking up at Felix.

Rhonda still had not moved her hand but Felix was oblivious to it.


That party planner chick was back.


Or Nola.

It was something that ended with A.

Calix was trying to get my attention but so was Chasity so he would have to wait.

I kissed my fiancee in front of the pack to make a point.

The point was: unless you like cement for shoes stay the f**k away from my fiancee.

She kissed me back just as enthusiastically.

My wolf roared happily within.

We parted and my eyes landed on Mom as she came forward to greet us.

“Felix, Baby,” said my Baby.

“Tell our friend, Rhonda…” That was her name! Right.

“…the story of how you three proposed to me! It was so romantic Rhonda and on a yacht named after me! You should have been there!” Gushed Chasity.

Alex had been worried for nothing.

Hell, even Calix had been worried.

Chasity had brought the island vibes back with her.

She was still in a great mood and ready to announce our engagement.

I had known! would be the one to tell the prominent members of the pack the great news.

“Well, as you all know, that island holds so many memories for this family,” I said, looking at all the delighted faces of the simpering pack members.

“So, we thought we’d add another,“ I said with a wink, stealing Calix’s move.

Calix looked annoyed.

He thought he owned winking.

“My brothers and I thought it time to ask our Luna to make things official with us and you know me.

brave, strong, ferocious.

Needless to say, when it came to asking Chasity to marry me, I was…scared shitless,” I admitted.

The pack members burst into laughter except for Mom who looked grumpy and Sandra who looked pissed.



Not Sandra.

Sandra was Alex’s ex.

I always got the crazies mixed up.

Both girls were desperate so it was hard to tell them apart.

“Alex organised the ring.

He wanted a three stoned ring to represent me, Chasity and our love,” | said.

Alex nudged me and the pack laughed again.

“To represent me, Felix and Calix, Chasity’s three Alphas.

So whenever she looks at her ring, she thinks of all three of us and how much we love her,” interjected Alex, eliciting an “awww” from the crowd.

“It was white gold,” added Calix.

“Blue diamonds.” The crowd murmured in appreciation as they instantly recognised our pack colours.

“So we went out on Yacht Chasity!” I continued.

“Yacht Chasity?” Said Beta Keaton.

“Yeah, we changed the name from Luna to Chasity,” Calix explained.

“Why didn’t you just tack Chasity on next to Luna, you know, Luna Chasity?” Said Keaton.

“Why don’t you name your yacht that, Keaton? Ours is named Chasity full stop,” said Alex.

There was more laughter from the crowd.

“Because Moxie and Roxie would throw me overboard if I took their names off the yacht!” Joked Keaton.

Alex, Calix and I laughed along with the other pack members.

“So we set up a dinner on deck under the stars,” I said.

A few people whistled.

“Yeah, I looked great in my bikini,” I told them.

The pack members burst into the laughter “He looked okay,” said Alex.

“He should have gotten his correct size.

He ruined it for Chasity.

It’s all stretched out now.” The pack continued to laugh.

“Hot pink washes him out as well,” said Calix, eliciting more laughter.

“No, but in all seriousness, we were terrified,” I said, remembering how scared I was that she would say no.

“She looked so beautiful that night,” I said, picturing her.

“She always does,” said Calix.

“We got down on…three knees,” I said, pretending to count.

“We told her how much we loved her, how much we have always admired her, how much we wanted to make her happy.

We asked her if she would put up with us, well, forever.

Till death do us part isn’t a guarantee if your husband is an Alpha!” I reminded our amused guests.I mean you can try to kill him but good luck,” I said, winking again at the tittering guests.

“So we asked if Chasity would make us the happiest men alive.

And she said…no…” The pack members gasped.

“…To Calix and Alex but yes to me so I negotiated terms for the other two.

Try the wine everybody!” | said, taking a glass and raising it.

They applauded.

Alex rolled his eyes.

Calix shoved me playfully.

Chasity seemed very pleased.

I kissed her, more gently this time.

Mom came closer.

“Mom!“ I said, giving her a big hug and kissing both her cheeks.

She smiled but she seemed a bit miffed.

“I had thought you three had wanted to wait until Chasity was older.

She’s only eighteen.

She’s in high school,” said Mom.

Dad put his arms around Mom.

Alex hugged Mom.

“Mom, you knew I had the ring already though,” said Alex softly.

Good, let him handle this part.

“Yeah,” said Mom with a little nervous laugh.

Calix hugged Mom.


He was her Kryptonite.

Mom kissed his forehead.

You need to lay it on thick! I reminded Calix.

“Mom, I hope you know how grateful I am for all your help,” said Calix, cupping her face.

“You’re the best, Mom,” he said.

She smiled, tears coming to her eyes at Calix’s words.

She took a deep shaky breath.

“Thanks for the surprise party, Mom!” Alex added.

“Thanks, Mom!” I said raising my glass to her.

“Thank you, Luna Ronnie,” said Chasity.

Aww, even minx was trying to help.

Mom gave Chasity a stiff nod.

It was a start.

“I guess Rhonda and Mom will be able to help Chasity plan the wedding,” I said, trying to diffuse the tension before I downed the rest of my alcohol.

I looked down to see the little minx glaring at me.

She was a rollercoaster of emotions but I loved every second of it.

Rhonda hates me and so does your Mom, unfortunately, explained Chasity.

I played dumb.

But you called Rhonda our friend just now! I said, avoiding the topic of my mother.

My Baby sighed.

I was staking my claim and showing off my engagement ring so she’d back off.

She was all over you! Hissed Chasity in my mind.

My wolf growled playfully.



Where there was jealousy, there was passion.

I smirked at Chasity.

Jealous Chasity is even hotter than regular hot Chasity, I purred in her mind.

She rolled her eyes, unwilling to admit how hot and bothered she was for me.

I snaked my hand over her ass and gave it a squeeze.

She squeaked in surprise.

I grinned.

Wanna stake your claim some more upstairs and then I can stake mine, I suggested.

I was down to ditch this crowded party and have our own private celebration.

Chasity blushed and wiggled out of my arms.

I followed her over to two vaguely familiar girls.

Chasity screamed and the two girls screamed.


They danced around happily and then Chasity showed off her engagement ring which brought a smile to my face.

One of the girls snapped a pic of it.

“I’m gagged!” Said the tan brunette.

“It’s gorgeous!” Said the girl with deep brown skin.

They were both pretty though a bit heavily made-up.

I wondered if these were the Chasity makeover culprits.

“You know Mina and Tina right?” Said Chasity, looking up at me.

“Um, they’re familiar,” I said politely.

They were thrilled about being familiar.

“Are these your bridesmaids then?” I asked.

I had to redeem myself from that wedding-by-Mom-and-Rhonda comment.

“Yeah…yeah these are my bridesmaids and wedding planners if they wanna do double-duty,” announced Chasity.

He shoots.

He scores.

My wolf gave me his approval.

The girls screamed.

Chasity giggled this time, all screamed out.

“We love double everything!” Squealed Mina or Tina.

“And triple somethings!” Added Tina or Mina, shimmying.

I snorted with laughter.

“You’re so lucky, Chasity, and you’re gonna be a super cute bride!” Said one of them.

I was happy to see Chasity actually had two decent enough friends.

Coach Johnson came to congratulate her next, giving her a hug and clapping me on the back.

“Congratulations, Chasity!” He thundered as though she had just scored the winning touch-down.

“Thank you, Mr Johnson!” She said, smiling.

I stepped back a bit, letting them talk while another person came to congratulate me.

My eyes never left Chasity though and my wolf ears perked up, listening to her conversation.

“You’re welcome, Luna!” He said, stressing the word.

“Call me Jimmy!” He insisted.

I smiled.

Something Chasity did not know was that Coach Johnson was the rightful Beta of this pack but turned the post down to focus on teaching and coaching the youths of the pack.

Keaton was Johnson’s first cousin or something like that.

He had been the most appropriate choice at the time.

“Thanks, Jimmy,” said Chasity, blushing.

“Then, keep calling me Chasity,” she added, seeming a little emotional.

She better not be hot for teacher.

I liked Coach a lot but I would exile him to the human realm if he made a play for my Luna.

Coach pinched Chasity’s cheek and ruffled her hair.

My wolf growled.

Thankfully, Coach’s mate came over.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I had forgotten she existed.

She was a hippie sol always forgot they were together.

They just seemed mismatched but fate knew best.

A free-spirited hippie and a no-nonsense coach.

Who was I to judge? “Chasity! Salutations! And congratulations! Whoo!” She slurred, holding a large bottle of some nondescript alcohol that was almost empty.

Good Lord.

“Thank you, Mrs Johnson,” said Chasity politely.

What was her name again? “It’s Justice!” She said throwing her hands up.

“Not like solving crimes and stuff.

My name is Justine!” “Justine or Justice?” Asked Chasity, confused.

Did she even know her own name when only the dregs remained in the bottle? “Justine,” she said, hiccoughing.

Thank God.

“No, it’s actually Justice, not Justine,” said Coach apologetically as he took the bottle away from her.


“Chasity, a minute,” said Mom, beckoning Chasity forwards.

“Sure,” said my Baby, following Mom into the kitchen.


Mom is having a talk with Chasity in the kitchen! I said, raising the alarm immediately.

Good grief, groaned Alex.

Maybe she’s making peace? Hoped Calix.

Alex made his way to the kitchen just as Chasity came rushing out the door.


I hoped I could trust Mom.

She had put together a great welcome back party but she…was Mom.

She was a Luna.

She had a strong personality and a strange aversion to Chasity.

I had pushed it down over the years, pretending that Chasity was burdensome not that Mom was inappropriate and unkind.

There are things one can’t ignore anymore.

Chasity bumped right into me as she ran from the kitchen.

Her eyes were a bit red and a little puffy and her nose pink.

She hardly cried but when she did, the evidence showed up quickly.

She was trying desperately to stop the tears but they kept slipping down her cheeks.

“Hey, hey, shh,” I cooed, cupping her face in my hand and wiping the tears away with my thumbs.

“What happened, Chasity?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she lied, her voice cracking.

Mom came out behind her.

I glared at Mom.

Mom glared at Chasity.

“What happened?” I demanded.

“Nothing,” hissed Mom, making it clear she would not discuss it in front of her guests.

“I was just trying to talk to her, that’s all,” lied Mom.


From both of them.

“No more “talks” without me, Calix or Felix present,” I ordered.

Mom looked affronted.

She was immune to my commands but she would not disrespect me as the eldest of the new Alphas.

She flounced away, probably heading to tell Dad I had yelled at her or some other lie.

I grabbed Chasity’s hand and led her up the stairs, wanting to be alone with my Luna.

I took her to her old tiny “room” which was really just a cleaning supplies closet.

I shut the door and lay down on her cot, pulling her down on top of me.

I knew she was not in a talking mood.

“What are you doing?” She said, erupting into a fit of giggles as we tried to get comfortable on the tiny cot.

“Trying to make out with my fiancée in the first spot we ever made out,” I said, interlacing my fingers with hers.

Chasity straddled my lap as I sat, leaning against the wall.

We were nose to nose.

I waggled my eyebrows at her and she giggled.

I kissed her, slowly but passionately.

She responded the way I hoped she would, savouring the kiss as much as I was.

Her scent left me more intoxicated than all the champagne at this party.

I held back a bit, letting her take the lead, curious about what she really liked.

She nibbled my bottom lip as her kiss became more urgent.

I groaned with enthusiasm.

Her hands slid off my chest, reaching for my blazer.

I helped her, shrugging it off of me without breaking our kiss.

I was rock hard already.

I reluctantly broke our kiss when she reached for the hem of my shirt so that we could lift it off of me.

Her eyes darkened as she locked at my torso.

I slipped her dress off over her head, revealing the lingerie underneath.

My wolf growled in approval at his lovely mate, our perfect Luna.

I pulled her back to me resuming our kiss while my hands unhooked her bra.

I trailed kisses down her neck and sucked on a spot near my mark.

Chasity gasped.

“I haven’t marked you! Any of you!” She said as though it had only just dawned on her.

I dared not admit how desperately I wanted to be marked by her.

I did not want to put pressure on her.

I wanted her to mark me because she wanted to mark me not because I wanted to be marked.

“It’s the guys mark on his girl that really solidifies the bond,” I said offhandedly.

“Your mark on us is permanent too but some she-wolves never mark their mates cause it’s not necessary.

We’re bound already.

If you’d marked us but we hadn’t marked you we wouldn’t be bound,” I explained.

“Then what’s the point of a she-wolf marking her mate at all?” She asked, looking confused.

I chose my words carefully.

I did not want to say “because it blows the guy’s mind” as Calix had once said, or in the words of Felix “because it feels hot as fuck.’Tor me, I wanted to know she had chosen me, acknowledged me, the way I had chosen and acknowledged her.

Some idiots resisted the mate bond and even rejected it entirely.

Some took time before they accepted it.

To bear the mark of one’s mate was a feather in your cap.

Fate said you were the best choice for them and your mate was in agreement with that.

“It’s a courtesy to the guy and…it’s supposed to feel really really good, like orgasmic,” I murmured, trying hard to keep my tone casual as I gauged her reaction.

She smirked and then she bared her canines and sank them teeth into my neck.

The pleasure that burst through me left me stunned.

I moaned as her teeth sank into me.

My throat was off-limits to everyone but my mate.

It was the first thing I blocked in a wolf battle.

My d**k hardened until it was almost painful.

I grasped Chasity, hoping I was not squeezing her too hard, as I rocked her against me, trying to relieve some tension with friction.

“Oh, f**k, f**k, Chasity!” I swore.

She made her mark deep.

I could feel the pre-cum dribbling out of my member, still restrained by my pants.

I shuddered as she parted from me.

She licked her mark on my neck, sealing it and sending another wave of pleasure through me.

I was panting.

“Stand up!” I said, my voice raspy.

She stood up obediently, her feet on either side of my lap.

I trailed my fingers up her legs, sliding her stockings and her underwear down and letting her step out of them.

I flung them aside and grabbed her bare ass, squeezing the globes of her behind as I pulled her to me.

I parted her folds and found her cl*t.

I sucked on it.

I heard her squeal in surprise as I went straight for it which only made me more eager.

Her legs trembled as she stood.

She braced herself with her palms on the wall.

I traced patterns across her lower lips and darted my tongue deep inside of her p***y, enjoying the soft whimpers coming out of her.

She was so wet for me.

I slipped a finger inside of her, making her cry out.

I could not wait any longer.

I got rid of my p*nts and boxers in record time, leaving my engorged c**k at attention under her p***y as she stood legs apart.

I returned to her core, sliding my tongue against her dit, wanting her as wet as possible.

She rocked her hips, moving her p****y against my face.

Her hands tangled in my hair, pulling my head back a bit.

I looked up in surprise.

She knelt down, straddling my lap and rubbing my c**k against her folds.

I smirked.

I grasped her waist and lifted her effortlessly.

I lowered her onto my c**k, sliding myself deep inside of her.

Her walls clasped around me.

She groaned as I filled her.

I crashed my lips against hers as I rocked her back and forth on my lap, sliding in and out of her.

I tangled one hand in her hair and slid my other hand down to her breasts,padding and pinching her n**s.

I steadied her, moving my hands back down to her waist so I could thrust harder and faster.

Nothing felt better than her and this was our first time alone like this.

“Chasity,” I breathed as f****d her harder and harder, my wolf coming forwards.

I stood up and she clung to me for dear life while I bounced her up and down, thrusting upwards into a..


I span her around and pinned her to the wall, sliding all the way in and grinding against her, keeping her back against the wall.

“Aleeeexxx!” She squealed.

She was close.

I smirked.

We were forehead to forehead, nose to nose.

I kept my hand behind her head as I pounded into her, keeping every thrust deep and fast.

I could feel my own release building and now that we were fully bonded, I could feel hers more adeptly.

She buried her face against my shoulder, growing limp, letting all the tension leave her and letting me take over completely.

Her whole body was quivering.

I pinned her to the wall again, sliding deep inside just as she exploded.

I came with her, groaning loudly.

She cried out as her p***y contracted around me, milling me.

I rocked her against me as the waves of pleasure crashed over us.

I was spilling out into her.

I wouldn’t let any of this go to waste.

I put her down on the cot with a pillow under her behind while I poured into her, making sure every drop stayed inside of my Luna.

She gave me a sleepy smile.

I lay on top of her.

I could feel her drifting off to sleep with me still inside.


I didn’t want to fall asleep here.

Thank goodness, for wolf powers.

I moved at werewolf speed, rushing out of her old room and into mine which was thankfully just down the hall.

I collapsed on my bed with her and pulled the covers over us.

She was already out like a light.

My room was dark and cool, the perfect parameters for sleep.

As my breathing slowed, it hit me.

Chasity marked me first.


First marked.

Chasity’s new favourite.

What would Felix and Calix say? I could not help the smug smile that settled onto my face as I fell asleep cuddled up in my own bed with my Luna, just the two of us.


I was so f*cking pissed.

Alex thought he was slick.

After Chasity refused to sneak off with me to get frisky, he rushed to comfort her after our Mom acted like Mommy Dearest and he rushed her upstairs.

I stayed downstairs like a complete fool, thinking she was crying and he was consoling her and I should make excuses for their absences to all the prying pack members asking for them.

By the time I made it upstairs, they were asleep, naked, in Alex’s room.

Alex’s stupid f*****g schedule said it was my room tonight and me and Calix next to her with him in the corner.

I slammed my door shut.

Calix was sitting on my bed.

“We can just slip into bed on either side of them,” suggested Calix.

“That’s not the point,” I hissed.

“So why are we in here when Chasity is in there?” Asked Calix.

“We could wake them up.” “No! We can’t!”! hissed.

“Don’t you see! I’ll look like a douchebag if I do that!” Calix shrugged.

“Alex smells different,” said Calix suddenly.

“Yeah, it’s called s*x, Calix,” I said dryly.

An Alpha always smelled a bit like his Luna after s*x and vice versa.

“No,” said Calix, sniffing the air.

“It’s more than that.”

My throat tightened.

I flew soundlessly from my room and into Alex’s room.

Calix tiptoed in behind me.

Chasity looked adorable, laying on Alex’s chest.

Alex looked smug and…

I exhaled sharply, grabbing Calix’s shoulder for support.

Is that her mark? Asked Calix.

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