Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 49: Calix plays Dominoes with Chasity Calix

I took my time walking up the bleachers until I was standing right in front of Parker who remained seated, glaring at me defiantly, “I’m not scared of you! Aren’t you like the nicest one?” He said, snickering.

He actually looked to his friends to laugh with him but their faces remained frozen in fear.

“I am actually,” I said with a shrug, laughing along with him.

Parker was guffawing like an i***t, thinking this was all fun and games.

So not only had this prick punched my Luna, he was also laughing in my face about it. I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, silencing him mid-laugh.

I flung him off the bleachers, not even using all of my Alpha strength.

He flew several dozen feet and landed in the snow-covered football field. Touchdown!
His friends dispersed.

I let them go, hoping they had learnt a valuable lesson today. There had been a sickening crack as his body had hit the snow.

It suddenly dawned on me how similar that sound was to the sound of me snapping Rhonda’s neck in my dream.

Maybe, my dream was meant to tell me Chasity needed my help. I had been dreaming it while Parker must have been harassing her. Chasity went running down the field.

I watched her reach Parker’s body and stare at the blood-stained snow around him. My little Goddess was too good to people.

Many of them didn’t deserve it. They didn’t deserve her forgiveness.

Sometimes, I felt Mom didn’t deserve Chasity’s forgiveness in particular but truth be told, I was glad she had it. I was still hopeful that one day they could have a decent relationship.

I began walking back towards the front of the school where I’d parked. Wait for mate, growled my wolf who rarely verbalised anything.

We were usually in sync to the point that we did not need words. She’s checking on that/**t! I said, annoyed.

I couldn’t stand to look at him anymore. She’ll be with us in a minute, I said.

He could wake up and hurt her, snarled my wolf. I stopped in my tracks.

If he did that, I would throw him in the dungeon and let him starve to death.

Snapping his neck would be too merciful if his first thought upon waking up was to try to harm my Luna again.

“He’s alive!” Yelled Chasity. My back was to her.

The football players were still following me.

I was so angry I hadn’t thought to thank them yet for helping Chasity.

“Should I tell the nurse to go check on him in the snow since Chasity says he’s alive?” Asked one of the football players.

“Do whatever you want,” I said with a shrug. He nodded.

“Thanks,” I said to the four of them, grateful to them for how they had looked out for Chasity.

They smiled proudly.

“No need to thank us, Alpha,” said one of them, grinning.

I remembered Chasity saying a guy at school had stolen her hair tie. My wolf growled, jealousy flaring up within us.

Was one of these guys her not-so-secret admirer? I supposed I could not blame him. She was so beautiful.

It would be unrealistic to think none of the wolves wanted her when so many of the she-wolves wanted my brothers and me.

“No problem, Alpha,” said another of the football players.

“You’re welcome, Alpha,” murmured a third player, looking at me in awe.

“Not a problem, Big C!” Exclaimed the fourth. I laughed.

The fourth player bounced knuckles with me.

“Your girl kicked him in the balls!” Said the fourth guy, sounding impressed. I was impressed too.
I wished she had been able to knock him out cold.

My elder brothers and I would always protect her but we should probably start training her just in case.

“I thought you should know! I would’ve been proud of my lady!” Exclaimed the footballer. Chasity had come over to us.

She blushed at being complimented.

She waved goodbye to the football players and the four of them ran up to a group of students who had just come outside, probably witness me handling the situation.

They had missed it though so the footballers seemed to be giving them a play-by-play. I blushed.
I opened the car door for Chasity.

She hopped in and I drove us away from the school and up one of the many mountain roads in our icy mountainous pack lands.

I parked at a popular lookout point.

The sea and the horizon could be seen from here.

There were white blocks of ice and frost near the shoreline.

The cold unfrozen water of the deep sea looked black from here.

The black and white scenery had given the lookout point its name, Domino.

Back when I went to Winter Moon High, many couples would come here to hookup. Felix and Alex had both taken girls to Domino.

Even though I had always had a girl on my arm, 1 had never taken anyone here. I had always wanted to my mate here, not just anyone.

Now that we were sitting across from each other, I realised I wanted to be marked right here right now, but I needed to talk to Chasity about what had happened at school today first.

If those footballers had not intervened and the nurse had not called me, I knew Chasity might have tried to hide the whole incident and handle the bullying on her own.

Chasity leant towards me, intent upon k!ssing me. My wolf gave a playful growl of approval.

I grasped her chin gently.

I tilted her face towards me so that I could examine her bruise in this light. Chasity looked upset.

“I want to know what happened Chasity in your own words, ok? Please don’t lie to me, remember we said no secrets. That works both ways,” I said, imagining how horrible today must have been for my sweet Goddess.

“Ok,” she said softly, nodding. “I, uh, was in the library, reading. Ashton was there.

He’s cool.” Ashton? Was that the footballer? Was that the guy who stole the hair tie? Should Ibe worried about this?

“I was sitting alone though,” said Chasity quickly. I relaxed a little.

At least, she had the footballers looking out for her at school. It made sense.

Most footballers were interested in becoming future pack warriors so protecting the future Luna seemed like an appropriate task.

“It was almost time for the first class so I got up but someone knocked my books over. It was Parker,” she said hesitantly.

I breathed in sharply.

That fog as**ole! “Then I, uh, tried to pick them up but Parker kicked them across the room,” she continued.

I was beginning to regret not killing him. I probably should have.

“Bryan told him to stop. That’s Parker’s best friend.

Um, Parker called me ‘Charity Case the nickname Felix gave me,” she whispered, looking down at her lap and twiddling her thumbs.

I stiffened, wishing Felix had never come up with that nickname. I leant back, looking at Chasity, trying to calm myself.
I had my hand behind her head-rest. Her curls looked shiny.

Her skin looked supple.

The bruise angered me but she was drop-dead gorgeous regardless.

“He grabbed my neck and tried to stuff a hundred dollar bill in my mouth,” she said. How disgusting! My wolf was snarling.

“I kicked him in the crotch then he grabbed me and asked if I wanted to earn the money by giving him …

a blowjob since I like being on my knees,” she mumbled quickly as if she was hoping I would not be able to decipher the words.
My wolf and I were furious.

We should have killed him! My wolf reminded me it was not too late to go back and get him but that would probably freak Chasity out.

If I went back to get rid of him, I wouldn’t let her know so she wouldn’t torment herself thinking it was somehow her fault.

“I said ‘f”*k you’ and told him not to talk to me like that. I slapped him and he smacked me back.

Then, Ashton brought the three big footballers.

Ashton had gone for help back when Parker knocked over my books I think,” she said. She looked at me, waiting for my reaction.

I groaned.

The incident had been much worse than I had originally thought.

“And after all that Chasity, you don’t want me to kill him,” I said, gauging her reaction.

“NO! Of course not! You’ve done enough! Thanks!” She said instantly.

“I’m satisfied.

No one will bother me again, I’m sure.” I grumbled, rethinking that fool’s punishment. I would contemplate that later.

Now was Chasity-and-Calix-time.

“Goddess,” I whispered. She was shivering a little.

I pulled her into my lap to keep her warm.

“Would you have even told me any of that if the nurse and the guys hadn’t?” I asked gently, still thinking about the incident.

“I’m sorry, Calix.

I just wanted it to go away, so I probably wouldn’t have said anything unless you asked about the bruise and then I would have had a hard time saying it was Parker,” she confessed.

I knew it.

She would have hid his disgusting behaviour to protect him.

When was she going to understand that she was the most important person in this pack? She needed to have more consideration for herself.

“You’re lucky it was me, you know, and not Felix,” I chuckled. Chasity let out a nervous little laugh. She was so cute.

Her smell was delicious. I was getting hard.

I wondered if she could feel it as she was on my lap.

I smelt her neck, inhaling the scent of my own mark on her neck.

I loved smelling myself on her. She was mine.

“I have a surprise for you!” She said suddenly.

“Yeah?” I said excitedly.

A surprise?! “’‘Close your eyes!” She ordered. I closed them obediently.

I felt her plant butterfly-light k!sses on my eyelids. I smiled.

I felt her breath on my neck. I inhaled sharply.

Was this it? Was she going to make me hers like I had made her mine? Was she going to mark me? I felt her fangs graze my neck.

It felt so good. I shivered.

“Chasity,” I m*0aned, gripping her tightly, encouraging her to bite me, to mark me. Her canines pierced my neck, sinking into my flesh.

There was no pain, only pleasure, deliciously mind-numbing pleasure.

I was painfully hard as Chasity straddled me, her teeth still attached to my neck as she rocked back and forth on my lap, trying to relieve the tension with some friction.

I never wanted this to end.

She made her mark deep and then licked it to seal it, sending another jolt of pleasure through me. To pened my eyes, knowing they would be black with lust.

We both needed a release.

I got into the backseat and pulled her back there with me.

I pushed her down unto the backseat and pinned her under me as I crashed my l!ps against hers. We k!ssed each other hungrily, ravenously.

We tangled our fingers in each other’s hair. My arms found their way up her little skirt. I pulled her tights down.

I would not undress her completely parked outside in this harsh winter but I desperately needed to get to her core. I pulled her underwear down as I k!ssed and s^ucked on the skin of her jaw and neck.

My hands were kneading her bare a5s and her sharply thighs, making her wet and ready for me. I grabbed her wrists and held them in one of my hands above her head.

I used my other hand to caress her p**y plunging two fingers deep inside of her. She cried out at the intrusion, moving her h!ps in time with my fingers.

I pumped my fingers in and out of her p***y, enjoying how wet she was getting. I added two more fingers, making her squeal.

I slid my four fingers inside of her to the knuckles and used my thumb to pad her cl!t. The noises coming out of her were driving me crazy.
My wolf prompted me to lick her face from chin to hairline, lapping at her bruise to help heal it the way we did with our marks.

I could feel Chasity’s she-wolf purring in appreciation of my wolf nurturing her. Chasity was whimpering so sweetly.

I needed to be inside of her now.

I unzipped my pants and slid it down along with my boxers to release my engorged c**k. There was pre-cu*m at the tip already.

She was soaking wet so I slid right into her, all the way.

She cried out but I pressed my l!ps to hers for another hungry k!ss while I buried myself in her. I could not believe how good this felt.

The fit was so snug with her p**sy gripping me on all sides.

She wrapped her legs around my waist like a good girl as I began to thrust.

She was and I loved it.

After a few deep slow strokes, I pulled out and flipped her over onto her front.

Her plump bare butt cheeks looked delicious as I parted them to reveal her tight back opening. I spat on her back opening.

I licked her back opening and prodded it with my tongue. I wanted to make sure she was ready.

Her little squeals of surprise were muffled by the car seat.

I pressed my long thick hard member against her behind, sliding it between her cheeks.

I slid my hand under her, pressing my palm against her v*lva and using my fingers to find and caress her cl!t. As soon as I began teasing her cl!t, I pushed into her behind, inch by inch.
I grunted as I felt how tight she was back there.

Chasity groaned under me and I began planting soothing k!sses all over the side of her face. I thrusted into her behind slowly but deeply, making sure to keep pleasuring her cl!t.
I could feel her pleasure through our newly enhanced bond and it was making this encounter even more intense.

“Ohhh, Calix;” she breathed as I s^ucked and k!ssed the skin of her face and neck while I plunged my d**k deep inside her a5s.

Her legs were shaking. She was close.

She m*0aned sweetly for me and I licked her ear as I pushed her higher and higher. If f**d her a5s and fingered her p**y until she lost it, coming undone.

She screamed as her orgasm wracked her body, making her tremble in my arms.

We did not get many alone sessions sol instinctively exited her a5s and entered her p**y, depositing my load there as the pleasure consumed me.

It was an Alpha thing.

Our wolves were obsessed with getting their Luna pregnant Double dipping wasn’t dangerous for wolves. Our immune systems were pretty heightened.

We were immortals for goodness’ sake.

I k!ssed her marking sp0t gently as I lay on top of her.

“I love you, Chasity,” was all I could say.

It was hard to express just how much she meant to me and how happy bearing her mark made me. Our wolves were whispering to each other in our subconscious as we lay together.
“I love you, Calix,” whispered Chasity, bringing a sleepy smile to my face.

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