Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 49: Oh Baby!

Chasity’s POV

Luna Ronnie’s jaw almost dropped to the floor when I walked in with my Mom. My Mom grinned at her. The former alpha was dumbfounded. My father entered the pack house and spotted acting Luna Ronnie, his step-sister. His face broke into a smile and his eyes filled with tears.

Ronnie’s expression softened. She got up and went to him. She hugged him tightly. She was crying into the collar of his shirt. The former alpha ruffled my hair to my surprise and pulled me into a gentle hug.

“I’m glad you’re safe Chasity!” He said. “My boys were a mess without you.” I nodded. “Thank you,” I said softly, smiling.

“Dad, I owe you an apology,” said my mother to Grandpa Chance. “I should have let you have custody of Chasity back when you asked for it.

I was a junkie back then and I wasn’t thinking straight. All I could think was how upset I was that you were trying to take my baby away.”

Grandpa Chance smiled, teary-eyed. He embraced my Mom.

“Chance,” said Luna Ronnie stiffly. “I’m sorry for accusing you of killing my stepbrother and his wife. I was…that was unfounded.”

“I’m sorry for accusing you!” Said Chance, sighing. Luna Ronnie smiled stiffly. It would be a long road with her. She still wasn’t the biggest fan of my family.

“I’m not sorry for accusing anyone I accused,” announced Felix. “Felix!” Said Alex and the former alpha in unison. Calix laughed.

“I had my reasons,” Felix said defiantly. “The important thing is it all led up to finding my Baby, Chasity, who, I would like to announce, is having my baby!”

“Our baby!” Corrected Alex. “Yeah” said Calix.

I smiled and blushed. I watched Luna Ronnie’s face closely. She smiled and it honestly seemed genuine. “It would be wonderful to have a baby in the house again,” she whispered to the former alpha. “Remember the triplets as babies.”

“They were a handful,” said Romeo. “We were not ready for that. We were scarcely prepared for one rambunctious child let alone three!”

The triplets chuckled. I needed to take a bath in my bathtub! I was exhausted and had not properly relaxed in a while.

I went to my downstairs bedroom with Felix close on my heels. Alex and Calix followed too. I gasped when I walked in. It was. Empty. I screamed!

“You’re not to stay down here! You were kidnapped here!” Felix said defensively. “Where are all of my things?” I demanded.

“In our new room. We got a fourth bedroom on our floor that has all of our stuff,” said Alex sheepishly

“Isn’t that cool?” Asked Calix, grinning, not understanding how upset I was.

“Go look in the new bedroom and bathroom! Please!” Insisted Felix.

I trudged up the stairs. I was so exhausted. My legs were about to give out under me when Alex lifted me up and carried me bridal style. Felix opened the bedroom door for us. The new bedroom was really pretty, all baby blue, and even a lovely crib in one corner.

“For when you want the pup nearby!” Felix said. “We’re working on the nursery, don’t worry!”

I nodded sleepily.

They took me to the new bathroom which was also all baby blue. The bathtub was huge! It was perhaps twice the size of the one downstairs I had been obsessed with.

“Tada!!!” Exclaimed Calix.

I leant towards Calix to give him a gentle kiss. Felix kissed me like I was made of porcelain and Alex kissed me afterwards, slowly and methodically.

The triplets helped me to undress and ran a warm bath for me. They lowered me into the tub. I pouted when they didn’t join me. They were acting like I was so fragile. Was it because of the recent kidnapping or the pregnancy?

Felix lathered me up while Alex shampooed my hair. Calix massaged my feet. I sighed. This was heavenly. I must have been in and out of sleep because the next moment I was suddenly in my night gown being spooned by Felix with Calix in front of me.

They had claimed the night I had gone missing it had been their turn. Alex had grumbled to himself. I had placated him with a steamy kiss. I squirmed around, rubbing my behind against Felix’s member but making it seem coincidental. I really missed them.

Maybe it was the pregnancy but I felt really aroused and I needed to be sated. No matter how much I wiggled about, my alphas just snuggled me and kissed me gently, planting soft kisses all over my nose, cheeks, forehead and neck. I was really annoyed.

I wrapped my legs around Felix’s waist and placed an urgent kiss against his lips. He hugged me tightly to his chest and kissed the top of my head then promptly fell asleep. Ugh! Eventually, thankfully, despite my restlessness, sleep came and carried me off too.

In the morning I decided to complain. I awoke to the sound of my triplets talking softly among each other, trying not to wake me. They were discussing the pup and taking me to a doctor today.

“Alphas,” I said softly. “What it is, Baby?” Cooed Felix, stroking my hair. “Morning, Luna,” said Alex with a huge grin, leaning over to kiss my lips.

“Hey Goddess,” said Calix, kissing both of my cheeks over and over again, making me giggle

“Last night nothing happened,” I said sheepishly. They were quiet “Nothing can happen until you see the doctor,” said Alex sternly. “What?” I yelped

“You were kidnapped for the beginning of your pregnancy. We need to make sure everything is ok with you and the pup. You both need a proper checkup,” explained Alex.

“Yeah,” grumbled Felix although he half-wished something had happened last night

“There will be many, many, many nights of passion in your future, Chasity,” said Calix, winking.

I blushed

The triplets insisted on helping me shower for the doctor’s visit. They hopped in the shower but we literally just showered. I was not pleased. Alex picked out my outfit and wanted to style my curls but I wouldn’t let him. I wore what he chose though, a baby blue maxi dress, surprise, surprise. They bundled me up and carried me to the private place.

The clinic was so fancy. Whenever I had been sick when I was younger, I had to go to a public place except after the ice water incident when I was taken to a private hospital. The doctor was really nice and surprisingly young. She said everything was normal: mu urine, my blood work and my vitals.

My pregnancy test was positive of course. She had wanted to use her more accurate test as I had only used a drugstore one while being held captive. Then she examined my belly and did the ultrasound. She grinned.

“Congratulations!” She exclaimed. “Three future alphas in the making.” The triplets were stunned. “What?!” I asked.

“You’re having triplets! Three pups. If you were human, it’d be too early to tell but as they’re werewolves and their momma is a she-wolf, I can see the three of them quite clearly though you’re early so they’re tiny,” she explained.

“They’ll be as big as their Daddy, give them time!” Said Felix defensively. “Their Daddies!” Specified Alex. Calix glared at Felix. “Is it possible to tell who is the father?” Asked Calix.

“Probably not because your DNA is identical Identical triplets. Identical DNA. I can try to make an educated guess based on S***I history like who last had s*x with Chasity and how that coincides with her last menstrual period to see when she might have conceived…”

“No, that’s ok,” I said, blushing.

There was very little solo s*x so that wouldn’t make sense. In future, I did actually want more one on one time with each triplet. I wanted to make each of my future husbands feel special. I smiled at them and they grinned back.

“We love you, Chasity,” whispered Calix. He cupped my face and kissed me gently. “And we missed you like crazy!” Added Felix, massaging my shoulders. “We’re keeping you and these babies on lockdown!” Said Alex, nuzzling me.

“Fair enough,” I said, smiling, to their surprise. “I love you you too, all of you, so much! And I missed you! Every second was horrible without you. I thought I’d never see you again!” I started to sniffle. I tried to hold back tears but their came pouring out. I started to sob and all the triplets rushed to comfort me. I knew a little bit of this was hormonal but it had been scary.

“Hey!” I said suddenly. “What happened to Dante?”

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