Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 5: Happy Birthday

Felix grabbed me before Alex could stop him. He pinned me to the wall. He pressed his nose against my neck, inhaling deeply. He bared his canines. He was going to mark me!

“Stop!” I squealed but Felix’s eyes were black. His wolf was in control. I was completely not ready for this. I was not even sure if I wanted to be with them.

In a flash, his brothers pulled him off of me. They pinned him to the other wall.

“Calm down!” Bellowed Alex in his Alpha voice making the whole room shake.

Felix took a few deep breaths. His eyes slowly turned blue. His brothers walked him back to the bed and they all sat down again.

“Oh my God,” he said, panting. “Chasity!” He said my name! “I’m so sorry, Baby.” We were back to Baby again.

“It’s…ok,” I said slowly. I laughed half-heartedly. “Actually that’s not the worst thing you’ve done to me by a long shot. That won’t even make the top ten.”

I laughed at my own feeble joke. The Triplets looked horrified and guilty.

“So after Felix has gone and ruined the scrap of a chance we had left…what do you say?” Said Calix.

That actually made me laugh. The brothers all smiled. I had seven more months until high school was over and I was still angry as hell with the Triplets but I was no fool. Rejecting them would mean I would have to move out. I had no idea what I wanted. My wolf craved them. She was filling my head with positions that I had not known were possible. I had never even been kissed. If I even decided to be with them, only one of them could be my first kiss. My eyes went instinctively to Calix. He grinned. The other two looked a little jealous, wondering why I was staring at just him all of a sudden.

“I don’t know what I want,” I told them honestly.

“That’s completely fine!” Said Calix.

“Take your time,” said Alex.

“All the time you need,” added Felix who had pinned me to a wall a few moments ago to try to forcibly mark me as his mate. Yeah, sure.

“Ok, that brings us to the second part of this discussion,” said Alex.


“Happy birthday, Chasity!” Said the Triplets in unison.

I smiled. They pulled a lot of gifts out from under Calix’s bed. I squealed and then I felt guilty. I bit my lip and frowned.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Asked Felix quickly.

“I had thought about getting you something but I really couldn’t. I had literally no money,” I said apologetically, feeling ashamed.

Felix laughed. “Baby, we know you have no money. That’s ok.”

“You never let me forget it,” I muttered.

Felix frowned. They started prompting me to open my gifts. There were so many. It was so awkward for me. I had not gotten a single gift in nine years until today. Mina and Nina gave me gifts and now the Triplets had bought the whole mall. I wanted to open all my gifts later in the privacy of my room. I had already put the bags from Mina and Nina in there.

“Alex, Felix, Calix,” I said. They all reacted to their names. They all looked so gleeful.

“I want to open these later ok, when I’m thinking about stuff,” I said.

“We wanted to see your face…” pleaded Calix.

“It’s not about what we want,” interrupted Alex. I smiled.

“I’m just going to put the gifts in my room. Thank you so much!” I said.

I approached them shyly. We had never hugged before. Felix snatched me up first just as I expected. He squeezed me tightly, lifting my feet off the ground. I giggled. He let me down. Calix bent down to hug me gently, massaging my back soothingly with his hands. Alex lifted me by the waist and spun me around like I was a little princess. He put me gently on my feet. I started carrying an armful of gifts to my room.

“Wait!” They all said.

“You can’t stay in that room. It’s too small. We will organise the best guest room and turn it into your room,” Alex said.

This should have made me happy but it actually made me angry suddenly.

“So this room isn’t good enough for me now but it was good enough when you didn’t give a s**t!” I snapped.

I immediately regretted saying that. I waited for the huge argument to start. They were quiet.

“If you’re not ready for your new room yet, that’s ok but I’m very uncomfortable with you staying there. It’s not even a bedroom and it’s a complete disgrace that my parents put you there,” said Alex.

We did not talk anymore as we moved the gifts to my room and went back down the stairs where every one was still waiting impatiently for the birthday boys.

“Boys!” Said Luna Ronnie, narrowing her eyes. “Where have you been?” She seemed shocked to see me coming down the stairs with them.

“Do another lap to see if anyone needs more champagne,” she ordered me. Ronda handed me a fresh tray filled with glasses. The party planner had a smug look on her face.

Alex took the tray from me again and put it on the floor this time.

“Alex!” Said Ronnie to her eldest son.

“Let’s start the toast!” Said Alpha Romeo.

The Pack members cheered. Everyone gathered around the grand staircase and Alpha Romeo stood a few steps up so that everyone could see him. The Triplets pulled me with them to the same step as Alpha Romeo. The Luna who stood next to her husband was eyeing me suspiciously. I was pretty sure she was putting two and two together or in this case, one and three together. Alpha Romeo began his speech. It literally started with him meeting his mate, the Luna, their love, their wedding, honeymoon, childless years, having the triplets, their childhood, their teenage years and now their manhood and ascension to Alphas. It made literally no mention of me despite me being there for the past nine years since the triplets were twelve but the Alpha and Luna truly viewed me as a servant so I knew I should not expect to be mentioned. A lot of people kept glancing at me, wondering why I was there in the limelight. I tried to descend the stairs a few times but Alex kept grabbing my wrist. Felix put his hand absentmindedly on my behind. I stifled a gasp. He squeezed it and rubbed it gently. I started to cream my underwear. I glared at him and he blew me a kiss which many people noticed.

“I present to you, Alpha Alex, Alpha Felix and Alpha Calix Thorn, the Triplet Alphas,” boomed former Alpha Romeo using his Alpha voice for the last time.

The Pack members cheered. Their screams were deafening. Many girls shrieked and squealed over the Triplet Alphas. The Alpha Triplets went around the room to be congratulated by important pack members. They dragged me with them. No one asked about me but everyone’s eyes darted to me. Finally the Luna could take it no more. She marched her sons, me and the former alpha into the kitchen. The party planner nosily followed us.

“Since when are you three so close with Charity?” Asked the Luna.

“It’s Chasity, Mom,” said Felix.

“Sorry,” said the Luna. People truly thought my name was Charity so I never held it against them.

“She’s our mate,” said Alex, getting straight to the point. There was utter silence.

“And you’ve accepted her as your mate?” Said Romeo.

I felt a little offended. “Of course,” said Calix. “We want her more than anything.”

My cheeks burned. Felix started massaging my butt again.

“And has she accepted?” Asked the Luna.

There was more silence.

“I want to finish high school while I think about it,” I said.

The Luna laughed. “She wants to live here for as long as possible before she rejects you the day after she graduates high school and then goes off to search for her gambling drug-addicted parents.”

“Mom!” Said Calix, the Luna’s favourite.

She stared at him. “Honey! I…”

“Chasity has not been treated well here and you know it!” Said Calix.

The Luna sighed.

“She’s our mate and things around here will reflect that,” said Alex firmly.

The eavesdropping party planner was looking at me with so much envy I actually feared for my life a little.

“She hates you three you know,” said Ronda the party planner. “She thinks you’re all arrogant overrated snobs.”

I paled. I looked at the Triplets, half-expecting them to turn on me. Calix had not even been listening to her. He was still pleading with his Mother with his eyes. Alex was looking at the big birthday cake and Felix was still massaging my behind and looking at me, smirking. Felix was definitely going to try to sneak into my room tonight. I felt really warm thinking about it.

“They’re old enough to decide,” said Romeo.

“Let’s cut the cake with Chasity,” said Alex.

Ronda wheeled the huge cake out to the guests. Everyone began singing happy birthday and snapping pictures. I knew people wanted me out of the shot. They wanted pictures of the identical triplet alphas and birthday boys but the guys would not let me go. Calix grabbed one wrist and Alex grabbed the other. Felix was standing behind me, squeezing my waist. This was the first time all three of the Triplets had their hands on me and I felt like fainting. I was so overwhelmed. What was I going to do when they all really got their hands on me? I had thought I did not have to worry about that anytime soon but looking back on it, I should’ve worried more because all three brothers snuck me into one of their rooms that very night.

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