Her Triplet Alphas – Chapter 50: Future Family Fiasco

Chasity’s POV

Apparently the triplets had held Dante in a cell and planned to do so for as many days as ! was kidnapped. He would then be transferred to regular jail. I told them he wasn’t the worst honestly. Maurice was dead due to a totally unrelated event.

He had choked on a sandwich sitting in his car in the parking lot of a convenience store he had just robbed. He had shot the owner there, a father of five in front of one one the children who’d been helping out in the family store. The father lived as the bullet missed all major organs and major blood vessels but he was still recuperating. The sandwich itself had been stolen. It was kind of a sick poetic justice.

Maurice actually belonged to Deidre’s centre for whatever and whatever else. I really couldn’t remember and I didn’t want to. I was trying to blank out some stuff. Due to that membership, he was entitled to boarding and meals which is how Deidre (the old imposter Deidre) kept followers quite easily.

However, Maurice had a string of petty thefts despite having buffets available to him Maybe I was soft but I didn’t want to judge him too harshly. Maybe his life had been awful? Alex reminded me my life had been awful and I was not someone who would shoot someone over a sandwich when I already had food at home.

The triplets were concerned about my sense of justice as I kept reminding them that Dante wasn’t so bad in my opinion. They hired me a tutor to teach me pack law proceedings as I was preparing to be the official Luna so Ronnie could stop being acting Luna. I told Ronnie I wasn’t in a rush and she seemed secretly glad. Felix had said “Three more months tops!” And Ronnie had frowned. I had smirked to myself. I fully intended to be Luna but I would be more lenient.

The triplets were tough. We would compliment each other. Everyone would wait for Luna hearing days instead of the Alpha ones to come for their problems. The triplets seemed to have guessed my plans and Alex and Felix said they would supervise my Luna hearing days for the first couple months. Ugh! I planned to cry in front of Calix about this soon to see what could be done. I didn’t want to be supervised.

June and April made full recoveries! They were were-foxes and they did not necessarily need to body-snatch. They could live forever like werewolves once not killed but they would age.

Their ageing was a bit faster than werewolves but slower than humans. Deidre’s imposter had wanted youth and beauty. This somehow made her body snatching worse. I had thought perhaps she was mortal without the snatching and feared death. She didn’t actually need those bodies.

Her original body which would be an old woman was already placed somewhere and if her fox spirit got to it in time she would still be alive. That terrified me. The fox body snatchers who were in my parents bodies could also reunite with their original now aged bodies if their fox spirits got to them in time.

I didn’t know what the time limit for a fox spirit making it back to its original body was. The girls didn’t know either. June and April were from poor families but their fox families never snatched bodies. Their relatives just aged. The girls apologised profusely and were very ashamed due to their involvement. The triplets made them serve short jail sentences in the

prison infirmaries as they were accessories to a kidnapping. When they were well enough to be discharged from the prison infirmary, they were released on probation so they were essentially sentenced to time served in a way. June and April wanted to help plan my bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding, baby shower and help the triplets plan my honeymoon!

Mina and Tina were pissed. They told April and June they were not in charge of planning but could be assistants if necessary. Mina and Tina did not trust or like April and June but all four girls had really shown me a lot of loyalty. April who I thought disliked me fought Madame, a much more powerful were-fox, to save me and my pups and June helped me locate my parents.

I couldn’t ignore those things but I did pronounce Mina and Tina the Official Ladies in Waiting and Event Planning Committee Heads for the Luna, a very long name that they came up with after Mr Johnson suggested they apply themselves more. They wanted to be event planners because” being lit came naturally” to them.

They also wanted to be makeover experts and start a television show. I would honestly binge-watch a Mina Tina Makeover Show.

Everything was going pretty swimmingly until about a week after I had my first checkup. I heard angry voices downstairs so I slowly made my way down. I was still very early in my pregnancy but the triplets wanted me to be careful around all “dangerous activities” like ascending and descending steps apparently.

“If I had known that you’d brutalise my little girl, I would’t have dropped her off here! I thought you would at least treat her humanely if not like your own!” Bellowed my father.

“Brutalise is a very strong word!” Snapped Ronnie.

“And you are a very weak person!” Bellowed my father. “Taking out your grudges on a child!”

“You were a DRUG ADDICT! YOU LEFT HER!” Screamed Ronnie.

“I WAS ON THE RUN AFTER CHALICE AND I SAW THE BODY SNATCHERS IN ACTION!!!” Bellowed my father so loudly the house shook. I gasped. He was not an alpha because his father had had no pack but his father had been a Sigma Wolf which is like a Lone Alpha.

He was physiologically as powerful as an alpha but had no pack to command. Some Sigmas formed packs by gathering rogues.

Many snotty packs who look down on rogues actually originated that way. My tutor for pack laws was really good so I was learning a lot. Alex had selected him.

His name was Nicolai. He was a brown-haired werewolf with huge brown eyes and dimples. Felix hated him and wanted me to have a female tutor.

Nicky had come out to me but I promised not to tell anyone yet. He was going to tell people himself when he was ready. Mina and Tina liked him, especially for his fashion sense. They thought he could be a third expert on the Mina Tina Makeover Show but he wouldn’t get his name in the title.

The triplets ran towards the commotion Calix immediately scooped me up and carried me away from the arguing saying it was bad for the pups. I could hear Felix and Alex talking and they sounded as though they were calmly agreeing with my Dad and apologising.

Ronnie was so infuriated by this that she stormed out and drove away. She came back twelve minutes later and sat on the porch fuming. I really didn’t like her but she was the grandmother of my babies. I had

recently received all the hundreds of things Grandpa Chance had gotten for me over the nine years. That was awful of Ronnie to keep those from me and to return the letters. I sighed. She was such a b***h but I had to fix this somehow.

I knew she would actually treat my pups well. I sat in Calix’s old bedroom. He was playing video games with me in his lap and he was holding the controller over me. I kept pressing random buttons when he wasn’t looking and he was getting frustrated.

“I never got to go to my therapist!” I exclaimed. Calix paused his game. He looked at me, his eyes filled with concern. “Let me remake the appointment,” he said. “Make one for a big family counselling session too,” I said. “Ugh, that’s gonna be so much drama Cha…” I glared at him.

“Ok one solo appointment, one family fiasco, coming right up!”

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